Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
 February 2009
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree

A Prayer for those in Need:

First up, our hearts and prayers here at Ballyoncree go out to all those devastated by the wildfires and the floods in Australia, who are still under threat and to those who have lost their homes, both two legged and four legged -- and four legged including all wild and domestic species. 

This is a time we must truly pull together as a community and as a group.  We must meditate, striving for peace within, at a time when our hearts  are fluttering with anxiety.  I don't think there is a person in Australia who has never been touched by fire in some way, and every time one erupts our hearts are opened in empathy.

I don't understand the sickness and asleepness in arsonists, but even as we are filled with horror at the devastation they cause, somewhere in our selves we must find the courage to forgive.

I can't tell you how important it is to let go of all anger and blame, even as our hearts are bleeding for the suffering of others.  When meditating on peace, becoming peace, the world becomes more peaceful.  Crime goes down, nature settles down.  Our thoughts DO create our reality and sadly, so many people are still unconscious.

So friends, this is our job today.  Don't get lost in fear.  Be empowered and know that we can all effect change by sending love and light to the affected areas, by sending rain spirits, our angels, the devas, the elementals and all those who work in the unseen world.  The more people we have, the more power we create.

So please pray rain.  Send Light.  Do whatever work you do, from that space of love and peace.

And on another practical level, dig deep.  This is a time for action.  We need to provide money and homes for the animals in need.  In this time of homelessness from both the financial crisis and the natural disasters, it is time for us to really step up, help out, live on less, so others, both human and animal, can live.  It's time for people to get out of their comfort zones, saying "I can't because..." and saying I CAN!!!!!

And if you are not sure what you can do to help, have a look at this page for ways to contribute.  I've also included some information from my friend Connie Fehlau in the section Bushfires: How You Can Help, toward the bottom of this newsletter.

Sending so many blessings to all.  Our hearts, thoughts, prayers and spiritual work are especially with those in affected areas.

. . . . .

In this issue of Animal Whispers, we put a call out for urgently needed animal sitters, share ways of meeting today's challenges, and encourage you to come along to see and learn from the Four Winds Society's Alberto Villoldo in February, and Linda Fitch in March.

Also in March, thanks to Patricia Hamilton and Conscious Living magazine, there is the launch of my book Secret Animal Business (which you can pre-order), the premiere of our film This Sacred Earth, and Perth workshops and talks at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival.

And for all those inspired by Dr Villoldo's talks, or who want to experience something of the Healing the Light Body School before you commit, I'm running a foundation Munay Ki class in my new Earthkeepers class format.

So hang onto your hats, and read on!!!!
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Meeting Today's Challenges
Ballyoncree Urgently Needs Animal Sitters
Alberto Villoldo and Linda Fitch in Australia
Billie's Coming to Perth
Foundation Earthkeepe's Course
Shamanic Healing for Animals and People
Online Courses and Your Help
Secret Animal Business - Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunity
Billie in Susun Weed's Ezine
Billie in Susun Weed's Ezine
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No Kill Conference 2009
Dog Rescues Dog
Bushfires: How You Can Help
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Meeting Today's Challenges
Road and Sun

2009 is going to rock your world, so keep thinking positive thoughts and being aware of creating your reality every moment.  The dreamers are waking up!

In 2009 we can expect more of the old paradigms to fall, giving us tremendous opportunity to truly create the world of our dreams.  Did you feel the shift from the Solstice?  2008 went out with a bang, and in came the more gentle energies of 2009.  So far so good.  And then came the sweet, sweet  January full moon.  And then just last week -- the time between eclipses -- pretty rough for so many in Australia.  But it's about  manifesting what you want.  I don't know about you but for some reason the dreaded TV news was on the night before the fires, (we never watch it!) and I heard the reporter talking about how bushfires were likely.  This went into the consciousness of the nation.  I'm not saying it is his fault or anything, but the more energy we put into disaster, the more we get because we are in that time now of co-creating life - faster and faster.  So when negative images go into our consciousness, we begin to fear and close down our heart chakras, and draw a whirlpool of negative energy.  Which is why I don't watch the news and prefer to keep focusing on peace and teachng and healing others -- so more and more of us  can dream the new world into being from that place of the healed and empowered Earthkeeper.

