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 August 2009
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Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our pre-launch special for This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.  We had six winners for Wild Pure Heart product packs, and everyone who ordered got a bonus CD - which is a talk by yours truly called "Safe People, Safe Places", with music by Tribe World Ensemble.  As safe people are kind to animals and in harmony with the natural world, it's all good stuff.  (Email Andrew if you want to buy one!)

So congrats and THANK YOU so much for supporting us and helping us get our new baby out into the world.  The lucky winners were Felicity Gibbs-Carson, NSW,  Diny Khan, NSW. Lynne Porter, WA, Rhea Elliot, USA, Andrea Hill, WA, and Jennifer Smith, WA.

The grand prize of all this plus a shamanic healing or animal consult from me, went to Rhea in Texas.  Congratulations Rhea!!  Your pack is winging towards you!

My last newsletter really struck a chord with so many people and thank you for writing and reaching out.  The solstice was difficult, and it is difficult to lose beloveds and sometimes people are getting battered by so much its hard to get your centre.  It gets easier.  The thing to remember is that this is not a permanent state of the world.  You just have to do your personal work. Think about what the lessons are.  What is triggering you?  And work from there.  What is this challenge reflecting back to me?  What is this next layer of the onion?  Aha!!  When you get it, it's so exciting and life does become more wondrous.  Believe me, living from the attitude of gratitude makes surfing the waves of life so much easier.   And the waves are dumping us hard right now -- so we can shed our old skins and dramas of the past and live life as it should be lived, with grace and beauty.  And fun!

The August full moon and lunar eclipse last week were so full of magic.  I really felt it lift me sky high.  Our grey ponies shimmered with unicorn energy in the moonlight and there is nothing quite like happy horses munching hay under pink pink skies and a silvery moon.  Happy heart!!

Andrew and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary and the launch of Wild Pure Heart and the documentary with a yummy night out at our favourite city cafe, which always makes me feel 20.  Heaps of yummy veggie food and great music.  Happy, happy heart!

It was a bit of a shock to have Andrew's much needed quiet Saturday sleep-in  interrupted by religious doorknockers who were preaching the end of the world.

Apart from being annoyed that my beloved's rest was interrupted, I was intrigued and then very saddened when I heard their complete disregard for humanity's ability to make a change and turn around the planet.   They honestly don't believe we can.  It's all up to a Creator outside who will save us.  I found this quite disempowering, and I believe that people are changing and doing wonderful things and that we need to believe that we can make a difference, and we need to honour the Divine spark in everything, including ourselves. 

At some level, this cartoon says it all.

And this brings me to animal welfare, because I don't have to tell any of you that animals share this spark.  And it can get disheartening when so many people really don't understand the human-nature-animal connection.  I could feel these gentleman tense up when I gently reminded them that animals were part of this world and peace would come when people stopped killing them!!  They are our Mother's children, as we are.  That makes us brothers and sisters.  I cannot kill my family.  Love for a creator needs to be supported with actions.  We have to walk our talk for change to happen.  Needless to say I didn't try and push my beliefs onto them, because they have their own.  But we do need to say the words these days and scatter them like seeds - because our Mother  and the animals need a voice -- and that voice is you and it is me.  And if enough of us speak our truth then the world will change and we will be living in a more compassionate planet.

And speaking of compassion, here at Ballyoncree we are facing our own challenges, and we ask that people help us pray rain.  We've not had our creek for most of the year and for the past couple of months we haven't had running water to the house.   Brrr!!  Now we are putting out water for the wombats and are concerned about all  the wild animals on the land.  The majority of our property no longer has water to it.  I'm trusting it will rain and not even thinking about the prospect of hauling water for 27 horses and the rest!  Yes, the water systems here need a complete overhaul!  The last people were here in the wet and made decisions based on that.  Andrew, Tamsin and I did an ayni despacho recently to bring back balance and harmony -- and we are seeing clouds, ants and flies.

