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October 2008


Happy gorgeous spring, and welcome to another Animal Whispers.  We are home from our shoot and I'm now ploughing through over a thousand emails.  If you haven't heard from me yet, that's why.  I look forward to catching up with you.

October is my birthday month and I'm going to be celebrating by taking time out to ride.  Seeing I haven't made the time to do this for over a year (has it realy been that long?) I'm really looking forward to it.  So this will be special me and horse time.
This Sacred Earth

Billie Dean and Don Humberto
Don Humberto with Billie Dean in Oregon, Sept 2008

Our filming travels proved very fruitful indeed. Because I was participating and speaking as well as directing, I felt like a rock band on tour.  Far too many time zones in a short amount of time and like Seven Days with Seven Dogs, it was a LOT of crazy driving, with Tony the cinematographer taking very unflattering pics of Tamsin and I snoring in the back seat!!  (and no, I'm not publishing them!)

You can read about the trip and some of the nature's messages I got for the film and for humanity from my Animal Wizardry column in Conscious Living's online magazine.  (If you click the Next button on my Conscious Living page, you can read my previous column.)  Enjoy!

It was lovely to be back in the company of the Inka Q'ero Don Francisco and Don Humberto at a gathering of shamans in Oregon.  I picked up a bit more of the Quechuan language, and gained a deeper understanding of the work we are doing with the rites and our mesas (medicine bundles).  This world work is evolving, and it felt like we Four Winds shamans were embodying a connection to Mother Earth that is really needed as we travelled from distant places to be together for sacred fires.  At this particular gathering were shamans from Canada, USA, Europe, Ireland - and Australia.  There is something very special about being in the company of people who have dumped their stories and are ready to work in service of the planet.

Don Humberto did a despacho for Andrew and I, and as the energy built I felt like he was re-marrying us.  A despacho is a Q'ero prayer bundle, and there are many different types.  It is done with great intent and is very powerful.  The one Don Humberto did for us was profound, and I have never experienced a despacho quite like it.  Our host Wake Wheeler helped us interpret it, saying that Don Humberto had blessed us and prayed for good health and plenty of abundance (yay!)   And there was more about our relationship and our world work which was spot on.  I felt incredibly blown away by the experience (and I've had lots of despachos, and now do them myself) and felt very blessed.  It was like I had the blessing of the universe -- right there and then.

The two Q'ero elders also did a group and world despacho, which was full of light and love and laughter as they piled on the sweets representing the goodness of life.  We all felt this was an excellent sign for the times to come.  It felt incredibly spiritual and light.

Don Francisco activating mesas
Don Francisco activating the mesas belonging to the gathered shamans

Oregon was cold and mist-filled, and there were orbs galore as we did our work.  I met some incredible people like author Terry Andrews (I loved her book Dance of the Jaguar) and we got some mouth-wateringly beautiful footage for the doco.

After too short a time with my shaman colleagues, we left the mists of the Oregon coast to fly across the world and drive to the beautiful coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales where I spoke at the Soul Companions: Wisdom Keepers Gathering.   We left at 5 am local time and arrived the next day at 5 pm local time ready to rock n' roll.  Whoosh!

This was another awesome event, marked by how excited the speakers all were to meet with each other and have an opportunity to learn from each other.  I felt instant kinship with them and really enjoyed having the opportunity to not only learn from them but film them.  It was also wonderful to speak to people hungry for information on how to speak to animals and and the messages they are currently bringing in these exciting times.  The people who attended were all very enthusiastic about the whole event which was a treat on many levels.

Highlight for many of us was a visit to St Govan's Church and an ancient Celtic ceremony led by shaman Dr Geo Trevarthen.  The energy, again, was sweet and light and welcoming.  It was like the elements welcomed us home.

Hats off to Karen Sawyer who wrote the book Soul Companions: Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom Keepers, and who organised the event.  Rumour has it that there will be another in April next year and I would definitely encourage all my American friends to catch the Wisdom Keepers Gathering in November (details here).

