Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You
December 2008
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Wind Dancer, one of the horses at Ballyoncree
Andrew, Tamsin and I, and all the animals here at Ballyoncree, wish everyone a very happy Solstice and holiday season!!!

We have been having an interesting time here at Ballyoncree.  Feeling a bit stale, I hauled Andrew out on a date to the local folk music club the other night.  I needed the inspiration of fabulous political satirist David Rovics.  Later, energy high, Andrew and I were enjoying an evening dandelion coffee at the kitchen table, when Heyoka barked a frightened bark outside where she was "ratting" in the now non-existent mud room.  There were lights on the hills.  Shooters.  Drat them. 

Andrew and I have a no-kill policy for our life as well as our work.  We do the best we can to live a deeply spiritual life with reverence for every living thing.  I see a world  of politeness, respect and reverence, but obviously that hasn't yet happened around here.  It was 1:00 am, and Andrew and I splashed across the creek to check the horses.  I could tell there were some of them who were not happy.  The brumby boys.  The brumby herd were standing by the gate, waiting.  "We have to let them out," I said to Andrew.  "They're frightened."   The horses galloped across the creek to the house paddocks.  And safety.

The shooter was culling kangaroos.  Something which he does on my neighbours' property every three months.  Around here I'm told it is something we "have to do". 

Of course, I don't agree and i have told the kangaroos they are welcome on our place any time.  it's not a popular stance, but I've been a big fan of the work of Michael Roads for over two decades.  This Australian man was a farmer who came to a successful agreement with the kangaroos to share the paddocks with his cows.  If he can do it, all farmers can do it.  He talks about it in his book Talking with Nature.

I then came across a news item which talked about the genetic structure of kangaroos and humans being very close.   So we are now aware we are culling a species close to our own.  While I experience animals in an indigenous way -- that we are all connected and they are our brothers and sisters -- and don't condone killing any of them,  this news somehow made me feel even more sick in my stomach and I'm hoping word will spread and others will awaken to the realisation that animals ARE just like us, and not lesser beings. 

Man has made this mistake over and over and we have seen lots of changes by good hearted people insisting we make them.  People of a different skin colour, people of a different religious belief, women, medicine people.... all have faced the stigma of being "lesser" beings - and risen above  it.  I see way we hold animals in our society, changing in the same way.

Culling is  old world thinking and one which I will be grateful to see the crumbling of.   We are entering new paradigms now and while we  are creating this brave New Earth with our thoughts and words, let's try and seek more compassionate, fifth dimensional alternatives that fly higher than old third dimensional cultural conditioning.

Gunfire really upsets my sleep.  And my peace.

This holiday season Andrew and I will be working to bring you This Sacred Earth, our film to uplift and inspire you through the waves of 2009 and beyond.  I'm also still finishing my book and working on an exciting new on-line course.  So the busy elves of Ballyoncree will be busy,   Our new years resolution is to HAVE MORE FUN!  We'll be on the road a bit next year so we hope to meet you all in person!

We hope you have a wonderful season. Keep your thoughts and vibration high and don't hook into the third dimension dramas.  It's time for fun and laughter!  Read on to find out why!

Much peace and love to you
Billie , Andrew, Tamsin and all the animals of Ballyoncree
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Life Help from Bob Proctor

You probably know we're big fans of the work of Bob Proctor (the white-haired man in The Secret).  He's a very inspirational teacher, and he has a new online program that Andrew has been working with.  You might like to check it out here.
FOR LIFE Campaign's First Meditations and Candle Ceremony -- The New Earth for Animals

In my last newsletter, I invited everyone to join our For Life online group, and so far, more than 50 people have signed up.  A great start, and thank-you everyone for coming on board.

The full moon on Friday, December 12  (tonight( will be the date we will have our first meditation to dream in a world without cruelty to animals, promoting For Life Shelters, responsible, caring humans, and a world of sacred harmony filled with  happiness and love.  You can join in any time because we will be meditating nightly until the Solstice.

