Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
 February 28,  2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Pagan, a brumby at Ballyoncree

Well, another week has passed and there is so much happening its important to stay in your center.  This is definitely a year for dreams coming true and I've enjoyed feeling light and free and giggly again, from the recent downloads of light.  At the same time I've felt something brewing and one of my Facebook friends said her goats were calling out - just like they did before Haiti earthquake.  And now we have Chile.

This is not a time to go into fear about the long spoken about Earth Changes. Yes, the Mother is still settling, and sensitive people would have felt the build-up to something big in their own bodies.  Nobody knew what it was going to be, or where, though.  However, more than ever it is time for LOVE.  More than ever it is time to visualise the world as a place of peace and harmony, send love and light to affected areas and do the spiritual work we have been trained to do.

Prayers and blessings to all those in affected areas.  Sending in spirit angels to protect and calm.  The prophecy always said that "the road forward was to stay in love, and faith, not fear."

Further, it is a time to get your priorities right.  What is it that you really care about?  I bet it is not material things.  It's all about  people and animals you love, animals in the wild, nature, life, friends.  The great feminine principle must return and that is a lifestyle of loving and honouring the great spirit of Gaia who humans have become so disconnected from.

It's time to get back to honouring ceremonies, asking permission, respect and reverence.  It's time to once again listen to the animals, the fae, and your own Higher Self.  Be still, so you can listen to the world around you.  And act from intuition and inner knowing, not fear.

On a positive note Celia Fenn's recently channelled work and the astrology of Eric Francis really make the future look bright and you don't have to be a lightworker to sense the opportunity and change in the air.  We are in for an explosion of positive change, and according to Celia's channelling, the collective consciousness has won to a more graceful rather than radical destruction ascendance.  My own research indicates we were walking a fine line -- and could have gone the way of Atlantis.  This is why I was determined to release our 2012 doco -- to help make a difference.

My sense is still that we need to continue our work to find our authentic selves, coming into alignment with our Higher Self.  And we do this by listening to our body wisdom and the beating of our heart.  Like I said, this is a year of opportunity and to those who are listening, there will be, well, lots of celebrating!

The animals still need us to step up -- there is  a lot of work to do there.  Awareness is improving for them, but we need to keep holding them in the light, not the dark.

This is the time to truly open your heart chakras, step up your sense of responsibility for your own life, be compassionate and come into authenticity.  Because we are all connected, by working on yourself, we help others.  So please stay in love, not fear,  think of what your true dreams are, and start to put them into place.  If you are living your dreams, and are in alignment with your higher self, then your raise your vibration -- and that helps the planet nd the animals.

I hope you will join me in my online classes that start Monday and Tuesday (that's Secret Animal Business Level I and Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon).  I look forward to giving you all the tips I can give you about the animals, their welfare and care, the New Earth, and how to make the shifts a dream surf!!

There have been a number of questions about the courses.  Please see my answers below.

We are in a time of intense change and this is why Andrew and I are working to package these teachings in a format that will make it easy and enjoyable for you to learn what the animals and Mother Earth need you to learn!!

Until next time -- keep laughing and dancing!

With lots of love, light and laughter,
Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart

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Questions and Answers about the Courses
Following Up Free Introduction to Animal Communication
Secret Animal Business Level I
Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon
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q_a Questions and Answers about the Courses

Here are some of the questions I have been getting about the courses, and my answers.

Do I need to be there for the evening sessions for the course to be worthwhile? Can I miss one or more?

You don't have to be present for the teleseminar calls to enjoy the course. The forums, recordings, and downloads will make it valuable, and you can treat it as a self-paced course.

Will the evening sessions be recorded?

Yes, the teleseminar sessions will be recorded and made available for students to download.

Do I need to use my computer for the teleseminars? Can I just use my phone?

Yes, you can call in to the teleseminars using just your phone. You don't have to have a computer connection (although it is better if you do), but a phone is all you need (we'll provide instructions). You do, however, need to register for the teleseminar sessions by computer.