If you have not yet seen the teaser for This Sacred Earth, please have a look.  We also have just uploaded the teaser to YouTube, and were pleasantly surprised to see it had received more than 265 views within 24 hours.  And once again, we'd like to say a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who made donations to help us complete the documentary.  We are incredibly grateful for your support.  By supporting us to make a difference, you are making a difference.
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September Equinox

The Equinox in September was another big shift and you might have felt it.  Some people got depressed.  At home, our dog Willow had another cluster of seizures and my elderly cat Rhodri stopped eating.  When I did a healing on Willow from a hotel room across the world, I found every single chakra was blocked.  The good news is that she's fine now,  and Rhodri, who had  a Body Talk session with Ballyoncree supporter Kathi Sherburne, is now eating again.  It feels like the shift has now subsided and everything is moving forward like a big fluffy cloud.

However, it seemed at the time like many people, especially women, felt depressed and disempowered.  This was also a time of flu-like symptoms and fatigue, as our bodies adjusted to the higher frequencies.  Have you noticed how much more time has accelerated, especially since the onset of daylight saving here in Australia?  Just take a breath and understand that we are coming into a time of no time.  Like the current financial crisis, it really is only those old paradigms that are crumbling and we really are in a time when we can create our own reality.

So don't focus on the fear!!  There is plenty of abundance for all.  I refuse to watch or listen to the news and get drawn into all the drama.  Instead, Andrew and I are focusing on gratitude and still feel like we are on a magic carpet ride.  The new higher frequencies are making us feel like we are on a cloud.  Perhaps cloud nine!
Food Matters

Food Matters Food does matter, and the new Australian documentary Food Matters is a fantastic exploration of the  business of medicine and the role food can and should play in our health.  I've watched it three times now, and while much of the information is familiar to me (having studied health and nutrition for decades), I've found the doco very inspiring.  If you are interested in your health, I encourage you to check out Food Matters.
Photos from Wales
Wisdom Keepers at St. GovensBillie at St. Govan's with fellow wisdom keepers Philip Carr-Gomm, Geo Trevarthen, and Andras Corban Arthen.

Tamsin receiving a blessing from Geo Trevarthan
Tamsin receiving a blessing from Geo Trevarthen at St. Govan's.
Ancient Wisdom, Hidden Knowledge.

Canberra friends, check out this exciting weekend of information and inspiration, featuring the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, Mary Rodwell, the Principal of Australian Close Encounters Research Network, and much more.  Grant Robb's events are always thought-provoking.  Oct 31 - Nov 2.
October 14 UFO Sightings

We left Wales to head for my usual pilgrimage to Glastonbury Tor.  Tamsin, who is right into fantasy, loved, as I do, that Glastonbury is a town where practically every shop is a New Agey one with names like The Psychic Piglet and the Cat and the Cauldron.   We decided that Braidwood needed a make over!! After all, to me, Braidwood has a very similar energy.  It was Interesting that Andrew wanted me to do a piece to camera on top of the Tor, but I felt uncomfortable about it, as ancient Avalon is an interest but not my current area of expertise.  But before I had a chance to relay that to Andrew, a sudden shower had us scurrying away.  I had to laugh.  We are all so connected in this universe and every action and every thought has a reaction.  There are no co-incidences.

We spent a couple of hours window shopping as we arrived late in town and had to wait until our hostess finished yoga.  But while we stood on a street corner trying to figure out where to go for a vegetarian meal that time of night, a man came up and started to tell me about the predicted UFO sightings on October 14.  Part of my research for This Sacred Earth is about ET's, so I was naturally intrigued.  It was interesting that he didn't know me from a bar of soap, but made special mention that Australian psychic Blossom Goodchild was one of the people predicting the event.

According to my research, ET's have been around this planet for a long time (after all, many indigenous people believe we come from the stars), but their appearance has always been covert.  However now, in this current 2012 climate, we can expect to see more overt sightings.   We're getting lots of galactic support right now to evolve and shift, and are about to move into galactic citizenship.  I remember Sir George Trevalyen at 1987's Harmonic Convergence in Glastonbury saying that the focus was on Earth because we were in danger of letting off bombs which would ripple out into the universe.  It's time humanity learned that there is a reaction for every action!  And we are definitely not alone.

Anyway, the bottom line is: watch the sky on October 14.  The important thing to remember is that we are part of a cosmos - a galaxy - and that this whole 2012 shift is about our expanding heart chakra, among other things.  The way our planet reacts to beings from other planets is important in intergalactic relations.  Human beings in the past haven't always been terribly embracing about anything or anyone different.  So now is the time to prove we are more grown up and can meet other beings with love and compassion.

