Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
May  2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree

Welcome to the May edition of Animal Whispers!! Many people have been experiencing much pain and much change over the last little while.  The energies have been difficult as we walk through the "last days".  May the following article give you some lighter insights into what has been happening and how to handle them.  I believe things are getting better and everything is exactly as it should be -- even if it doesn't look it. 

Happy reading, and I hope you'll be able to join me at one of my courses.  I'd love to have you there as we build a spiritual community of  committed animal and earth loving people!  And we hope you think of us when gift giving for Mother's Day.  Read all below and also view the videos made by Wake Up Sydney! which include yours truly spouting words of wisdom!!

With love, light and magical laughter
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The Autumn Equinox and the Dark Lord of Negativity
As I write, my daughter tells me I smell of woodsmoke.  Dogs and cats drape over chairs and lie comfortably in front of the fire in the tiny Owl Cottage living room, as rain batters the windows and new leaks appear in the ancient roof.  Tamsin collects the inside rain in metal dog bowls.  I silently thank the rain for reminding us we have more re-roofing to do before winter sets in properly.  I ignore the Dark Lord of Negativity who tries to engage my abundance fears, whispering in my ear that I probably won't be able to afford to.  And not only that, a heavy winter storm will probably rip the roof right off.  And certainly the cardboard covering the broken window is a definite weak spot in winter protection.

"She'll be right," I say firmly in my best Aussie accent. "Nick off." 

Like everyone, the Dark Lord of Negativity loves to engage me in a good battle.  But these days,  I always win. I practice the art of non-engagement with this particular fellow, even if sometimes he has me in a momentary grip of panic.  This time I thank him for reminding me where to put my attention -- not on him at all, but on the opposite.

After all, I am incredibly grateful to have a roof over my head at all. Many people don't. And gratitude is the key to abundance.

In my mind's eye, I see Owl Cottage with a new roof, new windows, and all the renovations of my dreams including an attic bedroom.  Yay!!!  How exciting!!  I see the future Ballyoncree -- all the desired sheds, stables, dams, herbal hedgerows, and medicinal and shelter trees.  I get really carried away and see the entire For Life Sanctuary and Rainbow Fianna centre.  More excitement -- and still more knowing that  one day it will be as easy as that.  Instant manifestation.  This is where we could head if humanity takes the road of a possible future and not the probable one.  "Thank you , thank you, thank you!" I say with great enthusiasm. "For reminding me where to put my focus now that the book and film are done and my studies complete!"

I laugh. No Dark Lords can lurk in this house of Light!

The Dark Lords of Negativity have been out in full force lately with the arrival of another down load of Light on the planet.  The energetic shift of the Autumn Equinox was a real doozy, stirring up muck as a whirly whirly stirs the dust and dead leaves.  My sense is that the intensity of it is waning and that it will herald in a time of beauty with the Wesak full moon on May 9.  A hopefully, softer time in the Southern Hemisphere heading up to the Winter Solstice.  These are all special times and opportunities to shed our old skins.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, via Cariel, "the midpoint of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld, May 9th, is being called a Rebirth, which gives humanity an unprecedented opportunity to cooperate with the forces of evolution to fulfill individual and collective purposes, and to create a sustainable world of harmony, abundance and balance with Nature."

Soluntra King (in her Cosmic Events 2009) says of this time: "It's a wonderful time to access and love your own duality fears as well as assisting humankind to go beyond all limitations and shine in your true light.  It is also a time when you can more easily review contracts you have made to grow and unify and to do your mission on Earth.  You can see the bigger picture and your soul story and connectiveness with all experiences and your life/s holograms and what is really taking place with the cycles and the shift as we move through the Galactic Centre.  The divine beings in Mt Kaliash wish to commune with you and assist in realisations within and awakenings of your vital force.  They work with you in your sleep but now is a time to become conscious of them and the work you do in the higher dimensional realms."

This May full moon is a time for celebration and completion.  Yay, more excitement!!


