Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
June 2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree

Inside this e-mag we have:
Editorial of Good News
Sad News - People who have Left
The current state of the energies
That Tiger Attack
Billie's Courses - , Braidwood, NSW, Perth.
This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.
Solar Flares and Electricity Interruptions
Winter Solstice
Animals needing homes
Wish List

The Current State of the Energies

I started writing this newsletter over a week ago when the energies were really thick, gooey and grotty  and I was nursing a tiny goat baby we called Bramble, who was ill with a tummy ache.  Bramble was caramel-coloured and the cutest goat you have ever met.  He brought much love and delight into our home, and was deeply bonded to Tamsin, Andrew's old cream sweater  and the traditional Ballyoncree goat nanny - the warm fire.

I knew another wave of energy hit because the dogs all started acting out, squabbling with each other and peeing inside.  That wave swept Bramble's little spirit away leaving our family devastated in its wake. He died in Tamsin's arms.


At the same time I was deluged with animal emergencies from around the globe, with people's animals dying, getting sick, or having accidents.  The shift was a crunchy one indeed, throwing people off centre.

The world was shifting and it was hard to keep the balance.  But that's what was needed.  Challenging times.  Here at Ballyoncree the internet dropped out, the water ran out and everyone felt irritable, raw, vulnerable and grieving.  Others reported people behaving aggressively or strangely, still others had accidents, others reported extreme fatigue, odd flu-like symptoms without the flu, acute vulnerability, and more.

Our family dealt with the shift with a special full moon fire ceremony and a good dose of chocolate.  The cleansing fire ritual we do swept away the last of the cobwebs and with lots of laughter we vowed to step up another notch in the humanity stakes.

Why settle for normal?  When I was deep in my grieving process for Bramble, Andrew reminded me I was "only human".  But when we think of all we could be, "only human" seems like a poor excuse.

Bramble showed me some spiritual truths as his spirit left.  He showed me how the world is affected by all those irritable, grotty, negative thoughts that play across our minds.  They just flit here and there, old programs which are running and causing havoc -- and we're just too busy living our little lives to pay attention to the havoc they cause.   

Messages from other animals are the same right now.  They say that humans have to get a grip of their runaway thoughts, bless them, and move on.

I've already got a policy not to kill or inflict harm on others.  I took Deepak Chopra's vow of non-violence (see below).  But now I go one step further and step into love.  Since I made the vow of only loving thoughts, my subconscious went into spring clean and purge mode.  I was living in a walking meditative state watching all the unlike love come out and fly away.

This is what the 2012 Phenomenon is all about.  We're being asked to step up into love and light, and as usual , the animals are our guides.  So if the energies have you in their grip, grab some chocolate, go out in nature, nurture yourself, hug your animal and know that in this moment, life is perfect and love is all.

Editorial of Good News

I am  so incredibly excited about life right now.  Sure, we have challenges, lots of them, but I can barely believe all the good news which is coming to my attention -- WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

Here's a couple of things:  The Belgian city of Ghent has announced that they will have a meat-free day once a week!!!  YAY!!!!  Come on Aussies, let's go for it -- how about two days -- how about seven!!

Deepak Chopra has launched an initiative for non-viiolence and i have taken the VOW.  Will you make a stand for peace by taking the  vow of non violence as well?

Make the world a better place -- do a random act of kindness and compassion today.  Imagine if everyone consciously made kindness and compassion part of their daily lives, brightening the lives of others, and helping themselves feel good at the same time.

Our other bit of exciting news is that Andrew and I brushed up our storytelling skills at a workshop with New Zealand storyteller Ken Benn -- and what a treat that was.  Watch this space -- the Bards of Braidwood are coming!!!

And my last bit of good news is that I managed to get a truck load of hay for winter.  Yay!! What a relief!!   I thought we had it bad paying $22 a small bale until one of the my shaman sisters in Hawaii said she was paying $26 for paddock hay!  At least she only has a few horses, not 27, like we do.  So I am so very very grateful for finding big bales of lucerne at a reasonable (ish) cost.   I do love the sight, sound and smell of contented horses munching hay!!

Editorial of Sad News - people who have crossed over

Sadly we also lost another dear friend, Bobby McLeod, legendary Aboriginal singer, activist  and whose work of Doonooch Aboriginal self healing created the now famous Doonooch Dancers.  Bobby passed away on Saturday, May 30.  Bless your spirit my brother, my friend, fly well.  The world is a little less bright without you.

Another legend also recently passed -- animal herbalist and author Juliette de Bairacli-Levy.  Juliette was my mentor for 30 years through her books.  When the arena of animal alternative health was very sparse, Juliette's book Herbal Handbook for the Farm and Stable (Amazon link) put me on a path of natural rearing and care of my animals from which i have never wavered.  I owe her a lot.  Thank you Juliette for sharing your Gypsy knowledge with the world.  My dog Reka was brought back from the brink of death from distemper by Juliette's solid and simple advice.  We both thank you for that!

