Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
 December  2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Honey eating hay
Hello and warmest welcome to another issue of Animal Whispers where we connect to the sacred in animals, nature and you!!    In this issue we are focusing on creating the New Earth (yay) so all of us animal welfare folks can retire (grin).

I'm sending this out minutes  before I hop in the car to drive to Sydney for the beginning of a week's promotional tour, so any mistakes or anything less than 100 percent honouring of everything and everyone can be considered a mistake due to time pressure and I sincerely apologise!!!

 I'm so so excited to be touring my film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon and my book, Secret Animal Business,  this week to Sydney, Melbourne (screening), Brisbane and Melbourne again (workshop).  I can't wait to see old friends and connect with new ones.  Thanks to all of you  who are supporting our work this way.  Andrew and I really appreciate it.

We will be discussing the 2012 Phenonemon and the new messages from the animals and faerie that I have been receiving recently to help us through these interesting times we live in.

I don't know about you, but this year has flown like an eagle, bringing so much upheaval in the world and so much change.  I believe this is the 2012 Phenomenon at work and we are being asked to step up as human beings -- to be better people.  We are being asked to steward the Mother Earth more and have compassion for all animals in need.  We are being asked first and foremost to come into inner balance by doing our personal work and forgiveness.

When humans are healed and walk in integrity, ethics and honouring, we will be living in Heaven on Earth.

When people really Walk in Beauty, we will have a world of peace and love. And compassion will no longer even be needed. The path there is a twisty one full of shadows and light, and the key to all is forgiveness and letting go. Do not entertain the poison of small thoughts. We are in the realm of instant karma. Dance instead, with eagles.

And as the animals say right now -- dance barefoot on Mother Earth!

I have been doing a lot of writing recently, and I am inundated with animal and human clients.  I am catching up with everyone as fast as I can, and I am finished my travels and home next week so you can all expect to hear from me then!  Phew!  There have been so many emergencies this year with people and animals in crisis.  And a balance of other lovely clients who just need to contact their animals and be there for them right now.  So thank you for your patience.   I believe this also is a fallout from the times we are living in with people wanting to change, and the animals wanting their people to as well.  We are all, after all, all on a soul journey.

It was fabulous to be part of the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne and I am in so much gratitude to my friends Helen Wells and Caiseal Mor for inviting me to be a part of their stand and to hold free workshops in the Yurt.  It was lovely to see everyone and meet new friends!  And so much fun to be a part of the Yurt experience as I was in Perth, and as my beloved husband Andrew was in Sydney. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm also very grateful to Patricia Hamilton and Liz Campbell of Conscious Living, who were also selling my book  on their stand in Melbourne.  Thank you, thank you! 

Here at Ballyoncree we have been busy as well dealing with drought and all the animal adventures we have on a daily basis.  To me this is what makes life as rich as it is.  What is life without our animal friends?  It would be empty, nothing. 

Read below about our new gosling friend who broke her leg and has been sleeping in Tamsin's room at night, and having physiotherapy in the bath.

Today I stood in the center of a wild horse heart hug, as each came forward to nose and tickle me and fill me up with Love.  And last night I stood on the hill surrounded by glossy thoroughbreds, taking photos of their beauty against a stunning  pink sunset. 

Every day I enjoy humour and love from our goats, dogs and cats, and wisdom from the wild animals in spirit and at our back door.

This is what life truly is all about.  It is far beyond the petty concerns of humankind -- and the 2012 Phenomenon, thankfully, is a timely reminder to us humans to finally wake up and get it.

Please enjoy this issue which is more like a magazine -- some holiday reading for my beloved Animal Whispers community!   And also enjoy all the other articles I've been writing for the print media about animals and 2012 and all the lessons, wisdom and guidance being sent our way from the animal world.  You can find some of them listed below, and there are some of my radio interviews here.

Join me in my vision of freedom and joy for animals all over the planet . The key word this Christmas is COMPASSION.  I know I don't have to tell the people on this list to go the extra mile for the animals in need.  Christmas in the past has not been a great time for homeless animals.  So please, let's do what we can to make homeless animals safe and happy this season.

Happy reading everyone, and happy holidays!  See you soon!!

With lots of love, light and laughter
Billie , Andrew, Tamsin and all the animals of Ballyoncree
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gosling To Start With...

As I write I am surrounded by magical carpets of fading green grass and the beautiful golden light of spring's dusk.  The flowers are out, the grass is seeding and we've gone from managing  the horse herds so they won't founder to managing the dogs so they keep grass seed free.  We also have a baby gosling who broke her leg - twice.  She has to live in Tamsin's room (the only room in the house with a door that closes!) at night, and the splint is now off her leg.  She enjoys days
sitting in the sun with her mum Gwen.  We have to bring her in at night because she is still little enough to get trodden on by over protective males!  They are so very sweet.

Gosling with her broken leg in a splint.

The gosling has chosen an interesting life.  She is much travelled (the vet is hours away) and she looked at the city traffic and night lights with much interest.  She's been watching Ghost Whisperer, is enjoying swimming therapy, and beginning to understanding dog pack dynamics like no other goose before her! She is sweet, brave and growing!  She also went to the Majors Creek Music Festival because we couldn't leave her at home alone, and attracted all the children who learned about going the extra mile for an animal in need.

