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 May 31, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
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Andrew here again.

Just a quick one -- we urgently need helpers this weekend and possibly next to help us get through all the jobs needed to get ready for the Irish retreat here -- painting and the like.  We were thinking Monday but please let us know if you can and are able to help out.  Send an email to either Billie (just hit reply) or me, or phone me: 0409 609 428

We are also urgently looking for farm sitters -- so if you are handy with horses and patient and enthusiastic with dogs, then send an email to Billie (again, just hit reply).

Also, here is a link to an article written by John Cantwell about Irish-Celtic shamanism, which was published in the Conscious Living e-mag.

And if anyone can help us spread the word about the Irish Celtic retreats, talks and workshops, please email me and I'll send you flyer pdfs (or you can download them from Billie's web site).  Thank you so much for your support with this much needed tour, to help Australians further their walk and connection with Mother Earth in these exciting and life-changing times.

This is also  just a quick reminder that the teleseminar with Karen Ward and John Cantwell is on tonight, Monday, May 31st at 8:00 pm Sydney time.  The teleseminar will be on Walking with Your Ancestors and will certainly be as fun and informative as the last one.  The registration page is here.

Here is what John and Karen have said about it:

"Walking With Your Ancestors", the title of our teleseminar, comes from a vital priority for the psycho-spiritual health of the human being. The shaman knows that when we are disconnected from those who have gone before us, we are attempting to stand in the world without awareness or honouring of those upon whose shoulders we stand.

Many "western mindsets" disregard the past, that it is only the present or the future that deserves our focus and application. The outcome of this may be spiritual crisis, evident in terms of loss of true, authentic personal purpose in the world, of a sense of aimless wandering, of "being like an unanchored boat in a storm". No matter where we live, in our land of birth or the destination of our immigration, we will remain in a sense "in exile".

For the shaman, the realm of our Ancestors can be accessed through our hearts (souls) and through the natural environment. Therefore when we turn up for our Ancestral healing/honouring work, we are achieving a dual reward of "discovering our true selves" while simultaneously "discovering our connection to the Earth". In this way, Ancestral work is necessary if the native or the immigrant needs to "find home and homecoming" as default experiences of being alive.

Join us to hear about our journey with our Ancestors and to find ways that you can personally find greater sense of self, bringing you more and more to an experience of "coming home". Those who take this journey find greater personal vision and complete energy levels to realise that vision, because there is less "looking over our shoulders" and more "knowing exactly where we stand".

I mentioned last time that we've added a Canberra talk to John and Karen's schedule, Wednesday, June 16th.  Pathway of the Heart: A Taste of Irish-Celtic Shamanism and Spirituality will be an evening's introduction to this deep and soul-filled way of being.

And we have decided to organise an an evening's talk with John ad Karen in Melbourne, which will be the same Pathway of the Heart: A Taste of Irish-Celtic Shamanism that they are doing in Canberra.  We have not nailed down venue yet, but it will be Friday, June 28th from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm somewhere in the Melbourne area.  If you'd like to book in, drop me an email.

I'll remind you again about the Irish-Celtic Solstice Gathering Retreat here in Braidwood, and the Introduction to the Irish-Celtic Tradition of Natural Spirituality in Sydney.  If you desire a better connection with the earth, with spirit, or with your ancestors, these will be for you.  Come and learn the Irish ways of walking with the heart.  Details about the Solstice Gathering are below and on Billie's web site.  The information about the Sydney workshop is also  below and on  Billie's web site. There is a lot of information about both of them there.

Look forward to talking with you tonight (Monday, May 31st) at the Walking with Your Ancestors teleseminar.

Until next time -- keep laughing and loving!

With lots of love, light and laughter,
Andrew, Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart
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Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering
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Free Teleseminar: Walking with Your Ancestors, with Irish Shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell, May 31, 2010.  Register for the free teleseminar here.

Pathway of the Heart: A Taste of Irish-Celtic Shamanism, with Karen Ward and John Cantwell, June 16, Canberra, ACT.

Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering, with Karen Ward and John Cantwell, June 18 - 20 and June 21 - 23, Braidwood, NSW.

Pathway of the Heart: A Taste of Irish-Celtic Shamanism, with Karen Ward and John Cantwell, June 28, Melbourne, Vic.

Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and Shamanism, with Karen Ward and John Cantwell, July 3rd - 4th, Sydney.
Pathway of the Heart: A Taste of Irish Celtic Shamanism and Spirituality (Canberra and Melbourne)

(See this on Billie's web site)

"When we step into shamanic practice, our hearts take us on an epic path of discovery, power and beauty. It is the soul's 'journey home', connecting us to the sacredness and magic of Life. We touch the earth and rise gifted with healing, to become true caretakers of ourselves and of the earth. We see our purpose and come to know the ecstatic joy that rolls like thunder deep in the centre of our being and of all creation. This is the pathway of the heart, "Slí An Chroí."
-- Karen Ward and John Cantwell

Join us for this special evening talk, with Irish-Celtic shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell, as they introduce us to Irish Celtic ways of spirituality and shamanism, a way of heart and humour.

