Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
 September  2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers Newsletter

I'm delighted to be able to share with you all my next lot of teaching dates and to provide a bit more insight into this month's energies.

The first article below is on the energetic shifts that are happening right now, and how you can dance your way through them.

Plus, I've got a lot of classes and appearances coming up, and I hope to see you at some of them.  Over the coming weeks, I have events in Canberra, Perth and Braidwood.  I mentioned last time that I'm talking with people in Brisbane and Melbourne about holding screenings and workshops in those cities. I'd like to come to Sydney as well.  I'll keep you posted here, and please email Andrew if you are interested or can help.  I feel an urgency to get the word out about the animals new messages to us and would love your support.  If we all listened to the wisdom our animal kin had to share with us, our world would be a much better place to live in!  I also feel an urgency to help people be in love, not fear around the current turbulent times, and this is one of the messages our beloved furry ones want us to get and get now!  I have some wonderful techniques they have shared with me, to share with you.

Also, I wanted to say thank you so much to the many people who've been so enthusiastic and effusive in your responses to our new documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon. It has been wonderful to hear how much you've enjoyed it and felt it helped you. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Happy reading everyone, and see you soon.

With lots of love, light and laughter
Billie and all of us here at Ballyoncree and Wild Pure Heart
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Dancing Through the Energetic Shifts

The energetic shifts are coming hard and fast, and you might have noticed another crunch earlier last week, making people and animals snappy and snarly, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed and so very tired.  You might be more accident-prone or uncoordinated.  You might have flu-like symptoms or stiffness in the joints.  And animals are leaving the planet in numbers.

Some people are finding their new places, getting ready for the New Earth way of being, which is so much more peaceful, heart-centered and joy-filled.   This is about really finding out what you love to do, and doing it.  I will be teaching a class on this in Perth on September 10 (see below).

We are already under the influence of Mercury Retrograde (September 8 - 30). This is usually a time when things break down, communications go awry, and it is really a time to be mindful.  According to astrologer Eric Francis, the planets this time around are asking us to step up and it could be painful for those who are lagging. We all need to look at where we are and fine-tune the way we use our minds and hearts.

So we are expecting big wake up calls!!  The BEST way to deal with this is with gratitude -- as I keep saying in this newsletter -- because whatever is going on in your life can be used to peel layers off the onion and help you step into love, vital living and awareness, into a life of synchronicity, destiny, and peace.  You just have to do the work, and it doesn't have to be hard.  Just mindful.  Be aware of what's happening in your life, and know that it is just a reflection of your inner self.  So what is your world saying to you?

I call this time we are in the Fourth Dimension.  This is a time to practice our manifesting skills, because we are manifesting so quickly now, and if you are focused on what is wrong in your life, then you get more of it.  I see the Fourth Dimension as a training ground for the Fifth Dimension, which is like quicksilver to the mud of the third dimension from where we all came.

The animals and faeries are really pushing us to shift and this is part of what I will be talking about in my keynote talk at the Conscious Living Expo (again, see below).  So many people dismiss animal behaviour that is "bad" and don't bother to peek under the surface and see what's really going on.  The animals are trying to communicate with us big time!!  They want to give us direction in our lives.  They want to lift us up vibrationally so that we are manifesting from a high place of gratitude, so we are dancing to the beat of life's sun, and so they too can shift.

I'll be exploring a list of 10 key insights from the animals and faeries at my workshop on Sunday at the Expo, and teaching you how to read the signs in your own animals.

The other thing we can do right now to make life less stressful is to do what the faeries and animals are telling us to do -- before they have to yell at us.  It's a bit like listening to the whispers instead of getting hit by a Mack truck.

This month we have a full moon in Pisces on September 5, and according to Soluntra King (Cosmic Events 2009) this is a time of celebration and love.  "Be clear about your dreams and give them out to the Universe if you feel in your heart they are in alignment with your being in divine will...... this (love) energy is able to be fully embodied once you breathe through your fears of being in a body and know and be your true cosmic self in a body on Earth."  She says it is time to do deep inner healing and love unconditionally yourself and ALL beings.

September 10 is a time, she says, for remembering our star lineages and gifts -- a perfect time to study destiny with me (*grin*), and then of course we have the ever-powerful Spring Equinox on September 23 here in Australia.  Soluntra says this one is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity, and the opening of the Solar Self.  So we should see more tolerance, more understanding of our un-limitedness, more recognition of our gifts and acknowledgment of the Divine in ourselves and all beings.

