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 April  2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers

Welcome everyone to this edition of Animal Whispers.

Aaah, autumn. Time of glorious colour, falling leaves, the first of the season's log fires, gorgeous sun-filled blue sky days, woodsmoke, hot cocoa, curled cats and the hint of woodsmoke on the air. Welcome!

With the new moon energies comes a new beginning, and life is filled with promise and hope and all kinds of beautiful and glorious possibilities!  it has been an intense time for sure and I have spent this past several weeks nursing intensively our senior beloveds. Not a happy journey and one that tested my faith, but I am pleased to report that we have all but one, who was sadly swept away, causing our family much grief.

And now the light has been so intense it feels hard to keep my feet on the ground, and to keep my usual focus on third dimensional activities. My heart and soul is called home to the fifth dimension, and I am so looking forward to a break from the intensity of the last months and to reach the other side of the river of trials. And stay there!! The new earth is evolving, as we are, and it is very exciting indeed - because our evolution has accelerated.  We are changing constantly now, and so many of us are feeling it. the fifth dimension is here and will be grounded even more over the coming months. AWESOME!!!  There's more on this in my latest 2012 updatebelow.

I hope you'll join me at the Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreat. It is a great chance to work face-to-face with me and receive the nine rites of the Munay Ki, as well as a huge amount of information about becoming a New Human, dealing with the 2012 Phenomenon and understanding how to best serve Mother Earth, the natural world and the animal and fae kingdoms as an Earthkeeper. 

As more and more of my teaching moves online, these opportunities to work in person are becoming more precious. And I love the sense of community a live event fosters!!

Do come to beautiful Braidwood in the autumn, and experience yourself the magic of the work, the rites, the town, the cosy Old Bank and its roaring fire, and of course the local hot chocolates. I mean, cafes! And of course we will come out to experience the Ballyoncree horse herds, and soak up their teachings.

I mentioned it before, but now the details are falling into place, and we are preparing to welcome Irish shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell for the first time to teach in Australia. We will be hosting an Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering here at Ballyoncree, as well as an introductory weekendin Sydney. Details belowand on my web site.

John and Karen are also going to do a free teleseminar with us, and it would be lovely if you could join us. Details hereor you can go straight to the registration page.

And as always, there's lots more. So happy reading, and until next time -- keep laughing and dancing!

With lots of love, light and laughter,
Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart
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Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreat, featuring all nine rites of the Munay-Ki, April 30 - May 5, Braidwood, NSW.

Free Teleseminar: Pathway of the Heartwith Irish Shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell, May 11, 2010

Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gatheringwith Karen Ward and John Cantwell, June 18 - 20 and June 21 - 23, Braidwood, NSW.

Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and Shamanismwith Karen Ward and John Cantwell, July 3rd - 4th, Sydney.
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Every now and then we like to do something just for the readers of this newsletter.  So with Mother's Day coming up, we wanted to make it easy to get something for Mum (or for yourself, if you're the mum) that's great value.  This year, we have two Mother's Day 2010 Bundles, the first combining Billie's book Secret Animal Business and our latest documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, plus a greeting card perfect for saying "I love you".  The second bundle has our gorgeous heart opening uplifting dog-and-love themed films, Seven Days with Seven Dogs plus Finding Joy (a feature film) and a card.  What's best is you'll save 1/3 off the price of the two items together.  However, you'll only find the offer on this page.  So say thanks to Mum this year with a gift from Billie Dean and Wild Pure Heart.
latest_2012 Getting a Grip - The Latest 2012 Report

The energies for March were a whirlwind, with the Equinox and two full moons, the Chile earthquake, and the bombing in Moscow.     My goodness.  I knew things were going to go forward in that month, but the way things go forward is always a surprise.  Now there have been more earthquakes since, including the horrendous  earthquake on the Tibet/China border just the other day, another smaller one in Utah, volcanoes in Iceland ( and animals left behind in evacuations)  and much more "settling" to come as the Earth shifts and clears and cleans herself , raising her own vibration as we are raising ours. Please send your love and support to all the animals and people of the affected areas. While everyone is being challenged right now, it is not the time to forget others, and certainly we are all needed to rally as one big heart centrered global community.   Send in angels!!!!

This is truly such a testing time, and very difficult to get your balance -- but we must.

Time has accelerated again and so many people are finding the current energies so so challenging and my sense is that we are being asked to shift all those parts of ourselves that are not standing in love, light and faith.

