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 February  2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Pagan, a brumby at Ballyoncree

Happy New Year!  It feels like an age since I last wrote.   As I write, gorgeous grey storm clouds gather over Braidwood promising the rain that I "know" will have our creeks flowing again.  (Thank you!)  It has been a year since our creek flowed, and last winter sucked, with no running water to the house at all.  (Read sponge baths in an outside bathroom - brr!! ) But summer this year was gloriously kind in our neck of the woods, with gentle rain, grey clouds, and the hills and flats are a gorgeous, green mantle.  We have been getting lots of rainbows!

Lots to talk about this edition -- the current energies, my first free healing session (which we'd love you to join in with by phone or online), plus my first forays into teleclasses/online courses, which will be perfect for those of you who have not been able to join me live before (as well as those of  you who have).  As I'm travelling much less this year (it is going to be a big year for writing), I wanted to try to make myself available to more people in more places by bringing us together this way.

Please enjoy this issue of Animal Whispers, and enjoy as well the energies of 2010.  There will be lots of intense waves, ride them well, and keep growing and laughing.  If things get too much, go out in nature!

Also, I'd like to say a special hello to everyone for whom this is their first Animal Whispers.  We've had a lot of people sign up since the last one, and I'd like to welcome you to our family.

With lots of love, light and laughter,
Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart

Gypsy, one of the Ballyoncree horses
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Welcome to the New Year and Stories of Animal Healing

The white ponies are in from their day with their friends, and Erin waits patiently as ever for me to return to horse play. It was on my agenda these holidays but as usual Spirit had other plans for me, and instead whacked me with another "shamanic initiation into stillness".  Exhausted from a big and busy year, I went down with adrenal burnout and couldn't do much more than catch up with reading and watching movies.  This seems to have been common with many people after last year's tumultuous energies, and the new ones which came in with eclipses, which took us soaring to the heavens and filling up with light, which then our bodies had to adjust to.

The energy was so intense it spirited away many of our beloveds across the board.  Blessings to all those who lost their animals in the recent energy shifts.  It is never easy.  So big, big hugs!

Personally, we lost Little Peeper Gosling on the Solstice.  She was doing so well and then her heart gave out and she died peacefully sitting with her mum Gwen.  She is buried with her other incarnations, both of whom came to us for such a short time: -- goats Valentine and Bramble. We have asked if this soul needs to return again, to please come for a full and long lifetime next time!!  And we have done healing on her light body.

On the powerful New Year full moon energies, we lost our 12 year old budgie Casta.  I found him on the bottom of the cage, not moving.  As I picked him up I heard him say he didn't want to be buried alive, so we didn't.  He was in a coma, not dead.  I'm glad I listened to and believed my heart, not my eyes.  Because he looked very dead.  His spirit needed to leave his body, so we did Death Rites and healing and were patient.  We took care of his prone form.  It was obvious when the spirit had finally fled a few days later. Casta told us he had a lot to say.  His spirit body sits on my shoulder as I write.

So he is featured in my new forthcoming book - Secret Animal Wisdom.  Coming soon!

Some birds will come back from the apparent dead when they are in this state, but Casta's body had been breaking down  for some time.  He couldn't fly at all, and had been falling off his perch a lot.  It was his time to go.  He was such a plucky fellow and is deeply missed by all the family.  It was interesting to watch his mate Bodhi while his transition was taking place.  She didn't grieve until he was really gone.

So, we have a new addition to the family to keep her company - a bright yellow budgie called Christopher Sunshine.  I always ask and make sure I have the right animal coming to us, and his words were, "I have to get out of here".  Being a sucker for those in distress, Tamsin and I took him home, and Bodhi is very pleased.  Mr Sunshine looks like he has always been part of our family.

Come January, I flew off to Hawaii with my family for the Earth Transformation Conference, which was showing our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon and boasted lots of interesting  people for us to film for part two of the documentary series.  It was a conference of super healers, including the European master Braco making his USA debut, and others like USA master healer Dennis Adams, and most-studied person to have had a near death experience (NDE), Mellen- Thomas Benedict.