I was lying on the Mother this morning with the little gosling as she ate grass and chatted to her flock, when my dog Daisy suddenly appeared beside me.   I knew I could trust Daisy, and indeed, she lay down beside me, crossed her paws, and watched as I did.  I was so proud of her.

I love the geese - we inherited the flock when we bought the place.  We were told they were "vicious" - but they are intelligent , caring and deeply loving.  I have learned so much from observing the geese community and been touched and humbled when they have asked us for help.  When the creek first dried up many years ago now, they asked us for safe haven from the foxes and now every evening go into the large enclosure we built them. They are far from "vicious".  When we are love, only love exists.

I have had this experience many times with other species and humans.  People tell me a horse or dog or cat is vicious - but they are not.  They are simply misunderstood.  They are usually responding to a person's thoughts about them, or the person's thoughts about themselves.  Perhaps they need to speak; and they are usually deeply unhappy.  As stewards of the earth and her children, we humans  have to understand that life is a perception and a projection - and that many of today's people are enmeshed in fear, not love.  This is what my book Secret Animal Business and my film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon are both about - helping humans to stand in love, not fear.

More good news:  To Judy and Deb and other students who emailed me concerned about Braidwood's missing local dog personality, Nero -- he has been found!!!!   Nero was a much loved dog who wandered around outside the antique shop where he lived, and was picked up by someone passing through town.  It seemed like everyone in town went into mourning.  When I tuned in, Nero told me he was very unhappy and showed me a built up area.   Definitely not a country or coast town.

The news of his disappearance went way down the NSW south coast and several students emailed me telling me they were also speaking with him.  Three months after his disappearance Nero was returned to a thrilled Gilles and Olivia, after being found in Queanbeyan (a built-up area outside Canberra) abandoned.  Phew!! Gilles felt sure all the talking helped bring Nero home, and of course Olivia's exquisite painting of him in the shop window.  So good work everyone.  The lesson here is always communicate with the animals!  Lost animals are always difficult when human interference is involved, but miracles can and do happen!!

Sadly we lost a member of our Canberra healing community in Kim Dudley, who many will know as a gentle, knowledgeable face at The Hierophant.  I was so shocked to hear of Kim's passing.  It feels like an important page is missing from a well thumbed book.  Deep and heart felt condolences to  his loved ones and especially Christa, his daughter.

I was also saddened to hear of the death of Ted Andrews, author of the famed Animal-Speak, Nature-Speak and other books too many to count! (See Amazon). His passing of cancer on October 24 was a great loss to the global spiritual community, which I believe needs a great big hug right now. 

Because we have also had the deaths of people who attended the sweat lodge of spiritual leader James Ray.  A completely devastating thing all around.  This is a time for compassion, not blame, for only those present know the truth of what happened and only those souls who died know why they chose that time to leave.  Perhaps it was to bring attention to the fact that many people are giving away their power to gurus, and too many teachers of the old ways are teaching things they simply don't know enough about.  The path of respect must respect the old wisdoms, and the preparations and higher learning around it.  The path of respect seeks permission always and honours in the highest way.

The energy of today is about speaking one's truth. And acting on it. It is about having a strong internal reference, listening to your intuition and acting on it, and what I call de-cloaking - shoving off the veneer of parental  and societal conditioning and finding out what is underneath.  Who is the true you?  Who is the real, authentic you?  How are you going to interface with the world?  The old  Western ways of dealing with the world are no longer working.  The new ways of listening, allowing, healing and moving forward into true fulfillment and joy definitely are.  Many people are leaving mainstream because the suit no longer fits.  And they find that as the doors close behind them, new doors open.

See below for the wondrous story of one the graduates of my Rainbow Fianna school who de-cloaked impeccably and her story is causing positive ripples because she understood the ramifications of walking her talk.  Every time I tell it, my heart chakra opens and I get tears of quiet joy.  (And yes, I have permission to tell her story!)

In the school, we are trying to help facilitate people becoming human angels for animals (and the planet) - so that people see clearly without the projections of their wounded selves.  So no shadow is cast on the animal world.  I have big visions for this school and I'm incredibly proud and pleased that the winds of change are bringing beautiful shifts in the people I care about.  And that they are doing such brilliant work for the animals we all love.
The  Current 2012 Energies

We are now in the sixth night of the Mayan calendar.  Hold onto your hats!!! I believe 2010 will see changes like never before.  Watch out world!   It's crunch time.  Globally and personally.  We have to create more sustainable practices and ways of being in the world.  To create the new world of prophecy, we have to become the new people of peace.  And that takes self-awareness and personal work. It also takes courage.  And this is why we need rainbow warriors to affect this change -- because they are the ones with the courage to change.

The unhealed part of you which needs attention is that which gets your attention.  If something bothers you or isn't working in your life, it needs attention and healing.

And for those who have already shifted, enjoy creating a magical world.  Because it is here already.  Keep fine tuning yourselves!

It's time to understand that you are the dreamer, dreaming the dream.  This is what all the native teachings are saying and I am experiencing big time!  You are the creator of the world in which we live.  We are in a time of instant karma and vital self-referencing.  Listen to your intuition and your heart.  Make your life one of peace, joy and gentleness.  Do what gives you joy.  And remember there are only two things in life - love and calls for love.  So hold everyone and everything in the highest light.  A sense of humour is a wonderful thing.

