Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
 February 22,  2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Pagan, a brumby at Ballyoncree

Hi again.

I'm so excited to be offering these free healings and calls, as well as my new on-line courses.  Very 21st century!!

Last week 76 people registered for the free animal healing session and the request was to make this event monthly.  Or at least regular.  While my original intention was to send love and healing to all those animals suffering around the world, there were lots of privately loved animals held in the healing as well.  Personally I noticed that some of my animal family, who had been resistant to healing, were suddenly open to it after the call.

My good friend, Body Talk practitioner Kath Sherburne, was suddenly able to do sessions with my health challenged ones, and they released some old fears and karmic patterns.

So I will be curious to see what happens when the energy builds.  My big picture for this, of course, is that we get to dream in a world where all animals live in love, peace, harmony and happiness -- everywhere.  I'm no longer interested in the old paradigm of pain or suffering.  And neither are the animals.

Tonight's night's free call is an introduction to animal communication.  I hope you can join me  at 8:30pm Sydney time tonight (Monday, Feb 22nd).  I'm really looking forward to speaking with you about what animal communication is and how we all have the ability to converse with our animal friends for a deeper understanding of the animals you love. We will also look at how learning animal communication can deepen your relationship with animals.

You'll need to register, as described below.  Also, a few people mentioned they had trouble getting onto the call, so there's information if you need help logging in.

Also, I wanted to give you a bit more information about the teleseminar courses I'm doing starting next week (March 1st and 2nd).  See Secret Animal Business and Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon below.

Until next time -- keep laughing and dancing!

With lots of love, light and laughter,
Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart

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Free Introduction to Animal Communication
Having trouble getting onto the teleseminar?
Secret Animal Business Level I
Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon
Dog sense earthquake before it happens
Dog sense earthquake before it happens
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healing_sessionFree Introduction to Animal Communication teleseminar

Animal communication underlies everything I do, from how I interact with my own animals to how I relate to the world.  I truly believe that we all have the capacity to communicate with our animal friends telepathically, and that there is an untapped richness to life that emerges when you do.

In this teleseminar, I'm going to dive into just what telepathic animal communication is, how you can tell if it is happening, why the animals want us to listen to them and why it is important in these current times.

Details here, or you can go straight to the registration page.  Note that you do need to register to participate.

And if you have a specific question you would like me to address, drop me  an email and ask. 

Note: you will need to join the event about ten minutes early (that's why we've said 8:20 for an 8:30 start), especially if you are online, to download the software and log in.  See the information below if you have trouble and need help.

I'm very excited to be doing this, and I do hope you can join in. See you there!
teleseminar_help Having trouble getting onto the teleseminar?

A few people told us they had problems getting onto the healing session last Monday.  If you have trouble getting onto the call, or have any issues with the call while you are on it, then there is help available!

if you are having trouble, you can phone the teleseminar company, Citrix, for help. In Australia, their support number is 1800 194 319. In the US, the support number is 800 263 6317. If you need a number for another country, go here and click the Customer Support button.
sab_level1 Secret Animal Business Level I teleseminar/online class

Introducing you to the spiritual and psychic world of animals and their silent language.
I'm so excited to be bringing you my Secret Animal Business Level I teachings by distance education so you can enjoy them through the media of audio, the written word, and even video. This is no ordinary, just- listen-while-someone-yaks-on kind of course.   This is the bush elf bard in action!  My goal is it to be fun, in depth, full of stores, and incredibly valuable.

This course will have you learning how to commune with all species through your own natural telepathic ability.  You will deepen your relationships with your own animal friends and connect more profoundly with all of nature.  I firmly believe that human beings are meant to converse with animals and nature, and this course addresses the soul yearning you have to connect and understand the world around you at a deeper level. You will come to understand the spiritual and psychic side of animals. 

But Secret Animal Business isn't just animal communication.  We'll get into the all important physical aspects of relating to animals, including health, diet and hospice.  You will find this a comprehensive course that covers a lot of territory, so be prepared.

As with all my work, this course also delves into ancient native wisdom, bringing you into greater harmony in the world - what the Inka call "ayni" or right relations.  Being in ayni brings joy and fulfilment to your life.

The course has several components.  First, we'll have six teleseminar sessions that you can connect to either using your phone or your computer.  But don't worry if you miss a call, or just can make it to those sessions.  We will be recording them and making them available to download, so you can catch up when you can.

In addition, there will be a forum that course participants can use to communicate with each other and me, and there will be downloadable course notes as well.

The Secret Animal Business course is based on my book of the same name. And it can be used for your own personal interest, or as a pre-requisite for our Professional Level course in Animal Communication.