This is an excerpt from the email newsletter of contactee Victoria Liljenquist, who I interviewed earlier this year.

The message here is: the appearance of large mother ships may or may not occur
"quite the way the masses expect it to happen.  However, Blossom's message has ignited a powerful thought of Contact throughout the Planet, and I commend  Blossom Goodchild who is a medium and channel. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy 'White Cloud' for seven years.  Read full message here.

Keep in mind, there are Mother Ships 100's of Miles long I have captured them on film.  They are everywhere, covering the skies.  The only way to extract the footage is to go backwards in time in a mill-second fashion, and if you are lucky, you get the blinking row of lights which COVER THE SKY. It is the hope and prayer of us all that this sighting will occur, but regardless of how many people actually  witness an appearance on  October 14,  the important key  to remember is:  the ships are all around us even when we do not see them with our physical eyes.

Personally I don't know if these predictions will play out or not, but I'll be looking up.  If you see anything on October 14, let me know! billie [at]

Shamanic Healing for People and Animals

I am now offering an extended service for animals - every consultation includes a shamanic healing and chakra clear and balance - at no extra charge.  I was doing this before but I just want to be clear about it now.

I'm also now offering shamanic healing for people.  This includes everything I do for animals, including working with the luminous energy field, extractions, soul retrieval and Illuminations.  If you are sitting on the fence about the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School in March next year, then this is a value-for-money way of experiencing what it is you will be learning.

Any questions? 02 4842 2819 or billie [at]
Christmas Presents
Time of the Drum For anyone who wants to get going with their animal communication may I humbly suggest my CD Time of the Drum.  In this CD, Grandfather, my Native American spirit guide, personally helps you reawaken those ancient memories of interspecies communication.   Working with shaman and medicine people who have stepped off the wheel of life and into infinity is the very essence of shamanism.  I have been working with these people for over two decades now and have experienced the miracles they can bring.

I first met this particular elderly gent when I demanded that somebody "out there" help my dog Suki who was at the vet surgery, dying from tick poisoning.  Grandfather grumbled about being brought "out of retirement" --  but Suki lived and the vets didn't know how.  Grandfather has worked very closely with me ever since and we have had some amazing times.  He volunteered his help on the CD and said, with a twinkle in his eye, that he enjoyed the work.

You can buy Time of the Drum here.  Canberra people can also buy it from The Hierophant in Griffith.

And of course, please think of our two movies as gifts -- Seven Days with Seven Dogs and Finding Joy.
And if you know of anyone who has lost a beloved animal, they might appreciate receiving the book by my good friend and fellow animal communicator, Pam Adams called Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws.  This gorgeous book is written from the heart, will touch the heart, and will heal many wounds.
Ballyoncree News
Spirit the foal with his mother Here at Ballyoncree it has been lovely to watch Spirit the foal grow in a herd situation. He is so confident and happy and often plays games with Finn who is the only boy in the current group he is in.  We moved all the other boys to create some safety for Spirit, but Finn refused to leave and has proved to be an excellent husband and father.  To me it is like raising a child in community.  Spirit sticks close to his mum but also has the confidence to interact and be guided by the others.  This is something we have lost in our society - that sense of community.  I believe community will be very, very important in the future.
Special Discount for Conscious Living Symposium

Conscious living has very generously offered readers of this newsletter a discount on their upcoming symposium.

Conscious Living presents Paranormal Explorations Symposium: Transformations to the New Earth

Explore expand and experience a connection with the wider multi-dimensional realms of our cosmos as we move beyond the paranormal towards the transformation to a New Earth.

The Mayan Prophecies for 2012 point to a transition to a New Age of Enlightenment, an ending of the Age of Separation from the Universe and the dawning of a New Era of Cosmic Consciousness.
At the same time as the world is undergoing unpredictable financial and climate changes many people are experiencing an opening of psychic abilities, of heightened intuition and becoming aware of their real purpose.

This Symposium with world renowned author, hypnotherapist and psychic researcher, Dolores Cannon brings together some of Australia and New Zealand's leading Psychics, Mediums and authors who will share their experiences and understanding about the proliferation of  paranormal phenomena being experienced by individuals around the world today.