And when things get crunchy, as they are over and over - go to Mother Nature for rest and nurturing. Go within.  Do your forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the single most important practice we can do right now, in my opinion.

We are in the Fourth Dimension still, but getting closer to the Fifth.  At times I sense it overlapping.  While we are being re-worked or re-wired, It feels like we are in a vortex, a birth canal that is crunchy until you are newly born, stripped of heaviness and denser emotions.  I liken the process of evolution to being purified or cleansed.  Detoxified.  What we haven't healed is being thrown into our faces for immediate repair, so that we can become the best we can be. 

Our film This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon outlines a heap of things you can do to help you on your journey for change.  Simple things like not creating karma, and forgiving, as discussed by Dolores Cannon.  Or as Lucy Cavendish says, by growing and sharing food so we can begin to create the local communities which are sorely needed today.  Or by understanding, as Aka the Hawaiian Kahuna says, "What we do to the Earth, she does back to us.  It's that simple."  The animals, too, have a wealth of knowledge they are bringing through right now and it is time to listen to what they have to say.  Some of this is in Secret Animal Business and other magazines writings I have been doing to share the information.

This is the time to look at the curve balls life is throwing at you and figuring out what you need to do. 

Are you out of ayni, or right relations, with the world?

Through my study with the Four Winds Society, I learned that ayni is central to the Inkan way of being in the world.   Life is in harmony when we are in right relations.  You get green lights and you get synchronicity.  So when you are out of ayni, that's why things happen to you - you get the flu, or you get eaten by a tiger.  There is no difference.  This is how the indigenous people would walk through rattle snake country for example, and not get bitten.  They were in ayni with the world.

So how do you get back in ayni?  By doing your spiritual work, your personal healing and your reciprocity.  Give back.  Make things right.   Do your forgiveness and be karma free.  To be karma free, you have to be impeccable in the way you walk in the world.  Create positive ripples like a pebble in a pond.  Walk in grace.  Walk in beauty.  And dance lightly.  The Inka would do an ayni despacho or prayer bundle -- and make things right with deliberate intention and ceremony.  This is now part of my regular spiritual practice.  The Hawaians make things right with Ho'oponopono - the art of forgiveness.  This too is part of my regular spiritual work.

I've noticed that there is much movement amongst the people of the wider spiritual community.  There is a shifting and changing going on.  Mainstream jobs are flying out the window and people are forced to be truly authentic.

What does being authentic mean?  It means what is your true heart's desire?  What is your soul calling?  Are you honouring your soul??  It's time to find ways to do it in an ethical and impeccable way.  It's time to get unstuck.  But instead of trying to work that out with your head,  or being ruled by fear, try working it out with your heart.  Does it feel right?  Does it make you smile?

When people are fulfilled they are happy, and happy people are more peaceful - thus it is important for people to feel fulfilled so that we can be the people of the new earth.  We are the prophecy, every one of us.  We are the ones.

I talk about all this, and give processes for them, in my workshop around our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon which I am thrilled to bringing to Melbourne and also Brisbane this weekend.  (Yay, Brisbane!)  Yes, I know I've already been to Melbourne, but I have been invited back!!!!  So please come and join us for an amazing day.

This year has seen some big, big waves of energy and people the world over have commented on their pain, their pimples, their weight gain, their aching joints, panic attacks, fatigue, fuzzy headedness, fear and shakiness.  Most of the time it is a reaction to another shift, or another shedding of a layer of skin.  Death of beloveds or celebrities have sent people reeling and peeling off the layers.  Shifts are happening and its almost like people are floating away from old connections to make new ones.  Many relationships have ended because the energies between the people are incompatible.   For the moment.  And at the same time many spiritual families and communities are coming together as if magnetized.  We recognise our sisters and brothers in their new forms and greet them as if the centuries had never been between us.  And even as we no longer want to embrace duality, the gaps between the awakened and asleep are  wider and wider.

I had to walk into a pub the other day, something I haven't done for years, as drinking alcohol is so far removed from what I like to do it is like another planet.  The pub reality was so harsh and so old.  I quickly walked out again, even as I looked upon the souls there with love and compassion, the energy was too dense for me.  It was like people were stuck in a time warp.  It's an interesting sensation. I also felt they couldn't see me.  They looked right through me.

Personally, I feel, again, that I have surfed to a new shoreline.  It hasn't been easy.  I take 100 percent responsibility for everything in my life and act to heal those tendrils of old wounds that haunt me, or stop me from moving forward.  I am lucky and incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a small crew of Anam Cara (true soul friends) who happen to be powerful and clear sighted healers. We are there for each other in strong friendship and don't collude with each others wounds, but act to heal them. So I am constantly stripping away the dead wood of my being so there is more availability for Light, Love and Aliveness.

Life is so very different on this place, the New Earth.  Manifesting is quicker and easier and I am delighted by dreams gently coming true.  Synchronicities abound.  It is softer, sweeter, more gentle and the veil between the worlds and the dimensions is definitely thinner.  I feel more vulnerable and humbled, and yet stronger, clearer and braver.  So much fear has gone, leaving so much more room for love.

Let me tell you a bit about how I am experiencing  life right now.  Maybe you are doing some of the same things and feeling some of the same feelings.

