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Special 2012 Edition - July 31, 2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wild Pure Heart

Welcome to this special 2012 edition of Animal Whispers.

It seems ages since I last wrote but things have been busy here at Ballyoncree and I have so much news!!   The best of which is our film is finally ready for you!!!!!  And we are launching it to also celebrate the launch of our new company, website and life.  Yes, things are changing here at Ballyoncree and we bush elves are now housing ourselves under the beautiful mushroom of Wild Pure Heart. 

This is a song to our creativity, wisdom and humour which is there to serve you dear friends as we all travel along the path to what I call the fifth dimensional reality.  In this reality there is no suffering for any being because humanity is awake, conscious, alive and happy!!  Andrew and I have had tremendous fun dreaming up a future for ouselves and Tamsin which integrates everything we do, and is Uplifting, Inspiring, Entertaining and Enlightening for you!!  We are still building and creating but we have the vision and yes, the faerie folk did have something to do with it.  Just a big bit!!!  So we hope you will travel with us along the path and come in from the wilderness when you are cold, stop by our hearth fire website and enjoy a cup of nourishing hot cocoa (vegan if course!) of information and entertainment!!  (It's all unfolding!)

Enjoy the newsletter and good luck with the draw for our prize packages when you buy your copy of This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon.  See our Pre-Launch special below or visit Now!

with lots of love, light and laughter
Billie (and Andrew, Tamsin and all the animals here at Ballyoncree)

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This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon ready to launch
Pre-Launch Special
Early Reviews and Responses
The 2012 Energies Today -- What's Happening on the Path to the New Earth
Vale Michael Jackson - The Dance and the Light
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THIS SACRED EARTH: THE 2012 PHENOMENON - LAUNCH DATE: Full Moon August 6, 2009!!!  YAY!!!!

DVD Cover of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 PhenomenonAndrew and I are so excited and we wanted you, beloved readers, to be among the first to buy This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon!!!!!!!!!  

So we have a Special Pre-Launch Offer (see below)

The film is beautiful, glorious! -- it sings with light, love and wisdom!  And it goes out into the world for the Highest Good of All Concerned!

Huge hand clap to beloved husband and film editor Andrew, who has lovingly handcrafted this film, taking my original vision and, when the film funding fell over, used his great imagination and skill to weave this tapestry of hope together into a film you will want to watch over and over again.

This is not a doom and gloom film. It is a film of optimism and is filled with practical advice on how each and every one of us can make a difference today with our thoughts, words and actions, and become the instruments of peace we need to be for a new tomorrow.  Become the prophecy of peace!  The film demystifies and debunks, and puts what is happening on the planet now into wonderful perspective.

17 wisdom keepers from across the globe are packed into this film, which was mostly shot at gatherings in Wales, Oregon, Hawaii and Australia.

I have been holding the vision for this film for over two years now and today I AM DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is such a relief to now let it do its good work, that I am crying tears of joy.  I feel like a new woman. It's always a momentous effort to give birth to any creative work, and then there's the beautiful moment when the baby is delivered.  Ahhhhhhhh.   Awwwwww.

Help us send this message of hope, light and love into the world to do its work. Please forward this email around to your lists (there's a button at the top).  Tell the world there is a new film to be reckoned with.  Shout it from the roof tops, sing it to the stars.  Mother Earth needs her children to remember that we are her children -- now.

You and your friends can purchase the film here.
specialPre-Launch Special

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Early Reviews and Responses

From Nancy C. in Canberra:
"I have watched the DVD, absolutely love it as it brings me closer to like minded people.  It also reignited my passion for what I used to do as for a while I lost faith because life was getting on top of me so a big thankyou to you both for relighting the flame."

Here's our first published review.