You can sign up for it on my web site.
navigate_2012 Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon

Becoming a human angel for animals, the planet and people.
We are in an incredible time right now and the world is a place of shifting sands and unpredictable events.  The pressure is on for humanity to change, and the energetic shifts are coming faster and harder.

My experience is that people are sometimes left floundering in emotional stuff when these shifts come, and that it is difficult to navigate these unchartered waters alone.

So in Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon, we will be building a community of like-minded friends on a journey to freedom.  We'll explore ancient and future techniques for helping anchor you into the New Earth, and becoming a human angel.

Further, we will be exploring the future and unearthing your destiny!

Animals, too, are affected by the shifts, and this course will address the animals as well.
This course is like a shamanic mentoring program, with exercises set at the end of each teleclass for you to explore during the week, as well as a forum for you to connect with your fellow students and me.

To live a life of grace, it's important to listen carefully to the world around you.  In this course I will share the wisdoms from the animals and the fae for these times, to help us move into a higher vibration of being.

We will also be exploring how to live a more authentic and hence fulfilled life, free of cultural and parental conditioning. 

So come along and enjoy journeying, dreaming, online ceremony, the lore to Walking in Beauty, plus ancient and future wisdoms to help you cut the cords and bindings which hold you back from all who you are becoming as a free individual.  All this in a joyful, engaging, course structure which you can listen to, and download, and be a part of!!

This course can be used for your own personal and spiritual development and interest ,and is also a masters course and pre-requisite for all Billie Dean Rainbow Fianna certified professional animal communicators and carers.

For those interested in becoming a professional animal communicator, this course is important as it helps you illuminate and shed your shadows so you don't project your personal stuff onto the animals you love.  Plus, it is fun and a unique way of looking at the world as you shed those heavy layers, and become light as a butterfly.

Warning: I will be asking you to dance! (But it's OK - you can do it by yourself with no one looking).
Butterfly Magick!  Exploring ancient and future wisdoms for finding your destiny and living a life of harmony, health and happiness as the new human of tomorrow, today.

You can sign up on my web site.
Coming Soon

Just to let you know that I will soon be offering a professional level animal communication certificate course.  If you would like to be a practicing animal communicator, then this will be the course for you.  Details soon.

Also, as flagged in my last newsletter, we have an Earthkeeper's Intensive Retreat (featuring all nine rites of the Munay-Ki) coming up, as well as Celtic Shamanism from Karen Ward and John Cantwell.
Dog senses earthquake before it happens

Because it is cool, have a look at this video, where security camera footage clearly shows a dog reacting strongly to an earthquake well before the humans do or it can be felt. We know animals have these instincts, but it is still interesting to see it happening.
Recent energy shifts

There has been some pretty intense and beautiful, light-filled energy shifts this past week.  Many people described having headaches, many were just plain fatigued, or incredibly edgy, feeling as if they were about to burst.  Then the shift came over like a beautiful wave, releasing the tension and putting people in joy, bliss, peace, calm, certainly or just plain happiness.  I have a feeling it was like a domino effect, so if you are still feeling edgy, your peace will come.  It's important to surrender, open, step into the light, go out in nature, dance, move, be grateful.  For me it came over as a tide of joy - my energy levels improved, I felt like I was an upgraded model of me.  And maybe i am. (Grin).  An old cheekiness and lightness I haven't felt since my comedy performing days screeched to the surface, as years of concern and worry fell away.

Further, I felt it when I was doing my usual barefoot dancing in the paddock to Michael Jackson while I fill the horse water toughs with the dogs and horses as audience.  I felt this rip in my etheric being and joy spilled out.  Just as I was acknowledging this to myself I looked up to see a huge owl heading in my direction.  As soon as I noticed her, she turned and flew away.  I just started crying pure tears of joy.  Spirit talks to us through all of nature -- as she always has.

As i said in the February edition of Animal Whispers it is well and truly time to move into our authentic essential selves.  When we do this, the shifts become easier.  This is why I am holding a new course (described above) - Butterfly Magick: Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon -- so that people can figure out what magic is missing in their lives, and how to achieve it. 

Huge thank you to Kath Sherburne for her work with the animals here at Balyoncree last week.  Dusty, Raffi, Bodhi, and Cedar all say hello and send huge thank-yous!

Also a big thank you to Gypsy for sending selenium via Rebecca Booth and Elementals Equine Therapies.  Bindi and Montana say a huge thenk you and send you horse kisses.

And a huge thank you to Rebecca for making the trip down and doing laser therapy on the senior dogs and Photonic Acupuncture on three of the ponies.  Everyone is very bouncy and happy today.  Thanks also  for much needed slippery elm powder which I use all the time, and on the weekend we used it internally for the dogs, and externally as a poultice.

Billie Dean with Gypsy
Until next time!

Happy dancing, laughing and loving.

Email: billie [at]

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