These are all the things I talk about in Secret Animal Business and This Sacred Earth.  We are now in the time of intense shifting.  And I see so clearly a beautiful world, a beautiful future of peace and plenty for all.

And now with the eclipse be awake for some fairy magic, and with great reverence and respect, ask the elementals and devas for some help in creating your own perfect heaven on earth.  And by this, I don't mean focusing on money and materialism.  Sorry guys, that era is over.  The focus today is all about doing whatever you can to create balance within yourself, so that the world outside of yourself is in sacred harmony.  It's time to be in right relations with the world, dump your old stories, move into service and let's get on with having fun by being completely authentic. It's going to be a year of Light coming into the planet at what seems to be regular intervals, but while this is wonderful and amazing, it can stir up the dross, because, my friends, it is completely and utterly, time to shift.

I know a lot of people are finding these times very challenging, but we are being asked to step up and really understand what it means to create our reality. It's all too easy to focus on what is apparent, and not what is possible.  So find ways to support yourself through it, like listening to uplifting music, or having a support network of like minded friends who understand the importance of mental discipline.  Andrew and I play "thought police" with each other, and so do our close friends, making sure we are all heard but not colluding with the negative.  Instead we all gently steer each other into remembering what is possible.

So if you are finding life challenging right now, remember the first rule in the game of life which underpins EVERYTHING -- your thoughts become things, and what you focus on expands.

We have to understand that we are living a dream of our own making, and now is the time to get in the driver's seat, set your intention for what you want, and allow it to happen.   Don't miss the magical moments in life, and be out in nature as much as you can.  De-cluttering is a big thing to do right now, as we need to simplify our lives and give away to those more needy than ourselves.  The emphasis is on being lighter at the moment, so this is also something that contributes to it.

And don't forget to be grateful daily for anything and everything, a cool breeze in the heat, a call from a friend, food on the table -- there's always something to be grateful for, and that attitude of gratitude will carry you through and allow the magic to happen.

We hit a bump in our own path when contracts we were depending on to get us through Christmas both fell over on the same day.  Ouch!  I admit to having a moment of  the panicy survival mode I thought I was finished with, but then I went for a walk to my own magical Otherland over the creek where our horses currently live.

This is where I keep myself really open to the voice of spirit and nature, allowing the connection I have to nature to flower and blossom.  As I walked and listened with heightened awareness, I began to calm down and really appreciate the beauty around me.  I was in love with the weather we were having, and the green grass and, and  -- after seven years of drought , you don't take anything for granted.  You see the beauty every day.  Of every day.

Nature talked to me.  In the wind rustling through the trees, in the sudden appearance of large ravens and hawks (never seen them here before), in the appearance of eagles and rainbows.  Nature has a symbolic language, as well as a silent one, and I was even more grateful that I understood and I knew we were safe.

Amazingly, Andrew was suddenly inundated with requests for him to write children's books for the education market. We were both grateful for that. I was also grateful for a steady flow of clients from Boxing Day onwards.  Plus, I was also incredibly grateful that despite the creek drying up, we had enough water.  We had enough grass.   We had veggies in the garden and my dogs are happy and healthy on vegetarian meals.   So we had ABUNDANCE.  And I felt light and joyful, despite the situation we suddenly found ourselves in.

I know everyone is freaking out about the financial situation right now, but it's just a lot of fear.  And if you don't get lost in the wilderness of fear, then you might just recognise that you have ABUNDANCE already in your life.  And when you start to see and be grateful for that abundance, more follows.

So perhaps we had a quiet Christmas focusing on the real things in life.  We de-cluttered.  We spent time with each other.   We did our personal work of clearing old stuff out of the way, and found the joy with our daily forays into nature and with the animals.

I read a blog entry from writer Karl Moore saying that when the challenges hit him, he goes to his own inner sanctuary inside.  He quoted Joseph Campbell:  When you find the joy, it burns away the pain.

My spirit is too restless to sit still and meditate when the challenges come.  So I get my dogs and climb our mountain, and drink in the beauty.  Dogs' happy grins, views over the valley, horses peacefully grazing, the power of the surrounding hills.  Nature and animals get me back into balance.  This is the joy I feel which burns away the pain.