About the Energies today

As I write, the energies are still very scatty and uncomfortable and putting the pressure on people to change and rise to the challenge. The Wesak moon in May brought relief and the June full moon also brought a gentle lull.  Life can be so so sweet.

Many lightworkers and medicine people are changing direction or rethinking how they are in the world, and still the reassessment of life continues.  How can we live better?  How can we live more lightly on the Earth, assist the Earth's people through this period of change and still have fun and live well ourselves?  Our Western culture puts so much emphasis on work and consumerism and leaves little time for thinking, contemplation and imagination.  The latter is vital if we are to move forward.

This is also a time to give love and be love, as the energies are really pushing buttons and making people behave oddly and badly.

The animals are really feeling it and many are behaving erratically and aggressively.  This is the 2012 Phenomenon and it is time to remember what we came here to do.  As Dr. Alberto Villoldo says in our doco This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon "we have a choice to evolve or go the way of 99 out of 100 species on the planet and become extinct." 

As we all signed up to be here during this change, we need to make a conscious change to be the loving peaceful beings we need to be.  This is about finding our path of Destiny and what nurtures us.

How do you step into love, peace and  joy?  The thing that holds us from truly living the life we have come here to live is FEAR.  Fear is a cause of anxiety and depression.  Fear creates anger and violence.  I ask my students to consider not killing in their daily lives, and now I ask everyone to consider taking the oath of non-violence above.  It is this type of consciousness that is truly going to change the world,

Billie's Courses

Braidwood, NSW;
I still have a few places available for my June six-day Earthkeeper Bootcamp --  Death, Destiny and Healing. June 15 - 20.   This is a brand new course and we are all very excited to be gathering at the Old Bank for another week of study and community.  Communion with animals and nature, increased confidence to step into a life of Destiny and passion, and honing your intuition, healing, tracking and hospice skills.   Journey deeper into the shamanic mysteries and  work with the animals of Ballyoncree.  Learn how to use the gifts of the Munay-Ki as well as learning skills to become a luminous warrior for  animals, and develop deep and meaningful relationships with the animals in your life. 

We've got lots of fun processes and teaching through the day, doing personal work, refining and solidifying our skills and how to be  exceptional in our animal care.  At night we will have ceremony and initiations.  This course is a mover and shaker and I am soo excited about presenting it.  It is going to be AWESOME!!!

This fast track course is  for students who have completed Level 1 Secret Animal Business (formerly Path of the Wild Pure Heart ) or Level 1 Earthkeepers or Munay-Ki.   It's a practitoner level certificate course  for my  advanced Path of the Wild Pure Heart students. Interested?  Email me on 

Perth: Secret Animal Business Level One - presented by the Conscious Living Academy.  - July 10,11,12

This is a fabulous three days of delving deep into the secrets of animals, learning their language, and walking the shamanic pathway,    We'll be experiencing the teaching through storytelling, journeying,  working with the land and animals, and ceremony.  Begin your journey to becoming extraordinary with animals, and establish even deeoer and more meaningful relationships with your own animal companions.

Please join us!

Details and bookings through Conscious Living.

Perth: Conscious Living Expo.  September 3-6

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Conscious Living Expo again this year.  Bring your photos for readings, come to the workshop and talks and come to my new storytelling session in the Bardic tradition.  If you have never come across professional storytelling you are in for a treat!!!  I am really excited about this

The Tiger Incident

Esmerelda emailed me recently about the white tiger who was killed for killing a zoo keeper at the zoo this rare being was trapped in.  This is incredibly upsetting to me because as usual humanity completely misses the point.  Shamans say that when we are out of right relations with the world, it doesn't matter if it is a microbe or a tiger who attacks you.  It is not aberrant behaviour or an accident.  It's because YOU are out of balance and harmony with the world.  YOU are not in right relations.

The answer doesn't lie in killing the tiger.  The answer lies in asking the question how was the zoo keeper out of right relations.  The universe is benign.  And we are all connected.  Once again, Fear is at the root of all evil -- we kill what we do not understand.  We kill what we fear.  Humanity must step into Love, not fear.

My ultimate prayer is for a world of love, which is a world without predators, a world without killing, a world where all life is treated with respect and reverence because all life is precious


EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!!!   The film is finished!!!!!!!   Andrew completed the post production on the film on Monday night.  So not long now before we can make them available to you.  Yay!!!!!

Andrew and I screened the film  to a group of Canberra friends the other night and we've been reflecting on how that evening was a hint of the future to come.

Karen of Organic Energy created a raw food feast that was nourishing and nurturing as well as incredibly delicious.  Raw food is part of the way humanity will evolve because of the way it benefits the body chemistry.  Processed food upsets the body chemistry so that people become edgy, depressed, anxious and irritable.  To help you through the changing times, eat raw food!