Course Information

Pathway of the Heart
A Taste of Irish Celtic Shamanism and Spirituality

In Canberra:
Wednesday, June 16th (7 pm - 9:30 pm) 
Om Shanti College, 2a/2 Barker St, Griffith (Canberra) ACT

In Melbourne:
Friday, June 28th (7 pm - 9:30 pm) 
Venue: TBC

Book Now!
To book, please email Andrew on info [at], or phone 0409 609 428
Cost: $25.00
gathering Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering (Braidwood, NSW near Canberra)

(See this on Billie's web site)

If you are Irish-Celtic in blood or spiritual lineage (or are just drawn to it), then you will love the ancient wisdoms come alive through Irish-Celtic shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell.  In these two lively workshops, you will come to a deeper understanding of Mother Earth and the fae through ceremony, storytelling, and practical work. This is a workshop like no other, with authentic Irish-Celtic tradtions and ancient truths.

"When showing us the Irish sacred site of Tara, I realised how blessed I was to have Karen and John as my guides, introducing me to a magical Otherworld of an ancient site I just would never have found on my own.

"When Karen and John spoke of the Old Ways, their words sent shivers - I knew it was truth and that at some point in my life, that truth had been mine."
-- Billie Dean

A Message from Karen Ward and John Cantwell

An Spiorad dhuitse ár chairde, ("Great Spirit be with you, friends"),

Join us along with our dear hosts Billie Deanand Andrew Einspruch as we call in a tuatha naofa ("a sacred tribe") to adventure into connection with Danú (Great Mother Earth), Daghda (Great Father Sky) and Dia (Great Spirit) at the poignant time of Winter Solstice.

Our Irish tradition holds great store in the meitheal ("a collective gathering") that arises from many individuals hearing the call of community. Having contributed the blessing of the talents of all talent, there was reward in the shared feast and the celebration of togetherness. What was created belonged to the tuatha.

We drum our bodhrán to invite your heart to lead you for a journey along ancient Celtic trackways. This will be a time for deep personal transformation, for alignment with the energies of mid-Winter and for consolidation of the dream we hold as the children of Danú, Daghda.

Step into a cherished time dedicated to the holding and honouring of your heart. There will be Irish-Celtic ritual and ceremony and invocations to the magic and wildness of an Sí (the Faerie Folk). As we say in Ireland, we will have "a time", a wonder journey into sacred energies that promises and yields expansion and growth. We call this place The Otherworld, the land of alchemy that lies beyond ordinary time and space.

The space we will hold for you will be one of warmth, compassion and trust. We know that healing takes place only when our hearts are held with unconditional acceptance. We look forward to bringing that space to you.
-- Karen and John

Open Winter Solstice Gathering
June 18  - June 20, 2010

Our Journey Together Will Include:

  • Solstice Fulacht Fia. A ritualistic opening of the Earth, a sacred pit to place our prayers and harvest the blessings of the darkest night and the rebirth of the Sun.
  • Danú - Daghda - Dia.  Celtic honouring of our universal sacred Mother and sacred Father as parental composites of Great Spirit for their weaving through us in the darkness and returning light of Solstice.
  • Immrama. "Wonder Voyage", journeying to realms of The Otherworld on the bodhrán drum.
  • Faerie Rites.  Energetic transmissions to awaken consciousness and integration with An Sí, The Faerie Kind.
  • Step Into Our Ancestors.  A ritual for deep connection to those who lived so that we have life today.
  • Anamcara.  Thenurturing principle of "Soul Friendship".
  • The Tree People.  The Irish-Celtic shamanic tradition is held and organised by the spirits of the trees.
  • Celtic Myths, Stories and Poetry.  A sharing of tales and rhymes that offer stepping stones and guidance for our journey at this seasonal time.
  • Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  Embracing the four elements for personal and collective balance and alchemy.
  • Cauldron.  Using the honoured Celtic vessel for harmony and transformation.
  • Time In Nature.  We gather not to be "on the land", but "in the land".
  • Medicine Bundles, Solstice Wreaths &Totems.  Looking to our sacred, personal power items during our journey and making traditional Celtic Solstice prayer artefacts to honour our personal rebirth at this time.
  • Ruaille-Buaille.  The only translation is another Gaelic word, craic. A letting go into our innate wildness, opening the Celtic heart to release the ecstatic.

Advanced Gathering Drawn from Medicine Ways of the Irish Lineage
June 21  - June 23, 2010
(By Application Only. Please download an application form.)