The other nighRainbowt I was cleaning out a water trough, wondering how  I was now going to finish my film.  I was listening to my daughter's ipod, and Hilary Duff was the choice of singer, for her encouraging songs for the creative spirit.  The boy brumbies all came down to say hello and then raced off with the mischievous Tusuque in full kelpie chase.  I had to smile.  It was raining and the rain felt great on my bare arms after a hot day.  And then, just as Hilary sang "someone's watching over me", something made me look up.

I was standing in the middle of a perfect rainbow.
 Top photo by Stuck in Customs.
 Lower photo by Tojosan.
Ballyoncree Urgently Needs Animal Sitters because Billie, Andrew and Tamsin are out and about!

We've got  a bit of traveling coming up this year -- and  Michanne, our wonderful animal sitter last year, is off to University this year -- congratulations Michanne!!!!!  So this opens up a wonderful opportunity for the right animal-loving person or people to help us out.  If you are a patient, loyal, energetic, animal loving, dog and horse savvy, down-to-earth soul who doesn't mind a rustic farmhouse, bush rats and bottle feeding baby goats, then please email me on billie [at]  We need you, and obviously we would prefer to find someone who can offer our animals consistency,  It's stressful enough when we go away so to have someone they know and trust would be more than a blessing.  Finally, please keep in mind that Ballyoncree is run on holistic health principles, so its important you have an understanding of this or be open to learning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Our first requirement is February 17- 22, then March 26 - April 2, then the last two weeks in April.  There'll be more in August and then October.  It's a busy year, which is exciting, but to be honest, I can't wait until I can bi-locate!!  Like all of you, I don't like being away from my beloved animal family!
Alberto Villoldo and Linda Fitch of the Four Winds Society come to Australia (And I'll see you there)


2009 is a big year for us, and it starts in February because I have been asked to assist my teacher in shamanic healing, Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society when he comes for a whirlwind tour of Australia's east coast from February 19 to 23.  Dr Villoldo will be giving a three-hour lecture on 2012 and Beyond in Sydney on February 19, Melbourne on Feb 20, and Bangalow on Monday, February 23.  These are evenings not to be missed, to get the low down on 2012 and the Inkan Prophecy.

On Saturday, February 21, Dr Villoldo will give a day's workshop called Courageous Dreaming: The Shaman's Way of Healing in Melbourne.  This will give you an introduction to the Healing the Light Body School. If you are curious about the school, or feel in two minds about the call to do this work, then come to this workshop.  See you there!

For details and booking go here.


I am grateful and honoured to have been invited to assist  my shamanic healing teacher Linda Fitch at the Healing the Light Body School, which I graduated from last year, and which is finally being taught for the first time in Australia.  As well as teaching you an amazing healing tool, this school introduces you to the Mystery of Inkan shaman training and heals the healer.  Like my own Rainbow Fianna retreats, Healing the Light Body also creates a spiritual community, which is vital for today's world and I'm so grateful Linda is coming, so we can bring this work to Australia.  It is something else to stand with a group of full mesa carriers -- people who have dumped their stories and are ready to step into world work and service at whatever form that takes for them. 

Believe me, it is very very exciting, and if you feel any call towards this learning, then at least start in the South class (March 27 to April I) which is the foundation class.  I keep in touch with my shaman community by Skype and have been doing world work with them, as i will be doing also with graduates of Rainbow Fianna.  Also, you have the advantage of contributing to the world by healing people at a profound level, in a field which is not only powerful, but underpopulated.  I am getting an increasing number of clients for the shamaniic services I offer for people and animals, and this is only by word of mouth.  So this is a great opportunity, and Linda is a fantastic and dynamic teacher.

Please talk to me if you are at all interested and you can also book through me as this helps Ballyoncree.  Andrew is going to do the Medicine Wheel and Tamsin will be floating around during the course -- so we all look forward to seeing whoever is there.  Come along!  Email me on
billie [at] or phone on (02) 48 422 819

I would encourage any of my Munay-Ki students to attend these workshops, and especially the  Healing the Light Body School, especially if you want to initiate others. 
Billie's coming to Perth! Conscious Living New Earth Festival, Secret Animal Business course and book launch, and the premiere of This Sacred Earth!

