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 September  2009
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We had a big storm here and our sever is still down (aaargh!  Mercury is still in retrograde!) so Andrew is at the library sending this because we wanted to remind you of a UNIQUE opportunity to study with me here in beautiful Braidwood this coming October 6 - 11.  Come and join me for an EARTHKEEPERS course where we focus on receiving the nine rites of the Munay Ki in ceremony and learn how to walk the sacred and shamanic pathways with animals and nature.  All students will be mentored.
This is such an exciting course, and it is the first time I have ever offered the Munay Ki this way - but now the times demand it.  The rites are given as seeds and settle into your luminous energy field to create fantastic changes as they are nourished and grow.   My experience is that they fast track your spiritual growth and send you hurling towards your destiny, opening your heart chakra as you go.  I can certainly say that I am a changed person since I received the rites in February 2007.  I continue to change and feel lighter and lighter.  Become a human angel - step into your role as an Earthkeeper TODAY!!  The rites do make you feel happy, bright and loving - so be prepared to shift!
We do have a lovely video to entice you, complete with part of an interview I shot with Alberto Villoldo about the Munay Ki - however that will have to go out when the server is repaired.  Stay tuned.
This is the last retreat for the year (again, it is October 6 - 11) and Andrew and I are looking at the calendar for next year and shaking our heads.  We are doing new and wonderful OTHER stuff next year, so if you are interested in the Munay Ki - this is your best opportunity.
Do you hear the call?  Go to my web site and book in now. There is a flyer for the course here (pdf).  You can email Andrew for further details, and you can email him also if the pdf link above does not work for you.  Or call us on (02) 4842 2819.  Munay Ki graduates are welcome to come and just be in the energy.

I look forward to seeing you in Braidwood.

With lots of love, light and laughter,

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