On the first day we got there,  I jumped into the pool with my family and looked around at the sunbathing holiday makers and thought, "Gee a holiday might be nice," and promptly succumbed to the flu.  I told you my manifestation was getting really fast!

Despite trying many different wonderful healing techniques at the conference, from Acroyoga to Benedict's Rejuvenator, my body stubbornly insisted on resting, which I wasn't really able to do until I got home after an intense week of travel, filming, presenting and studying.  Our documentary, I am pleased to say, was a roaring success.  I have never met a more appreciative audience than those folks from around the world who descended on Kona for the Conference.

It was a beautiful conference, and there were many familiar faces, which was fun.  Andrew and I took photos of all the Ballyoncree animals printed out on sheets of paper for Braco's gazing sessions, hoping the energy he brought through would help our mature and health-challenged ones.
I will let you know as time progresses if things shift.

I had plenty of healing to do when I got home.  Willow was seizuring, and I nipped this in the bud with a shamanic healing to balance her chakras.  She is very sensitive to the energy shifts and also doesn't like it when we are away.   Dusty had symptoms like that of distemper - high temperatures and yellow gunk in his eye.  I fasted him on rice milk, honey and slippery elm powder while his temperature was high, and got it under control with homeopathic Belladonna and tissue salt Ferrum Phos.  One day (of three doses) on Distemperinium 30 kicked his health challenge into wellness.  He also had a shamanic healing, which is, these days, the first thing I do to help an animal.  Dusty is very bright eyed again.  He didn't like Andrew going away, and is pleased to have him home again.

I chose Distemperinium, because  high temperatures with yellow eye and nose gunk, is typical of distemper.  I'm not a vet but I have managed to faciliate the healing of  two cases of distemper very successfully following Juliette de Bairacli Levy's formula of fasting during the high temperatures.  I also use homeopathy to nip it in the bud, as per above, depending on the symptoms.  And one dog I helped heal in Santa Fe about 25 years ago, I only had Reiki at my disposal.  He would come and put his sore eyes under my hands every morinng where I slept on the floor of a friend's house while I was traveling.  And he got better!  According to Juliette, one always fasts a dog with high temperatures, otherwise the condition get worse.  Giving the digestion a rest, is the best thing you can do.  You can still nourish the dog with honey and watered down rice or goats milk, providing much needed fluids.  We also gave Dusty some  electrolytes.   We helped him cool with wet towels and also peppermint oil which is cooling and anti inflammatory.

So I can't say if Dusty had Distemper, for sure, but I can say that Distemperinium 30 was the right remedy as it cleared the condition immediately.  That and the emotional causation resolved with Andrew back by Dusty's side.

Dusty, one of the dogs at Ballyoncree

New people to the newsletter who don't know the story of Dusty will understand better when you know that Dusty is a gorgeous, mature-aged brown kelpie who was the most badly abused dog I have ever personally met.  Andrew was the person who plucked him to safety, bringing him home ( with permission) to live with us forever.  I shudder to think of what this dog has been through and I can tell you that while he still has health challenges, he knows he is now safe and has a good life with us and the other dogs.  He blossoms daily.

At home, not only did I have to recover from the flu, but a long standing back injury flared up which had me in intense pain.  Like  some kind of sweet torture, the pain brought up huge emotional releases, which then cleared the pain and congestion in my chest which a friendly fae friend and guide, told me was stuck grief in the lungs from all the beloved animals who have passed, and I hadn't had time to grieve.  This, I am still healing.

Meanwhile the world sank into shock and upheaval as our great Pachamama, the Mother Earth, trembled and cleansed herself all over the Americas, snow in Ireland brought the country to a standstill and the rest...

These, of course, can be interpreted as the Earth Changes predicted by native peoples all over the world. You can read more on my take on the current state of the 2012 Phenomenon, below.