I have been doing powerful forgiveness processes, which open my heart chakra and send me floating free.   As a result, I have been touched to the core by people's actions recently which have also opened my heart chakra and brought tears of silent joy and gratitude, which my friend Liz Campbell calls "upwelling".  A perfect word for the sensation.

As always, I am struck by the natural beauty around me on a daily basis and give thanks for that, and I keep remembering to sit behind the steering wheel of my life, and allow it to unfold as I direct it.  I feel like a child in faerie land.  And perhaps I am.

I sense the guiding hand of my angels and guides in every move I make now, or perhaps it is my own soul and cleansed luminous energy field who I am aligning with.  I no longer concern myself with closed doors.  I know they are closed for a reason.  I look for the doors that are held wide open, and the out stretched arms offering welcome.  I trust in the process of life, simply and deeply. This is the new time we are living in.  We have to do our personal work.  That is paramount.  But the reward is freedom. 

Replace fear with love and hold all you know in the highest light.  This is truly a time for compassion for all.  Walk in another's shoes to reach true understanding.  Be gentle with each other.  By naming another as damaged or unwhole, you keep them there.  The poison of small thoughts can also create darts which may not affect the target, but affect the innocent of the family - the animals and small children.  It is better not to speak at all if you can't find something good to say.  It is time to get rid of the poison of small thoughts.  And one of the ways you get rid of them is through your own healing.

We are in the sixth night of the Mayan calendar.  There is a siren song for healed souls.  It's time to wake up and go Home - to heaven - here on Earth.

There are more big shifts coming up but for now the energies feel softer after the recent months of crunchiness, which was reflected by people in their relationships and globally in more turmoil.  Fear is the emotion coming to the surface big time and survival issues are paramount.  Light and Love are pouring in through portals everywhere to help.  My sense of it is  -  shed the fear.  Step into love  and trust.  Keep your vibration high.  Ride the waves, and surf them all the way to shore.

There are a couple of dates to be mindful of coming up -- among them are 12:12 and the upcoming December Solstice.  Honour them in ceremony, for they bring light and love.  Be open to them!!  Reading through Soluntra King's  handy Cosmic Events 2009, a lot of December seems focused on love, light and joy .  So open your heart and enjoy the  ride.

Upcoming Events

Here's our schedule for the coming week-- we would LOVE to see you at one of these events.

November 30: Screening of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, in association with Aware Business Network (thanks Julian!).  Details here.

December 2: This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon screening with guest speaker from the film ANDRAS CORBAN ARTHEN who is in Melbourne for the Parliament of the World's Religions.  We'll  be on hand to answer all your questions.
Venue: Cinema Nova, Melbourne.  Details here.

December 4: This Sacred Earth screening and mini-workshop.  As mentioned, this is my first time in Brisbane.  This three-hour evening event combines a screening, a Q&A, and processes for embracing the New Human.  Details here.

December 5: Dreams and Destiny workshop.  This was very popular in Perth, and now I have a chance to do it in Brisbane.  We'll dive into how to manifest your dreams and embrace your destiny.  I'll also include my very popular talk Secret Animal Transmission: The Ten Key Insights from the Animals and the Faerie Realms for 2012.  And this includes a session introducing you to the universal silent language. Details here.

December 6: This Sacred Earth screening and workshop.  Back in Melbourne by popular demand, we'll be looking at the documentary, and exploring what it takes to become the new human.  Very practical, and very fun.  Details here.
writing Secret Animal Business and Other Writings

Ssssshh, the animals have a secret, and that secret is as old as time.  They want you to listen, to their voice in the silence.. and understand their mission.. which is to help you .. become a human angel.

That's the opening of my book Secret Animal Business which, I am excited and pleased to tell you is into its third printing, is almost on Amazon for all you international readers (check there in a few days), and we are about to do a fourth printing of a few thousand books.  It sells itself and I am truly humbled at the response to my work, which many are now calling "an important book for our time."

I have been flooded with emails from people who have felt a sense of kindred spirit, a place of belonging, and who have incredible new insights into their animals - and their own lives.  Secret Animal Business is not just about animals, it is about how you walk in the world.   And people are changing their love relationships and family dynamics through reading this book - which of course, is what the animals want you to do - so that  they can be happier and healthier!

I'm also delighted to have a growing fan base of younger readers who resonate with this book and also Seven Days with Seven Dogs, who one mum told me her toddlers adored!  So this is great news for the next generation of animal lovers.

The book is adapted from my Level One teachings and I have been delighted that people from all over the world have written and told me how it has not only changed their relationships with their animals, but also their families.

It is helping people find new awareness and begin their journey to wholeness, which includes  re-connecting to nature and viewing animals from the point of view of humility, respect and reverence.  Thank you to everyone who has bought my book. I am very grateful to you.

If you want to read the kinds of things I am teaching right now - please check out the current Conscious Living (in print), the Conscious Living on-line mag on How Can you Own a Soul, Insight Magazine (November and December) and Living Now.  Also for all you OBOD's out there I've written about my journey with This Sacred Earth: the 2012 Phenomenon in the latest issue of Serpent Star.  And there will be review of the film in the coming issue of Nexus.  I've done a ton of radio and was in the Sunday magazine nationally.  You can see a lot of this on my Media page.
I've been busy because it is important to me that my work and experience is out there making a difference to people so animals can live better lives.  As I've said before, the animals are finished suffering.  They want people to do their healing work.  They want people to be better.  And this is what I have been talking about all year.  To me, it makes sense and I am acting on their feeling of urgency.  If we want to see a world that is healed, peaceful, in harmony and in right relations, then we need to continue to do our own healing work and see animals in the light they need to be seen and held.  We need to know they are sacred and treat them as such.
Thinking of a Gift for Someone?