This last shift was huge.  It was a good time to go within, connect with nature, and be at home.  Many beloved people and animals died.  We also lost many friends, including our beloved cat Rhodri and our beloved grandmother Pine Tree, as well as human friends and extended family. Phew.

The energies were stressy, narky, unlike love, and made people irritable, fatigued, fearful and lost in the wilderness.  Many people felt the need to go within and reassess.  There was a widespread feeling of needing to find balance, harmony and fun.  There was a need to deal with relationships gracefully and graciously.  And many relationships were strained by the test.  It was a time when people pulled out the word knives and projected onto others, when really, it was kid gloves that were needed, as so many felt vulnerable and raw.  Like I said, the energies brought up all that was  unlike love, showing the cracks which need healing before we can really go forward as new humans.

Personally, I came home from assisting at the Four Winds Society's South program and had an enforced rest.  It turned out to be the best thing I could of done.  We closed the virtual doors and holed up, waiting for the storm to pass.  After studying, rushing to put out a book and a film, as well as keeping up my normal work commitments with the animal Sanctuary and clients, and assisting The Four Winds Society, I was pretty exhausted.  It felt good to take on a lighter load, read fantasy fiction (can't you tell!), and spend time on the land and with the animals.  Soul food!!!

Connecting with nature is truly the best thing we can do during these energy shifts,

Ballyoncree was once again in the grip of drought and I could sense things reeling out of control.  Tight finances at a time when buying truckloads of water was necessary, truckloads of hay loomed on the horizon, and animals with health challenges.  What to do?

I knew to bring order and harmony back to home I needed to come back into balance myself.  So I rested and took the reins.  And believe me, I'm not much good at resting, so this was a challenge.   Except for a one-day escape to the beach with the dogs, we stayed at home and hung out with the animals, dodging the dark clouds that were afflicting so many.  In defiance to the drought, I washed all eight dogs, every single bit of bedding and cleaned all the horse water troughs.  And then it rained.  It's still raining and Ballyoncree has returned to a green and peaceful state.  There is new grass growing, even if the creek isn't flowing yet.  When we are in balance, our world comes back into balance.

The shift also affected the animals.  After being completely well and vital with no signs of epilepsy, our dog Willow seizured on and off for three weeks, giving us many broken nights.  Her last cluster of seizures was at the last Equinox.  Dogs Dusty, Raffi and Cedar all had health challenges as well this time around, and it was very tough losing Rhodri who had been with us for 14 years and a huge personality in our home.  We all miss this big, grey, fluffy gentleman and his etheric presence can still be seen in the old kitchen on the bench where he waited to be fed, in a box in the office, curled up on the bed....  Rhodri  - you were such a blessing. 

So if life was dodgy in your neck of the woods, know that even as light is coming into the planet, it stirs up the dross to show us what personal work still needs to be done.  It takes away those of us who are not part of the coming change at this time, and makes you look at what it is you are creating from that unhealed, unconscious part of yourself.  It asks you to heal and step up.  The energy of chaos and "unlike love" asks us to embrace higher consciousness and really understand that scientific materialism is not the full picture of our reality.  Truly, we are on a path to a golden age.  And we are the ones making it happen.  This is why it is so important to do our personal work and be informed.  The maelstrom of chaos sweeps across the planet, catching people in its net and urging us to change.  And change right now, for the highest good of all. 

These are all the things we discuss in our documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

For me (and many others) it is about honouring the self more and finding balance in life. And I finally, really got how important it is to nurture myself, for when I get out of balance, so does the world in which i live.  

Everything in our world is what we create with our thoughts and words.  And we can change it.  Blaming and complaining hold us in a holding pattern.  Change your perception, and you can change your world. 

Our challenge now is to be authentic and do the things which give us joy.  These are not the things we've been conditioned to do by our rather sterile culture.  Human beings are smart -- we have imagination.  The trick is to break free of the bindings which stop us from using the imagination to its fullest potential.  Our challenge is to ride these waves of energy with grace and graciousness, and to rise above negative thoughts, fears and actions.  Our challenge is to interact with our fellow humans in a high way -- responding not reacting.  Our challenge is to learn the lessons being given to us so we can transcend the density of the current human condition.