I have a dream.  A vision.  I see a world without predators.  That's right.  None.  I see the lamb and the lion lying side by side.  I see human beings living an earth honouring life in partnership with our animal friends.  I see a world where telepathy is the common language and every animal is heard and understood.  More than that - revered.  I see a world where we exist in a Fifth Dimensional paradise, where we can be human angels, etheric light beings co-creating our worlds, instantly manifesting, and needing and wanting nothing.  The stuff of fairy tales?  Perhaps.  But the fairies themselves created a world like this.  Check out the Irish legends.  They and the Mayans and other races "disappeared", and if you look closer at the 2012 prophecies, it is said that we will be "in the world but not of it".  We will have extra ESP.  We will be operating with our full blown DIVINE natures.  And we CAN create a world without predators where only peace and sacred harmony exists.  And fun, let's not forget that.

But the choice is ours.

Regardless of your beliefs, I think everyone agrees with me that the current state of the planet is a mess.  Bloodshed, killing, anger, disharmony, dis-connect.  Yuck.  I don't even want to go on.  We understand enough now to believe in the power of our thoughts and words, and how conscious and subconscious thoughts create our world.  So even if you can't stretch as far as the vision I have 'seen" right now,  then "see" a world where animals are safe and happy in homes and in the wild, and where people love, respect and understand them for who they really are.  And that's not just as "pets", "toys" or "child substitutes", but as the teachers, healers and companions they truly are.

Do you want the same old third dimensional world of pain and suffering or the fifth dimensional world of peace and sacred harmony?  if you want the latter, as much as i do, then please join us to dream it in and keep reading.

I invite people to join us all with candle ceremonies starting today Friday, December 12th.  If you can, start at 8:00 pm your local time.  The more the merrier so please forward this email to your likely and unlikely friends.  This is for anyone who says they love animals.  It's easy and the more people we have, the more change we are likely to effect.  There is power in a community of like-mind.  And don't forget, this is the group who made it rain.  I believe in us and I'm expecting miracles  for animals this season -- and beyond.


I urge people FIRST to write out all their anger at humanity, their fears for animals, their distress at the cruelty to animals and anything that which is UNLIKE love.  Write this out furiously.   Fill that bit of paper with your intention, and your  emotions.  Blow those emotions into your paper that is written on. and BURN them with a candle.  Get it out of you before you meditate so you can come cleansed and peaceful.

Then go outside.  It doesn't matter if you live in the bush or in the city.  if you have a balcony or a paddock.  Just go outside to the moon.  Drink in the moonshine, absorbing it with every cell and ask the moon to bring you peace.

Meditate.  Dream in a beautiful world.  With your intention, see all of our powerful positive thoughts creating a world of rainbows for the animals.  See a world of sacred harmony, be sacred harmony.  Be creative.  Follow your intention and intuition.  Draw it, dance it, sing it, treasure map it.

Andrew and I and Tamsin will light a candle for the animals and peace EVERY NIGHT until the Solstice, when we invite people to do this again.  You might like to do the same.

Cleanse your emotional state with fire and do what you can to dream in the NEW EARTH FOR ANIMALS.

I'm excited.  I can feel the old world disintegrating because we are in the Fourth Dimension now, and we can create this New Earth for Animals, with the power of our thoughts and intention.  (Fourth Dimension explained more below.)

In the old paradigms, Christmas has been a bad time for homeless animals, and with the recession and increased personal stress, it is only going to get worse.  Unless we DO something.  So see and feel with every cell in your body a happy world of peace and love for ALL animals -- all those cats and dogs in pounds and shelters finding loving humans and living our their happy, loving lives.  See all those happy horses in paddocks  kicking up their heels.  See any animal that flitters across your mind as safe, well, happy, free and deeply loved and respected.

Don't despair at the world -- pretend the NEW EARTH FOR ANIMALS has already arrived -- and by the LAW of ATTRACTION and VIBRATION , so it will.
Hello Fourth Dimension - What to Expect for You and the Animals

For those of you who are following the 2012 Phenomena you would have felt the arrival into the Fourth Dimension like a plane landing on a tarmac.  The gateway opened on 11/11/2008, according to Mayan Cosmology. 