Conscious Living Magazine, Issue 81

This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon
Wild Pure Heart

From the first uplifting frame, This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, intrigues and delights. Imbued with the trademark lightness of spirit of a Billie Dean/Andrew Einspruch production, this extraordinary film of hope and beauty invites the viewer to hear the good news about the coming times, and how we can each contribute to fulfill the indigenous prophecy of peace. Director Billie Dean interviewed modern wisdom keepers across the planet to give timely and welcome advice about how we can live in love, not fear. Shooting included a shaman gathering in Oregon, USA and a Soul Companion's Wisdom Keepers gathering in Wales, UK and features such notable thinkers as Dr Alberto Villoldo, shaman and medical anthropologist, Philip Carr-Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, scientist and crop circle researcher Janet Ossebaard, Aka, a Hawaiian Kahuna and
many others.

This is the film which received a standing ovation at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival in Perth in March at rough cut stage. The finished product sings to your soul and leaves you feeling strangely upbeat about life, the universe and everything.

On our web site, we have a link to a pdf of the original, if you'd like to see it in all its glory.

Here's the first review posted to the Facebook page.

I have been lucky enough to preview the full length of this movie, to call it a movie falls short of its life changing message for all people from all walks of life. It changes lives, it propels you into the world of the beautiful earth that is coming and that exists today, and all the possibilities made very real. I urge all people to view this film and make the beautifully simplistic, yet very profound messages our reality today. Congratulations on a superb award winning film.
-- Mary H, Perth.

Once you have your copy and have had a chance to watch the documentary, we'd love for you to add your thoughts to the review page on Facebook as well.  You might also like to comment on YouTube where the trailer is.

The 2012 Energies Today -- What's Happening on the Path to the New Earth?

Sooooo much pain in the world, that's what's been happening.  And on the other hand, some beautiful light energy as well, depending on where you are in the ascension process.  Or cleansing process, as I like to call it.

The energies of the Winter Solstice swept away our greatest entertainer Michael Jackson and his memorial service was held on the Lunar Eclipse.  To know more about my take on Michael's death and how we can grow from it, please read my article below -- because Michael was one of us.  He was a light worker and his death shocked me and changed me and left me feeling off center for many weeks and left me asking why it effected me and searching deeper within myself for answers.

The 2012 Phenomenon is about doing your personal work and when you are triggered by something, it means you have personal work to do.  So I travelled back into my personal time lines, uprooted the core, and healed the original wound.  This is the work I am now doing as a shamanic practitioner for humans and animals.  I call it Multi-Dimensional Freedom!!  Interestingly, after boasting to my students that I don't seem to get sick any more, I fell headlong into a flu which didn't really heal until I did the shamanic healing on myself.  And then it was gone instantly.   And I mean INSTANTLY.   It was a clear demonstration of how our mind, body and spirit are intricately linked, because it was linked to my grief and also to a past life loop that was holding me in a place that no longer served me,

After this, I arrived in what I called a "no-place."  There are a lot of faerie and angelic beings around, and personal work is assisted by these beings.  I was doing work on my dogs and Grandfather Healing Bear, one of my guides, came in and told me, "Healing should be easy and a joy", and while I have witnessed amazing healings with his help, this time he gave me an immediate physical demonstration.  It was pretty cool, and I am so grateful to him and to my late dog Suki who got herself tick poisoning in the early 90s so I would get desperate enough to step into my shamanic power and "wake up" this wonderful spirit man who claims with a grin, that he was in retirement.  Suki, of course, sailed through and only passed in 2006, living life to the full until the moment she passed. (If you've seen Seven Days with Seven Dogs, then you know Suki.)

This "no-place" feels as if I am floating in mid-air.  Interesting sensation, but not uncomfortable if you understand what is going on.  My body keeps getting lighter and less dense.  I feel invisible to the old world.  It also feels like on one level things are on hold, and on the other -- I can see my new place in the world materialising.  I am incredibly excited by our new home in Wild Pure Heart and the vision for the future we see.   That brings a wild joy and a freedom that makes me excited to share it with others.  This is not Andrew and I working as we have been doing.  It is us playing.  Big difference, and one I have long been wanting to manifest.  The old ways of doing things are falling away, the old heirachys are falling away and there is a place that is light-filled and joy-filled.  Now feels like a time to be quiet, and re-group, and re-emerge in a whole new place.   The gaps between the dimensions seem wider, and the veil continues to get thinner and thinner. It's about letting go and allowing the new to unfold, while still remaining mindful of any leftover baggage that might be in the way to the next step.