When I was too tired to battle the Dark Lords of Negative Thinking, instead of dwelling on their insidious whispers and falling prey to their traps, I read fiction.  I refused to engage.  I'd come up with something positive to bat back like a game of tennis.  It's a game and it's one humans have to learn to play.  Step outside the fears and know they are just a trap of your own making.  We have to take 100 percent responsibility for everything, understanding that everything in your life is a result  of where you have put your focus and attention.  Your power is in your attention. 

I also refuse to be drawn into the fear-mongering idea of a recession.  In my world, there isn't one.  And this was reflected back to me by one of the beaming local shop keepers who had a fantastic Easter in our small town.  "No recession here," she said.

What we fear, we create.

So I loved April and was so grateful for the opportunity to stop for a little while.  The more I rested, the more I welcomed the  return of my positive, grateful, creative self -- renewed, refreshed and coming up with new ideas.  I love the autumn colours, the air, the light, the warm sunny days and the cosy cold nights. I love hanging out with the animals.  Very nurturing.

The dogs, by the way, all healed beautifully.  My world came back into balance as I did.  And this, after all is the basis of my teaching.  


The ancients knew how special the sabbats were.  They did not have to take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate them.  They were the schedule.  Our modern culture laughs and has made mockery of these special times. Instead of the summer (or winter) solstice we get Christmas -- a time for frenetic gatherings and stressful gift giving (buy, buy, buy!) which has lost its original Earth-aware meaning.   And instead of Samhain we get a parody of halloween.

The idea of the veils between the worlds becoming thin and the earth's energies shifting and changing is not even considered in our rather limited culture.  But every year on Samhain, our family sets an extra place at the table in the old tradition, and lights a candle for those who have departed.  Every year I ask of the dead, who wants to be contacted, and I invite them to our table.  I'll never forget the year my dad (in spirit) turned up.  He loved it -- he'd never been to Ballyoncree while he was alive.  It was a joy to engage with him.  We had a great night!

Samhain (Summer's End) is celebrated on April 30/May 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a time when the dead wander and the veils are very thin.  It is a time to honour the ancestors and loved ones who are on the other side.  it is a time to remember the good times and celebrate them with good food and perhaps friends or family. Our list of remembering will be long this Samhain.  It's also a time for divination, apple cider, soul cakes, spiced hot cocoa, potato pancakes, candles and stories which honour our beloveds in spirit.

So be mindful of the Sabbats and remember they bring change and mark change.  I find the Equinoxes and Solstices to be particularly powerful, upsetting the sensitive among us, especially the more susceptible animals. They are good times to take time out.  Spend them in nature and with close loved ones.  Do ceremony, honour the shift, thank Mother Earth.  Let's strive to learn  from our ancient ones how to live our modern lives in a new and earth honouring way.  Taking time out to be in nature is going to become more and more important as people are put under pressure to shift and grow and change in these exciting and yes, challenging, times. 

It might be a difficult journey to shed old habits and stories for many people, but perhaps it makes it easier to remember the rewards for living as a new human in a light-filled body are endless and magical. The future of Mother Earth is a bright one.  And that future is rushing towards us.
MOTHER"S DAY GIFT IDEAS  -  Our inspiring dog films and Secret Animal Business - The Book
Secret Animal Business cover
Mother's Day is looming and of course we'd suggest our wonderful, award winning romantic comedy Finding Joy, starring Raffi the dog.   Or perhaps the equally uplifting Seven Days with Seven Dogs - also starring Raffi with his six other pack mates.  They are available from my online shop.

And if you want to give Mum a very special reading experience, think Secret Animal Business.