During my  "shamanic death" I dismembered myself, and was thoroughly drilled by the trees and the faerie, the wind, the horses, the dogs, the cats - all of the natural world here at Ballyoncree - into who I was to become and what I was to do.  Four Winds graduates will remember their North exercise, and know that this was what I was experiencing.  This is a process when you let go all of your labels and names, and take back the ones you want.  And there's more safeguards to it as you don't want to lose your essential self. 

Spirit had plans for me, and my rebirth was to put me on a new path of service to the world of animals and humans. The last time this happened was two decades ago, when Andrew and I had been in discussions with a network to do a sitcom.  I remember thinking that I didn't want to spend 18 hours a day in a studio cut off from nature and my dog and cats and horses - and promptly came down with adrenal burnout and wound up living with a spirit tribe of native Americans who taught me for six intense months, releasing me to health with the proviso that I now "talk to other people's animals".  I realised much later, that this was a shamanic training and like the Druids train for 20 years, so the animals trained me for 20 years.

I'm now ready for this next phase of my life.  Billie the barefoot dancing bush elf bard is back! 

And I have to say when my head, chest and back cleared, I was so incredibly relieved that I could think and move and dance barefoot on the grass. I was so grateful for my strong constitution and my health.  Remind me never to take it for granted again!!   I took Erin a carrot (chopped) and grinned.  She and I have some playing to do!  The horses have been whispering sweet secrets to me and I am excited about our next adventure together.
current_energiesThe 2012 Phenomenon - Current Energies

For many people, this year has really already been a time of reckoning. The restless energies of Mother Earth, and the intense astrology we are experiencing, all make an impact on us whether we are aware of it or not.  So itt's been a time to rest, reclaim inner strength  and get yourself ready for  another year.  Time has sped up, and manifestation is quicker.  We need to be dancing with these energies now!!  It's like climbing out of the density, navigating the quicksand,  learning to fly and truly create the world of our dreams.  This can be a challenge when people are drowning in that quicksand of personal stuff.  So don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

My sense of 2010 is that there will continue to be a lot of movement as people work on finding their authentic selves, who they truly are at their core, and what it is that makes them happy -- and acting on this. 

If we understand that the New Earth is a place of peace, then it figures that new paradigms will have to come into play.  My take on 2010 is that we have to do the work to move into this new paradigm.  Last year, I talked about the importance of finding our authentic selves, but this is often easier said than done.  For many people, it is a difficult question because who they really are is buried under years of cultural and parental conditioning.

The energies right now are demanding that we be true to ourselves.  And this means unearthing our true selves -- for to find your true self is to become free. It also means you will be fulfilled and if you are fulfilled then you will be happy and peaceful.

One exercise you can do to help you find your true self is to write down ten things which make you happy.  And if you can't do that, think of five things you really couldn't live without.

For me that is family, including animals, and land. I'm a real homebody.  So that's a priority.  I also can't separate me and writing.  I get unhappy when I'm not creating.  So these are my priorites.
Remember in our doco This Sacred Earth, Australian Aboriginal elder Minmia says that we will be shaken up by the Earth Changes so that we will know what our priorities are.  Hawaiian kahuna Healaka says the same thing in the doco.  2010 is giving you the opportunity to find out what those priorities are now.  And to work out, with your gift of imagination, a lifestyle that embraces them.

I truly believe this is the important lesson of 2010.  This is not just about shallow dreams of stardom, limelight, money, power and material things.  This is truly about what matters most to you.  And it shouldn't be driven by the need for survival.  How about letting it be driven by the need to feel joyful and alive!  It is that feeling of being nourished and nurtured - at a soul level.

When I do the 10 Things that Make You Happy  exercise with my students, most people come up with family, including animals, friends, nature, self-expression, and some included loving to serve, or loving to heal.  Others wanted to weave baskets, or knit or garden.   Some love building, painting, making music or designing.