Billie Dean TeachingIn March, I'm coming to Perth for a fabulously fun and busy visit. 
  • In association with Conscious Living magazine I am launching my book Secret Animal Business.  Conscious Living is helping me publish and promote it, and I'm so proud to be bringing it to you.  If you are interested, you can pick one up at any of my events below, or you can pre-order a copy at my online shop.  (And if you do pre-order, I'm going to include free copy of my animal communication CD Time of the Drum as a way to say "thank-you".)

  • I'll be teaching an Advanced Course at Mary Hitchcock's home on Friday, March 13.  This will be from 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm, and it is limited to students who have studied with me before (either animal communication or munay-ki).  It will be an opportunity to get some of the latest information, delve deeper into your learning, and get questions answered.  For students who have received any of the Munay-Ki rites, I will be checking your archetypes and testing your bands of power.  Please bring photographs of animals you know and a vegetarian meal to share.  Book on my course schedule page.

  • On Saturday, March 14, as part of the Conscious Living Academy, I'll be teaching the first ever Secret Animal Business Foundation course, in conjunction with the launch of my book.  You can read about it and book in here (this link goes to Conscious Living).  I'm absolutely thrilled to be a teacher for the Conscious Living Academy, and I look forward to meeting new students.
Conscious Living has generously offered $30 off two tickets if you bring a friend to this course.  So instead of $195, if you bring a friend, you can BOTH come for $165.  Secret Animal Business is a new course to help people understand their animal companions, how they are shamanic teachers, how to communicate with them, and what they are saying about 2012.  This course is an introduction to my new on-line course, which I'll let you know about soon.  I've been a busy bee -- watch this space!
  • On Sunday I'll be speaking at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival, where I will also be screening our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.   And yes, it will be finished!  (We're shooting more material on March 1 -- nothing like a premiere to sharpen the focus!)
The Conscious Living New Earth Festival is a very special event -- featuring stalls and speakers and the film.  It's just the thing you need to prepare for the very special March Equinox!!  I think the atmosphere will be incredible and we will be creating conscious liivng community in Perth at the luscious Subiaco Arts Centre.

I can't wait to see all my Perth friends and to make new ones!!! 

For other courses, please go to my course schedule page as above.  I'll be having animal shaman classes in May  - beginners and advanced.
Foundation Earthkeeper's Course - March 20-22  And Equinox Gathering
I'm teaching a Foundation Earthkeeper's Course for the Munay-Ki on March 20 -- 22 here in Braidwood.  As I've said before, this is how I am now transmitting the Munay-Ki rites, as I feel it is very important that the rites are placed in the context of world work.  So my goal is to help as many people as possible with their personal healing and spiritual growth.  I have been initiating others for two years now and students of the Earthkeepers course will get the benefit of extra training, guidance and healing.  Please come with an open mind and heart.   Also, March 20 is the Equinox, and we are having a special ceremony at our home for this, which the class will attend.

You can read more about the Munay-Ki here.  Please go here for bookings.  If you are already a Munay-Ki student, you can come to this class for a small donation/energy exchange.  It's always great to deepen your understanding and healing.  And of course all my Munay Ki and Rainbow Fianna  are invited to join us for Equinox ceremony, either physically or at a distance doing candle ceremony.

For more information: , Rebecca

According to Soluntra King, the Equinox this year sees the higher dimensional new earth anchoring into the fifth dimension.  So this is an incredible time for the transformation of humanity.  Be open to working with the Councils of Light and understand that our animals also feel these shifts so hold them in your hearts with love and awareness.  Be aware of the world around you.  The veils are so thin now and our reality so very different.  Things are happening and it is very very exciting.
Shamanic Healing for Animals and People
Billie's mesa
As I said above, the demand for shamanic healing for people has increased so that it is almost as much as my animal consultations right now.  As a shaman, I have always worked outside of time with my spiritual helper Grandfather and now I work with two other lineages, the Inkan and the faerie.  My work is multidimensional and can create shifts in people who are stuck in their lives.  You can book here.