So please pray rain for the drought-effected areas of Australia. Welcome the rain spirits, sing to them, send them gratitude for the falling water,  nourishing the dry Mother and making her rich and fertile once again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help and support!!

With lots of love, light and laughter,

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Billie's Courses and Appearances - Coming Up!

I've had a lot of people enquiring about forthcoming classes and I'm currently talking with people in Brisbane  and Melbourne about holding screenings and workshops in those cities. So watch this space and please email me if you are interested or can help.

Meanwhile, I am in Canberra on August 30 at the SpOIL Me Day doing a talk on how I use the Young Living Oils in my healing.  Living out on a farm where our vet is a two-hour drive away makes you very self-sufficient when it comes to healing, and my house is jam packed with bottles of herbs, homoeopathics, essences, oils and of course, my trusty mesa or medicine bag, which is the tool I use in my shamanic healings.

The oils are also part of my emergency first aid kit and these are some of the things I'll be talking about -- like the day I used oils to stop Raffi  having a heart attack, and how I use Geranium for everything from calming down horses and dogs to healing wounds, bruises and shock.

These days are a treat for the senses so please come and join us.  Details here.

September: Conscious Living Expo September 3, 4, 5 6

I'm sharing a stall (E5 and E6) at the Conscious Living Expo with my good friend Mary Hitchcock of Sacred Whispers.  Mary was a student of mine and she's a highly gifted spirit artist, animal communicator, equine therapist and healer.  I'm so proud of her. She also sells the fabulous Wild Earth Animal Essences which are my preferred essence to take  -- and also  to use with the animals.  These are very pure, made energetically and certainly resonate with me on a high level.  I recently took Badger to integrate the many parts of me and now I wonder why it was ever an issue.  I'm just me!!

Bring pics of your animals, as I'll be spending lots of time doing animal readings and also have all our products for sale - our movies CDs and of course my new book Secret Animal Business.

I so hope to see you all at the Expo where I am doing lots of FREE talks as well as a two-hour workshop:

Thursday at 12.30 pm
I'm doing Bardic storytelling which isn't like normal storytelling -- it's a magical mystery tour which triggers past life memories and, well, who knows what will happen!!  Come and join me in the yurt for some fun and illumninating journeying!

Thursday at 5:00 pm
Is your animal naughty or just trying to talk? Help with  aggression health, healing, diet and entities.

Friday at 6:00 pm
The Animal Twilight Zone: Death Dying and the Ethics of Euthanasia

Saturday at 5:30 pm
A screening of This Sacred Earth: the 2012 Phenomenon with a Q&A following with me.

Sunday at 1:00 pm
Secret Animal Transmissions - The Ten Key Insights
(2-hour workshop)

In this workshop you will receive ten important new messages from the animal and faerie
kingdom that are being transmitted to help humanity and the planet meet the challenges of
the 2012 phenomenon.  Learn how to connect with the wisdom of your own animals and
put into practice the ten key insights to accelerate your own transition into the New Earth.

Bring your photos for special guidance, wisdom and messages from your animal family.  First we will discuss the urgent messages coming from the animal and faerie kingdom at the moment, and then I'll share fast-track techniques to get messages and communications from your own animals.  As most animals are desperate to speak with their people, this is going to be a workshop for them as well!!

Mid-Week Courses While I'm in Perth:

Introduction to Animal Communication and Secret Animal Business.
Wednesday, September 9, 10 am to 6 pm 

This is animal communication with a shamanic perspective.  I don't like to teach animal communication without explaining the secrets the animals want you to know.  So this is an introduction to learning how to communicate with your animal friends, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the more meaningful spiritual and psychic sides of our animal friends and the reason your particular animal is in your home or paddock with you!  Understand what they want and how you can be the best carer you can be.

This is for beginners, but also for people wanting to work with animals and in healing.  And also, if you want to brush up on your techniques or understand animals at a deeper level.  Come along!! 