By understanding what feeds our soul, then we can begin to come into harmony with the vibration of the New Earth.  Who are you under the fear, domestication and conditioning?  You may be delighted to find out.

Another exercise to do is to think back to when you were a child.  What were your dreams then?
When I was 10 I wanted to be a writer and a vet.  And here I am, having written all my life for a living, and helping animals in a holistic way and through advocacy -- helping people understand the sentience of animals by being their voice.  That sits with my childhood "dreams" pretty well.

The other important thing we have to learn this year is to watch our thoughts and thinking because manifestation is so much quicker.  Creating from that place of  the highest good of all concerned, we can have what we intend for ourselves, especially coming from that soul place.  Manifest with love and clarity and compassion.  Clarity is a magic word here.  Come into a mastery of manifestation.  Practise being clear with your intent.  I believe we can all achieve extraordinary results.

If manifestation doesn't work, look at the thoughts that are standing in your way.  Are you pushing it away with too much neediness? Do you have issues of not believing you are worthy or that it can't work?  All these kinds of things negate the ability to manifest. 

I believe we are coming to a time where we can get beyond survival and into instant manifestation.  This is the true peace of tomorrow, because if we can instantly manifest, we no longer have to kill and for me true peace is not just having a peaceful spirit, but it is engaging in a life of non-killing. How can we have peace when animals suffer to feed and clothe us? 

So we have to practise conscious manifesting now, coming into alignment with our true desires and learning how to manifest what we need consciously.  We are blessed to have this time to work on our thoughts and actions!!  You can imagine what life would be like if all our negative and unconscious thoughts manifested as quickly as our positive thoughts.

This is why our doco is about 'doing your work", because we need to continually do our personal work of consciousness training, and of forgiveness to make the shift. We need to be living in the stream of the great feminine consciousness and all that that entails to create the Prophecy of the Time of Gold - or the Millenium of Peace. 

Finally, this year truly is about understanding the deep connections between you and the natural world. The animals are always telling us to have fun, to dance barefoot in nature and to celebrate life with joyful curiosity.

The animals do find these energetic shifts hard, and they also find it difficult when their people are under tremendous pressure as well.  They live in the energetic environment of our homes!  I can always tell when the shifts happen, because of the behaviour of my pack of dogs.  If there is a squabble or an "accident", I know it is time to be very aware and go the extra mile in making sure we are all having our needs honoured and met, that we get plenty of sleep and water -- and soul peace.  This is the way we can help our animal friends too.  I have been getting  a lot of animal behaviour emergency consults -- and it is usually the animals needing to speak up about the truth they are seeing in their own household -- and guiding their people into higher consciousness, awareness, happiness and fulfilment.

Try to imagine a life where your needs are already met and all you have to do is play.  What would you love to do with your days?  So make a commitment to having fun this year, strip away the deadwood of your life and get your priorities in order.  Follow the path of excitement, because that is the voice of the Higher Self, and that is who is calling you Home to the New Earth.

For more information or a deeper exploration of these themes, including what the animals are urging us to do during these times, to help us move into a higher vibration, please see my web page ( for up-coming on-line courses.  The 2012 workshops I gave last year were enormously popular -- and this way, it doesn't matter where you live, you can join in the movement for human evolution!!
healing_sessionFree Animal Healing Session

Whenever I do ceremony (which is regularly), I always send healing to the animals who need it.  To make this more powerful, I would like to invite you to join me in a special free healing event. Under the influence of Sunday'spowerful new moon, I would like you to join me on   Monday, February 15th at 8:20 pm for an 8:30 pm start (Sydney time), I'd like us to come together to create a healing space for your own animals as well as those in need around the world. It's completely free if you join online, or just the cost of a phone call (there are local numbers for most countries) if you phone in.  Details here, or you can go straight to the registration page.

Also, if you know of any Kill shelters (as opposed to For Life or No Kill), email their names to me. We will collect these together to create a healing grid for all animals in need.