I'm thrilled at the responses I've received to my book Secret Animal Business.  So many people have been telling me how much they have enjoyed reading it, that they can't put it down, and how they've been reaching for the tissues.  Thank you everyone who has taken the time to tell me how you feel. It really makes a difference.  Here are a few of the kind things people have said:

"I love your book - it is making so much sense, and I feel completely moved to tears when I read it.  Well, done Billie, this is briliant." - Deb M. (Australia)

"You book is so cool.  I LOVE it! Thank you for all your hard work writing this. It is changing how I relate not only to my animal familiy, but the human one as well.  Beautiful!" - Marta I. (USA)

"It's causing me lack of sleep because I cannot put it down!  I love it." Evelyne S. (Australia)

As I write, I have exactly seven copies left to sell from the first print run.  I'm organising another run, but it's going to take a few weeks to get them in hand.  So if you are interested in a copy, please order one sooner rather than later so you don't miss out.
Billie's Braidwood Study Retreats - May and June 2009

Please help spread the word and forward this email to your networks.  The world needs human angels for animals!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



Includes very special May-only offer!

Calling all new students to this foundation level course which introduces you to the secrets of the animals, helps you understand the truth of animal behaviour and starts you on your journey with the silent language of the animals and nature, and your journey in transformation helping you be the best you can be for the animals you love.

This is an experiental course in the shamanic tradition.  It includes storytelling, journeying, movement, practical work with the animals and land of Ballyoncree, distance work, personal work, and ceremonies.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand how to listen to the silent language , view animal behaviour in a new way, understand the spiritual and psychic life of animals and have begun your journey of personal transformation and re-connection to nature and the sacred in a deeply meaningful way.

Secret Animal Business is not just a workshop, it is a pathway to a better way of living and interacting with animals and nature.  Set in the atmosphere-filled village of State Heritage-llsted Braidwood,  NSW, students experience first hand the joys of living in spiritual community with other like-minded people, and the unforgettable majesty of Ballyoncree.

Friday, May 15, 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday May 16 9:30 am to 9.30 pm (approx)
Sunday May 17 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Venue: The Old Bank, Braidwood, NSW (an hour from Canberra, and 3.5 hours from Sydney).
Cost: $560

For this course only we are offering a special deal, to encourage people to bring their friends.  Bring five friends and come for free, bring one and get a $100 discount, two friends gets you a $200 discount etc.  Please see the website for details, and email me if you feel you can take advantage of our very special May only offer!!!!!

Book here (if not taking advantage of the special offer) or email me for more information.

WILD PURE HEART LEVELS 3 & 4 - JUNE 15 to 20  (6 day retreat) 

This is the only Level 3 and 4 retreat for the year.

Calling all advanced students!  This is an opportunity to complete the wheel of knowledge required for this part of your training.  Wild Pure Heart Grades Three and Four covers Healing, Death and Destiny.  Learn how to recognise and clear entities, the power of love and forgiveness, and working with the lineage.  Includes the Munay Ki rites and teachings, and reviews in depth your ability to read animals in person and from a distance.

We will be working with the animals and land of Ballyoncree, with ceremony, song and storytelling, practical and personal work, journeying  -- and lots of good fun.  Again, this is a course in the shamanic tradition and includes transformational work to help you step into becoming the new human the animals need you to be.  This is about stepping into your power and accepting the mantel of Earthkeeper, steward of all of creation.

Students will come away with a strong sense of where they are on their journey, a healer's toolkit, and an opportunity to see, hear and read more clearly.  This is practitioner level and we will explore the business of animal consultations, to help you walk and work in the world with ethics, integrity and impeccability.

The animals need you, so please come to Braidwood in June!!!

Book here, or email me if you have any questions.

Monday, June 15, 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Tuesday June 16 - Friday June 19, 9:30 am to 9.30 pm (approx)
Saturday, June 20, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Venue: The Old Bank, Braidwood, NSW (an hour from Canberra, and 3.5 hours from Sydney).
Cost: $1,250

Dress warmly and comfortably.


My schedule is very full this year but watch this space for the scheduling of this course.   All those interested, please email me.
Secret Animal Business Level One in Perth

For those on the west coast, I'll be teaching a Secret Animal Business Level One course in Perth (see course details above).  Presented in association with the Conscious Living Academy, this is three days of insights into the silent language, animal behaviour and the secrets of the animals, including ceremony.