If you are thinking about that special person in your life (that special person, of course, might be you), and what they might like for the holiday season (we do our gift giving on the Solstice, by the way), I do hope you will consider something from my online shop. So many people have purchased something for themselves, and then thought of someone they know who would enjoy it as well.  And it happens the other way around., where someone will buy something for a loved one, and then think, "Hmmm, I might have to have a look at that."

I've mentioned Secret Animal Business and our new doco This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.  But please remember there are other things to enjoy.  (You can get a pdf of our brochure here.)

For one, there's my new talk Safe People, Safe Places, which has only just made it onto the web site in the shop.  It's a 30-minute talk that works on its own or as a companion to This Sacred Earth, where I discuss how to be a safe person in these uncertain times.  We've deliberately kept the price low (only $15), which makes it easy on the pocket, while provocative for the mind.  And as a bonus, there's a music track at the end from Tribe World Ensemble.

Seven Days with Seven Dogs, our doco where we took our (then) seven rescued dogs on the trip of a doggie lifetime continues to bring smiles to dog lovers everywhere. 

If you want to facilitate your ability to communicate with animals, then please consider "Time of the Drum" which has three guided meditations to help you connect to the natural world, as well as the lush music of Tribe World Ensemble.

Want to just relax and enjoy a good story?  Then our feature film "Finding Joy" is just the thing.  We sing, we dance (OK, well, we um sing), and there's plenty to like in this hidden gem of an award-winning film.  As there is in its soundtrack album, which features folk and world music from Tribe, Malumba, Katyusha and more.

As a special holiday thank you, every order from the online shop between now and December 25th will have a set of Ballyoncree cards included. That's our way of saying thank you for your support.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season, and safe travels on your journeys.

Ballyoncree News

We are so incredibly excited to tell you we have had some rain.  I know the people who are experiencing flooding probably don't think much of this, but for three people who had no water for five months  and were carting water for the animals, we're thrilled to once again be showering in our own home.  What a relief to be able to wash, to wash dishes without boiling kettles and urns, and and and.... Glad its over and never want to go there again.  We now need more rain but at least the house has running water.

While I'm used to camping and living without, I have to stay living without water was incredibly stressful and challenging.

I realised, much to my chagrin, that despite drought and dour forecasting by the country papers, it was a lesson to me to get back to manifesting my own reality.  I really bought into that one.  I forgot to drive the car.

The lesson is, if you don't like what is going on in your world, change your thoughts.  Your thoughts are things.  They create your world.  Your world is merely a projection of your thoughts.  This is why it is important to deal with your issues as quickly as you can.  This is why it is important to be clear about your thoughts.  What patterns are running you?  What do you continually create in your life?  What do you really want?  Heal it, change it, and move on. 

So let's now all dream in a world in which Mother Nature is in balance.  Let's not be at the effect of "global warming".  We don't have to have it if we can just come back into balance as a human species, honouring the female and the male inside, honouring our intuition, walking in beauty.  We can create a world of beauty -- and the weather in balance.  We just have to believe it.

The combined horse herd worked really well for the much longer time they were together because of the water situation.  I was pleased they were in the huge two front paddocks -- the few paddocks  that had running water to them -- the water we had to buy, that is.  It was interesting that while they enjoyed being together, the wild horses stayed with their herd and the thoroughbreds stayed with theirs.  Newcomers Grace and Tammy, who had been a herd with a couple of the brumby boys chose to move into the thoroughbred herd and are now running with them in a 100 acre paddock.  Very happy.

We are keeping the brumby herd close to bond with young Spirit for the meantime - it was fun having them mow the grass around the house  -- until they started nibbling the Hawthorn tree and our wishing ribbons!!

Spirit, the young colt born as a big surprise last year, has never been started or trained.  He is confident and loving and we can handle him all over.  I was shocked recently to learn that some people have to sedate their horses to get their feet trimmed.  Our horses are mellow because they are allowed to be who they are.  And the farrier barely needs to halter them.  Of course he is amazing and half horse himself!  But it goes to show that it really is the human who is at fault and the more we get that, the more we can come into true partnership with the animals in our lives.

I've already spoken about our new gosling ambassador for animals, and I'm glad that everyone else is healthy and well.  We do have some ongoing health challenges to deal, with but I'm not into naming them as I want the opportunity to see them all as already healed. 