Here are a couple of recent testimonials:

Thank you for the amazing work you did for me, I felt as though I couldn't move forward and there were huge blockages keeping me stuck and not able to move. It was like be frozen in chaos and turmoil. The energy work you did was incredible it lifted the cloud of despair and the feeling of total bliss and happiness returned. The forgiveness piece we did has shifted something within my heart centre that has been holding me back for a very long time. With all my gratitude thank you, thank you.. I feel protected and safe, you are an angel and the powerful work you did for me has brought such peacefulness within my soul, there are no words to express the lightness of my heart. Bless you....
-- Sandi Hay, Alberta, Canada

From the time (22 years ago) the father of my three children died, my mental, emotional and physical health began to deteriorate. I went to Doctors, Naturalpaths and had Healing sessions, psychic readings, reiki, reconnection etc. and have been in and out of hospital. If one symptom improved it was replaced by another. I always felt drained and my energy level continued to fall, developing into diabetes. I could not heal, no matter what I tried. I had a shamanic healing session with Billie over the phone. Ifelt like a weight was lifted off of me. I am more peaceful. My body is beginning to heal. I have more energy. I can now start something and stick to it. The mental and emotional negativity is no longer in control of my life. I now feel I have a choice and I am not fighting an internal battle for my life. I believe whatever type of healing you receive from the Shaman, Billie Dean, you will be glad and happy that you experienced the healing. I am very grateful to Billie and Spirit for my Healing!
-- Anna Curby, Western Australia, Australia
Online Courses Coming, But I Need Your Help

In the coming months, Andrew and I will be bringing you the first of our online courses.  I really want to make this teaching available to people no matter where they are, and I think the courses and the community around them will be a wonderful place to learn and grow.

However, I would be grateful if you could help me out by answering a single question: "What do you want to learn online?"  I'm doing my utmost to make sure the material is relevant and valuable.  But you can help me by dropping Andrew an email (andrew [at] letting us know what kind of learning you think would help you the most.  You know me and my work.  So what do you want to learn?

More on the online training as we get closer to launching later in the year.  And thank-you so much for your input.
Secret Animal Business - The Book - Sponsor/Advertising Opporunity

I have to admit I've been working hard on this one.  The book itself has dictated what it will be, and right now I am self-publishing under the Conscious Living umbrella.  I need to get it out far more quickly than traditional publishers can do it.  It's got a ton of information gleaned from the animals themselves and my half a century of communicating with them. Yes, OVER half a century.  So, Secret Animal Business is a book which fills you in on the secrets of the animals and also shows you how you can negotiate your way through these CHANGING times, by listening to the world of animals as I do.

If anyone wants to sponsor or advertise in the book, that would help me a great deal, and in return you will get amazing mileage as I am going to be sending this book everywhere to help herald in the changes which need to be done for the animal world -- the world over.  The only sponsors/advertisers I will take  are those who are in line with the message of the book. 

If you are interested, let Andrew know, and he'll send you an outline of what we have in mind for sponsors.  Email him on andrew [at]

And as I mentioned before, you everyone can pre-order the book, which will also help me bring it out.
Billie in Susun Weed's Ezine

I'm pleased to have been featured in Susun Weed's February eZine.  Susun's site has a wealth of herbal and natural healing knowledge.  I encourage you to stop by and have a look around.
Tip: Try Lentils and Veggies for Dogs and Cats

Feeling the financial pinch? There are definitely ways to feed your animals well on a budget.  Dogs, for example, can live well on inexpensive, healthy food such as lentils.  One dog in England lived to around 30 on rice, lentils and raw veggies. 

By the way, our cats also eat lentils!!!  And our cats and dogs both eat pumpkin!  We have fed all our animals through the toughest of financial challenges, healthy balanced vegetarian  and vegan meals.  And they thrive.   See what veggies you can mix in to your animal friend's diet.  You'd be surprised what can work.  Grating works.  Pulping is better.

Now, you do have to be careful of grains.  Some animals can't tolerate them, especially older, arthritic, and pancreatic dogs.  So be aware of your own animal's needs.

And also, when changing someone's diet, take it gradually to let them adjust by mixing in a small amount at first, and then changing proportions over time.
Ballyoncree News

We've been blessed this year with everyone doing well, and feel totally amazed that the grass is still green and we have some!!  Peter and Polly the baby goats split their time between their herd and running to Tamsin when they feel in need of a bottle.  They are completely inseperable and very very cute.  Polly (or maybe her name is Heather) likes to jump all over the Troopy, as well as Tamsin.
Tamsin with the Goat
No Kill Conference 2009

No Kill Conference 2009

AMAZINGLY a No Kill Conference is being held this May in Washington, and we wish it all the success in the world and that it filters across the rest of the world.  I am dancing with glee about this.  Change is already here!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!