Will I be able to ask you questions?

Yes, there will be a forum for you to connect with me and other students.

Do I need access to a computer?

As described above, you can connect with the teleseminar calls via phone.  You will want a computer to connect with the forum and to access downloadable materials.  If you only have a computer during the day, you can do any downloading and connecting with the forum then, and use your phone to connect to the teleseminar calls at night.

I'm not very skilled with the computer.  Will I be able to do the course?

Yes.  The things you will need to do online are pretty straightforward, and we should be able to provide you any instructions you might need.  If you are worried about downloading the files, we can make the audios available burned to a CD for a small fee.

Will there be homework?  How much time will it take?

Yes, there will be homework, but you can take it at your own pace, and it won't be onerous, I promise.  I recognise that we are all busy.  However, the teaching in the shamanic tradition comes from life experience outside the "class room" and it will be up to you to put the teachings into practice in the way you respond to situations that come up.

Will the courses be offered in the future?

Yes, but they won't be interactive the way these two are. Future versions of these courses won't have the forums or the interaction with me. They'll be more of a download, self-study model. So if you can make it to these two, I'd encourage you to, because I think we're going to have a blast together.

Do you have a payment plan? I'm having trouble affording the course.

Yes, we do offer payment plans if you need one.  Please don't let money be an obstacle for you. We would rather you joined us and learned, than not.  So contact Andrew on andrew [at] or 0409 609 428 and let him know what your needs are.
healing_session Following Up the Free Introduction to Animal Communication teleseminar

I was so incredibly heartened and excited by last week's free Introduction to Animal Communication teleclass.  We had over 60 people on the call, all wanting to make a deeper connection to their animal friends and animals in general through learning the sacred, ancient art of interspecies communication .  While telepathy is merely a disused muscle which all humans have, I like to surround animal communication in the native wisdom which holds it beautifully in a bundle of love, respect and reverence for all of nature. 

I loved the questions at the end -- all so intelligent and caring -- revealing the gorgeous hearts and minds of the sweet energies I could sense on the phone.

As I teach that humility is a key to animal communication, a question came up regarding how can you tell if you are in ego or humility.  Ego is very loud, showy and puffy, while humility is quiet, humble and still.

It's like the wise man at the party who says nothing, while the young apprentice shows off his knowledge.  Chatter, chatter! For me, the shaman's journey is indeed a gathering of knowledge and personal power, but without the wisdom to use it quietly and wisely, we run the risk of coming out of balance or ayni.

Rainbow Fianna graduate Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies and I were discussing this question afterwards because it is such an important one, and Bec added that ego is the one who seeks acknowledgement "look how great I am", and humility is the one who works as though they were alone with no one watching.

I would add that ego tends to do sorcery to animals and people, by reading without permission, and without ethics.  Words can be potentially fatal to people, relationships and animals and you must be very careful what you say.  Is ego reading through their own life experience and thus projecting onto an animal or person?

Humility, on the other hand, is about honest service.  it comes from pure compassion and love with a desire to listen and be there for another, as sacred witness to their distress or troubles.

Ego, wants to fix and heal, regardless of the soul's unique and individual journey.  Humility honours the soul's journey and is simply in service for the highest good of all concerned.

Ego says "I did it".  Humility understands that with Ego out of the way, spirit medicine people can be called and do a lot of work, and that providing hope and a healing environment, miracles can be created.

Big difference.

We'll be discussing all these topics and more in my Secret Animal Business Level One course which covers animal communication as well as how to be the best we can be for the animals we love, by learning these ancient and sacred wisdoms.
sab_level1 Secret Animal Business Level I teleseminar/online class

Introducing you to the spiritual and psychic world of animals and their silent language.
I'm so excited to be bringing you my Secret Animal Business Level I teachings by distance education so you can enjoy them through the media of audio, the written word, and even video. This is no ordinary, just- listen-while-someone-yaks-on kind of course.   This is the bush elf bard in action!  My goal is it to be fun, in depth, full of stores, and incredibly valuable.

