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 February 2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree

I wanted to share this email I just received from two of our friends on this list:


To Billie Dean
and all others on the network.
From the people in the area of Sth Gippsland ie Churchill through to Yarram including ourselves in the Gromandale area, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

We, Ray & Susanne, have escaped the fires by about 500 yards.  Over night we have had 12m of rain and everything is very wet.  THANK YOU.   THANK YOU.   THANK YOU.
Love Light and Blessings to you all,
Ray & Susanne Foster


Ray and Susanne, we are so pleased that you and yours are safe.

Thanks also to all the people who have been worried about Ballyoncree.  We are in NSW and we are fine.  Today is freezing here and last night I lit an inside fire and rugged horses to keep our mature animals healthy and warm.  It's also raining. 

Victoria, however, is still in need of our urgent assistance.  Pray rain for Victoria and meditate, meditate, meditate.  Thank the fire lovingly, and tell the fire spirits they can stop now.    See the world back in sacred harmony.  Thank you thank you thank you for stopping now fire,  and thank you thank you thank you rain spirits for your help in helping the Mother be cool and green again.

See it, dance it, be it.

FOCUS on rain.  I know it's hard.  My heart is torn up by the loss of our flora and fauna , those who have lost their habitats, those who were badly burned, those animals who have lost their loved ones -- the list goes on.    But we can't focus on that right now.  We have to keep the focus on rain.  Until the fire is out, focus on rain and sacred harmony.   Don't put more energy into the fire.  This is especially needed at a time when there is a national expectancy for the weekend to be tough.  Let's create miracles.  See the rain, call her, acknowledge your connection to her, love her, bless her.  Bless yourselves, meditate. 

Liliane Grace sent me word of the ancient Aryvedic method of agnihotra.  It sounds powerful and the more people who do it with the intention of rain and sacred harmony returned, the more we can create miracles.  Believe in miracles.

On Tuesday Ballyoncree sent 16 big garbage bags of linen, bedding and towels to go to the treatment and comfort of burned animals in Victoria..  Thank you to Fastways for supplying the transport.

We sent them to a collection center at 4 Paws & More Pet Supplies  - Unit 2, 60 Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park.  Ph: 03 9331 7869 who were sending out trucks daily.

There were other collection centres in the last newsletter -- animal aid and wildlife rescue places and equine rescue (see below).

Also needed badly are creams, salves, emergency essence, rescue remedy, food for birds, cats, dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, and goats.  Remember that this page has links on ways you can help, especially for animals.

Braidwood was organising a truck load of hay to be sent, and more worrying is the recovery time of land before grazing animals can eat natural grasses. Victoria will have a winter without grass unlless we work miracles.   So we need to be mindful of continuing our aid to the horses and other grazing animals of Victoria -- now and in the future,

Thanks everyone for all you do.

With love and blessings,
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Out of the Ashes
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Helping the Horses

Thanks to Mary Hitchcock for sending this information through:

Triple R Equine Welfare Inc
Not for Profit A0050043E
ABN 82 630 377 425
Crisis Network

If you need HELP:
Internet access to our Crisis Network:
Or phone:  Tanya Meldrum 9756-7221  /  0411 434 123

For all information on the hay drive:
Or email:  Kay Barney

Bendigo Showgrounds
Stabling - Hay Stocks - Veterinary Care
Contact:  Kay Barney
 If you need assistance in transporting your horse/s to the Relief Station please

International Fund for Animal Welfare

I received this emailed call for help from the IFAW:

Koala Drinks

You may have seen this famous photo showing a firefighter giving water to "Sam" the koala as she holds his hand. The firefighter found Sam walking painfully on scorched paws along the smoldering forest floor. Sam was rushed to the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter, a group IFAW is supporting with an emergency grant.

Dear Billie,
 We're in a race against time to help the animal victims of Australia's devastating bushfires.
Hundreds of people and countless animals have already perished in the worst bushfire disaster Australia has ever faced.
Kangaroos have been found dead on the roads...cows burned where they turtle's shell melted and fused to its body...a baby wallaby's ears and nose were burned to a crisp when he stuck his head outside his mother's pouch.
 Please help the animal victims of the Australian wildfires.
 IFAW's Emergency Relief Team is already on the ground helping local wildlife caretakers with search and rescue operations, providing medical treatment to burned and abandoned animals that are emerging from the fire zone - koalas, possums, kangaroos, dogs, even horses and birds - as well as food and vet supplies.
 But recovery for many animals will be a long process, and we desperately need to raise funds to help over the long term with medical supplies, animal cages, blankets and towels.
Please give what you can to help us rescue and care for the animal survivors.

