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 May 28,  2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Cedar from Ballyoncree

I know Andrew sent something out earlier, and but I wanted to share a quick note with you as well.

We have much news, but today I wanted to invite you to a full moon meditation for the Gulf (see below), plus I hope to sense your presences on the teleseminar on Monday and also see some of you when we dive into retreats and workshops with Irish Celtic shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell next month.

We are deeply grieving the passing of our beloved dog Cedar, 15, who was one of the stars of Seven Days with Seven Dogs.  We've been intensively nursing  her the last few months but the New Moon spirited her away as she said it would.  She had many messages for humanity and I have written up some of this for Conscious Living e-mag in a poignant article about her passing. You can see it on the Conscious Living site here.

We found Cedar the red heeler pup with Louie the German Short Haired Pointer abandoned in the bitter winter of the NSW Blue Mountains.  I was pregnant with Tamsin at the time, and Cedar and Louie requested they stay together.  Louie was in such bad shape that I knew he would never be re-homed in his condition.  After a month on a natural diet he was a different dog - but we couldn't part with either of them.

Louie passed a few years ago and Cedar has been enjoying life as pack matriach.  She loved that she kept up with the puppies in ball games and long walks.

She was an intelligent dog, sweet and worried.  In my book Secret Animal Business, I talk about how animal souls can come from anywhere and indeed Cedar's soul was a young girl from the Tuatha de Dannan who needed to experience death and dying because where she came from, there was no death.

This planet is indeed a school for souls from all over the universe.

Still, even with this knowledge, our parting was bittersweet and I know you all understand how we feel.  The loss of Cedar has affected me deeply  -- as deeply as the loss of my horse Sollie.
So I am taking some time out for the next month while I focus on getting the Old Schoolhouse ready for the Irish retreat and attending to much needed de-cluttering.

I'm not at my desk much at the moment and if you have sent an email and not heard from me, please re-send.  I've been flat out with the other animals here.  Cedar's death and our consequent lowered vibration has resulted in a spate of health challenges among the animals here.

Yesterday a brilliant rainbow shone over our property and ended right on Owl Cottage, so my sense is that our ship is once again righting itself to sail through smooth waters.  And indeed the animals seem to be healing nicely. 

Enjoy the full moon.  We are indeed in a time of change - so be excited, be love, dream in a beautiful world without limitations, keep your vibration high, and your heart's true.

With love and light,

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gulf Gulf Meditation

There's no two ways about it, on one level the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental disaster of mammoth proportions and the world will never be the same again.

On another level, a soul level, it's wonderful that the world will never be the same again.  Wouldn't it be great if the suffering of the animals caught in the affected areas actually meant that humanity would change?  That is what I am focusing on.  That humanity's hearts open so wide and people become so sensitive about what we do to our Mother and the other species, that life on Earth looks completely different.

That instead of greed and dependence on taking from Mother Earth, and not only NOT giving back - but polluting the Mother for her gifts - humanity found more creative and indeed more Deep Feminine ways of being in harmony with the planet.  Yay!

Today's Full Moon is indeed a powerful one and it is said to be the Moon of the Christ Consciousness.  So let's harness the energy of Divine Love and Light and collectively send it to the Gulf of Mexico.  See the area transformed by Light and Love, see the animals healthy and happy.
By "seeing" this, we make it more possible.  By collectively focusing on what we want, we are more likely to bring it into the field of this reality.  Don't fuel BP with your anger, transform anger into love and gratitude for the Mother Sea and her children, for her part in helping us wake up and change.

Can you see how this is more positive all around?

And thanks for the suggestion from my friend and book and film cover designer Wendy Slee, that we could all take a few minutes at midday daily not only to the Gulf, but to all the world's trouble spots.  

Don't try and heal  -- just send love and light.  It is so easy and that is how it is meant to be.  We no longer need to "try hard", we just send intent from our hearts.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and you don't want to make matters worse by pouring anger, hurt, pain and sorrow  onto an event.  So just send love and light!!

Thank you.  You can send love and light all day, the day after and the day after that - all weekend if you would like.  The more the merrier - just a few minutes of your time at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Keep it going!!

Bless the mess -- because it brings CHANGE.

And send in your angels to help the animals whose souls chose to be part of this.  And thank them for their incredible courage.  Look how much they are working and what they are going through to help us open our hearts and take the leap into increasing our potential as a grown-up human species - who lives totally from the heart.

Billie Dean with Gypsy
Until next time!

Happy dancing, laughing and loving.

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