Meanwhile I am continuing my own education in healing.  This is a journey which started over 30 years ago with herbalism and naturopathy and has included many, many different modalities since.  These days, healing is lighter and simpler.  More energetic.  I have never actually wanted to hang out my single as a healer, preferring to be a storyteller in this life.  I love writing and sharing my stories.  But I can't keep away from studying healing and have more books on the subject than anything else!!  I'm grateful for the skills I have acquired and the knowledgeable healing friends I am honoured to know..  I am grateful for all of you -- and so are my animal family!
Healing Tips

To heal the gosling's broken leg, I am using Traumeel with homeooathic Symphytom and Silicea.  I am also gently massaging her foot with the Young Living Oils - Panaway, Wintergreen and Geranium.  This is for pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising, healing and a gentle calmness.  I choose the Young Living Oils because they are extraordinary.  I very much enjoyed speaking at the two SpOIL-Me days in Canberra and Melbourne that I have been invited to, and learning even more.
rainbow Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers and the Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki - Student and School Update

It has been an incredible year for the school -- we have seen our first Rainbow Fianna certified graduates go out into the world - and the intensives have proved a huge success, with one student reporting that when she went home she was told she looked so radiant, people thought she was in love!!  Retreats in Braidwood continue to be heaps of fun and I have been honoured and "upwelling" by the beautiful teachers who have chosen to study with me.  For we are all teachers, touching others on their journey to wholeness -- even for a moment, some for longer.   Some of the people who I have met through my school have become my dearest friends, and that is a really special and treasured thing.

Rainbow Fianna is having a facelift, as the vision I originally had is manifesting and coming into being.  We are shifting into a different gear.  Its very exciting.  We have a big year in store for people next year and and we look forward to a Celtic shamanic retreat in June with visiting Irish shamans. I'll be teaching more introduction animal communication/Secret Animal Business workshops and bringing more people up to professional practitioner levels. Another Gifting the Rites class will be held early in the year, and I have some other surpriises.  Watch this space for next years plans!  I am indeed, a busy little bush elf!!

To many people, workshops are just classes that they learn information from and off they go.  But  at Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers, the intention is to provide a place for the development of human angels for Mother Earth and the animals. To help people realise the sacredness of all life, and the greater connections with the Otherworld.  In honour of the Inka and other teachers of earth stewardship, and Inspired by the ancient Irish Fianna - a band of magical warriors, graduates are encouraged to become rainbow warriors - people with the courage to do their healing and their personal work -- and therefore working for peace by becoming peace themselves.  The more healing individuals do, the better off the animals in their care are, because the people cast no shadow or projection onto the animals they love.  Similarly, the ancient teachings and wisdom from the animals and faerie are able to be interwoven with any individual's personal journey to create a unique outcome for that person.

So  It 's not just about talking the talk. It's about walking the talk and Walking in Beauty. Rainbow Fianna is about being the new human now in the way you are in the world.  So imagine a world filled with people who are creatively fulfilled and living their unique heart song.  Imagine a world where people ask permission, honour and acknowledge each other, forgive, love unconditionally, and hold all in the highest light.

Ever since I was young, I could see the true potential of people. The gem inside the wounds.  So to me, a person is always on a journey of healing and evolution and in this way I hold them in the highest light and trust they will eventually come to a place of wholeness.  I see them with fresh eyes, not hold them with the chains of who they were yesterday because we are all souls on a journey of awakening.

I can remember as a teenager helplessly watching my talented and gifted classmates dim their light with their career choices - mostly because of the wounds of their upbringing.  And the mores of their culture.  It saddened me to see them not honour themselves.

One of the things I love to teach is about following your heart to find your heart song.  I was thrilled when my good friend and Rainbow Fianna graduate Rebecca Booth sent me an email which touched my heart and brought tears of joy (more upwelling) -- because I had been waiting for Rebecca to fully acknowledge both her Beauty and her true soul calling.

I have watched Rebecca struggle with her heart and her head for a long time.  At her Rainbow Fianna graduation, class Rebecca saw her future, but resisted it.  Her destiny shone, but Bec wasn't ready to embrace it. 

I waited. 

Rebecca found the path she had chosen to walk wasn't  completely working for her.  After a sleepless night she made the courageous decision to de-cloak and step  into the light her Destiny held for her.

I am now delighted to announce that Rebecca has taken that huge step and opened the Rhiannon Healing Centre.  And once she did that, the abundance began to flow and more horse clients came her way for healing.

The Rhiannon Healing Centre speaks of the true essence of Rebecca.  She is an animal healer and communicator, an artist, and a human healer.  She works in many modalities.
Her email describing her vision of her work spoke to me of the wind, of Ireland and all things Celtic, of the beauty of nature, of beautiful stones and the shamanic pathway, of someone in tune with the natural world and of a gentle and loving goddess who has a big passion for, skill and union with horses.

It spoke to me of her true soul nature and the honouring of herself.  It spoke to me of the wisdom of the ages and the gentle compassion she holds for all species.

On top of that, Rebecca went about her business in an enlightened way.  Knowing we had a mutual friend who has the Rhiannon Clinic in Ireland, she asked our friend permission to use the name "Rhiannon".  Rebecca understood that treading on someone's corporate identity might create negative ripples, and she didn't want to do that.  She also understood and embraced the Munay Ki teachings.

In this way no negative ripples ever happen in the universe.  Everyone is honoured and acknowledged.  Its an honest way to be in the world and one that is demanded of the times we are living in.

Permission was granted from our mutual friend with many blessings.

I am so incredibly proud of Rebecca and happy for her, because I understand the courage it takes to step out into your soul song .  And she did it with impeccability.  This means she holds her power softly, sweetly and with humility.  She walks her talk with reverence and respect and great love for everyone around her.   She has honoured her healing journey which means she is someone who sees clearly for the animals.  And this means she graduated from Rainbow Fianna and the Australian Centre of the Munay Ki with flying colours and I am supremely happy to endorse her as a teacher, a healer and a professional  animal communicator.

