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Mid-May 2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree

Just a couple of quick reminders about Rainbow Fianna's Secret Animal Business Level One in beautiful, autumn-coloured Braidwood this weekend, and to all advanced students for the six-day Winter Solstice retreat in June. As a special bonus, I'm including the Munay Ki rites in both these courses (the first four foundation rites in the Secret Animal Business Level One and any rites not yet received by students in the advanced course). 

I'm so so excited to be teaching new information to my advanced students, and also to be introducing new students to the path of the rainbow warrior.  This is a perfect opportunity for change, growth and learning new skills to help our beloved animal friends and also Mother Earth during these challenging times.

In my advanced retreat, Death, Destiny and Healing, we will be making friends with Death as a way to really jump into the life that is your Destiny.  We'll look at ways to uncover your Destiny and help you get back on the right path.  We'll be honing animal communication skills to a fine art, and studying healing techniques for the animals you love, including learning to recognise spiritual attachments in your self and in the animals.  Many animals have other souls attached to them, especially from pounds, shelters and vet surgeries and it is important that we learn how to help these lost beloveds return to the Light in a sweet, gentle and respectful manner.   Also, sometimes we can pick up attachments - for so many reasons -- and truly love and forgiveness is the way my own healing skills have developed to help both people and animals become unstuck, free and in improved health.

You can book here or email me.

Meanwhile I got word that the No Kill Conference in the USA was a tremendous success, which is very encouraging, and I'd like everyone who is passionate about animal welfare to see the change we need to have as already happened.  Imagine humanity has already changed their viewpoint and our animal companions are treated with respect, dignity, love and compassion.  Yay, humanity!!

Please go here to view the Conference --I was busting to go but my commitment at the moment is to the animals of Ballyoncree -- hay and water come first.  (Hay is $22 a small bale over here!)  My prayers are that next year there will be no need for a Conference because the major change will have already happened, and animals will be free from the tryanny of death row.

Meanwhile, we need to pray rain and send love, light and prayers to the devastating wildfires in California.  My heart has been deeply deeply touched by this disaster and I have friends in the vicinity, not to mention the flora and fauna of the affected area.

My heart also goes out to the 2000 grey kangaroos who have been shot in the ACT, with another 4000 to be culled.  I don't want to get into a philosophical rave here right now -- because I could very easily begin to rant about this!  But when I read that the Defence are "adhering to the code of practise for the humane destruction of kangaroos," I know there is something seriously wrong with our culture and our society.  I'm sure this paragraph in the Canberra's Times' lead story on Sarurday was there to make people feel better -- BUT -- we're not going to find peace in our world until we stop killing, and thinking we can take the lives of other species willy-nilly because they are supposedly in the way.  Apparently the density calculations that the Defence was relying on are flawed and the whole thing is unnecessary.  It makes me pretty sad about the viewpoint of people who make decisons like this. 

If you are outraged by this -- please support ACT Animal Liberation.

This came on top of the news of a woman applauded for her desire to beat the boys at their own game by shooting and killing an elephant with a bow and arrow.  Hello humans????  We're talking about beings with families and lives.  But then, hey -- we are still intent on killing each other so how can we expect people to behave well towards other animals?  Also, if these actions triggers feelings of violence within you or your friends (as I saw on several social media sites), think again. Kindness begets kindness, violence begets violence, fear begets fear.  Forgiveness is the way forward, and as you become a Rainbow Fianna, warrior for animals, you become a vehicle of peace and the object is to rid the self of the violence within.  The battles we fight, are with the Self, waking up  from unconscious sorcery, fear, and ignorance.

Like ripples in a pond we can change the world by changing ourselves, by increasing our vibration, by shining our light more fully, by living deeper, richer more meaningful lives which include service to others in a most exciting and rewarding way.  By being love and peace in every action.

These are all the things I talk about in my book Secret Animal Business, our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon and in our school Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers. We are the change.  Let's do it now.

Speaking of change -- wouldn't it be great to have a positive and constructive VEGAN channel on television.  Help Supreme Mastery TV become more widely viewed by doing this survey.

I was interviewed  by this channel a few weeks ago and I look forwad to letting you all know when the interview is available.

This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon should be out on DVD by the end of May.  Hats off to Andrew for doing an incredible job of weaving our footage together to create a film of great light and beauty for the world .  We were incredibly grateful to recieve a small grant from the Gay and Katherine Hendrick's Foundation for Conscious Living, USA, and the donations which came from all of you who donated because this has been a challenging film to create and Andrew has had to edit it in his spare time. (People who know us well, know we don't have spare time!)

We hired our wonderful cinematographer and friend Anthony Jennings to film our overseas filming, and I filmed lots of fill with some some local actors in Braidwood .  Out of many favourite scenes is a gorgeous shot of Tamsin in a tree in Wales, and a completely improvised Dancing with Dogs moment with our friend John Weeks and our four kelpies.  Absolute magic!!! 

All this is woven to the music of Tribe World Ensemble and we proud to bring their music, headed by our friend David Pendragon, to a wider audience.

David summed up the artist's life in an email to me which said:

I do know this...  Art and being an artist is often very challenging in this physical world, but the world to which we are transported to by the creative process of art is a place of joy and wonder that many NEVER get the opportunity to experience.

I told him I found his words inspirational and he laughed and said he wrote them after being inspired talking to me!  I'm sure all the artist's on this list will understand what we are on about.  It is truly a calling to be an artist.  To not write or make films for me would be like living a half life.  But we all have our own calling within, our own song to sing -- and in Death, Destiny and Healing, my advanced course, this is what we will be looking at.  How to bring your calling to the fore, and live it.

Finally I was excited to unite all the herds of Ballyoncree into one big paddock today, truly a memorable morning.  This is the first time we have mixed the brumbies with the other horses and there was much excitement, especially among the boy and girl brumby herd which were separated with the birth of young Spirit.  They are all very happy running together and we're looking forward to some rain, so they can stay that way for a bit longer.  There is definitely a magical feeling which comes from standing in the middle of a large herd of happy horses, knowing they will always be safe, fed and cared for.

So until next time remember that All Life is Precious, and walk in beauty!

With love, light and magical laughter
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I really wanted to say a quick and very big thank you to Karen and Gypsy for their donations.  the animals of Ballyoncree now have extra hay, and supplements from Equine Elementals and Bindi will have a new winter coat.  Thank you , thank you , thank you!!  I also want to thank our regular supporters for sticking by us.  The drought makes our work here really challenging and we appreciate the help and support at this time when it is most needed.

Also, a thank you to Kathi Sherburne for Rupert's BodyTalk session.
Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We urgently need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds. Neem Oil.

We also need:
  • Winter horse rugs for our older horses.
  • Sheds/stables/shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils to help repair Dusty's immune system and help him grow his hair back after a nasty dose of wombat mange.  I've treated him with neem oil and a lemon oil rinse.  Lemon oil helps immune function, is uplifting and revitalising, and is actually a great household cleaner as well.   His hair is growing back beautifully in time for winter. 

The other oil I use a lot of is Geranium -- great for calming animals, for bruises and also for wounds. I'm also now experimenting with Aroma Life for Raffi's heart challenge.  He went for a good walk the very next day after application.  And continues to be returned to his cheeky , lively self.

Other oils I need  for the animals are Helichrsyum, Copaiba , Thieves , Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender.

I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.

For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you , thank you , thank you.

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]