Bring it on!!  As with all major shifts, you can choose to recognise them and dance, or you can go the Mack truck road.  I have been following the animal's advice and keeping my vibration high by listening to Michael Jackson on my iPod and dancing barefoot in the paddock.  On the surface it might just seem like a joyful thing to do (and it is), but there is more here than meets the eye.  There is an electrical connection to Mother Earth when we do this - which feeds both us and her.  It is both grounding and uplifting - it's great exercise, gets your energy moving, connects us to nature, and it's fun.  Good faerie and animal medicine from Billie the Bush Elf!  Enjoy!!!!
Billie at the Conscious Living Expo - First Weekend in September

Conscious Living Expo September 3, 4, 5, and 6

I'm sharing a stall (E5 and E6) at the Conscious Living Expo with my good friend Mary Hitchcock of Sacred Whispers.  Mary was a student of mine and she's a highly gifted spirit artist, animal communicator, equine therapist and healer.  I'm so proud of her. She also sells the fabulous Wild Earth Animal Essences which are my preferred essence to take  -- and also  to use with the animals.  These are very pure, made energetically and certainly resonate with me on a high level.  I recently took Badger to integrate the many parts of me and now I wonder why it was ever an issue.  I'm just me!!

Bring pics of your animals, as I will have a limited number of face-to-face animal readings available.  And of course, I will also have all our products for sale - our movies CDs and my new book Secret Animal Business.

I so hope to see you all at the Expo where I am doing lots of FREE talks as well as a two-hour workshop:

Thursday at 12.30 pm
I'm doing Bardic storytelling which isn't like normal storytelling -- it's a magical mystery tour which triggers past life memories and, well, who knows what will happen!!  Come and join me in the yurt for some fun and illumninating journeying through story!

Thursday at 5:00 pm
Is your animal naughty or just trying to talk? A talk on poor social behaviour like aggression, anxiety etc,  health, healing, diet and entities.

Friday at 6:00 pm
The Animal Twilight Zone: Death Dying and the Ethics of Euthanasia. From the animals perspective!!!

Saturday at 5:30 pm
A screening of This Sacred Earth: the 2012 Phenomenon with a Q&A following with me.

Sunday at 1:00 pm
Secret Animal Transmissions - The Ten Key Insights
(2-hour workshop - please book through Conscious Living)

In this workshop you will receive ten important new messages from the animal and faerie
kingdom that are being transmitted to help humanity and the planet meet the challenges of
the 2012 phenomenon.  Learn how to connect with the wisdom of your own animals and
put into practice the ten key insights to accelerate your own transition into the New Earth.

Bring your photos for special guidance, wisdom and messages from your animal family.  First we will discuss the urgent messages coming from the animal and faerie kingdom at the moment, and then I'll share fast-track techniques to get messages and communications from your own animals.  As most animals are desperate to speak with their people, this is going to be a workshop for them as well!!  Bring drums and rattles and animal photos!
Billie's One-Day Mid-Week Courses in Perth

Secret Animal Business:
A One-Day Introduction to Animal Communication and the Sacred Connection Between Nature and You

Wednesday, September 9, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Curious about the true nature of your beloved furry companion?  Want to know more about the psychic and spiritual nature of animals and increase your connection?  Want to learn how to communicate with your animals and nature? Then this workshop is for you. Turn your relationships with your animal companions from ordinary to extraordinary!

You'll learn how to:

       Open up to heart to heart, telepathic communication with animals and nature
       The truth of why your animal companions are with you in this lifetime
       How to become the best animal guardian you can be
       Some insights into how we unintentionally hurt our animals and others
       How animals mirror us and are our teachers and healers
       The truth of animal behaviour
       The psychic and spiritual lives of animals

This is animal communication with a shamanic perspective.  I don't like to teach animal communication without explaining the secrets the animals want you to know.  So this is an introduction to learning how to communicate with your animal friends, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the more meaningful spiritual and psychic sides of our animal friends and the reason your particular animal is in your home or paddock with you!  Understand what they want and how you can be the best carer you can be.

This is also for people wanting to work with animals and in healing, and who want to brush up on your techniques or understand animals at a deeper level.  Come along!!  Bring a notebook and pen, coloured pencils, a pendulum, and a veggie lunch.

Venue: Wandi Community Centre, 302 De Haer Rd, Wandi, WA
To book, phone  Mary on 0428 627 959 or Andrew on 0409 609 428.  You can also email Andrew.
Cost is $135.00 for the day.  Book for both workshops and receive a free Wild Pure Heart CD, valued at $25.00

Dreams, Divination and Destiny
Thursday, September 10, 10 am to 6 pm 

Feeling stuck?  Lost your way? Stuck at a crossroads? Need some direction?