Rebecca is still creating her new website, but you can visit her original one here, or you can email her.

The path of the shaman isn't like a Western school.  You don't just graduate from a class.  You graduate through life experience by walking your talk.   And this doesn't mean to say there aren't more lessons and mysteries to learn -- but you can feel the energetics of the way Rebecca behaved.  It is soft and sweet and light.  It honours herself and it honours others, including her teachers.  And this is the mark of a human angel and a Rainbow Warrior.

Congratulations Bec!!
The True Meaning of Respect and Integrity, and Its Importance in the World Today

Respect the art and the teacher and you will naturally receive true transmission.  Slight the art or the teacher, and you might as well not waste your time.

This quote is from  Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions -- compiled and translated by Douglas Wile and paraphrased by William, Braidwood's fabulous jeweler who puts out inspiring notices like this on his notice board everyday.

Walking in integrity means respecting artists and teachers, and not giving in to the disposable or "take away" mentality of our society.    Ethics are still really, really important, especially in the Mystery and healing traditions, so that people aren't going off teaching others without an understanding of the full picture.   As we've seen with the sweat lodge incident, things can get dangerous.  And especially with the veils thinning, and the western culture's lost knowledge of how to work with some energies, people can get into trouble.

I don't know any practising shamananic healer who hasn't had to help out people who have gotten themselves in trouble because they don't know how to work with the energies properly or protect themselves. 

My concern has always been the animals.  It takes skill and time  to be a professional animal communicator for example and I have been quite taken aback by people who think they can do a weekend workshop or read a book, and suddenly become a "professional".

I have had to undo some of the damage other communicators have done because they are still operating at an unskilled level.  And this is a concern.  Not just for the animals and people involved, but for the profession.

My sense is that there is a huge backlash coming and we all need to step up and be better.  If we do, we can avoid it.

Right now, we live in the information society and there are many free things on the internet.  But doesn't it feel better if the authors and creators of those free things are honoured and acknolwedged?

When we download and copy stuff, it means the  original author or artist doesn't get paid or acknowledged, and in these times, we really need to support each other.  As I write in Secret Animal Business, its vital to acknowledge others.  A Rainbow Warrior is honouring to themselves and others.  And respects the work of others.

In our home we buy music from iTunes or on CD.  We support other artists, even though we have enough technical savvy to find everything for free.  But that's not in integrity.  And it doesn't support others.  I believe piracy actually damages our culture, because if artists, teachers and writers aren't supported, they can't live or create more of the art or music or teachings, that you love.  Piracy destroys other's careers, and dreams, visions and passions.

It is also against the teachings of the Munay Ki.

Further, we are in a time now of instant karma.  Karma isn't in the next life, it is in this life.  It is now.  Sadly many people don't even know when they are being slapped in the face by karma.  It could come in the guise of your animal friends acting out, or being sick.   And then they cop it.  And the people are still oblivious to their own bumbling through life, creating havoc because they have  stepped out of ayni or right relations with the world.  

Believe me, today it is really important to be ethical and in integrity -- in all areas of your life.  Some of the other things which create instant karma are sorcery in the form of making jokes at others expense, engaging in gossip which is damaging to others, reading people and animals without their permission. and doing healing on people or animals  without their permission.  It's all sorcery.

One of my teachers Linda FItch, of the Four Winds Society tells stories about how she found her dog taking on the backlash of her smaller thoughts.  So Linda said she "got it", and stopped her even silent mental grumbles.  Stay in gratitude!
In one class, a woman shared how she got rid of her two cats because they were peeing in the house  The cats were only responding to her stuff.  Heal you, and you heal the animals in your life.  If your animals are not behaving in the way you think they should, then look at yourself first.  And talk with them.. They probably have a message for you.

So this is why I stress walking in integrity and staying in ayni.  Keep your thoughts on the big picture.  Do your personal work to become a human angel for animals.  Integrity is a big umbrella word, but it is time to walk in the world in beauty and not take from others without permissions or payments.  Ayni is about repricosity, and that means exchange in value, and being ethical.

FInally, Alberto Villoldo says in his book Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being, "Being mindful and non-judgemental and practicing universal truth are all necessary if you want to dream a better reality.  They lay the foundation for the next Earthkeeper practice: Clean up your river."

I talk a lot about the animals needing us to step up as human beings.  This means stepping up into who you are becoming as an individual.  How much "toxic residue" can you clean up from your river so you stop attracting the things in your life that upset you?

The universal shamanic lore is one of impeccability, because we are self referencing and understand instant karma.   This is a time to support one another for the greater good.
Gratitudes and Honouring

Gosh there are so many people I want to thank.  First up is Andrew EInspruch, my wonderful , beloved husband of 22 years who is the silent strength of Ballyoncree.  When the animals all jacked up at me leaving the property again, I knew it was time for Andrew to step into the work he has always done at my side.  Andrew is a deeply spiritual man who was studying the Course of  Miracles when I met him at a Loving Relationships Training. He has studied under most of the indigenous teachers I have.  He is my perfect match in every way -- a committed vegetarian and animal advocate, and a professional writer and film editor and producer.

Andrew took my place at the Sydney MBS Festival, leading shamanic journeys and spreading the word about Wild Pure Heart's enlightened books and films.  Andrew has so much to offer the world being a calm, quiet, creative, gentle, funny man of knowledge and strength.  Thank you for you - my rock, my anchor, my beloved.  I am so incredibly blessed.