Note: you will need to join the event about ten minutes early (that's why we've said 8:20 for an 8:30 start), especially if you are online, to download the software and log in.

I'm very excited to be doing this, and I do hope you can join in.  I'm thinking about making this a monthly event, so let's see what kind of changes we can bring in.
online_coursesBillie's Course Schedule  - Rainbow Fianna Online and Live Events

I'm so excited to be taking my school Rainbow Fianna online  this year.  A lot of people have been waiting for Secret Animal Business (the course) to go online so they can deepen their relationships with their own animals through telepathy and the shamanic perspective, or begin their journey to becoming a professional animal communicator.  Now you an do this from anywhere in the world.  Details are here.

Because of the nature of the times we live in, and because my 2012 talks were so popular last year, we are making a teleclass event of this material also.  In Navigating the 2012 Phenomenon, we will talk about what the animals are advising us to do to help us evolve and we will delve further into what it means to ascend, how we can navigate the shifts, how we can help our animal friends through the shifts, and also how we can dream in the new world, with clarity and consciousness.

I hope you will join us for our classes.  You can do both classes  if you want, and they will be recorded so if you miss one, we can catch you up.  Here at the dates for your diary.  Please go to my website for more details registration:
Live events will still continue to be part of the Rainbow Fianna experience, and we have some fantastic ones lined up.

First, for those of you who would like to receive the Munay-Ki rites, I'm holding a six-day Earthkeepers Intensive Retreat from April 30 - May 5th.  Last year's intensive was nothing short of amazing, and this year's will be the same.

Plus Andrew and I are particularly thrilled to be bringing out Irish shamans Karen Ward and John Cantwell, who you may remember from their appearance in This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.  If you are interested in Irish Celtic shamanism, keep the week of the Winter Solstice free.  The first class, June 18 - 20, is open to anyone who would like to explore their connection with the Celtic spirit.  Following that, we'll have a three-day advanced course (June 21-23) for people who wish to delve more deeply into the Celtic mysteries.  We'll have more details in the coming weeks, but you can find out more here.  The courses will be here in Braidwood, NSW and at our home, Ballyoncree.  In the mean time, we expect these to be very popular courses, and so you might like to put down a deposit to secure your place.

We'll also be hosting John and Karen for two-day workshop in Sydney that will be perfect for anyone for whom shamanism and Celtic ways are new.  This workshop is for beginners and people who would like to tip their toes into the deep, pure waters that is Celtic spirituality.
Wellbeing and Spiritual Festival

I'm so excited to be part of a fairie festival called the Wellbeing and Spiritual Festival being held in Queanbeyan, NSW, March 20-21. Look for me inside at my stall, as well as at the two lectures I'll be giving, one on each day.
Secret Animal Business

Secret Animal Business was reviewed by animal communicator and healer Kath Sherburne  in Penelope Smith's magazine Species Link this season.  Excellent!!  Thank you Kath.  The book continues to transform lives and  according to one reader, saved the life of some goats!  It will be on Amazon in a few weeks - so watch this space.

Here's Kath's review:

In Secret Animal Business, the author bares her soul telling of her painful childhood and growing up "different" than other children. As author, shaman, and filmmaker, her deep love of animals, the Earth, plants, trees, and rocks is evident; she practices what she teaches.  The sanctuary she established rescues horses, geese, dogs, cats, and other species. As a vegan animal communicator, Billie strives to help her animals get closer to an idyllic world where nothing has to kill another living being in order to survive.

Her explanation of how to communicate with perceived "pests" such as fleas and ants gave me a different perspective and new respect for these tiny living beings.  She views animals as angels without wings helping us to become human angels and tells us what the animals want us to know in order to raise our vibrations during this important time on Earth.
Valentine's Day

DVD Cover of Finding JoyWell we've missed our marketing opportunity for Valentine's Day, probably because I'm not much for pushing products for commercial reasons. But hey, Valentines Day is about love and I'm certainly big on that.  So here's a special for the rest of February for the film of which one American woman said, "At the end of the film I looked over to my husband and he wasn't there - instead, there was the man I married."