The past few months have been intense for so many people and we are really being asked to heal those old wounds and step up as human beings.  You hear me saying this all the time.  I have also been overwhelmed with animal client emergencies world wide.  There are so many animals leaving right now.  And if they're not leaving, they're in trouble.  And this is pushing humanity, through grief and sorrow, to change.  I am getting so many messages from the animals now and they have begun to form a picture.  The core of this picture is that people are being asked to do their personal work with an urgency like never before.  Follow that spiritual path, get healed, find your center and follow your heart.  Do your joyful self expression.  Raise the vibration of the home.  And much more.

I asked my animal friends straight out why so many were leaving and received this answer:

"We came in the time of the old energies, the darkness.  But now is the time of Transition, and its sharp edges are too hard for those of us sensitive to the pain of others.  For humans.  it is a time of suffering, but there is no need to suffer for all we see is beauty and light.  But still humans choose to suffer.  So yes, many of us are leaving this world.  And we'll come back perhaps, with joy, to experience the new world."

It seems many animals just want us to wake up and are crying out for our attention but without people understanding what is going on their cries are going unheard.  Across the board, in the all countries I have friends and clients in, there seems to be a max exodus of the animals.

My wise horse friend Sollie (in spirit) had this to say:

"it's just a soul journey for all beings on Planet Earth.  You are like caterpillars about to turn into butterflies.  Shed your old skins and grow your wings."

Which is exactly what my dog Suki (in spirit) had to say when she said humans needed to "Climb out of their dead suits and come alive!"

Finally, I asked our recently departed cat friend Rhodri who was happy to help out:

"The time of the new healing is coming and this will be a joy.  When people realise the truth of the inter-connective nature of life, that we are all one being, then life will be a joy.  I am here on the other side of the veil watching you all because my soul did not choose to heal.  I needed to experience Death and the wave, the shift , was so intense.  I was carried away by angels of light.  You know my soul, and we will be reunited.  For we are soul family and we travel the road together."

And his experience echoes what many of my clients are now experiencing.

This period has been one of intense soul searching for so many.  it has been one of grief, sadness and depression for others.  The challenges have been fast and furious with so much death and also things breaking down as if the world of matter is decaying and crumbling and nothing in it stays whole,  And that makes sense if you can understand what is happening on a global spiritual level.

Here at Ballyoncree it started with the dishwasher dying.  The creek ran dry.  The hot water system died.  Just as we got that fixed (and solar!) the pump died (on the lunar eclipse) , leaving  us without running water at all.   At the same time my mobile died, the batteries in my camera didn't last and my computer started playing up.

There was a message to this, and instead of going down the plughole of emotions, I found something to be grateful for in every situation (although I have to say a hot shower in winter is now considered a welcome luxury). And I kept doing my personal work, kept in ayni or right relations with the world, and asking questions of spirit.

It's like a huge purging is happening and if this is happening to you - understand that it is happening on a global level in different ways to so many many people.  I'm actually excited that it is forcing us to focus on the water storage system we really want and making it a priority.  Instead of being frustrated with all the challenges, I see it as a way for moving into the future in a more perfect way - on so many levels.

Another part of the purging seems to be friendships, and relationships - romantic, business and inter-species.  This is a time for complete integrity.  So many are reporting betrayals, lack of loyalty, and sadness as people show their true colours.  Unconscious and conscious sorcery is rampant. 

And this is sad (more grieving) as this is a time when we need friends like never before.  But the kind of friends we need are soul friends -- the sort who understand your soul, and support rather than judge you.  Who will be there for you through thick and thin, remain loyal, not collude with you but rather see into the source of your troubles and offer soul guidance?  Can you be that kind of friend to others?