Dates: July 10, 11, 12, 2009

Starts July 10 at 1 pm.  Please wear warm clothes and be prepared for fire ceremony outside.  Bring a vegetarian meal to share -- we will be working through the evening until 9 pm.

Please book through Conscious Living.
This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon

We've had lots of enquiries about our current documentary, the warm-hearted, uplifting This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, which received a standing ovation in Perth, at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival.   We've interviewed some exciting wisdom keepers who weave a compelling message about what each of us can do to ensure a bright possible future instead of a dark probable one.  Andrew is fimishing editing as we speak.  Watch this space!
Billie and Wake Up Sydney

I'm completely honoured to be among the Wake Up Sydney interviewees rounded up by Jono Fisher who has a vision to start a kindness revolution.

Check out yours truly on these videos, and check out the Wake Up Sydney website as well.

Hats off to Jono Fisher for an awesome vision.  May he and his vision inspire others.  This is the new reality of the future -- starting now.
Farmsitter: Wanted Very Urgently

A wonderful, warm, capable, knowledgeable, calm, animal loving, horse savvy,unflappable, patient housesitter is urgently required here at Ballyoncree.  Would have to be reasonably local or in the vicinity.   We have lots of short trips to promote the work of Secret Animal Business and the This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.  We want someone who could come on a consistent basis to provide emotional security for the animals.  They like the known.

Email me if you think you can help out.
Ending Death Row - News!
You'll all be pleased to know that things are afoot for great change -- at last.  Thanks to Christine for putting Paul Archer in touch with me.  He is doing great work and I'm feeling very positive about the future of animal souls in this very important movement for social change. The more of us who work together to stand up for the animals we love, the more likely something will happen.  Please go to his website, sign his petitiion, do anything you can.  We have to stand together.

Paul will be attending the No Kill Conference in the USA.  I look forward to his return and hearing the news.  Things are looking up for our companion animals.  Let's band together to end death row.

I have so many, many people to thank for helping take care of the animals of Ballyoncree while Andrew, Tamsin and I were away assisting the Four Winds Society. First of all, thanks to Lin for being here while were were away. To Michanne, for stepping in so amazingly and for missing university.  A huge THANK YOU.  You are indeed an angel.

I want to thank my friends Michelle and John for their readiness to help out, and Michelle, especially, for braving the firethorn.

I want to thank Rosi Pletzer for her unending healing support for both Willow and Raffi (and all the others...) and Kathi Sherburne, Rebecca Booth and also Dennis Puffet.  So much gratitude to you all.  I am so grateful that I have healers to call upon.  My heart is full when I think of you all.  And the animals thank you too.

I want to thank The Washing Mill in Braidwood for their amazing good work and continued support through their patience!!.   And also the Aruluen Pub for wonderful dog blankets -- must of heard me wishing I had some!
Wish List

Herbs and supplements for the horses here at Ballyoncree.  Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies gives a discount for anyone ordering stuff for the Sanctuary.  We urgently need rosehips, garlic, kelp, psyllium seeds. Neem Oil.

We also need:
  • Winter horse rugs for our older horses.
  • Sheds/stables/shelters for the older horses
  • Gifts of hay, chaff, apple cider vinegar and garlic. We organise these through our local Landmark store. (Email me for details.)
Also, I am working with Young Living Essential Oils to help repair Dusty's immune system and help him grow his hair back after a nasty dose of wombat mange.  I've treated him with neem oil and a lemon oil rinse.  Lemon oil helps immune function, is uplifting and revitalising, and is actually a great household cleaner as well.   His hair is growing back beautifully in time for winter. 

The other oil I use a lot of is Geranium -- great for calming animals, for bruises and also for wounds. I'm also now experimenting with Aroma Life for Raffi's heart challenge.  He went for a good walk the very next day after application.  And continues to be returned to his cheeky , lively self.

Other oils I need  for the animals are Helichrsyum, Copaiba , Thieves , Purification, Peppermint  Di-Tone. Lavender.

I really love working with these oils with the dogs and horses as a gentle and very powerful way of allowing the body to heal itself.

For Young Living oils, phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582.

Thank you , thank you , thank you.

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]