By way of quick explanation, we're all familiar with the usual Third Dimensional world, the world of work, jobs, TV, war, greed and so on.. This is the world of duality and density, of illusion and separation.  it's heavy.  The  Fifth Dimension is more the world of Christ Consciousness, the avatar, the spiritual master.   The Fourth Dimension is like the training ground for higher states of consciousness, where we begin to live in lighter bodies and are able to manifest more quickly.  If the third dimension is like walking through mud, the Fourth might be walking through rain, and in the Fifth you are flying. 

Unless you have worked on your stuff, something most of us are still doing, the ride can be a bumpy one and the trick is to stay calm and keep doing your spiritual work.  The challenges are many because in order to be in the Fifth Dimension, we have to be lighter, clearer and better people.  This is what is being asked of us right now. This is what the Golden Age of Proohecy is all about.

But it doesn't have to be hard.  When we let go of suffering we can move through our lessons like a dolphin in water!  That's my goal now... get through it quickly.  Choose to be light-filled and keep having fun.

You might think you have done your personal work and wonder why your life still isn't working.  Don't worry.  It will eventually.  It's about rerouting, I believe, to those energies you are attuned with.  The higher vibrating energies.  It's about doing your personal work.  As Dolores Cannon put it so succinctly at the Conscious Living Symposium - don't create any more karma, forgive others, and forgive yourself.

I would add that in these three actions are worlds of self-awareness, and that walking in complete integrity is the key.

This is what is being asked of us now.  We need to STEP UP!

Personally, I arrived in the Fourth Dimension dancing and flying like an eagle.  I had done some intense personal work and journeying with some shaman colleagues, and I felt light as a feather.  Life was so soft and magical. Easy!  I knew it for a taste of the Fifth Dimensional paradise I hoped for.  I felt incredibly light hearted, playful, and as if I could dance through life with ease.  Opportunities abounded.  It was AMAZING!  We followed a time line to the future (2017) and the experience, my friends, was better than I could ever have imagined.  So much love.  So much light.  So much bliss.  Later I started downloading information in my dreams about how to exist in these current times of shifting sands.

The truth is, the New Earth is emerging like a pheonix from the ashes of the dying old paradigms.  And it is up to us to hold this ethereal place in place and really understand and accept what it is to be a co-creator of our worlds.

My eagle crashed.  Part of the reason it crashed was because I became over-tired from not nurturing myself or taking time to rest. I got sucked into a whole lot of work webs and didn't set my boundaries. I landed back in the third dimension.  Yuk.

I'm getting so clear now that I am in the place of INSTANT karma.  And believe me, that was up.  All my decisions that I had made from that place of the wounded child were there to kick me into healing.  All my unresolved grief from the many losses in my life were there like a huge sack, weighing me down. "Aha's" were flying around me like a hive of bees. I looked at it with interest.  Perhaps appalled interest.  Note to self: do more forgiveness, and the part of me who was betrayed in 1000 BC, for goodness sake, heal him!

It is sometimes very difficult to be ultra sensitive -- as I'm sure many of you on this list experience.  But I found myself crying far too easily for what I thought was no reason -- and then I found out about the losses in the animal kingdom, as they sacrifice themselves to help us awaken.

You see, we are ALL CONNECTED.  My pain is the animals' pain.  The animals' pain is the Earth's pain.  Your pain is the animals' pain.   The world's pain, is the Mother's pain.

In order to help the animals and the planet, we have to stop being in pain.  And the only way to not be in pain, is to do our work in self healing.  Choose not to suffer.  Choose happiness.

This sounds easy to do, but when you are in the depths of a dark depression, how do you choose happiness?

The shaman has many tools to deal with this -- and the trick is to make sure you use them.  When we go down, our frequency goes down, our thoughts go down, and we begin to get the red lights instead of the green ones.  We manifest everything we don't want in our lives.  So the days of wallowing are over!  Listen to some music, dance, ring a friend to make you laugh, watch some silly comedy on TV, go out, be in nature, be with your animal friends, take it to the fire.  Do whatever it takes to shift upwards!

I lay on Mother Earth and asked her to take away the rawness of the pain I was experiencing.  I lay there with Tusuque for about an hour, on top of one of our hills.  I came home to find the sadness of not one but several losses amongst the animal families of my close friends.  There was also the sadness of severed human relationships, and there was the sadness of an energetic and bumpy wave of stress reverberating around the planet.  I'd hooked into it all.

