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September 2008

Brightest Spring Blessings to you all!  Welcome to another Animal Whispers.  You'll notice that we have a new look, which we hope you enjoy.
My Book to be Published by Rockpool Publishing

We had an amazing winter of much productivity and much spiritual growth.  I finished eight intense but wonderful days of teaching my Rainbow Fianna students and then locked myself in Tamsin's room (the only room with a door) and wrote for three solid months.  I'm pleased to say that my book, Secret Animal Business will be published by Rockpool Publishing.  Watch this space for release dates!  Very exciting!

While I am a published author of children's books, this is my first book for grown-ups.  It is based on a lifetime of learning from the animals, and I look forward to sharing it with you.  The animals have been telling me to write for years, so they are pleased.  And I'm so pleased that we had a very, very quiet winter here at Ballyoncree, which let me do it.  The creek returned, we had an abundance of water, and the horses had plenty of grass.  It was the sweetest winter for eight years.   This is what sacred harmony can look like!
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My Book to Be Published by Rockpool
This Sacred Earth
Soul Companions Wisdom Keepers Conference
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Four Winds to Teach in Australia in '09
Animals Needing Homes
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This Sacred Earth

This Sacred Earth Thanks to the wonderful people who offered to animal sit for us while we take off  for our shoot for This Sacred Earth with our cinematographer Tony Jennings who brought you the beautiful cinematography in Finding Joy and Seven Days with Seven Dogs.   We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who put their hand up to help.  Truly it brought tears.   Thank you, thank you thank you!!  The very capable Michanne is now coming to stay, a young woman from our homeschool network who rang before we had even finished sending out last week's SOS!  Thank you Michanne!

If you have not yet seen the teaser for This Sacred Earth, please have a look.

We were also overwhelmed by the donations, which came in to support the completion of This Sacred Earth.  Thank you to all of you!!  It is so very encouraging to us that people believe in this project.  As you are aware, the funding of these kinds of films is the most difficult part, and Andrew and I have spent hours on the phone and computer looking for business angels.  We look upon it as another spiritual test to keep our commitment to happiness and our mental focus on what we wanted, not what we didn't have.  Last week, every day was a different emotional roller coaster with us not knowing if the film was going to be funded or not.  One day we'd raised the budget.  Next day we hadn't.  Determined not to panic or break our new mental discipline, we just kept trusting and holding the vision.  Andrew listened to metaphysical teacher Bob Proctor  and also the amazing Rhonda Bryne (The Secret) and I listened to Global Spirit, which is great for dancing.   You just can't get blue when you're dancing!  And it keeps your vibration high for manifesting, which is essential.  The Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration work hand in hand. So watch this space!

One of my friends said how amazing it would be if we got a million people donating to the film.  The credit roll itself would be enough to shift people.

It's my intention that This Sacred Earth helps provide a global shift in consciousness, bringing people hope and humour.  I have to admit to an ulterior motive for wanting to help humanity make the shift.  The animals have had enough suffering.  Plain and simple.  They want people to change so they can be safe and have better lives.  I couldn't believe that when Gustave was coming, there were still people in New Orleans who abandoned their animals instead of taking them with them when evacuated.  We're going to get more Earth Changes unless we change our thinking and behaviour.  So this is really why I want to make this film, and also In the Company of Angels, which I'll be making next year.

So thank you to all the people who supported This Sacred Earth and are still doing so.  By supporting us to make a difference, you are making a difference.
Soul Companions Wisdom Keepers Conference

To all my UK, Irish and European friends, please come and meet me in Pembrokeshire for the Soul Companions Wisdom Keepers Conference.  Andrew, Tamsin, Tony and I will be arriving in London on September 19  and making our way to Wales to attend this event, which starts that evening.  I'll be speaking on what nature and the animals are saying about 2012, and introducing you to  the silent language of the heart.  We'll be showing our films and we'll all be doing a fire ceremony.  It will be an AWESOME weekend as the energies of the Spring Equinox are going to be fabulous.  According to Ascension writer Karen Bishop and others I have read, October is already looking like a white and fluffy new level of happiness and ease.  And for those who aren't experiencing this yet - keep working on yourself and it soon will!!