Our Journey Together Will Include:

  • Screeing.  An ancient Irish word for divination. The Winter Solstice is an auspicious time for opening awareness and envisaging our journey forward. We will work with revered, traditional methods of screeing.
  • Ireland-Australia Heartline.  Exploring the luminous thread between two ancient lands as an energy meridian connecting hemispheres, that calls us to harvest from what is known and unknown of this artery of Light.
  • Healing With An Sí.  Developing a healing relationship with the Faeries for oneself and as a power ally for your healing of others.
  • The Sacred Tree.  Navigating the Lower World, the Middle and Upper World along pre-Celtic and Celtic maps. Here, we will connect with archetypes revered for their power and wisdom.
  • Tuatha De Danann.  Bringing an understanding of the myth of 'the tribe of Mother Earth' to the literal level of our lives.
  • Immrama To An Cailleach.  Translating as the 'hag', 'crone' or 'witch', an Cailleach as a seasonal and location bound personification of Danú, the Cailleach is a powerful teacher for us particularly at this time of year.
  • The Irish Lineage and Sacred Time.  We will embrace mythic maps, archetypal energies and wisdom teachings to support our grounding, understanding and vision during the cycles of change to 2012 and beyond.
  • The Seven Doors.  How the ancient Irish concept of what we commonly call the "chakras" can develop our understanding of personal energy fields and transformation of energy.
Course Information

Event Brochure (.pdf, 438kb)
Participants Information Sheet (.pdf, 91kb)
Course Registration Form (.doc, 36kb)
Application for Advanced Gathering (.pdf, 86kb)

Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering
To Nourish Your Soul
Open Winter Solstice Gathering
Friday, June 18th (12 pm) - Sunday, June 20th (5 pm) 
Advanced Gathering Drawn from Medicine Ways of the Irish Lineage
Monday, June 21st (1 pm) - Wednesday, June 23rd (5 pm)
"Ballyoncree", Braidwood, NSW 2622
Book Now!
To book, please email Andrew on info [at], or phone 0409 609 428
$695 for the Open Solstice Gathering
$695 for the Advanced Gathering Drawn from Medicine Ways of the Irish Lineage
A deposit of $200 holds your place. Payment plans available.
sydney_intro Introduction to the Irish-Celtic Tradition of Natural Spirituality (Sydney)

(See this on Billie's web site)

Here's how John and Karen have described it:

Join us as we help you immerse yourself in a warm embrace of indigenous Irish mysticism. In these two days, we will open doors to the wisdom tradition of pre-Celtic and Celtic Irish ways into sacred connection. This will be a time for personal sanctuary and for what we refer to in Ireland as "Immrama", a voyage of wonder. Native Irish ritual and ceremony will call you simultaneously "into yourself" and "into the worlds", to open your heart, find respite and healing and forge deeper connection to the natural world.

A keynote of the gathering will be Ancestral Connection. The indigenous heart knows that we cannot truly know who we are and where we are, unless we have located ourselves as "standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us". There will be an invitation for you to honour your family, ethnic, cultural, spiritual forefathers and foremothers. John and Karen bring powerful techniques for connecting to Ancestral Energies beyond what is held in our memory or family biography. The subsequent work of looking forward in our lives is therefore grounded and finding personal and world vision is another keynote. We live in times that challenge us to discover new, sustainable personal and collective myth. We are being asked to find resources that challenge our creativity and who/what we believe ourselves to be. The Irish Celtic tradition has long cherished the quest for the visionary state and we will tread along ancient rituals to retrieve what is new and pristine about ourselves.

This gathering is suitable for those who have and have not experienced formal training or previous shamanic gatherings. It is accessible and open to all, irrespective of ethnicity, gender or age and it calls to all who yearn for supportive, sacred community without hierarchy or dogma. There will be tales and poems, plus the unexpected that are all part of the naturally, wild Irish quest to realise the eternal fire within.

The Introduction to the Irish-Celtic tradition of natural spirituality will include:
  • Traditional creation of sacred space.
  • Cleansing ritual.
  • Danú, Dagda, Dia - the Celtic Trinity of Spirit.
  • Exploring the Sacred Tree, the Celtic map of the soul and cosmos.
  • Walking in the footsteps of Fiontan MacBóchna and Cesair, the archetypal First Man and First Woman of Ireland.
  • Knowing the "transpersonal essence" of the Irish Celtic path, to step 'into the Self' we simultaneously 'step into the Earth'.
  • Immrama - Journeying into deep states of connection and vision on the sound of the bodhrán drum.
  • Exploring The Otherworld, a place of wonder, inspiration and magic.
  • "Stepping Into Our Ancestors" - a technique for insight, honouring and healing.
  • Opening up to the myth of the Tuatha de Danann, an early mythological Irish race that lived in deepest harmony with Mother Earth.
  • Exploring why the shaman is known as one of the "stone people".
  • Working with Power Animals and Spirit Guides.
  • How the Irish tradition holds the reality of 'non-ordinary presence', e.g. An Sí (Faerie Kind), the elementals, etc and teachings on how to work with these energies ethically, safely and effectively.
  • Making of Prayer Bundles.
  • Working with The Cauldron, the great vessel of transformation and alchemy.
  • How the "Amhrán Mór" (Great Song of Creation) of the Irish tradition sits with the Songlines and Dreamings of the Australian tradition.
  • Building of personal shamanic practice for balance, connection and power.
Course Information
Introduction to the Irish-Celtic Tradition of Natural Spirituality
Dates: July 3 - 4, 2010 from 9:30 to 5:00
Venue: Balmain Town Hall, Sydney, NSW
Cost: $430.00
Bookings: To book for the course, please email Andrew on andrew [at] or phone 0409 609 428.

Andrew Einspruch
Until next time!

Warm blessings,

Email: billie [at]

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