Your donation will do so much to help IFAW continue its crucial Emergency Relief operation to care for these helpless creatures:

  • Continuing vital search and rescue operations for wild animals and lost or abandoned pets.
  • Providing lifesaving treatment and critical vet supplies to animals saved and brought to local care centers.
  • Providing essential food and water - the scorched landscape has left very little natural food for animals.
  • Providing emergency funding to local groups that are also rescuing and caring for animals.
Relief workers cannot do it all - they must help stricken and injured people. It's up to us to help the animals.
 Any amount you can spare will help the victims of Australia's fires and victims of other natural disasters and incidents of cruelty and suffering around the world.
 The victims of Australia's fires simply can't wait. Please make a donation right now.
 Thank you, from the burned animals who need you in this tragic time,
 Fred O'Regan
 p.s. You may be asking yourself: Is there anything one person can do in the face of such an overwhelming tragedy? The answer is a resounding YES, but there's no time to lose.
More Help and Ways to Help

Thanks to Alex for sending the following through.  Help and ways to help are coming from everywhere, which is great.  This really is a time for us all to do our part.

RSPCA NSW Inspectors have travelled to Victoria to offer their assistance and help the many animal victims of the horrific bushfires.

Inspectors Donna Stockton, Gillian Hay and Courtney Milton arrived at the Burwood RSPCA Shelter this morning to team up with their Victorian colleagues. Three more NSW Inspectors will arrive in Victoria next week.

Throughout the week the RSPCA NSW Call Centre in Yagoona has been inundated with calls from concerned animal lovers wishing to assist the bushfire victims by donating money and pet supplies.

RSPCA Victorian Spokesman Ray Lord says he's been overwhelmed by the many calls, emails and donations from residents of New South Wales in response to the bushfires.

"We are extremely grateful and a little humbled by the generosity and are working to send the donated items to the bushfire affected areas," he said.

"At this stage we have received enough food, blankets and towels to support our work over the coming weeks and we will be well equipped to care for animals both at our Shelters and in the bushfire affected areas."

All donations can be made at RSPCA NSW's Yagoona Shelter at 201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona. To make a monetary donation please visit or call (03) 9224 2222

What's needed:
  • Veterinary supplies
  • Self-adhesive Bandages
  • Cotton gauze squares
  • Tissue scissors
  • Bandage scissors
  • Basins to hold water for cleaning wounds
  • Tupperware containers, dogs bowls, kidney dishes.
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning agents
  • Shampoo and Conditioner


EFA (Vic) (now known as Equestrian Victoria) is making bushfire help available for the horse community with an enormous number of offers of help from its members and available to all horse owners (unrelated to whether a member or not) who have been bushfire affected. It is facilitating offers of horse and person accommodation and very importantly, the offer of floating of horses to their accommodation. Equestrian Victoria also has fodder being made available for emergency delivery to any horse/s notified to them as needing emergency feeding and donation of the fodder and delivery will be arranged by Equestrian Vic. As well there is horse gear being donated and will be made available for affected owners. Cash donations are also being taken and will be used in an accountable and audited fashion.

Owners and helpers are advised that Melbourne University faculty of Veterinary Science has offered to the community free treatment of horses at their Werribee campus and details can be obtained on the Melbourne University website or through Equestrian Victoria's website.

There are enormous numbers of offers of help but the difficulty in these very early times is on finding out who needs help and where they need help. Some areas are still off limits and no-one is able to get help to those areas yet. People are strongly encouraged to contact horse owners they know from affected areas to stress to them that they can get Equestrian Victoria's assistance. Equestrian Victoria also recommends contacting Project Hope for assistance with injured, abandoned, lost and found horses as well as for temporary placement of horses from fire affected properties.

Equestrian Victoria is also planning to give facilitation and assistance well past this crisis period with helping to re-establish horse owners in looking after their own horses and then further on, in getting back to useful enjoyment with their horses.

Equestrian Victoria also invites individuals, businesses or groups who want to collect or distribute donated items to work with and through Equestrian Victoria.

Equestrian Victoria has selected Project Hope as its preferred organisation to be assisted from donations received that have not been used in EV's own efforts. Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria can be found at, by email to, by telephone at 1300 881 606 and by Fax on 03 5428 1236. This selection has been made after discussions with a number of animal welfare bodies, including the RSPCA.

Equestrian Victoria can be contacted on 9013 0707 (Ext 400),,, or on a mobile 0400 917 037.

Out of the Ashes

And finally, an email from my friend Page with some photos from the scene.


This is the group I am working with, and thought you might like to see these.

These were sent to me by someone working with T.R.E.W. Rebecca who organised 15 floats to go into Kinglake also took the photos.

The second photo is titled "Out of the Ashes."

Brings a smile to your face and maybe a tear.



Click for the complete story

Horse Floats

Out of the Ashes

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