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In Memory of Nancy Blair

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Upcoming Restorative Justice Training
Restorative Justice Facilitator Training for Incarcerated Populations

Phase 2: Intensive VOEG Facilitator Training (5-Day) October 30 - November 3, 2012

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Congratulations to the sixteen men that graduated from our Victim Offender Education Group (VOEG) classes last month! Here are a couple of quotes from the men when asked what they learned from VOEG:
  • VOEG gave me insight about myself, my crime and how my community was effected.....it made me human again. VOEG taught me to be authentic. 
  • "I became honest with myself and will continue to work on that. The work continues."
  • "It is a process. VOEG created a safe place for me."
  • "It made me realize the depth of my crime. I got to the bottom of holding myself accountable."
  • "It's like a wound that didn't heal. VOEG taught me to look at the wound, at myself. It is a process and I'm a work in progress. Even though I am in prison, [VOEG helped me to] feel more free."
  • "I thought VOEG was just another program. [In the beginning], I was not realistic or truthful. Coming into VOEG woke me up on so many levels. I realized I was my own worst enemy. I am now in a place of continuous healing and realize this is a lifestyle. I am grateful to God for this program. It has been a magnificent journey."
  • "I went from packing a pistol to packing a Kleenex."

Please join us in celebrating this group's accomplishments!



Responsibility, Rehabilitation & Restoration: A Symposium on Crime, Punishment and the Common Good in California

Jaimee Karroll, IPP's Training, Education, Curriculum and Replication Director, and VOEG Facilitator, participated on the panel discussion titled, "Voices of Community Organizations Sharing Best Practices and Emerging Models." The panel addressed how communities can empower themselves and partner with government agencies to implement restorative justice practices.  


Read more excerpted comments from Jaimee Karroll's presentation.  



Expanding Yoga Inside San Quentin State Prison
In the next several months, IPP will again expand its yoga offerings inside San Quentin to include a class specifically designed for incarcerated military veterans. Led by James Fox and a peer facilitator in training, the class will be oriented toward teaching the men yoga techniques that can help them to heal from the physical and psychological effects of the lasting trauma of war, active duty and combat training.  In addition to his regular yoga teacher's training, James has completed a special certification for teaching yoga to veterans coping with trauma. 


James Fox Takes Prison Yoga to Norway

In June, James Fox, IPP Programs Director and yoga instructor, visited Norway for the second time in the past year to continue his collaboration with Alex Medin, a well known Norwegian yoga teacher, in establishing a prison yoga program there. James has visited seven prisons in Norway where he has made presentations to prison staff and conducted introductory classes with prisoners. The program has been established in five Norwegian prisons with prospects for adding two more facilities. James has trained over 40 yoga teachers to provide classes.  

Teaching prisoners at Norway's Ringerike Prison

If you are interested in teaching yoga inside prison and rehabilitation facilities, and would like to attend an upcoming training, please click here for more information.  





Nancy Blair
Nancy Blair
Nancy Blair, IPP's board co-chair and long time supporter of IPP's work inside prisons, passed away on August 12th as a result of acute adult leukemia. Nancy, who believed in helping people in often forgotten parts of our community, lived her life with energy, excitement and passion, and was a tremendous addition to the IPP team. She will be greatly missed by many at IPP.


Her obituary can be found here.  



Robert 'Red' Frye
Robert 'Red' Frye
Challenge Grant Goal Met!
Great news! Thanks to your generous donations, we met our $30,000 challenge grant goal!

Robert, one of IPP's participants inside San Quentin states, "Your contribution indicates that you believe the men inside prison are redeemable - and we are! They say that doing time is easy. But doing the work of IPP is hard - in a good way. When one discovers what went wrong in one's life and takes accountability for ones transgressions; I call that justice! How do we as a society want these men to return? For my community I pray that they have a chance to participate in programs like IPP's to be exposed to new possibilities in life."

On behalf of the men and women we serve, we thank you for your support!

Foundation News
San Francisco Foundation:To support rehabilitation programs for incarcerated individuals in prisons and jails that positively affect rates of institutional violence, successful and safe reentry into Bay Area communities, and individual health and well-being.

Yoga Dana Foundation: Funding from the Yoga Dana Foundation has allowed IPP to expand our program of yoga offerings to 4 classes inside San Quentin, reaching an average of 65 men per week. We have also been able to expand our yoga model to the California State Prison in Solano, reaching an average of 70 men per week.

Our Work
Our Mission: Insight Prison Project transforms the lives of those impacted by incarceration through programs designed to develop behavior inspired by insight, accountability and compassion.


Our Vision: Insight Prison Project envisions a vibrant and just society that inspires individual transformation beyond the walls of both personal and institutional incarceration.

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