Bring photos of animals you know well, journal and pens.  Wear comfy clothes.  And bring veggie lunch.

Venue to be advised.  Please email me for bookings and information.
Cost is $135.00 for the day.  Book for both workshops and receive a free Wild Pure Heart CD, valued at $25.00

Dreams, Divination and Destiny
Thursday, September 10, 10 am to 6 pm 

So many people are feeling stuck right now and unable to move into their dreams.  In this special one day course we use some shamanic techniques to empower you, to help you peek into the future, and help you step into who you are becoming.  This is an exciting course and I'm thrilled to be sharing the techniques that really help people move and step up in this time of change.

Bring your divination cards if you have them, journal and pens.  Wear comfy clothes.  And bring a vege lunch.

Venue to be advised.  Please email me for bookings and further information.
Cost is $135 and if book for both workshops you will  receive a free Wild Pure Heart CD valued at  $25.00

Calling Advanced Students

If any advanced students want to get together in the evening (Wednesday or Thursday or both) for teaching, please email me and let me know you are interested.

Level I Secret Animal Business presented by Conscious Living
Friday - Sun, September 11-13

This training course introduces you  to the secrets of the animals, helps you understand the truth of animal behaviour and starts you on your journey with the silent language of the animals and nature, and your journey in transformation helping you be the best you can be for the animals you love. Enter the world of secret animal business, learning the secrets of the animals and what they want you to urgently understand.  This is the foundation course in animal shamanism which trains the student in the forgotten silent language of animals and nature.  Deepen your connection to nature and animals by understanding how your thoughts and energy field affect the world around you.  In this course we  dissect animal behaviour and understand the truth of why animals behave the way they do, as well as doing our own personal transformation work stepping into the journey to wholeness to become the human angels the animals need us to be.

This is an experiential course which includes lectures, story-telling, movement, ceremony, practical work and field work.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand how to listen to the silent language , view animal behaviour in a new way, understand the spiritual and psychic life of animals and have begun your journey of personal transformation and re-connection to nature and the sacred in a deeply meaningful way.

Secret Animal Business is not just a workshop, it is a pathway to a better way of living and interacting with animals and nature

Details and bookings here.

Canberra launch of This Sacred Earth: the 2012 Phenomenon
September 19.  Screenings at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm

We're thrilled to be bringing our documentary to three special sessions of screenings in Canberra.  Come see the documentary, meet me and Andrew, and discuss the 2012 Phenomenon.

Bookings essential (Click on the screening time of your choice to get details).

And Coming to Braidwood...

I am currently organising  a retreat for Levels 1 and 2 in October in Braidwood, and a special shaman gathering for current students.

All those interested, please email me for further details.

RAINBOW FIANNA - Wisdom School For  Earthkeepers

Rainbow Fianna students

My school Rainbow Fianna is a wisdom school designed to help people become aware of the old spiritual and mystery traditions, and to weave them into their modern lives with an emphasis on connecting to the sacred in animals, nature and themselves.

We are in a time in our planet's history when these teachings are incredibly needed.  Everyone of us needs to awaken to the truth of the spiritual and unseen dimensions of life.  Scientific materialism has brought us to the brink of extinction.  Now is the time to go back to the old ways where we lived in harmony with the animals and nature -- and to do it even better and with even more awareness and reverence.

At the core of my teachings lie the animals in our lives and learning how to be not just good guardians -- but extraordinary.  How to have extraordinary relationships and partnerships with them, and how to be in service to them, understanding our connection and how they mirror us on many levels.

At our last six day intensive I was thrilled to give certificates to six phenomenal women and would be happy to recommend any of them as they step out into the world.  Rebecca Booth, Lisa McFadyen, Rose McKinnon, Deb Fluris, Maree Solly and Tanya Biltoft.  Congratulations!!!!  Spread your wings and make the world a better place for animals and Mother Earth.