The energies are very edgy right now and the animals are taking the brunt of it for us, supporting us to the last. 

The next day, hungry for nurturing time, I bundled all 8 dogs, 2 baby goats and three humans into the van for an afternoon at the beach.  But we found Tusuque had an eye problem and immediately turned the van around, heading in the direction of our vet, two hours away.  Tusuque had an eye ulcer, now, gratefully, healing.

The vet told me they were having a day of animal emergencies -- animals acting weirdly, animals being aggressive, taking on tiger snakes......I knew it was all part of this current shift.  But it's something we need to be aware of.  The shifts can be unsettling if we aren't prepared and don't use the tools.

With Tusuque, I chose to wonder at the mirror she held for me.  I wondered what I wasn't seeing, and vowed to do an even better job of keeping the frequency of myself and our home high.  We're spending a lot of effort clearing out Owl Cottage, which is crumbling with old age.  I keep seeing her completely renovated, and indeed we no longer have leaks and the mudroom has gone.  I'm not sure when the walls will go back up , but I have faith they will!! (Hopefully before winter!)

The other step is to realign ourselves with people of the same frequency for fun, spiritual development and work.  And let's emphasize the fun. 

It probably comes as no surprise to spiritual people who are working in animal welfare that you more than likely come from fairy lineage - and fairies need some lightness in their lives.

This year, as the walls of time crumble, it is going to be so important to nurture ourselves and take spiritual retreats in nature to keep ourselves grounded and "fed".  So draw your boundaries well and look after yourselves.  Make sure you find time to spend with your  personal shamanic teachers -- the animals in your lives, -- and ask them to lead the way. 

I felt so rawly sensitive that it was painful for me to be out in the world with people who didn't get it.  We all need to be our true authentic selves now and this is why spiritual community is so important.  And it will become more so.

So if you are feeling unsettled, depressed,  and wondering what you are supposed to be doing with yourself, don't worry.  Keep pruning yourself.  This is just like removing the dead wood.  We have another major shift coming up from the full moon to the solstice and this will be like a wave, taking us all the way to the beach of January 2009, where we can begin to see some major changes arriving around the planet.

According to Soluntra King's beautiful work Cosmic Events 2009 we will see "greater awareness of community and inspired vision for the future and new technologies to assist us in a free energy way." I found her booklet incredibly interesting and full of insight into the coming year.

I see January as a time to be and embody what we want for the planet. 

Soluntra puts it this way:
"Where in our own life can we create a more unified, humanitarian approach to the way we are and what we do?  As we unify, our greatest service to humanity is in our Being-ness as we become the example of true love and acceptance of all and are free to create exciting new ways of living, working and co-creating."

Friends, I am so incredibly excitedt!  The Fourth Dimension is a time of great opportunity.  Stay up emotionally, watch your thoughts, and have fun creating the world AS YOU WANT IT TO BE.  2009 is our chance.  Let's take it!
This Sacred Earth - Call for Donations, Volunteers and Screening Planned

Just an update on our forthcoming film This Sacred Earth.  Andrew is working hard transcribing hours of interview footage, including Dolores Cannon who I was able to catch when I was in Sydney.  It was wonderful to hear her refreshing, down to earth approach to the 2012 Phenomena. 

I also had the honour of interviewing again my friend Lucy Cavendish, Australia's leading white witch.

Andrew and I are now looking for a team of like-minded souls to work with us on this project.  If you are one of these people consider yourself invited and please email billie [at]

We are currently in post-production but are looking for help with filming links, sound post, marketing and the rest.  We are gathering music CDs for the soundtrack (if you are or know any musos with already-recorded music, we'd love to hear some) and we need graphics, animation and web design.

We're also looking for sponsors, donations or investors to help make the film happen quickly and beautifully.

This film has to get out there to help those who need a trail to follow.  To help the planet become a Fifth Dimensional place of peace and sacred harmony.

Thanks to mover and shaker Patricia Hamilton of Conscious LIving, the film will be screened as part of a Symposium at the end of February in Perth.  Details to follow but keep Feb 28 in your diary.  I will also teach a foundation course on animals and the New Earth on March 1st.