This course will have you learning how to commune with all species through your own natural telepathic ability.  You will deepen your relationships with your own animal friends and connect more profoundly with all of nature.  I firmly believe that human beings are meant to converse with animals and nature, and this course addresses the soul yearning you have to connect and understand the world around you at a deeper level. You will come to understand the spiritual and psychic side of animals. 

But Secret Animal Business isn't just animal communication.  We'll get into the all important physical aspects of relating to animals, including health, diet and hospice.  You will find this a comprehensive course that covers a lot of territory, so be prepared.

As with all my work, this course also delves into ancient native wisdom, bringing you into greater harmony in the world - what the Inka call "ayni" or right relations.  Being in ayni brings joy and fulfilment to your life.

The course has several components.  First, we'll have six teleseminar sessions that you can connect to either using your phone or your computer.  But don't worry if you miss a call, or just can make it to those sessions.  We will be recording them and making them available to download, so you can catch up when you can.

In addition, there will be a forum that course participants can use to communicate with each other and me, and there will be downloadable course notes as well.

The Secret Animal Business course is based on my book of the same name. And it can be used for your own personal interest, or as a pre-requisite for our Professional Level course in Animal Communication.

You can sign up for it on my web site.
navigate_2012 Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon

Becoming a human angel for animals, the planet and people.
We are in an incredible time right now and the world is a place of shifting sands and unpredictable events.  The pressure is on for humanity to change, and the energetic shifts are coming faster and harder.

My experience is that people are sometimes left floundering in emotional stuff when these shifts come, and that it is difficult to navigate these unchartered waters alone.

So in Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon, we will be building a community of like-minded friends on a journey to freedom.  We'll explore ancient and future techniques for helping anchor you into the New Earth, and becoming a human angel.

Further, we will be exploring the future and unearthing your destiny!

Animals, too, are affected by the shifts, and this course will address the animals as well.
This course is like a shamanic mentoring program, with exercises set at the end of each teleclass for you to explore during the week, as well as a forum for you to connect with your fellow students and me.

To live a life of grace, it's important to listen carefully to the world around you.  In this course I will share the wisdoms from the animals and the fae for these times, to help us move into a higher vibration of being.

We will also be exploring how to live a more authentic and hence fulfilled life, free of cultural and parental conditioning. 

So come along and enjoy journeying, dreaming, online ceremony, the lore to Walking in Beauty, plus ancient and future wisdoms to help you cut the cords and bindings which hold you back from all who you are becoming as a free individual.  All this in a joyful, engaging, course structure which you can listen to, and download, and be a part of!!

This course can be used for your own personal and spiritual development and interest ,and is also a masters course and pre-requisite for all Billie Dean Rainbow Fianna certified professional animal communicators and carers.

For those interested in becoming a professional animal communicator, this course is important as it helps you illuminate and shed your shadows so you don't project your personal stuff onto the animals you love.  Plus, it is fun and a unique way of looking at the world as you shed those heavy layers, and become light as a butterfly.

Warning: I will be asking you to dance! (But it's OK - you can do it by yourself with no one looking).
Butterfly Magick!  Exploring ancient and future wisdoms for finding your destiny and living a life of harmony, health and happiness as the new human of tomorrow, today.

You can sign up on my web site.
Coming Soon

I mentioned last time that I will soon be offering a professional level animal communication certificate course.  If you would like to be a practicing animal communicator, then this will be the course for you.  Details soon.

Also, as flagged in my last newsletter, we have an Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreat (featuring all nine rites of the Munay-Ki) coming up.  People are already signing up for this, which is fantastic (and if you want to stay at the Old Bank, you need to get in early).

Plus, we have the upcoming courses in Celtic Shamanism from Karen Ward and John Cantwell.  These are going to be great, and we can't wait to give you more details.

Billie Dean with Gypsy
Until next time!

Happy dancing, laughing and loving.

Email: billie [at]

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