The one day event  from 2pm to 10pm is being presented by Conscious Living and will  take place in Perth, on November 12th, in Sydney on November 19th and in  Auckland on December 2nd.   Speakers include the highly acclaimed author and metaphysical expert, Stacey Demarco and Australian Psychic of the year, Jason Betts who both starred in the  TV Series, The One, Jeanette Wilson, New Zealand's leading Spiritual Medium and author, Anthony Grzelka, Soul Talk author and  medium, Trisha Mc Cagh, Animal communicator  and Elizabeth Campbell, author of the channeled wisdom of Hermeas.

Tickets: $125.00 - Special Ticket Discount Price for recipients of Billie Dean's Newsletter: $99.00 save $26.00

To order tickets at this special rate, email me on billie [at]
Help for Senior Animals

If you have seen Seven Days with Seven Dogs, then you know how much we love our older dogs.  Sadly, many older dogs are discarded by humans for many reasons (let's not go there) and despite their incredible service, face euthanasia at our pounds and shelters which are not currently the safe havens for animals they should be, in my opinion.  Adopting Dusty when no other rescue organisation would take him on fuelled me with more ammunition and I'm incredibly grateful for the work of Senior Dogs Rescue in Australia  and in America, The Senior Dogs Project.

Please do whatever you can to support these people - especially Senior Dogs Rescue in Australia.  They do incredible work and need foster carers and funds urgently.

I love mature dogs - well, I love all dogs - but it is always a special joy to take an animal who has a smelly coat, is thin, frightened, might be health-challenged, stressed or whatever - and through love, patience, natural therapies and diet, transform them.  The rewards are like nothing on earth.  Dusty came to us with lots of side effects from his traumatic, abusive situation, but his coat is now a beautiful dusty red brown instead of orange and while we are still working on repairing his nervous system, it melts the heart to see him play with the other dogs, jump in the car with Andrew and snuggle up in bed.
Animals Needing Homes

Can anyone help Mia and Bruno?

Hi Billie
I hope that this email finds you well.  I am seeking your assistance with a pup that I rescued from the pound.  Bruno is a Mastiff, approx 12 months old who was due to be euthanaised.  My partner and I picked him up, sterilised and boarded him in the Kennels at the vets for short period.  Bruno had a scrap with another dog in the kennels and I picked him up and placed him in foster care, until I found suitable people to take him in, appreciate and love him forever.
Bruno has quite the character, he likes to move cushions around, is definitely an indoor doggy who needs someone who will allow him to be who he is. He will need some educating so that he can be exercised and settle down.  When he was in foster care I found a home for him, they had another dog but were willing to put the effort in and make it work. However, their brother in law was going to surrender their pup, who is their dog Tegra's sister to the RSPCA and they felt obligated to take Jersey in rather than Bruno. Unfortunately this did not give me much time and the foster carer who had him could no longer take care of him anymore.  My partner and I have been juggling our two dogs Jax and Luca and Bruno as well. They are not together because my puppies are not great with other dogs, and we are doing a lot of work with them to change that at the moment.  My partner has been staying in a little shack with Bruno and I have been at home with Jax and Luca to make sure that Bruno has the time to find a home.  Bruno is a beautiful boy with a beautiful spirit, he just needs someone who can put the time into him, we are not sure how he will be with other dogs.  I have forwarded an email to lot's of different people who have positive animal networks and another family came forward. They came to see him and I grilled and sussed them out, said that he would need some work and time etc. We then dropped Bruno to them, thinking that it was a great home. That he would be inside on the lounge and pampered, they assured me that they would work with him and it was very emotional taking him there. This was on Wednesday night, Saturday morning we got a phone call saying that they couldn't cope with him and that he gets excited and jumps up and they could not cope with him, that he doesn't walk on a lead and that we needed to go and pick him up. We are back in the situation of having Bruno at the shack and me with the boys, the thing is that Trent's mum has got upset and does not want Bruno at the shack because it "smells" and both Trent and I work fulltime. We are doing our best but cannot sustain this for a lot longer, I don't know what to do.
Can you please forward this to people who may be able to help, he is wonderful, would probably be best in an only dog family and one that can spend a lot of time with him.  I am absolutely desperate and feel really guilty about the whole thing, I just do not know what to do.  Is there any possibility that you could do a reading on him asap and help us with him, he is probably confused and doesn't understand what is happening and why he cannot find some people of his own to love, every time he gets settled he moves again.  It just seems that everywhere I try, they think that he is too big, or they say all the right things and then change their mind, it is truly heartbreaking.  We just cannot hang onto him for a lot longer, it isn't fair to him either, as much as I love him. I would love to have him in my family, it is just that I think that it would be too much with my boys who do not like other dogs and him as well, I think that he is unsure of other dogs, and working fulltime I do not feel that we could give him what he needs.  I would love to speak with you about this, or email you through a picture and get you to communicate with him and let him know what is happening and see what he has to say.  I will only rehouse him to someone that I am absolutely sure about, because I he is amazing and needs someone to appreciate him
Thanks Billie, I am really desperate at the moment,