The evening was peppered with lively discussions from the promise of the 2012 Phenomenon to the effects of sleep deprivation.

Andrew and I thought it was a fantastic way to screen our film, encouraging people to form  spiritual groups in their own communities, being nurtured and nourished by good food and conversation -- and of course, filled with joy and hope after viewing our heart-filled film, This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

Solar Flares and Electricity Interruptions

Living in the bush we are always having black outs and it is something we live with.  We light candles and get on with doing whatever we have to do,  Lately I've been feeling a need to get off the grid, or at least , less dependent on it.  This is better for the planet and makes me feel more comfortable.  The predicted Increasing solar flare activity is supposed to be brilliant for upgrading our DNA, but also causing interruptions to electricity supplies.

Interestingly my friend Lucy Cavendish sent out a June email talking about being prepared for electricity interruptions as well.  So I'm not sure what's around the corner and I'm certainly not worried, but camping equipment in the house is probably a good idea.  We have candles, oil lamps, a wood stove and gas for the hot water.  When the blackouts come to our place, it immediately creates a feeling of exciting non-ordinary reality as we are forced away from the computers and work and into much more meaningful activity.  We are a house of storytellers and the veil between living in another time and place, and now, becomes very thin in the face of candlelight!  And this is fun. 

So don't put energy into it, just be prepared.

Here's a link if you want to read more about it.

Winter Solstice

Speaking of candles, Winter Solstice is fast approaching with its promise of longer days and the return of Spring. We're having our Solstice fire on June 20 this year, celebrating with students and friends.  Our favourite thing to do is an old ritual of turning off all the lights and sitting for a moment in the dark.  Then a candle is lit and from that one candle, others - showing us that even in our darkest hour, the Light always returns.  And we all say this, to get it into our consciousness.  There is nothing to fear - the light always returns.

Enjoy the winter solstice -- may it herald a sweet second half of 2009!

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There were a whole lot of cats needing homes which I wanted to help but their due date happened while I was unable to get the internet and I'm praying they found safe refuge.  Many of these were abandoned by their previous person.  Queanbeyan Pound, NSW Ph: 02 6298 0269

Now there is a small, possibly pregnant shetland pony who has come to my attention at Blacktown Pound in Sydney, as well as a lot of really beautiful dogs and cats who need urgent help to get out of there.   Blacktown Pound was where Andrew and I started our pound rescue work nearly 20 years ago.  We started helping animals in need in 1989, with Kai, a gorgeous black kelpie/shepherd cross who was going to be killed simply because it was Christmas.  Tala and Twylah, our beautiful shepherd crosses who starred in Seven Days with Seven Dogs, both came from Blacktown Pound, and we spent alot of time before we moved, rehoming dogs from there, and at the same time helping horses in need as well.  I can barely believe it's been two decades.

I don't know why it took me this long to write their stories in Secret Animal Business, but I pray  that this book helps make change now.  It's time we stopped rescuing, ended death row and got into the business of just matching people and animals and educatting people about how to live in harmony with these wonderful beings.

Pony at Blacktown Pound

 903383  Livestock  Female  brown,white Adult shetland pony   BCC Fri 08/May/2009
(Apparently she is sweet and friendly.  Shetlands make lovely companions.)
contact details for the pound
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm  Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm  Sunday 9:00 am to 11:00 am  Closed Public Holidays.  Blacktown City Council's Animal Holding Facility is  located at -
415 Flushcombe Rd, Prospect
(cnr of Flushcombe Rd  and Great Western Highway)
Entrance to the facility is from Flushcombe  Road

Phone - (02) 9839 6161
Fax - (02) 9672 8505 (direct to the  pound)
The animals and humans of Ballyoncree this month want to send a big thank you to our regular sponsors and also to Gypsy.  Gypsy bought new waterproof coats for both Bindi and Montana and will be sending another for our tallest horse, Tessa.  This is so generous and it helps us on so many many levels, so we are incredibly grateful.  However what struck me the most was that Gypsy is encouraging awareness of the plight of animals in her young piano students by doing some fund raising for us - to buy more waterproof horse coats.  This is really important work and I am in awe of how the world works - that our simple gesture off compassion to the homeless, sparks compassion in another, who in turn supports us, by sparking compassion and awareness in others.

The drought makes our work here really challenging and we appreciate the help and support at this time when it is most needed.

I also want to thank Kath Sherburne once again, for all her great BodyTalk sessions for the animals of Ballyoncree who need it.  You are an angel!
Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We urgently need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds. Neem Oil. 

We also need:
  • Winter horse rugs for our older horses.
  • Iron and timber shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
  • Herbal and homeopathic worming.

Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils  Oils I need  for the animals are Helichrsyum, Copaiba , Thieves , Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender. I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.

For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you , thank you , thank you.

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]