I have talked about the importance of spiritual community in these times and this is why.  We need to surround ourselves with people who are vibrating at the same level -- and you will know who they are.  There is instant soul recognition as if you have all been in the same place  before.  There is a feeling of family.

Many sensitive people feel the need to hibernate, go within, stay quiet, withdraw from the world at large.  It's a time for reflection and renewal.  it's a time to go within and step away from the world of busy. busy and take stock of your life.  What is it that you truly want?  What is going to give you the joy to take you into the next dimension.  And what do you have to leave behind?

We are  souls having a human experience and sometimes that human experience is seen through the filters of our unconscious wounds and these wounds are the ones to be healed right now.  So that we can become the new human of prophecy.

Doing your personal work is a hero's journey. It's not always easy and sometimes it is downright uncomfortable when we are challenged to change and grow and peek into the dark corners of our shadowy self.  But in order to shed our skins, we have to jump in feet first and just do it.  Have the courage.  Think of your rewards.  Think of freedom and flight.  And above all think love, and light and laughter.  This is the carrot!

The shifts are coming fast and furious and demanding us to change, shift and grow -- for the better.  We are also manifesting at the rate of knots and all those negative thoughts you think fly into the universe and come back to haunt you.  Your world is the manifestion of your thoughts. So get back in the driver's seat of your life, and think about what you truly want.  Step into love, joy and bliss.  Shift your thinking and allow yourself to take off the cloak of darkness and step into the light.  Create that reality.  Use your personal power to create the life of your dreams.

If you have trouble with the shifts, find a healer to help you.  Lie on Mother Earth and ask her to drain out the negativity from you, and spend time in Nature.  Take your dogs and horses and get out into the sunshine or the rain .  Allow nature to inform you.  Curl up in the sun like a cat.  Watch the birds.  Listen to them.  This is the truth of the 2012 Phenomenon.  It is asking us to get back in touch with our essential self -- the one who belongs in the natural world -- not the world of scientific materialism and things that don't matter.

The good news is the July Solar Eclipse eased the global pain and the wave became a smoother ride for many.  I saw some emergency animals deciding that staying here was an option.  This was exciting.  On top of that we had this week's Fire the Grid event which also shifted the energy upwards again. 

On August 6, we have another lunar eclipse with the full moon in Aquarius.  According to Soluntra King, (Cosmic Events 2009) (highly recommended!)  "This Lunar Eclipse creates an energy for the shift in consciousness for humanity on deep inner levels.  Hidden aspects will be brought to  the surface for healing and for some this may not be an easy time.  For those who choose to embrace all of them-self in divine Love and be from Source energy within , it will be a time of fine tuning."

She says it is a time of illumination and celebration for the hard work that it has taken to reach this point of the cycle.  In Aquarius we can create new ways of thinking and being (which is why we chose this date for the launch of Wild Pure Heart and This Sacred Eearth: The 2012 Phenomenon.)

This is a time to move beyond the illusion and see how we are many souls but only one spirit.  So walk in the world with gentleness, kindness and love.  Be compassionate with all you come in contact with.  As Soluntra also says: "With this eclipse and the solar and lunar eclipses just gone, we have opened ourselves enough to vibrate in unison with other soul family and start creating the New Earth physically."

Also in August we have the 22nd anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence on August 17 and World Healing Day on August 22. This is a great time to join hands and send a message of love to this great planet we live on, seeing the world and everything in it as already healed, so it can be.  While we hold what's wrong in our minds, so it will be.

So if you are sensitive to the crunchy energies and feel like the world has become like walking on eggshells, don't despair.  You're in good company with lots and lots of people.  Like Aka says in This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, "This is going to be the worst time in your life if you are looking at it that way.  Or it's going to be the best time."

So choose it being the best time and see the crunchiness as a way to grow.  In our culture we have made birthing difficult, and we are being born.   We just need to drop the heavier energies, heal the soul wounds and stand  vulnerable and child-like in the light, to become the people of prophecy and peace.