In the pic above we see some of the students showing off a Braidwood shopping expedition.  These jackets are so popular with students that we are being branded "the coat cult!" (grin)  I only have three myself.  Very warm.

Here are some of their thoughts:

"How can I sum it all up with only a few words and do justice to what I have learnt?  There is just so much, it would take me pages to explain.  Therefore I have decided to say how I have changed as a result of studying with Billie.

I first entered Billie's classroom with my ego in tow, no notepad and low expectations.  Within minutes I realized this woman is truly amazing.  I had never met somebody so humble and passionate.  I was hooked!  Since then, I have completed Path Of The Wild Pure Heart Levels I, II and III and have received all the rites of the Munay Ki.  I have just come home from Billie's Death, Destiny and Healing class and am proud to say I am a changed person.  I had no direction, now I am on my path, my shamanic path.

I am invigorated and excited.  I see the beauty in the sky, the earth, the wind, the rain, the trees, the stones --all of nature.  I see and feel the poetry in nature.   I am healthier and lighter.  I have grown so much.

I understand everything happens for a reason.  I know to trust and have faith, to stay in grace and be grateful.  I know not to suffer as suffering is getting stuck in pain.  I come back to my song, which is my joy and allows me to live more in the moment and to be free.  And I am grateful.

Receiving the 9 Munay Ki transmissions was extraordinary.  The energy is beautiful and  every cell in my body filled with love.  Even now, as I am writing this, I feel it.  I hold on to this feeling when I'm faced with a challenging situation.  I focus on this love to walk in integrity - so important.

I am shedding my stories.  I am shedding my skin.  I feel like I am a beautiful butterfly emerging from a rusty old cocoon.  I am on way to becoming an angelic earth angel and I am excited.

Billies classes are hard work yet full of fun, laughter, lightness and beauty.  I have made some wonderful new friends and can't wait to get to the next class. 

Thank you Billie for changing my life."

-- Lisa McFadyen Victoria.

Just a quick email to say thank you for the experience of the Rainbow Fianna Course with all your wisdom and teachings - I feel so ALIVE, clear and full of joy and love.  Since leaving Braidwood everything has been so different - I am back integrating with "the world" but I feel free to be myself and much more confident about where I fit and why I'm here.  I feel connected to all things and see beauty all around me. I am able to quiet my mind and communicate with all living beings, from the animals to the trees and to feel part of it all. 

I am certain this is all down to you and the Death, Destiny and Healing course - I would recommend it to any looking for the path of their truth - because I have certainly found mine after many years of searching. I am learning to walk through life with integrity and joy.  Thank you so much Billie - it has been wonderful and I look forward to learning and experiencing much more. 

-- Maree Solly,  South Australia.

"The Rainbow Fianna course has been amazing, a transformational experience. My awareness of the silent language of animals and nature has heightened greatly. My awareness of myself, my own energy and the energies that are around me has exceeded my expectations in such a short time span. The depth of the relationships we can share with our beautiful animal companions and with Mother Nature is mind blowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you Billie!"

-- Tanya Biltoft, WA
 Veggie Diets for Dogs


If you are having a problem affording meat for your dog, please know that dogs can be healthy vegetarians.  My eight all shine and shimmer with healthy, glossy coat, smell great and are filled with vitality.

My dogs get a very varied diet, depending what food is around and how much time I have.  The base is always fresh vegetables or fruit - pulped for easy digestion.

Sometimes they get breakfast - but not always.  The meat my dogs get now has been reduced to the cats leftovers.  My cats are not vegetarians but they are eating more and more vegetarian meals -- and fish.  Hint:  My cats love lentils, pumpkin and cheese.  Laced with a little torula yeast and wheatgrass/barley or spirulina powder.

So here is a sample example.  I don't give this every day -- but here is today's menu.

Breakfast at noon -- raw rolled oats, coconut milk, tsp carob powder, tsp torula yeast powder, and one finely chopped or grated apple.