Second of course is our daughter Tamsin who is also a hard worker for the animals behind the scenes and who is currently enjoying interrupted nights as she nurses our baby gosling back to perfect walking health.  Like her dad, Tamsin is a tower of strength and a powerful intuitive who I honour and love deeply.  Tamsin is also a committed vegetarian and animal advocate and was born like that!!

Student Mary Hitchcock is next up, who, when my publicist Heather Travers got me a spot on "The Couch" on Perth's Foxtel TV, very bravely filled in for me, as I couldn't be there.  Mary said she got through it with the help of Danial Mapel's Saved by the Animals Animal Essence (which she distributes in Australia), and she got Secret Animal Business and my teachings on the air.  Bravo Mary!  Thank you!  Mary has also been a great support when I have been in Perth, giving Tamsin and I hospitality and helping out considerably. So much appreciated. I am so very grateful for Mary's support this year.  Thank you , thank you!

Rainbow Fianna graduate Lisa McFadyen was also called to action to cover for me when I missed my plane to Melbourne! Lisa did really well and has also been a great support to me at the MBS  festival in Melbourne and other events.  I'm exceptionally proud of and grateful for Lisa.

Another Rainbow FIanna graduate Tanya Biltoft has also been an angel.  Thank you Tanya.

Angels abound in the world of fund raising as well.  Andrew and I really don't have time for fund-raising and had decided the best way we could support our own animal haven and the big vision for the For Life Sanctuary and Rainbow Fianna Centre was to just somehow work hard and create a very abundant financial flow.  Financial abundance is my core issue to get this lifetime and so I was (and am) determined to master it.

As soon as we had decided this, the Universe stepped in to support us!  Many thanks to Cathy from WA for helping our horse feed bill with proceeds from a school theatre collection.  The feed bill is always a massive thing - so this was a tremendous help.  Thanks Cathy.

And then Carol from ACT also contributed to the horse feed bill with proceeds from her garage sale, and  also collected horse feed , rugs, fly veils and other bits and pieces  for the horses of Balyoncree who all say a huge THANK YOU.

Other people have also felt moved to support the big vision and I believe the only way it will happen if we band our collective energy together.  So thank you everyone - lets get it all happening for the animals we love.  Email me if you want to help out with this vision.

Thanks and much much gratitude as always to Kath Sherburne for amazing bodytalk sessions for the animals of Balyoncree,  and the fantastic review of Secret Animal Business in Penelope Smith's Winter Edition of her magazine.  THANK YOU Kath!

I wish to thank  the wonderful Susan Scott  for her homeopathic advice for some of our seniors.  Susan has a lovely gift with animals, as has Kath, and I love to support them as they do me.

And thank you, thank you , thank you to our regular Ballyoncree sponsors, including Skye, Jeanette, Fonika, Cherry, Kathy, Hannah, Angel, Zoe, Gypsy, Mark, and everyone else past and present.   Every bit really does help, making a huge difference to the animals at Ballyoncree, and we are in so much gratitude for your support.    The animals all send you a huge hug -- and so do we!
Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We always need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds, neem oil .

Fundraisers are needed for the big vision which I sense may be coming to fruition now.  The big vision is for a For Life Sanctuary run by Rainbow FIanna graduates - a place homeless animals can call home forever if they need to and humans can come to study and learn the old and ancient ways of being for the new earth.

We also need:
  • Water, water, water and more water.  Thank you!!!.
  • Water tanks, and a bore.
  • Iron and timber shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
  • Herbal and homeopathic worming.
  • We also need a small cottage for use an office.
  • Carpenter.
  • Fullhealth Silver Colloid, mineral and magnesium.
Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils. Oils I need  for the animals are PanAway (for the gosling) , Helichrsyum, Copaiba, Thieves, Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender.   Right now I need Panaway, Wintergreen, Melrose, Valor and Geranium -- my hardest working oils, along with Lavender.  I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.  I am currently using Di-Tone as part of my worming program.  For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Animal  Alerts:

Some pieces that have come across my desk recently...

From Christine:

The purpose of this email is to bring to your attention a request from Shar Pei Pet Rescue who are looking for people who are flying interstate so that they can book a dog as accompanying baggage (not my words), the dogs are being adopted interstate and you are not asked to physically or financially do anything.

Here is their link

kind regards, Christine
From Animal Lib ACT:

Someone appears to be leaving laced dry food biscuits on and around the Fraser offleash area. We don't know what the substance is, but a sample has been taken to the RSPCA for testing.

I know of one dog that has been very sick but has now recovered - and thank you to that lady for passing on this information to keep other dogs safe.

Please be careful when you are taking your dogs there, and maybe don't let them run off the leash for  a while.

If your dog does fall ill, please report it to the RSPCA who should be able to tell you what the poison is by then as well, helping your vet treat it.

And finally, thanks to Heather for letting me know that the two labradors circulating the internet looking for a home actually found one months ago in the USA.

And thanks to all who are working behind the scenes of Animal Whispers and everywhere else to provide homes for the homeless.  (More upwelling) I am in so much gratitude that this army of tireless big hearted people all over Australia continues to grow and help the animals in need.
Until next time!

Warm blessings,
Billie Dean

Email: billie [at]