For more information on the 2012 Phenomenon see
Vale Michael Jackson - The Dance and The Light
Michael Jackson's FeetThe Dance:

Consciousness expresses itself through creation.  This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye, but the dance lives.  On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred.  In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.
I become the stars and the moon.  I become the lover and the beloved.  I become the victor and the vanquished.  I become the master and the slave.  I become the singer and the song.  I become the knower and the known.  I keep on dancing then it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and creation merge into the wholeness of joy.  I keep dancing.. and dancing.. and dancing.  Until there is only.. the dance.
-- Michael Jackson
Like sooo many other people around the planet, Michael Jackson's death sent me spinning into an abyss.
What a loss to the planet.  Michael Jackson was not just a performer.  He was a gift.
Michael Jackson had so much courage.  He believed in himself as an artist, thought big and achieved big.  Because he allowed his light to shine, he tore down racial barriers and sent healing words of love and peace around the globe.  He was a consummate performer, and practised what spiritual people around the world are trying to preach.  He did his affirmations, was grateful his wishes came true, and asked the world to love and to give.
He gave himself to the moment of the dance and touched the Divine.

And he shared that spiritual truth with us - through popular culture.
This sweet, sensitive soul was crucified by the press and people who just wanted to tarnish his flame because they couldn't stand the brightness of his light.
Like so many others I watched and cried all through the memorial service and was grateful that most press behaved themselves.  Michael left behind a world which adored him. He left a legacy of love and social and spiritual change.  He influenced not just one generation, but many.
Shaman and author Lynn Andrews said of his death that there is a legend that at this time, the great trees are falling.  She called Michael a genius tree.
I notice that when great trees fall, humanity stops bickering long enough to come together to mourn. A shift happens. It happened when JFK died, when John Lennon died and when Princess Di died.  It happened when a guy called Jesus died.
We have a habit of cutting down great trees, especially those with a message of love and peace.
So its not surprising that one of the greatest entertainers of our time was swept away during this current intense period of spiritual evolution, leaving a global community grieving and reflecting.
I've been sitting with why his death affected me so incredibly.  And there are many reasons, aside from the greatness of his music, his songs - his so many gifts to the world.
Michael followed his heart and the light of his destiny.  Like a good shaman, he answered Spirit's call.  Imagine if he hadn't.  Imagine if he hadn't broken out as a solo artist, even though it was a difficult thing to do.  He answered the call and walked into Destiny to become a force to be reckoned with.  His songs reflect his big heart, his service to the world.  He shone.  A bright , bright star.
It made me ponder what legacy I would leave, how many people would I touch, and did I have the courage to really let my light shine brightly.   And in what way would it shine?  Do I have the courage to be a great tree, and if I do, would the little people cut me down as well?
It's that fear that holds us and stops us from soaring like eagles into the destiny that awaits all of us.  
Michael had courage to believe in himself and keep dancing.  And perhaps that's the gift he left us lightworkers today. 
Has his death finally unlocked my cage of fear?  Am I free to soar like an eagle - to allow the dance to touch the sacred? 
What about you?  What light will you let shine now?  What are your inner dreams and talents that are shut away because of fear?  Do you have the courage to follow your joy, and become the dance?  Can you become love and touch the Divine?
What are we so afraid of?  And why can't we just let go our judgments and simply be love. If we all joined hands today, there would be no poverty, no need for crime, no need for all the pettiness and despair in the world.
If we supported each other with love, then fears would melt away and we would all find the courage to shine.  We could light up the world.
So let's put aside all our fears, and just step up as the animals are constantly begging us to do, join hands as a species, and start giving.
Let's look at the "man in the mirror" and do our work, kiss the fear goodbye, recognise our connection to Mother Earth, and just love..
Michael, thank you for the incredible gift of you.  Keep singing and keep dancing.  You'll never be forgotten.  You are... the dance.

Billie Dean
Email: billie [at]