Looking forward to seeing my Perth network!
Holiday Gifts

Offer a Christmas present to an animal in need this Christmas, and go to your local shelter and foster, sponsor or give a homeless animal a second chance.

If you can't do that -- support the people who are!

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Sponsor a Ballyoncree animal!  Or you could check out our wish list below.

And if you know dog lovers and those who need a laugh (and a tissue) there's our feature film Finding Joy and Seven Days with Seven Dogs.  All proceeds of Seven Days with Seven Dogs goes to Ballyoncree.

Also for those interested in animal communication, you really should check out my meditation CD Time of the Drum.
Billie's Classes and Appearances

I'm currently working out my schedule for next year but there seems like there will be lots of opportunities to hear me speak or teach.  Details once they firm up.

I would like to get my Path of the Wild Pure Heart grade 3 students through in early February.  All those students interested, please email me.  billie [at]

New students -- watch this space!
Be Careful of Dog Depression during the Holidays

Dogs NSW put out a press release recently saying that natural therapies can help with depression in dogs during the holiday season.  Thought it was worth including.

Natural Therapies ward off Hound Dog Blues   
Avoid Depression in Dogs this holiday season

Depression in dogs can have serious and potentially life threatening consequences that could be made worse by long periods of isolation over the coming holiday season.  While some are sceptical of the existence of depression in animals, Dogs NSW spokesperson Dr Peter Higgins believes it exists in dogs, and that prevention is the key to avoiding it this holiday season. Natural therapies can play an increasingly important role as an effective alternative to chemicals and drugs.  
"Dogs have incredibly strong emotional connections with humans because they too are emotional and sensitive creatures. When they don't feel fulfilled emotionally, they get depressed," explains Dr Higgins.
"While our pet dogs are an important part of the family, the Christmas and New Year season puts a lot of pressure on our time and our dogs often miss out on regular activities and socialisation when we are away from home. It's important they don't miss out because their physical and mental wellbeing depends solely on us," says Dr Higgins.  
Causes of depression in dogs depend on the dog's individual situation, but can include
undergoing an unwanted change of scenery, death of a companion, experiencing boredom from extended periods of isolation, and lack or disruption of a proper exercise regime. Symptoms can include an unusual increase in amount of sleep, withdrawal from social activities with other dogs and the family, loss of appetite and a general lack of enthusiasm. This can also have serious physical repercussions, such as decrease in fitness and under-nutrition.  
Remedies are available from local vets, but natural alternatives such as herbs and homeopathic treatments avoid the dangerous side effects associated with conventional antidepressant drugs. "Conventional antidepressants can have serious side effects, such as grogginess and emotional crashes which effectively increases the problem. St. Johns Wart and homeopathic treatments have a naturally uplifting effect that can calm and sooth your dog. They also avoid the dangerous side effects associated with conventional drugs that can actually worsen the problem," remarks Dr Higgins.   
It is important that the first step for dog owners is to discuss their pet's individual circumstances with their vet in order to take appropriate, timely, effective action.  
"Luckily dogs have a live in the moment view of life, and can better adapt to new situations than humans," says Dr Higgins. "Given time and a bit of TLC, your dog should be back to normal within a few weeks." 
Animals Needing Homes

The good news is the little blue heeler from November newsletter has a new forever home.  Yay, and thanks to everyone involved.

There have been a lot of horses we've been trying to find homes for recently - and I still haven't heard the results of their fate.  Please contact Page Coulson if you can help.

Here's another animal in urgent need of help.

