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November 2008

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One Day to Go - Help Save This Dog
2012 Energetic Shifts Affect Animals and People

I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by dogs and cats, as a new baby goat, who Andrew found abandoned in the paddock this evening, sits on my lap.  The world of animals at Ballyoncree is a safe one.

I know this list stands with me when I say it is time to end the suffering of animals.  The animals voices are loud and clear when they say to me: "it is time to end the suffering." 

I point the finger squarely at the euthanasia laws in this country which are insane.  Healthy animals should not be murdered just because they are homeless or their people have grown tired of them.  I had to go away for a week, and when I got home there was such a deluge of euthanasia related fear and suffering in the animal kingdom that I made a decision.  It's over. 

I admit it.  There's a lot to be angry about with the injustice towards our animal kin.  And that doesn't sit very well with the person inside of me who is being peace so that I can reflect peace in the world.  For without peace within, there is no external peace.

So in the name of my personal peace and yours, I intend to break through the collective numbness our society seems to have around this issue.   It is NOT all right to kill healthy animals and by doing that we are contributing to a dark cloud of unconscious energetic shadow that keeps us depressed and anxious.  I've written about this in my book Secret Animal Business, due out next year.

There are a lot of arguments for a euthanasia policy.  And I hear them all the time.  There are too many animals.  People don't take responsibility. We need mandatory de-sexing.  And so on.  It's well and truly time to change our thoughts around this issue.  We need to break out of the box of small thinking and get visionary.  Instead of putting energy into all the suffering, the death, the "have to kill" and how bad humans are, it's time to envision in a world where people DO take responsibility for the animals they claim to love, and where they see that animals are, in fact, teachers and healers and that we are only their guardians, and lucky ones at that.  It's time animals are respected for the beauty they are.

I invite all of you to imagine that world into being -- a world where animals and people enjoy true  and equal partnership.  That's what I do.   But I also understand that people need help in understanding how this manifestation business works -- and how we actually CREATE the suffering of the animals we love, by holding that vision of suffering. What we focus on expands.

We are now in a time when our thoughts manifest quickly and we have to be careful of our thoughts and language.  This next year is a big one.  And it's important to have the courage to take steps for change for both ourselves and the global consciousness.  Start by looking at your own thoughts and how they are manifesting the world you live in.  A lot of those thoughts are unconscious and coming from a part of you which still needs healing.

I used to joke that I was very good at manifesting what I didn't want in my life.  I don't anymore.  If there is something I don't want in my life, I'll pull it out of the dream, examine it, find the thread which created it and throw that in the fire so it no longer runs me.  In my life the suffering of animals has ceased to be an issue.  And that only happened when I made a conscious decision to give up suffering myself.  If I get plugged in or activated about the suffering of animals, I know there is something more to look at  in myself.

However I'm still providing a service to help homeless animals and still feel compelled to help humans heal and change their thoughts, so that the animals who are still suffering can be freed from the pain of human creation.  The suffering within reflects out in a world of suffering.  What is within, is without.  We are the dreamers, creating the dream that is the world we live in.

On the shaman path, when you change your perspective, your perception, you change the dream.  Change the thinking.  Stand in the power of your creating.

But on the literal level there is also  a lot we can do together to create change in the wider community.  And it is time for that. 

I invite all those who are interested in contributing to the launch of the For Life campaign to join me in service to the animal kingdom.

My goal is to inspire others to change.  To create peer pressure for a change in consciousness around animals.  And to hold the vision of a very different world.  A more compassionate, loving, humane world.

In Germany, shelters are havens for animals, and it takes the certificates of two vets before an animal is euthanased.  In this country of supposed animal lovers, we purposefully kill healthy animals every single day, just because we can.

To our society, in general, the message of our euthanasia policy is clear - an animal's life is worthless.  An animal can be thrown away.  Horses can be sent to the abattoir so their people can get a few bucks, and dogs and cats are forced to live in pounds with the smell of death until death claims them.

It hurts and touches all of us.  And there is no room for this kind of pain in the new world we are creating right now.

Nothing will change if our pounds and shelters continue to have their euthanasia policy.  Nothing.  In the USA, the NO KILL animal sanctuary Best Friends Society is doing amazing work with their No More Homeless Pets Campaign and I've also written about that in my book, with a letter from founder Michael Mountain.  The San Franscico SPCA is also NO KILL.

If they can do it, we can too.  No excuses.

Individual people the world over are showing amazing courage on behalf of animals.  They are doing what they know in their hearts to be right.  I have been looking at so many of them in my research and I would love some more help with that.

I also need a list of all the no-kill shelters in Australia.

Because I understand the power of words and thoughts, I prefer to focus on the positve FOR LIFE instead of "no kill", which still puts power into the word kill.  It's like NO WAR.  We need to focus instead on PEACE.  So FOR LIFE gives animals a home for life in sanctuary if they need it.  And bans euthanasia for any animal except those who are really suffering and asking for release, those dying animals who do not want to pass over naturally, who need our help.  This is where euthanasia is a blessing.  But nowhere else.

Until people see that PTS ("put to sleep") is really murdering a fellow being, we will not be free and we certainly won't walk forward into the promised Golden Age of indigenous prophecy.

One of the things I teach in my classes is how to disentangle from the triangle of disempowerment.  All you healers out there may be familiar with this.  The triangle is Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator. And it seems to me that many people who have been abused, become rescuers in some form or other and sadly, because they are unhealed, can also become perpetrators.  In the animal world I have come across people who want to "save" animals, or work in animal welfare, but use their power to give out death sentences to  the animals who they fear or who plug them in -- or maybe merely mirror their own unhealed state.  This is another area where we must raise awareness and invite people to step off the triangle and into conscious empowerment.

It's time humanity stepped away from this idea that "we have to have a euthanasia policy."  We don't. Neither do we have to cull kangaroos and wild horses.  Neither do we have to continue all the brutal things we do to animals in the name of "humanity".  Wouldn't you like to see a world without predators or fear?  Imagine that.

This is the time for old paradigms to fall (noticed the banking system?) and a new way of being in the world and with animals needs to arrive.   Now is the time to make this manifest. 

So all of you who are interested in the  For Life campaign, please email me and let's have a internet meeting to see how much people power we can rally before the Christmas carnage in pounds begins. With enough people, we can dream in a holiday season where animals remain safe in their homes.

We also need a much wider network of foster carers and people doing their bit for animals at risk.  And we need every single one of us to do our personal healing work and shift our thinking. 

Write to me.  My email is billie [at]

Thanks for your support!
One Day to Go - Help Needed Urgently.

Dog in need of rescue from pound

Speaking of animals needing help, this little girl is six years old and REALLY does not want to die.  Please forward this onto your networks.  This is a dog who just needs a home where she can feel safe and loved.  She doesn't need a country property.  Just someone who can play ball in the park or the garden.  And take her for lovely walks.  She is in Hawkesbury Pound and is due to be killed on Friday, Nov 14.  That's this Friday. We need a home or a foster home -- but she needs out on Thursday.

THANK YOU to the angel who does this.  Because i know someone will.  All of you on this list are wonderful.

Ring: Hawkesbury Pound 02 4560 4644
You can also email Sharon of ACD Rescue: sharonb1 [at]
2012 Energetic Shifts Affect Animals and People

My current article on the Conscious Living web site is 2012 Energetic Shifts Affect Animals and People.  There is no question that the shifts we are all experiencing are bearing down on both humans and the animals sharing their lives.  Have a read.
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