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 August 23, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Winston the goat at Ballyoncree


The buds of spring are bursting, we're covered in horse and dog hair as the great annual moult begins, and life is filled with promise and excitement as September marches towards us.

We're thrilled to tell you that every Ballyoncree animal is back to hale and hearty and we've had so much rain I've bogged the Troopy twice while driving through the paddocks with winter hay for the herds.  Despite the slight inconvenience, we are thrilled to see so much water!!

We completed renovations to the Old Schoolhouse, using old windows and a pot belly stove I've been carting around for decades, and this will be used primarily for rehearsals again and maybe for the odd Rainbow Fianna teaching retreat.  And even more exciting was getting our old wood stove working again, making the cottage that much more cosy in winter.  You haven't eaten until you have tried a veggie stew cooked on a wood stove!

Winter was so hectic I didn't get a chance to post and let you know of all the ground shaking changes afoot from all the energetic downloads and  major astrology.  It's been intense and you are all so sensitive that I'm sure that didn't pass you by!!  Many animal friends have left our Animal Whispers community (sending love to all those in bereavement) and many people are under pressure to change.  It hasn't been an easy few months for many.  However the astrology looks good for September and already the lighter energy is in the air.  So hang in there!!  And keep shedding, clearing and surrendering to the process of change.

This is just a quick newsletter to alert you to a FREE International  Full Moon Telecall this Wednesday to honour the animals in the current global disasters.   We will do ceremony for animals around the planet!  So join the call and bring a candle and a journal and join us at 8pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday, August 25.  Please register for the telecall here.

This full moon brings the sensitive energy of the poet and the bard, of the romantic, the sensitive and the playwright.  So it is a good time to tell you that I am writing heaps right now and not currently doing consults. 

If you do have an animal in trouble then let me know and I will forward you to an appropriate animal communication professional, or if I have time, will squeeze you in myself.

I am however doing readings at the Conscious Living Expo, especially on Sunday, September 5, so I  hope to see my Perth friends there with their animal photos!

More on that in the next newsletter, which you must read to take advantage of the half price ticket offer to the Expo!

I'm also coming to Melbourne on Friday evening, September 10, so register your interest if you want to come to a talk on all things animal and shamanism on the Friday evening by emailing Andrew.  Details next newsletter, but claim the date.

The next two months are very busy with mainstream film events  for Andrew and I, but I have pencilled in October 16/17 for a two day advanced training in The Business of Animal Communication.  Again, details in the next newsletter, but claim the date.

And to all my online students, now that Andrew isn't inundated with too many deadlines for children's books, you will be receiving emails about your home studies.  So watch out for them!!

That's it for now.  I hope you will all join us for the call where I will guide you through a ceremony and meditation for the highest outcome for the souls caught in the Earth Changes.  This is important as untrained but well meaning people can actually cause more harm than good.

Talk to you on Wednesday and in the meantime enjoy the full moon and the lighter energies!!

with love from Billie, Andrew, Tamsin and all the Ballyoncree animals.

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Hens needing help

A call for help has come across my desk.  Some hens need new homes:

Here is the information for the 52,000 lovely ladies looking for a home.

Information is as follows, with contact details and a facebook link for your perusal.

At the end of this month, 52,000 highlines are going to be culled for pet food. They are only 18 months old. We are trying to find homes for as many of these ladies as possible. A $10 flat fee applies - for as many chooks as you would like. This is to cover our costs of transporting them. Please message us with your details and how many chooks you were wanting to hom by the 31st of August. Pick up is from Garfield, Victoria on the 2nd of September. Lets house as many of these ladies as we can!!!!!
We can be contacted on 5629 1188 between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 1pm on Saturdays.  (Facebook link for Gippsland Chook Rescue)



Luise Todd - Stage Management
0409 14 82 82

Here's an FAQ for the chickens:


Am I eligible to be considered as a hen adopter? You're eligible if you:
- agree to give them a loving home, care for them and not kill them
- agree to house them in a secure enclosure at night, to protect them from foxes
- can pick them up yourself, or arrange transport, from Garfield, 45 min east of Melbourne.

When's the cut off date for offering a home? 30 August.

Are they still laying?  Yes

What type and colour are they?   Isa Brown, like this:

Why are they available?   A factory farm operator is offering for the hens to be rehomed rather than killed. They're normally automatically killed when they're 14 - 18 months old. The rescuer knows someone who works at the factory farm. She's taking the number of hens she has guaranteed homes for from the transport truck. The rest of the 52,000 will die.
The factory farms details are not being disclosed.  
Media interest in the rescue is starting to build and radio interviews are scheduled. Its hoped that other factory farms may consider doing this sort of thing, thereby enabling hens to live the rest of their lives as valued and lovingly cared for birds.
Are they healthy?   Yes. Only healthy hens will be rehomed. A vet will be assessing the birds when they arrive at the rescuer's place. Ones who are sick will be staying at the rescuer's place.

When will they be available?  Thursday 2 September. If you'd like them held until the weekend, you must say so when confirming that you'd like some.

What time on Thursday?   A roster will be developed to reduce stress on the hens and so you don't have to wait too long. The rescuer will call you on 31 August and let you know the time.
Where do I pick them up from?   Garfield, 45 mins east of Melbourne, on M1 Princes Freeway
Can you hold them till the weekend for me? Possibly. Make sure you ask when you talk to the rescuers.

Is delivery available?   No, unless you can arrange it yourself.
What kind of cage do I need to take to pick them up in?  A cardboard box with lid and straw  or shredded paper in the bottom will be fine (one box per bird). Cat carriers would also be fine.
How much do they cost?   You'll be asked to donate $10 (total), to go towards the cost of delivering them to the rescuer's place in Garfield.
I'd love to help these hens but don't know much about caring for them. Do you have any info? Yes. You'll be given info on caring for them.

OK! I'm ready to offer a loving home to some hens. What now?  Please call the rescuers on 03 5629 1188 between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 1pm on Saturdays - they need some details from you. If the message bank is full or the line is engaged, please try again - they're getting lotsa calls. If you still can't get through, call 03 9438 5890.

Details are on Facebook, but they do need to speak with you and get some details.

***You can't request the hens via Facebook - you must call the rescuers***

Deadline for offering homes is 30 August.

The hens who haven't been offered a home will be killed.
Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

Email: billie [at]