Blue Boy

From: TeresaWLPA <>
Subject: URGENT: Foster home needed for the dumped affectionate cat
Received: Tuesday, 9 December, 2008, 4:45 PM

Dear Animal friends
This is URGENT appeal. I came across thousands of cats in my life but have never seen such friendly and affectionate cat who loves to be stroked and cuddled so much.  I think he is Blue Russian cross .
Could you or your friends provide foster or permanent home for him??
Thanks for caring
- Teresa
Please listen to what he told me:
My name is Bluey Boy. I am cross-eyed and I am not a little kitten any more, so I have been dumped on the streets of Sydney. I purred each time when I saw a human on the streets in hope they will adopt me, but they all passed me by. Nobody cares or loves me. My body aches, I am hungry and lonely.
Yesterday I was picked up by a kind person and was taken to her home. It's been a very LONG time since I felt there is some hope for me. She fed me & brushed me and gave me a soft bed to rest on. I purr constantly, sit on her lap and lick her and rub my worn out body against her so she will stroke me.  She cried & whispered to my ear that she would love to adopt me but unfortunately there is no space for me as she has already adopted several other 4-legged children and can not afford another one. She is going away in few days time and she is taking all her other furry family with her, so I can only stay here a few days.
PLEASE, PLEASE give me a home. I will come microchipped, de-sexed, de-wormed, de-fleaed and toilet trained. If I can not stay with you for ever, please foster me for a short time so the lady can find me a permanent home. I will even be happy to live in your backyard with shelter to hide. You will never regret it as I will pay you back with a sea of affection. I do not want to be put back on the streets. This is my last chance ... I will never have another one.....Please help me.

And there are two Perth-area dogs who need homes:

Perth Dogs Needing Homes

From: Michele Gorman []
Sent: Wednesday, 10 December 2008 10:13
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: 2 dogs need a home (need to be kept together)

Hi All,

There is a genuine, sad reason why this lady has to let her two lovely dogs
"If you hear of anyone or if you could maybe put the word out around work for
anyone willing to adopt  2 female labs, one gold - one black, free to good
home, micro chipped, sterilized, worming and vaccination up to date, sisters
so that must stay together, and they are heaps better in the digging
department now - they are a pleasure to own."

If you need a Christmas present for the children, me with any queries.

Michele G

Here are three NSW dogs needing Urgent help:

From: Cattle Dog Rescue <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 22:18:23 +1000
To: Cattle Dog Rescue <>
Subject: Blacktown, NSW - PB Blue Male, Red ACDx - PTS any day

If you can help in any way, with fostering, adopting or sponsoring please let me know urgently. I hope to have temperament information tomorrow. Please note there is an adoption fee of approx $250-300 to cover desexing, vaccinations and microchipping. If I can get a promise of somewhere for him and/or her to go we can save their lives and hold them pending transport anywhere in Australia.
Blacktown, NSW, Aust - Blue Male, Red Female - PTS Any day
Cattle dog needing home
Dog needing home
Adult 6/12mths
Colour blue roan,tan
Impounded Mon 01/Dec/2008


They've also got a red one too. Looks to be a mix.

Impounding Number : 807113
Dog needing home
Sex Female
Breed cattle dog
Age Adult 6/12mths
Colour white,tan
Impounded Sat 06/Dec/2008
Thanks heaps.
Can you Help Save a Cattle Dog?
We are an affiliate of Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Ballyoncree News

We have another baby -- a young gosling.  The geese are so protective.  She is kept in the centre of about five of them as they wander around the place.  Very cute.  Goose society, for the most part, definitely has something to offer us humans.  I love seeing them in love.  They're very smart and take care of their young extremely well.

Gosling with mother geese

The goat kids have settled in well and we are still sorting out names for them.  They were sleeping in front of their "Fire Mother" every night (the lit fireplace), but lately it's been too warm and they've made themselves home on the comfy chairs -- liberally protected with horse rugs, towels and newspaper!

The new goat babies

Every night and morning they go in with the big goats, Sarah the sheep, and the two alpacas to hang out.  So the transition from Tamsin and Fire Mother isn't going to be too rude when we decide they are too big to be inside at night.

The horses are all incredibly well and enjoying life.  New horse Grace is no longer thin and much friendlier than when she arrived.  When I was making up the herbal worming mix, she hung her head over the gate and demanded some attention, more like her friendly pony friend Tammy .  I had to look twice.  So she got lots of attention, including a massage. 

That's the way we treat new horses here at Ballyoncree -- we give them plenty of time to settle in, without pressure, and they eventually  become relaxed and friendly.  In our society, there is a tendency to want to "do" something with horses immediately we take "possession" of them.  It must be very hard for them.  Some are grieving the parting from old friends and family, but they are still expected to perform.  I've heard people get great results with flower and animal essences but we just use time, the results of promises kept to build trust, and of course, the Ballyoncree horse network itself. 

