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November 18, 2008

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See You Tomorrow in Sydney at the Paranormal Explorations Symposium
For Life Meeting Place and Meditation

Here at Ballyoncree, Andrew, Tamsin and I once again hear the sound of the pitter patter of little hooves.  Yes, we have not one, but two, baby goats who have come to live with us and do their happy dances, which make us laugh.  Okay, for all those people who haven't seen a goat happy dance, watch this space.  I promise I'll film them! 

The second baby, we actually went looking for after I heard the sadly familiar cry of a Mother Goat who had lost her child.  Believe me, it is full of grief.  We found him hiding in the blackberry by the hole in the creek which is holding our water right now, and the poor guy was shaking, but plucky enough to stamp his feet when the dogs got too close.  Inside I thrust him onto Tam's bed where she sat with the other baby on her lap and he was so relieved he buried into the other baby and slept.  They're very cute and inseperable, think Tamsin is mum, have already learnt to bottle feed and we've already started rolling up the floor rugs and covered the floor with newspaper.  I was supposed to have a film crew here to talk about vegan and vegetarian dogs -- but I might just put them off a couple of weeks.

Attending the Sydney Paranormal Explorations Symposium -- I Will be on the Panel Discussion

This one is for tomorrow (Wednesday, November 19th).  I mentioned the Conscious Living
Paranormal Explorations Symposium - Transformations to the New Earth in my October Newsletter.  However, now, not only will I be attending, but I'm thrilled to have been invited to sit on the panel for their 6:30 pm discussion.  So Sydney folk, please come and see me and ask some questions about the psychic world of animals or what's happening with animals re. 2012.

Check out the details of the symposium (remember to scroll down so you see Sydney's information).  And the offer that was available in my October newsletter still holds.  Mention that you've come from my newsletter at the door, and you'll save $26 on a full day's ticket ($99 instead of $125).  If you can only come for the evening, that's cool too.  It only costs $69 to be there from 6:30 to 10:00 pm (and as I mentioned, that includes my session).

I'm really looking forward to hearing the speakers, including American psychic researcher Dolores Cannon, Stacey Demarco from the TV show The One, Jason Betts, who is the current Australian Psychic of the Year, and fellow animal communicator Trisha McCagh.

It's going to be a great day, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
FOR LIFE Meeting Place and Meditations

Thank you all so much for the amazing  and overwhelming response you gave the FOR LIFE campaign in my last newsletter.  I'm still getting through all the emails to respond to each and every one of you. 

I want you all to know that I have heard you.  I've heard the frustration, the despair, the disgust, and the overwhelm in your emails.  I heard the desire for change.  And so we will. Together.

As a first step, my lovely tech-y husband Andrew yesterday set up a group where we can gather and share our thoughts and ideas.  Check out  You'll need to sign up to participate (it is free).  I look forward to seeing you there and working out how we can make the world a better place for the animals.  Oh, and as this is new, if you have any problems, please email Andrew and let him know so he can figure out what is happening ( andrew [at] ).

The next thing I want to do is to organise a group meditation with as many people as possible.  But first we need to come into alignment with our thinking and really understand how this works.  If you have anger and hatred toward the people who cause animals to suffer, then you don't want to focus on that.  So first up, we will have to use the tools I teach to help you ditch that.  And if you want to hold onto that anger -- think about why.

If we want to make a better world for animals, then we have to stretch and become even better ourselves.

Rescue is a huge and largely thankless job, and I acknowledge everyone who is doing their bit.  It can be really frustrating and soul destroying .  The burnout rate is quick and high.  I've been in rescue for two decades now.  I've danced with burnout and lived on the edge financially.  I made the commitment to keep going and I thanked the animals for teaching me how to nurture my soul so I could keep going.

I want to address so much more for the people in rescue, to make their lot a better one.  I want to share things that helped Andrew and me when we got really tired and overwhelmed, when the financial struggle to keep it all together had us against the wall.  We really learned what our values were -- and that there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a healthy, glossy coat on a horse, dog or cat, where before there were bones and dullness.   There's nothing more soul enriching than horses eating hay or seeing the trust return to the eyes of an animal who was once in need.  Anyway, more on that later.

I also want to share with you that I tried launching the For Life campaign well over a year ago and was threatened.  So I went away to study how to be in the world and leave no tracks -- how to be invisible, by being very visible, and how to pick my battles -- and win.  I spent this time learning how to be a warrior -- a spiritual warrior.   I took the path of fire.  To me it was more important to learn these things than get our long awaited water tank.  And if we can make this major change in the world, then it will be more than worth it.

This is a good time to get some change happening because the world is hungry for change.  On the darker side, frankly I'm worried about the animals in the care of people who consider them less than kin.  I'm worried about the animals who are living in the hit zones of the Earth Changes, of those living with people under the stress of the coming times. 

So I propose that we hold weekly meditations, working together and in alignment, so we can work at this in the etheric, even at the same time, as we work on the ground to help as many homeless animals as we can, and work to get the word out that the euthanasia of healthy animals is wrong. More on this later, too.

The most important first step, though, is to get our thoughts and thinking right.  I will be sharing processes with you all to help deal with any anger, rage and personal suffering over the loss of so many innocent lives.

Every day I send a silent prayer for the animals, and I see them liberated, happy and safe. 

This is something we can all do -- as we walk this path of dynamic change.

Thank you -- all of you -- for your support in this most important issue of animal welfare.  And do check out For Life at
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