Billie's communication: Bruno says "the other people were not right for me.  I "know" my right person is coming for me and I want to stay here until they come."  Bruno says he thinks the person will have to come soon.  He has such a big heart and is feeling some anxiety at present.  He says he has a big job to do --" leading the light."  He says he likes to make people laugh and get them out in nature.  He says humans have to "get out of their heads and into their hearts."  He says he is destined for living and thanks Mia from the bottom of his heart.  "We all have our gifts to share and I'm glad I will get to share mine.  We are going to be very happy together -- my person and me."

Here are two other dogs that need help.

Jag and MurphyJag and Murphy were rescued from an incredibly neglectful home where they only had each other for comfort and survival. So bad was the plight of these two dogs that when they were finally discovered by Government Officers, they were malnourished to the point of starvation, suffering intense dehydration and their skin was severely infected and untreated.

Against all odds, Jag and Murphy are perfect with cats, kids and other dogs.  If you can help with homing both (or one) of these beautiful dogs, please phone Nicole on (08) 9440 4652 or 9222 4742.


I also wanted to say a special thank you to people who are helping horses right now -- Kirsty, Rebecca, Lisa and Sharon -- big thank you.  There is a horse named Splash who is looking for a place where she can hang and get over her emotional wounds.  I've tuned into Splash, and she is very angry about her treatment by humans.  She has a big heart, which she is longing to share, but she needs time to learn to trust, and she is worried about being hurt again.  This is a horse who really needs someone who understands how to keep the pressure off a horse until there has been enough time to heal.

If you have a space in your paddock and your heart, please email me on billie [at]
I want to thank everyone who came to the Ballyoncree Working Bee during winter.  The thoroughbreds were very happy and I'm eternally grateful to Angel and her friends for chaff and other goodies, as well as their time and help.  Angel also took over the sponsorship of Rupert when she heard he was suddenly sponsorship-less, and we are doubly grateful for that.

A massive thank you goes to Michanne Aunela for stepping up and watching the animals while we were away filming.  Couldn't have done it without you, Michanne, and Alana and your family.  Many, many thanks.

Huge thanks to Rebecca Booth's mum, Fonika Booth, for the donation of comfy chairs to sit by the fire and watch movies in.  OK, we have to share them with the dogs and cats, but at least we are no longer sitting on the floor.  Also for the donation of warm dog bedding.  This was really appreciated this winter and we were able to also send some warm bedding to Australian Cattle Dog Rescue when they got a litter of 4.5 week old pups.  So doubly appreciated!

I want to take this moment to thank Rebecca for her horse gifts and again suggest strongly to people that if you want good product check out her web site.  I get all my kelp, rosehips, chamomile, Goddess Blend (for horses with hormone upsets) nettle ( good blood tonic) , Echinacea, Well Being Blend, rice bran oil and more. 

Also I love Linda's Natural Wound Spray.

I want to thank Helen Joy Buck of the Floating Lily for animal essences.

Many thanks to Sandy at Veganpet for a discount on her wonderful vegan dog and cat food.

Big thank-yous to Kathi Sherburne for BodyTalk sessions for so many of the Ballyoncree animals, and Rosi Pletzer of Vitality Health for healing sessions for Dusty, Raffi, Rhodri, Cedar and Willow.

And, of course, a huge thank you for our regular sponsors, supporters and friends for everything.
That's it for now.
With love, light and laughter to every one of you,

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary
Email: billie [at]