The quest is on - and the holy grail is freedom from emotional baggage, which gives us freedom in every sense of the word, as we open to enhanced DNA, and the full flower of our buried gifts.
These are testing times and when things get crazy, it is time for spiritual community. It is time for anam cara- our soul friends who can see what we need to do and hold our hand as we do it. We need our friends who wont collude with the illusion of what is, but who will see what can be and help you to see it too. This is definitely not a time to get tangled in your story, caught up and seduced with what is. The lifeline is to remember we have the power to create what could be. So with your intention, throw out your anchor, and dream what you want instead. If you can't do it alone because the shocks are so many or the stresses too great - then find your communities, your tribes, your very special anam cara- your high vibrating soul friends.

This is really a time when we have to stick together.

And it is really important we dont create a toxic environment for our animal family, so smudge regularly, space clear, make every attempt to do what you need to do to keep your homes a sanctuary or a haven.

And if you are having a problem with relationships, remember to stay in love, patience and understanding. People are awakening at different rates and different levels. This doesn't mean you have to engage with the people who abuse you or who are being difficult.  But you do need to remember that many people don't know what is happening today and they react violently - and that violence can take many forms - words or action. So if it pops up - then just know it for what it is. We're calling it the dark masculine archetype (which applies to women as well as men).

My sense is that as the Light grows brighter, it seems the more dense aspects of the world are trying to hang on just a bit tighter.  The death of the patriarchy is creating one last roar in a war to win the battle of dark and light, of feminine and masculine. It seems to be everywhere - the dark masculine archetype rising up as the light we are activates others. The amount of abuse I am hearing about right now seems unprecedented in recent decades. It's as if the gulf between awake and asleep has expanded, even as more people are waking up and seeking the alternative paths we have always travelled on. So don't worry, you are not alone if this is happening to you. Just understand what is happening globally. And that what Mother Earth needs is Rainbow Warriors -- people who can continue to shine their light, and shine it brightly, despite the trials they are facing.

In one sense, we might think of this darkness as part of ourselves, our own egos, resisting change because of fear. And therefore we see it in the world we have created, and get tangled up in it - seduced by it.

What is also happening is the great Pachakuti, the great turning over, from scientific materialism (disconnected from the natural, magical world) to the feminine (intuitive, loving, caring, peaceful).
So this is when we need to dance with the 2012 energies and remember who we really are and how much change we need to do to become the new human.

Even when the world seems dark, Spirit will send you an answer to your prayers - somehow and through someone. It might be a human, an animal, a feather, a stone, something on the radio or TV.
The important thing is to keep faith and to hold your centre. Nature, friends and fantasy paintings of strong women and faeries do it for me! And I have been using lots of the Bush Flower Essence Calm and Clear.

These intense energy shifts around the new and full moon, equinox and solstices particularly, are going to be how it is for a while, so get your coping plans in place. Get out in nature. Start doing some yoga, breathing, ceremonial fires, stock up on chocolate, massage and bath oils, good music, fiction and movies -- nurture yourself through these times -- and be aware of the tests you are given. What are you being asked to shift and change in yourself? Think -- fear or faith? This is the bottom line. Trust and have faith.

March also swept away a lot of animals and people, providing us with lessons of grief and especially a big lesson in loving everyone in every moment. There is no point in withholding love at this time. Love is all. And you never know who has chosen to stay during these times, and who hasn't. So love and love hugely. Act passionately and start living the life of your dreams now. Be courageous and compassionate. This is also a time to help others in need, especially our animal friends. And to all those who have lost loved ones -- our thoughts and hearts are with. Be kind to yourselves. 

So many people say to me "I have a hit to....." Those "hits" are your soul talking, and you might not understand how important it is now to follow your soul's guidance, but if you do, you will know.
My sense is that we "know" what we are supposed to be doing. And this is the year to get our affairs in order. At a fifth dimensional level, it is about figuring out what makes our heart sing, what feels like play, and going for it.

If you could instantly manifest and therefore not work, what would you do? If you wanted to help set up a new civilization, what would your contribution be? Start drawing the life of your dreams to you now. There is a sense of urgency for so many people about this now.

And as a new civilisation does have to flower from the ashes of the old one --we all can contribute to it with the thoughts and ideas that will be coming through. We are all making a difference to the new Earth in so many different ways.

The other thing people are experiencing is a lot more "ascension" symptoms - extreme fatigue, sadness, depression, stress, anxiety,, headaches, aches and shakes and fluid retention and bloating, and other flu like symptoms.... I've heard it from all over the world.
I can tell when there is a shift because my joints will get very achy and normally they are not. So as I coach people in animal communication, know your own body. Know it well. It is your friend and your home on this beautiful planet and it deserves your love.