We're also filming some of the other speakers such as Phillip Carr-Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Driuds, who I also interviewed last year, Joshua Shapiro and Blue Arrow Rainbow, the Crystal Skull Explorers and orb expert Karen Sawyer, author of Soul Companions: Conversations with Modern Wisdom Keepers - the book which I am in!  I look forward to sharing the information and experiences with you.
Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers

New!  Billie's Earthkeeper Classes

Instead of offering the Munay Ki from now on, I'll be teaching Earthkeeper classes which will be built around the teachings of the Munay Ki, as well as my own teachings from Celtic and native wisdom.  The idea of the Munay Ki was to help each person who was initiated to heal and become an Earthkeeper with the ability to dream in the New Earth.  So each student got personal healing from me as part of their mentoring.  For the seeds of the new human to grow, the soil must be fertile.  When we are healed, we operate at a different level - we become Rainbow Warriors.

My new classes will have the initiations imbedded in them, but will also help people experience them on a high level, as we connect to the Mother Earth who we are called to steward.  I'm very excited about these new classes and would like to offer them at a huge discount to my existing students, some of whom have already expressed interest, even though they are already Munay Ki graduates.  More about these later.

Path of the Wild Pure Heart Grade Three

Rainbow Fianna is about training human angels for animals.  With my book Secret Animal Business coming out, my goal is to be able to forward Animal Communication work to my Rainbow Fianna graduates.  The animals need trained people who really understand them.  The more the merrier.

I had an incredible experience with my Grade 2 students recently where I took them up our mountain with our high energy Kelpies.  When we meditated the pups all settled quietly in the shade.  When we have peace within, there is peace without.  Suddenly Sage jumped all over one student, wagging her tail and licking her.  To others this might have looked like "bad behaviour" as Sage wouldn't settle.   But when I asked my student what she had been thinking about, she said her thoughts had wandered to the contemplation of wolves!

All those advanced students who are interested in Path of the Wild Pure Heart Grade Three, please contact me so we can sort out a date in November which suits everyone. billie [at]  Or phone: 02 48 422819

Four Winds Society to Teach in Australia in 2009

Those of you who are interested in the work of Dr Alberto Villoldo will be pleased to know that the Four Winds Society is bringing their Healing the Light Body School to Australia in 2009.  As you know, I love this school and did my hummingbird thing by just doing it .  (Hummingbird represents the mythic journey, the nectar of life and just doing the impossible!) I went for it and became a full Mesa carrier completing all seven required courses in 13 months, plus some other master's courses.  I've learned amazing healing skills, which I use with animals and people, and I'm continuing my journey with the other staff and friends I have met. We all have our healing modalities but this one speaks to me, and the animals of Ballyoncree have benefited.

To smooth the process, I'm taking enquiries and registrations on behalf of the Four Winds Society for The Healing the Light Body School, which will be held in Victoria from March 27 to April I, 2009 at the Geelong Conference Centre, East Geelong, Victoria. 

To get your certificate, you are required to do the complete medicine wheel - South, West, North and East (and best done in that order), plus three Master's Courses.  The cost of each medicine wheel class  in Australia is now $US 1850 which is $AUD 2,329 at today's exchange rate.  You can get a $US 200 discount if you pay a $US 450 deposit by December 1st.  Alternatively you can just do what is called The Medicine Wheel, which is the first few days of each Direction where we do our own personal work and healing. This is $US 850 or $AUD 1,070 at today's exchange rate.  You can pay a deposit of $300 to receive the $100 early registration discount if you enroll by December 1.

I've had people calling me trying to decide what to do.  I can tell you that in my class of 100, only 5 - 10 people did the Medicine Wheel.  It doesn't train you to be a healer.  That's the bit you miss.  However it does help you work on your stuff and it is fascinating. So it's up to you and I'm happy to talk you through it when I return to the office on Monday, September 29th.

In 2009, the Four Winds Society has committed to bringing you the South Class, where you learn the Illumination Method, which is the foundation healing tool for our shamanic healing practice.  The West class will be held in August, and covers the Extraction Method.

In the meantime, if you just want to enrol, Michanne here at home has all the paperwork and can register you over the phone: 02 48 422819, or you can email me: billie [at]
Animals Needing Homes

If a beautiful, big hairy dog is what you are looking for, Laurel needs to find a home for Yakka.  Email Laurel on wolfmum [at]

Vanessa is looking for some help with her two beloveds who need a home from October 1 to mid Jan 2009. Contact Vanessa B Baylen on vbb29 [at]  She has a cocker spaniel and a cat and, really, just needs a hand just for a few months.
That's it for now.  Enjoy the Spring Equinox - light a candle, bring in the Light!!

Until next time.
With love, light and laughter to every one of you,

Billie Dean
Founder and Director: Rainbow Fianna:Wisdom School for Earth Keepers
Australian Centre for the Munay-Ki
Co-Founder, Ballyoncree Animal Sanctuary