Then join shamanic practitioner Billie Dean in a fun workshop to empower you to step into who you are becoming.

Through the shamanic tools of journeying, dream work, and divination, we will explore the Otherworld to uncover your true gifts and the destiny which awaits you.

       Get more direction in your life
       Start sourcing from your future instead of your past
       Find out how to interpret your dreams in a new way
       Learn how to use divination to empower you and gain insights from your subconscious.
       Begin to unravel the blocks standing in the way of your success.

So many people are feeling stuck right now and unable to move into their dreams.  In this special one-day course we use some shamanic techniques to empower you, to help you peek into the future, and help you step into who you are becoming.  This is an exciting course and I'm thrilled to be sharing the techniques that really help people move and step up in this time of change.

Bring a veggie lunch, a tarot or divination card deck (if you have one), a pendulum, a recent dream, and a journal and pen.

Venue: Wandi Community Centre, 302 De Haer Rd, Wandi, WA
To book, phone  Mary on 0428 627 959 or Andrew on 0409 609 428.  You can also email Andrew.
Cost is $135.00 for the day.  Book for both workshops and receive a free Wild Pure Heart CD, valued at $25.00

Calling Students

Students who want to get together Thursday evening (September 10) for a fire ceremony and gathering , please book in with Mary Hitchcock - 0428 627 959.   We're meeting at 7 pm in Baldivis. Bring a yummy veggie dinner to share -- plus your drums and rattles.    Looking forward to seeing you all again in ceremony! This is a social gathering, so there is no cost (just the veggie plate to share for dinner).
Secret Animal Business Level One - Presented by Conscious Living

Level I Secret Animal Business presented by Conscious Living
Friday - Sun, September 11-13

This training course introduces you  to the secrets of the animals, helps you understand the truth of animal behaviour and starts you on your journey with the silent language of the animals and nature, and your journey in transformation helping you be the best you can be for the animals you love. Enter the world of secret animal business, learning the secrets of the animals and what they want you to urgently understand.  This is the foundation course in animal shamanism which trains the student in the forgotten silent language of animals and nature.  Deepen your connection to nature and animals by understanding how your thoughts and energy field affect the world around you.  In this course we  dissect animal behaviour and understand the truth of why animals behave the way they do, as well as doing our own personal transformation work stepping into the journey to wholeness to become the human angels the animals need us to be.

This is an experiential course which includes lectures, story-telling, movement, ceremony, practical work and field work.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand how to listen to the silent language , view animal behaviour in a new way, understand the spiritual and psychic life of animals and have begun your journey of personal transformation and re-connection to nature and the sacred in a deeply meaningful way.

Secret Animal Business is not just a workshop, it is a pathway to a better way of living and interacting with animals and nature

Details and bookings here.
Canberra launch of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon

Canberra launch of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon
September 19.  Screenings at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm

We're thrilled to be bringing our documentary to three special sessions of screenings in Canberra.  Come see the documentary, meet me and Andrew, and discuss the 2012 Phenomenon.

Bookings essential (Click on the screening time of your choice to get details).

Braidwood Courses -- Earthkeeper Intensive, including Munay Ki

And Coming to Braidwood... October 6 - 11

I am absolutely delighted to bring to you an Earthkeeper Intensive retreat in Braidwood, NSW.    This is six days of teaching, ceremony and all nine of the Munay-Ki rites.  By the end of the week you will be a Munay Ki initiate, you will learn how to communicate with nature and animals, and connect to nature in a very different way, journey to the future to source your becoming, fast-track your spiritual growth, and be on the path to be a luminous being. 

This course is for beginners, as well as people who have some of the rites already.  Discounts available for those who have already attended one or two Munay Ki or Earthkeeper Courses.  Advanced students with all the rites are welcome to review for a special low, low price. 

There is a flyer for the course here (pdf).  And Andrew will be updating my web site once he's gotten me to the plane for Perth.  All those interested, please email Andrew for further details, and you can email him also if the pdf link above does not work for you.
Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We always need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds. Neem Oil .

We also need:
  • Water, water, water and more water.  Thank you!!!.
  • Iron and timber shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
  • Herbal and homeopathic worming.
  • We also need a small cottage for use an office.

Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils  Oils I need  for the animals are Helichrsyum, Copaiba, Thieves, Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender. I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.  I am currently using Di-Tone as part of my worming program.  For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next time!

Warm blessings,
Billie Dean

Email: billie [at]