It is our first feature, the award-winning international feature film Finding Joy.  It stars Raffi the Blue Heeler, and he is an amazing young actor!  Raffi appeared in our yard just as I was writing the film and I knew he was the star dog I was looking for - apparently so did he.

You can see the trailer here.

Now, a note about Finding Joy: it may feature Andrew and I and Tamsin as actors, but it is no way a documentary.  It relects our interests, but it is definitely fiction.  Tamsin is our child together, for a start!! It's the story of a woman who has a dream of being a singer, but she cant sing (OK, that part might be a bit too true to life for my liking).  Her life changes when she picks up a stray dog.  This was our first feature film, set in Braidwood, with fantastic music and lots of doggy insights woven through it. 

As a special for my readers only, use this link and get it here for the special price of $18.00 for the entire month of Feb, or $30 with the fantastic soundtrack album (plus shipping).  (You should see the look on Andrew's face!  We've never sold it for such a good price before.) Again, you have to use this link.  Enjoy!
Animal Welfare

The advocacy group Animals Australia is upping their outreach.  You can hear their new radio ads aimed at stopping factory farming -- something we can all get behind.

If you'd like something uplifting, you might like this article on the famous Facebook dog picture that sparked a cross-country rescue and gave on particular dog a new lease on life.

Reader Barbara Jackson has just started Wild Cats, a program to tame and rehome feral cats.  She's doing great work, so please consider supporting her.  You can email her or phone: 0414 314 443.

This came from Di Edwards. You might like to sign the petition to support the improvement of what sounds like a terrible facility.

Support the Cessnock City Council Animal Pound

Conditions are atrocious at this country pound, with vandalism, theft of dogs, and attacks against staff members and this is not all. They limit access to the general public for adopting or claiming lost dogs to a mere 4 hours per week and these 4 hours are 9am - 10am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is not an equitable system for allowing people to be reunited with their lost dogs. Please sign the petition below to force council into action and to improve conditions for both the staff and the dogs in their care.

Please share this link with everyone who shares our love of dogs.

Di also sent this to us.  Sounds like she's doing some great work, which some of you might like to help out with.

Working Dog Rescue in Qld and NSW and ASTCDx in Brisbane looking for a home

I have recently started a rescue organisation called Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. We are saving the working dog breeds from pounds in Qld and NSW and we are putting together a database of people who we can contact in the various states and Territories when there is a dog in need.  There are many ways people can help, whether it be the ability to house a dog in need, offer financial assistance, veterinary services, transporting from A to B, providing food, medicines or bedding/collars/leads etc

If you are able to assist in any way, please let me know and I will enter your details into the database. When replying please provide phone number, address, what you can do to help, which breeds you prefer to help and whether you will only help pure breds or mixes as well. If you are wondering if you can help please see our 100 ways to help rescue <>  and then decide if there is any way that you can help.

We understand that if you agree to be added to the database, it does not mean that you can necessarily help out in every situation - it may only be occasional - but any help with housing dogs for short, medium or long term (as long as it takes to find a new home) or donating dollars to help with kennelling, veterinary bills (usually things like vaccinations, heart worm testing, desexing and the like) would be greatly appreciated.

If you can, I would appreciate you spreading the word among like minded peopletoo.
Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I appreciate it very much.
Di Edwards
Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc (AWDRI)
0421 854 403
Farm Sitter Needed

We are again looking for farm sitters.  Must be good and patient with dogs, and be comfortable with horses.  We have a couple of short trips coming up and need people who particularly can cope with young kelpies and mature dogs with various challenges.  They are all great dogs and good with people.  We have five special needs horses and others running free in herds, as well as cats, geese, goats, alpacas and a sheep.  Please email me if you are interested and have these kinds of skills.
Activating the Solar Disk at Lake Titicaca

This just came in, and I thought I'd share it with you.