Astrologers like Eric Francis have been talking about this year, and the next few months in particular, as a time of radical social change like we saw in the 60s. (Think staid 50s to radical , peace loving , mind expanding 60s) Who knows what is around the corner, but I can only predict that perhaps we a building up to a crescendo, like a big boil, or perhaps, a better term, a big birth, and we will see the fall of some old , outdated paradigms and new ones arising by the end of the year. My sense is that the world is fast becoming a very different place. I mean think of all the changes in the 60s!!

I have hope for a better world. We all have to hope. Hope is one of the most powerful healing emotions... so think of the energy of change we alone can bring if we all have hope!

So what is the world you want? When things get crazy, get in the driver's seat! Stat imagining and intending!

Start imagining the world of your dreams now. It isn't about material gains and riches. It isn't about competition. It's about love, nature, family, friends, ceremony, self expression.

For me, it is a world at peace, completely free of fear. A world in harmony. This is what I spend time "imagining" in. And meanwhile I work on myself constantly to be love, and more love.....shed that old baggage, and just stand as light and love.

The energies have been difficult for many many people and the pressure is on us, testing our faith and our light. Shine brightly, love hugely, reach out for help when you need it to people who understand, hang out in nature a lot, and keep your faith. We are the embodiment of the feminine principle, coming back to reign on earth as true stewards of the planet, after centuries of the destructive energies of the patriarchy. Shine on!

"Listen to the whispers, the whispers in the wind. All of nature talking. Time to go within. The Mother, she needs us, to walk with great respect. Humility is the key, so we can go forward with no regret." Billie Dean

For further help and understanding of these times: This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon and my CD of a lecture called: Safe People, Safe Places. See my web site.
 earthkeepers Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreat

Now is really the time to get the Munay Ki rites and speed your spiritual growth in a surprising and delightful way. This Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreatbooked very quickly and there are only a couple of slots left. As I said above, the more my teaching work goes online, the more precious these face-to-face opportunities are. If you have an interest in becoming a human angel for animals, opening your heart, stewarding the Earth, shamanic pathways or in navigating the energies of the 2012 Phenomenon, I urge you to join us for the Earthkeeper's Intensive.

If you have not read my experience of the Munay-Ki, have a look here. I won't have time to do a teleseminar before the course, but I did an audio about the Munay-Ki a couple of years ago, which you can find on my Audiopage (scroll down to Billie Dean Talk #1).

Here's what people have said about the Earthkeeper's course and the Munay-Ki.

I really really hope I can be at this retreat. I have received all of the rites from Billie and it is a truely incredible and wonderful experience. -- Lisa McFadyen,

When I first received Billie's email on Munay-Ki I had little idea of what it was about but I knew I had to be there. I found this to be true of a number of other people who came. We heard the call. During the weekend it became apparent to me that Munay-Ki was different from anything else I had participated in, and my previous "knowing" - that I had to be there - was true. After receiving the first four Rites I feel lighter in my physical and etheric bodies. The dross from the past that collected in my auric field has gone. Healing has taken place on a number of levels. Joy bubbles within me - and my spirit is buoyant. -- Pam Adams, Soul Companions.

Thank you so much for having the courage and energy to bring us to the Munay-Ki. I think I can say I have been waiting for this since I awoke in 1985. I could not answer the Christian call and may others of the New Age movement, but I could answer the call of this vibration and lineage. I am honoured and feel honoured and I believe I have been protected and guided and prepared throughout my life to stay slightly aloof and safe for this.
- Aletha Baldwin, NSW

There are also quite a few students coming for the second time, which is wonderful, and the rate for repeats is very, very favourable (send Andrew an emailfor more information about that). We love to see you again! Repeating students will have a focus on learning to gift the rites, and it will be very practical.

I really do not think I'll be teaching this class again before next year, so if spirit is calling you, now is the time to answer.

Details here.
gathering Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gathering

So many of you have told me how much you enjoyed the two Irish-Celtic shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell in our documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon. And it is easy to see why. Karen and John bring a humour and groundedness to their spiritual work which makes it a joy to be part of.

I first met John and Karen in Ireland at Dunderry, the Irish Shamanic Centre. It was a soul recognition from the start, and having experienced their teachings, their fun and their humour, I'm so looking forward to seeing them agaain They carry a wealth of indigenous Irish and Celtic wisdom, and share it generously. it was John and Karen who introduced me to Tara's sacred Faerie Tree where I was initiated by the fae themselves, and this has had a profound influence on my life.

So I hope you will be able to join us for the Irish-Celtic Winter Solstice Gatheringhere in Braidwood when we have a first-time-ever-in-Australia chance to study with two of the brightest lights on the planet today. 