I have started playing with Taleisin now that his leg has healed.  We have built such a trust bond between us I thought it might be our next step.  Normally i don't have time to ride or play with the horses, but it's soul food, and I'm going to make an effort.  New year's resolution, starting now!  He was very sweet and we both had fun.

Sarah and the alpacas are about to be shorn next week.  We were worried about Sarah getting wool blindness and fly strike so we have been trimming her ourselves.  Andrew bought some hand shears but i just used kitchen scissors which worked even better and didn't scare us or Sarah!

Dusty is still doing well.  He has been going through a stage of being too nervous to go on walks since we filled a water trough in his presence.  I didn't ask him why it scared him so much.  That boy suffered all kinds of abuse, so why make him relive it?  I have him on rescue remedy again and B vitamins, massage, shamanic healing, Bio energetic healing and love.   He rewards us daily with enthusiastic ball games and tonight I caught him joining Heyoka  in a game of chase the brumby!

Thanks so much to our supporters and sponsors.  It has been sad to lose some of our sponsors due to the recession but we are very, very grateful for their helping us while they could, and we are especially grateful for the ones who are hanging in there.  It makes all the difference to us, and is the difference between being able to give homes to those we can and not being able to do so.

We're also grateful to the creek who has been hanging in there.  We've only had to buy water once this year.

We're also grateful to Armonde of the Washing Mill in Braidwood, Therese Culmone for herbs, Kathi Sherburne for Body Talk, and Rosi Pletzer for Bio Energetic healing.   THANK YOU!

And of course, we are always grateful to Rebecca Booth for everything she does and everything she gifts.  Rebecca is a staunch supporter of the work and is always finding ways to help us from small and large donations from her own work and wonderful gifts of product which help us keep going.  You can support her support us by buying her amazing herbs and supplements for yourself, your animals, or as a gift to the animals here.  Rebecca is offering a 10% discount and free shipping on any orders placed on behalf of Ballyoncree.  See the Elementals Equine Therapies web site.
Wish List

With 27 horses we need lots of horse supplements .  If you wish to make a donation this way, you can order through Rebecca Booth.  Things we need that come from her include garlic and rosehips, psyllium seeds, neem oil, rice bran oil, wormwood, No Flies on Me.  And I'm sure there's lots of other goodies I can't think of right now.

Other donations that the horses would be grateful to receive include:
  • kelp
  • apple cider vinegar and garlic
  • Wormwood
  • Paw Paw
  • Horse mineral licks with selenium
  • chaff
  • hay
  • Fulhealth silver colloid
  • Fullhealth magnesium colloid
The animals also need:
  • Veganpet vegan food for dogs and cats.  This is the only convenience food I recommend, and I use it for travelling, as a supplement, and on late nights or when the cupboard is bare.  It's great stuff and well formulated but nothing beats living food with vitality for vitality.  So our crew gets lots of veges and lately we've been making them nut pates with garlic and veges and nuts.  Yum. However we still need convenience food sometimes and like I said -- this is the only one i ever recommend.
  • Goat's milk powder.  We are currently using a Karicare baby formula based on goat milk, Nutricia Karicare Goat 2 (6 months), which is available from the supermarket.
  • Juliette de Bairacli Levy's herbal compound tablets, available from Greenpet.
  • Usana Vit E, Co Enzyme Q-10, Vitamin B, eye supplement, multivitamins for dogs available from Janet Watson Kruse.
  • Taurine, L-Carnitine.
  • Black Walnut (herbal tincture) and All Natural Wound Healing Spray from the wonderful Linda Vojkovic's The Natural Care Company.
  • FrequenSea
  • Oils, including Melrose, Geranium, Lemon, Grapefruit, Ledum, Lavender and Frankincense from Young Living.  Phone (07) 3715 7333 and quote my number when you buy: 770582
  • Diro Nosode, Acid Balancer, and Immune Enhancer homoeopathics from Pet Power.

And if anyone has a builder they can donate to us, we would love the walls back on the house before winter! 

Thank you so much .  May Light and love guide your every step...

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]