The Incan and Ayamara elders selected Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) for the ceremony to Activate the Solar Disk at Lake Titicaca. The cosmic ceremony heralds the physical re-emergence into the earth's atmosphere of those called The Children of the Sun. These are the ones destined to usher in the golden age of peace and harmony on earth.

On Feb. 14th, we will be present with people from all over the world who have been called to Lake Titicaca to hold sacred the energetic frequencies of the New Earth. All the ancient prophecies point to these powerful times. They tell us that the Light of the Sun (Son) will return to earth, opening the hearts of the global family.

We ask you to join with us on Sunday, Feb. 14th in your services, your meditations, your practices, or in groups and hold sacred this day. Using the imagination, see yourselves entwined with thousands of us at Lake Titicaca. See the sacred fires being lit as the many elders and shamans perform ceremonies that call in endless blessings of spirit for the entire planet. See the web of humanity opening heart centers to the Source of All. Feel divine wisdom and love pouring through the portal that is being opened. Imagine all of us holding sacred space and activating loving joy into our own heart centers. See an infusion of love and joy releasing and eradicating the fears and anxieties that have burdened us for so long. See our heart centers anchoring Universal Love and Light into all the people of earth. See the global family finally soaring to its perfect spiritual state of joy and happiness.

You are asked to Activate the Sun's Light Within You on Feb. 14th for the global heart of humanity. The perfect time will be whenever you feel called upon to link up with us. That is the time known as the zenith hour. We will hold you in our hearts that day as we celebrate the return of the Children of the Sun as the Spiritual Sun is ignited.

See for more information on this sacred ceremony. 

Gratitudes must go to our regular contributors and animal sponsors.  We are truly grateful for your ongoing support.  Thanks also to Karen for your donation and for helping us find a house sitter, to the lovely and very artistic Michanne for farm sitting in January, and to Carol for sending much inspiration and fly veils (the horses were very grateful).  I also want to thank Ray for sending samples from Susanne's Herbs (03 5194 2336) of the things I use most here at Ballyoncree - kelp and rosehips!  I loved that there was a physical use for as well as a magical use for them. Rosehips for example, are used for love, protection, psychic powers and healing.  Very good for our special needs mares.
And I want to say a special thank you to Kathi Sherburne for Body Talk help for the dogs.  Kath is awesome and I highly recommend her services.  Rosi Pletzer and her amazing Cybertrone for helping me with Cedar, and Dennis Puffet for his extraordinary healing powers which helped Dusty and Willow through the last shifts. Dennis is very keen to help people and animals find peace and healing and has an extraordinary process which helps bring healing to your entire home.  Please visit his website.

I also thank and recommend my dear friend and animal healer Susan Scott.
Wish List

Our beloved supporter and dear friend Rebecca is coming to visit on Feb 21st - so if anyone would like to support us with herbs for the horses - we would be incredibly grateful.  Blood purifiers, rosehips, kelp and minerals are what is needed.  Her web site is Elementals Equine Therapies.  Rebecca gives a 10 percent discount to Ballyoncree supporters.

We also need people who can contribute funds or muscle to help us creating our education centre here.  We need timber, paint (organic), iron, and someone with the skill to put it all together in a beautiful and functional way.   This is an urgent request as we have a very special event to be held here in June.

We  also need some open shelters for the horses - even the wild horses love our stables and hang in there out of the weather.  It's very funny to watch.  As Tamsin says:  "So you think you are wild?

I'm also treating  the dogs with lots of Young Living Oils.  Frankincense and Lavender help reduce tumours and are wonderful for those lumps and bumps elder animals sometimes get.  Frankincense is the longevity oil in my book and Lavender goes beautifully with it being calming, healing and anti-inflammatory.  You can buy these oils from Young Living on (07) 3715 7333, and quote my member number 770852.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Billie Dean with Gypsy
Until next time!

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