From their web site:

Join us in the nation's capital where the most successful shelter directors and top animal law attorneys will help you create No Kill communities and use the legal system to save lives. The national No Kill conference in Washington D.C. is unlike any you have ever been to.

The No Kill Advocacy Center is teaming up with the Animal Law program at George Washington University Law School to bring together the nation's most successful shelter directors and the nation's top animal lawyers. They will help you create a No Kill community and teach you how to use the legal system to save the lives of animals.

Learn from animal control/shelter directors who are now saving over 90% of all animals using the building blocks to No Kill success-programs and services that have had results in both urban and rural communities-to increase adoptions, reduce length of stay, increase redemption rates, rehabilitate animals, and much, much more. Learn from animal law experts who have challenged our legal system to help animals:

Whether it's drafting model laws, fighting breed specific legislation, eliminating the gas chamber, filing impact legislation, or protecting condemned dogs, learn how to use the legal system to save the lives of animals. Learn from activists fighting entrenched and regressive shelters in their own community as they show you how to launch successful campaigns for reform.

Amazing Courage: Dog Rescues Dog

In case you haven't seen it yet, there's an amazing video of a dog rescuing another injured dog off a freeway.  So don't let anyone ever try to tell you again that animals are not sentient.  Of course they are!!!  They are AMAZING and humans should not be murdering them the way they do.   The video is on our blog here.  Grab the tissues and have a look.  Thanks to Lee for sending both this and alerting me to the No Kill Conference.  Fantastic!!!!!!!!  Awesome!!!!  Can't you sense change on the wind????  Freedom and life for all animals.  Safety and happiness.  Yay.
Bushfires: How You Can Help

Here's some information from my friend Connie Fehlau, on how you can help with the bushfires.


Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas of what you can do to help our four legged and feathered friends and their carers through this absolutely horrendous disaster. I have put together a list of places for you to start.

Any donation is a good donation....get together with friends and make up a package to send. One collar or one all helps!




Animal Aid can provide the following assistance for bushfire affected families and domestic pets:

Shelter for domestic pets
Veterinary Care for injured pets
Food and bedding for pets
A list of people offering agistment for larger animals
Ring (03) 9739 0300



Animal Aid needs the following to support bushfire victims in need
Small cages or hutches to accommodate rabbits, guinea pigs etc.
Pellets / food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens
Stock feed for sheep
Pet food for distribution
Money for purchase of accessories for distribution to pet owners e.g. dog leashes, cat carriers, dog beds, collars

Ring (03) 9739 0300


Any horse related donation please look at website below. They may be able to point you in the right direction

4 Paws & More Pet Supplies

-Donations for Pets

For many families who have lost their homes in the recent bushfires, their pets are all that remain. We understand the urgent need to provide food and supplies to keep these precious dogs, cats and small animals healthy and happy.

4 Paws & More Pet Supplies in Keilor Park wish to advise that from Monday 8 February, we will accept contributions of pet goods and pet food, that will in turn be sorted and distributed to those who most need them.

We will contact all of our suppliers in the hope of securing further donations, and provide as much assistance ourselves as possible. We are starting with several crates, leads and collars (dog and cat), large bags of cat food, dog food, bedding, and treats.

If anyone has any unwanted items such as bedding, pens, crates, bowls, toys, food, leads etc, for dogs, cats and small animals, please consider parting with them to help our fellow Victorians.

Our hours are 9.00 to 5.30 Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 5pm Saturday, and 10.00 to 4.00pm Sunday. 4 Paws & More Pet Supplies is situated between the Calder Freeway and Western Ring Road at Unit 2, 60 Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park. Melways 15 B9. Phone 03 9331 7869.