Dinner: Raw veges pulped - carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, baby spinach, celery.  One (free range) egg each.  Home made yoghurt. Split peas, cooked.

Tomorrow's menu:
Breakfast at noon -- banana, apple, kiwi fruit,  ground sesame seeds , coconut milk.

Dinner - two or more of above veges, lentils and cottage cheese.

Except for rolled oats, they don't get a lot of grains.  Every now and then I will feed cooked barley, or buckwheat - but not often.

The trick to a diet, like our own diets, is moderation and variety, to make sure they are being well nourished, not eating empty calories.   The other thing I like to give is a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement.  Like humans, animals also suffer from farming practises which denude the earth, so we all need supplements and as much raw, organic food as possible.

See my book Secret Animal Business for more discussion on diet, a raw food and nut recipe for dogs, and my vision for a non predatory world.

Animals in Need of Help
The little pony who needed help in the last issue of Animal Whispers, I think went to a lovely home.  Julia???  Thank you, thank you if that all went as smoothly as intended.

Heaps of animals needing help right now.  If you are in the Canberra region, please assist   Queanbeyan Pound in NSW, which has been overflowing.  Ph: 02 6298 0269

And this came from my friend Pam Adams:

 Hi, I know this is in Sydney but if you feel you can help in any way, please do, or forward it on to anyone who you think may be able to offer help.
Thanks so much
Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc wrote:
Dear All, We are very sad to announce that Norma Faulkner, the founder of the rescue charity DABS, passed away suddenly this morning. Norma had been involved in rescuing and rehoming animals for over 30 years. Michelle and several other SPR volunteers had developed a close working relationship and friendship with Norma over the years, and her passing is a huge loss to SPR and the animal rescue community as a whole.  She will be very sadly missed. Norma had 14 small dogs and 2 cats in her care.

Without our help, these animals now face an uncertain future and we are desperately trying to find emergency short or long-term foster care for them as quickly as possible. If you are able to help with providing an emergency home to one of these dogs or cats, please contact Michelle on 9576 1457 or email, please can I ask to forward this email on to family or friends who may also be able to help. If you are unable to foster but would like to make a donation towards the cost of food, vet treatment and emergency kennelling for Norma's animals, please go to our donations page (link below) and quote: DABS as reference.
Thank you for your support.
Sending big thanks this month to Gypsy, Jodie and Sam and Amanda who bought supplements for the horses from Rebecca Booth and Elementals Equine Therapies.   Rebecca arrived at Ballyoncree with huge boxes of garlic, rosehips, herbs, syringes, and various other wonderful bits and pieces, like apple cider vinegar and slippery elm powder.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all concerned.  It really makes such a difference to us.  Can't thank you enough.

And thank you to Rebecca for delivering and contributing as well!!

We also want to thank Karen for collecting horse stuff for us including second hand coats.  The horses all say a big THANK YOU!

The current drought (yes, we are in drought) makes our work here really challenging and we appreciate the help and support at this time when it is most needed.

I also want to thank Rosi of Vitality Health in Canberra who helped me out with Raffi with the Cybertrone, when he collided with a falling bale of hay.  He was pretty sore for a few days but he is OK now.  And also for silver colloid for the animals -- thank you!  So appreciated.

And I also want to thank Gypsy again for her very generous donation toward our water situation.  THANK YOU sooooo much.  It's going toward the repair of the water pump so that we don't end up hauling water for 27 horses!

And Alex for the hot showers and dinner .. thank you!!!!!!!!!  You made us both feel like a million dollars. And very clean!

Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We always need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds. Neem Oil .

We also need:
  • Water, water, water and more water.  Thank you!!!.
  • Iron and timber shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
  • Herbal and homeopathic worming.
  • We also need a small cottage!

Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils  Oils I need  for the animals are Helichrsyum, Copaiba, Thieves, Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender. I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.  I am currently using Di-Tone as part of my worming program.  For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next time!

Warm blessings,
Billie Dean

Email: billie [at]