The Gathering is in two parts. First there is the three-day Open Winter Solstice Gathering, which is open to anyone called to come and join us. The program looks nothing short of delicious, ranging from a Solstice Fulach Fia (a ritualistic opening of the Earth, a sacred pit to place our prayers and harvest the blessing of the darkest night and the rebirth of the Sun) to the transmission of the Fairie Rites and work with our sacred bundles.

Immediately after this is the three-day Advanced Gathering Drawn from the Medicine Ways of the Irish Lineage. This is for those who want to dive deeper into the mystery tradition that stems from ancient Irish-Celtic lineage. While it draws on the Irish lineage, you yourself can be of any lineage, and you will find a wealth of value. From screeing to working with the myth of the Tuatha De Danann (bringing an understanding of the myth of 'the tribe of Mother Earth' to the literal level of our lives) to exploring the Irish-Australian heartline, the Advanced Gathering will take us on a once-in-a-life journey of learning and fellowship.

The Advanced Gathering is by application, and I encourage you to apply if you feel your spirit is calling you to join us.

Details are on my web site, where you can download a participant's information sheet, a course registration form, a brochure, and the application form for the Advanced Gathering.

I truly hope we see you in June for the solstice. It will be a powerful time.

If you'd like to get a feel for the sparkle that is Karen and John, we're having our next free teleseminar with them on May 11th. Details hereor you can go straight to the registration page.
sydney_intro Introductory Course in Celtic Spirituality and Shamanism

If you are not able to  come to the Irish-Celtic Solstice Gathering in Braidwood, of feel like you need something that is at a more basic level, then I hope to see you in Sydney for the weekend course we are hosting there for Karen and John called Introductory Course in Celtic Spirituality and Shamanism.

The two-day course in Balmain will be perfect for those who want to connect with an Irish or Celtic ancestral line, or who want to experience the deep wisdom that comes from what is, for many of us, our indigenous past. John and Karen are wonderful storytellers, and the weekend is sure to be rife with laughter and learning.

Details here. See you there!
Ballyoncree News

It's been pretty huge and we've personally been rocked by deaths of animals and friends, and Andrew turned 50 - that's a landmark in itself! Happy birthday Andrew!

We've been blessed to have the support of wonderful healers while going through a very unsettled period at Ballyoncree, which found me nursing full time. 

We were lucky, that through stringent management, we avoided the laminitis that saw many horses in our area in pain and many lose their life.  The Ballyoncree horses have been fine.

However March's full moon swept away our beloved cat Kobi very suddenly, leaving us all feeling shocked and grief stricken. He hadn't been unwell, but his heart suddenly gave out. Before his sudden demise, he was sitting on top of the car, tucking into his dinner, and curled up with his brother and sister in a box they all discovered on the kitchen table.


Kobi was personality- plus and the house is a quieter, emptier place without his huge presence. Rest in peace buddy, we all miss you hugely..

We've had a long journey too, with some of our dogs, especially one of them, who with the new moon seems to have finally turned a corner. Perhaps that is why I can finally have a spring to my step again. Her illness has taken all my focus, given me many challenges, tested my faith and been an awesome teacher for me. I really had to stand in my faith and reach for my higher teachings in order to get out of her way and allow her body to heal itself. Really tough journey - made tougher by Kpbi dying so suddenly and two other dogs all having a problem on the same day. I can write more about the healing and the challenges when it is completed -- right now I dont want any energy stopping the fast forward movement we are now seeing. Phew!

We've had a creek, delighted in an abundance of water, only to lose it all twice through cracks in the piping, and now the creek has dried again and we've bought our first load of water for the season. Sigh. And just at a time when I'm needing to wash dozens of towels daily!!

Apart from all that, and a desperate need to finish a two year old renovation before winter, the days are crisp, sunny and superb, the nights are cold, and we've had our first log fire. It is truly heaven on earth, and it is my honour to serve the animals we home here.
Gratitudes and Wishlist

I have so many people to be grateful for while we have been going through such an intense nursing period.  A huge thanks to:

  • Rosi Pletzer of Vitality Health Centre in Canberra, (02 628 212 94 and 02 61614102)  and her awesome Cybertone  for helping me diagnose and treat.  The Cybertrone is an amazing, non-invasive diagnostic tool.  I LOVE it.  Thank you Rosi!!  Awesome medicine woman!
  • Rovaye Hodges of the Hierophant in Canberra, very very wise and supportive homoeopath who helped me keep faith with the wonderful remedy Silicea which i have learned even more about and witnesed its amazing abilities.  Thank you Rovaye -- gorgeous woman of knowledge ! -- and also for Thuja 30 which I have always only ever used to help drain off the toxicity of vaccinations -- but found it kept me level headed during the crisis-- amazing!
  •  Kath Sherburne, who continues to help and give awesome Bodytalk support to the Ballyoncree crew, and who rang me with infallible timing with a message from one of dogs in need.  You too are an awesome and fabulous woman.  And I am extremely grateful!!
  • Linda Vojkovic of the Natural Care Company, for her contribution of excellent healing herbs.  Very much appreciated.  Another wise and knowledgeable woman who I am blessed to know.
  • Dennis Puffet for healing energies during the crisis.  Dennis is always there sending healing energy and just to know he exists calms me considerably.  Awesome man!
  • Garry Mannion for sending absent healing from the UK -- another gorgeous and wise young man who I was blessed to meet  in the UK as a fellow wisdom keeper at the Soul Companions Gathering in Wales.  Thank you are truly amazing too.
  • Kate of Robert McDowell's for her love, wisdom and wise herbal advice.
  • My family, close friends and shamanic practitioner colleagues for ongoing support.  Chris, Sandi, Janet,  Bec, Deb and Lisa, I love you!!  Chris Allen for my dog's awesome shamanic healing, and one also from the amazing Sandi Hay, who also  held my hand and joined forces with me as I journeyed to the Otherworld, found my Light, and helped my dog heal her soul.  You are all brilliant medicine women, and it is my honour to call you friends,
In healing we understand there is a healing and a cure. You can have a healing without a cure and a cure without a healing. If you have a cure without a healing, then the disposition to dis-ease remains. I was glad to be able to offer a soul heailng for my dog, and soon after the cure began to happen. And now I have to nurse her, and see which way the journey takes her.

My dog has told me she will be very different when she comes out the other side of this!  She also told me not to fear, something I admittedly struggled with.  My test was to stay in faith and in love.  And for me as a healer, Divine Love.  So a big thanks to my girl for a huge teaching.  I have experienced and learned a lot.

We still have all eight dogs.  Phew - and it is really thanks to my team.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I also want to thank my dearest friend and supporter, the wonderful and amazing Rebecca Booth of Equine Elementals for her highly skilled animal healings and support, as well as the gift of horse supplements.  Thanks also to the ever generous Gypsy for her gift of supplements as well. I am so blessed.

And finally to those of you who are regular supporters, thank you. We really couldnt do as much as we do without you.

Wish List
Heeeeelp!! We are very open to help with debotting horses and are planning an Help day in May. We also need help with painting the house and getting things looking respectable for the June retreat when our education centre needs to be up and running. For the Education Centre we are in the first instance, patching up an old school house:
  • Iron
  • Insulation
  • Paint (organic preferable - the faeries don't like the other)
  • Bean bags
  • White board
  • Native looking rugs
  • Slow combustion wood heater
Or funds to help us with that -- you can donate here.  

Also, winter is coming and we are desperate for blankets for the older dogs. We also need building materials for rustic open sheds so the older horses can be out of the wind.

And as always, we are always grateful to receive Young Living Oils (I continue to swear by them and used them intensively for this recent round of healing.) healing bits and pieces, winter feed for the horses, and supplements. All are gratefully received.

To support through Young Living or purchase oils for using on yourself, phone (07) 3715 7333, and quote my member number 770852. (By the way, I'm planning on writing some articles on the oils soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Imagine how pleased I was to read San Antonio To Implement No-Kill Policy at Animal Shelters By 2012.  It is a big city of two million people and way too many homeless animals.  I love seeing progress.

Also, I liked this article where Scientists say dolphins should be treated as 'non-human persons'. I couldn't agree more, although personally, I think all animals should be treated this way.
Cat in Need

Cats are incredible beings who transform negative energy and heal with their Purr.  Every home needs a cat or two, and they are so incredibly wise with their teachings and holders of great ancient wisdom.  Once they were revered, and imagine how they must feel these days when todays western humans see them as pests.  We need to help the cats as much as possible.

Also anyone in the Orange, NSW area willing to take on a cat. His person died and he is in foster care at the moment. Here's what Vanessa emailed:

Beautiful Silver Grey Tabby, rescued, now looking for a loving home or foster home. Nervous but will settle in a patient nurturing loving environment. In Orange NSW but willing to travel to a new home.
Phone Vanessa 02-63654385 or email

Thanks for helping out.

Billie Dean with Gypsy
Until next time!

Happy dancing, laughing and loving.

Email: billie [at]

Copyright Billie Dean, 2010.  All rights reserved.