(For any further details, please contact Ian Clark on 9331 7869)
I have spoken to Ian who is doing an amazing job donating a lot of stock out of his own pocket. He said money is fine but he really needs goods. For those living a long way away money or a package would be wonderful. Get together with friends to make a care package and send to address as above*. He said no matter how weird one may think their donation he mentioned some of the following things they need:

Leads and collars
Fencing supplies
Pet carriers
May we all work together so please pass this on to anyone who can or may want to help in some way...Come on Aussie! (or our overseas friends)
Peace, happiness and good health to you all
Connie Fehlau

Once again a huge thank you to Rebecca Booth of Elementals Equine Therapies for her Christmas presents of dog balls and rag toy for the dogs, and much needed horse supplements like garlic and rosehips, kelp and rice bran oil.  Rebecca is so incredibly generous and her gifts really keep us going.  She also came visiting with a packet of horse treats from  Louella Austin, purchased with a generous discount from Condell Park Produce.  So thank you for that.  Not quite enough for 27 horses, so the special needs and boy brumbies were the lucky recipients.

I also want to thank Mary Hitchcock for her donation of Animal Essences.  These are shamanically derived in the USA, and highly effective on the animals.   I love them!  Find out more from Mary on 0428 627 959.

I also want to thank Rosi Pletzer of Vitality Health, Canberra, who's Christmas box of organic veggies always makes us feel loved and abundant, and also for her support with the animals through her Cybertrone.  Willow hasn't had a seizure since September and this is wonderful.  And Rhodri our mature cat has happily reclaimed his throne all over the house, instead of hiding in the old kitchen.  He may be thin still, but we are delighted with his progress and his happiness and mental health.

Also, thank you Kathi Sherburne for being there, even though the animals haven't required healing recently.

Billie's Medicine Chest - Healing Using Young Living Oils

I was running with the brumbies, a wild thing to do which is quite dangerous, but I trust them not to hurt me.  However I was pretty tired and one of the horses pigrooted with delight and I got my elbow in the way.  Ouch!  I had to drive to Canberra the next day and wasn't sure how I was going to do it,  When I got back to the house, I  immediately took Arnica and put Geranium oil on the bruise.  Not only did the pain immediately dissipate, but I was able to drive and there was very little discolouration.  It was pretty cool actually.

I also healed a bad bruise and swelling on a dog's inner thigh from a doggy squabble, using Geranium again.  it's an amazing oil and I'm so grateful to have it in my medicine chest.

You should check out the Young Living Oils.  If you decide you'd like some, you can order them by phoning (07) 3715 7333 and quoting my number: 770582.
Wish List

With 27 horses we need lots of horse supplements .  If you wish to make a donation this way, you can order through Rebecca Booth.  Things we need that come from her include garlic and rosehips, psyllium seeds, neem oil, rice bran oil, wormwood, No Flies on Me.  And I'm sure there's lots of other goodies I can't think of right now.

Other donations that the horses would be grateful to receive include:
  • kelp
  • apple cider vinegar and garlic
  • Wormwood
  • Paw Paw
  • Horse mineral licks with selenium
  • chaff
  • hay
  • Fulhealth silver colloid
  • Fullhealth magnesium colloid
The animals also need:
  • Veganpet vegan food for dogs and cats.  This is the only convenience food I recommend, and I use it for travelling, as a supplement, and on late nights or when the cupboard is bare.  It's great stuff and well formulated but nothing beats living food with vitality for vitality.  So our crew gets lots of veges and lately we've been making them nut pates with garlic and veges and nuts.  Yum. However we still need convenience food sometimes and like I said -- this is the only one i ever recommend.
  • Goat's milk powder.  We are currently using a Karicare baby formula based on goat milk, Nutricia Karicare Goat 2 (6 months), which is available from the supermarket.
  • Juliette de Bairacli Levy's herbal compound tablets, available from Greenpet.
  • Usana Vit E, Co Enzyme Q-10, Vitamin B, eye supplement, multivitamins for dogs available from Janet Watson Kruse.
  • Taurine, L-Carnitine.
  • Black Walnut (herbal tincture) and All Natural Wound Healing Spray from the wonderful Linda Vojkovic's The Natural Care Company.
  • FrequenSea
  • Oils, including Melrose, Geranium, Lemon, Grapefruit, Ledum, Lavender and Frankincense from Young Living.  Phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582
  • Diro Nosode, Acid Balancer, and Immune Enhancer homoeopathics from Pet Power.
And if anyone has a builder they can donate to us, we would love the walls back on the house before winter! 

Thank you so much .  May Light and love guide your every step...

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]