April 2012Issue 4  No. 4
Mold Remediation
  Specialized Service
mold remediation 
Fire and water damage can often result in some serious mold issues if not taken care of right away. Mold can quickly grow and spread, causing permanent property damage and even health problems. 

The faster you take action, the better chance there is to resolve the issue and restore your property. 

In the unfortunate event of mold damage, make sure to remember these few points to help keep your property from serious damage:

* Identify and eliminate the water source;
* Completely dry the affected areas; 
* Keep the mold from spreading to non-contaminated areas; 
* Kill the mold using specialized equipment and cleaning products;
* Remove the dead mold; and,
* Protect the clean area against future mold infestations.

Prolonged exposure to mold can result in harmful physical side effects. It's important to rely on qualified mold remediation teams to treat any mold on your property. 
New Emergency Vehicle
  Our New Ride


Tucson truck 
This month, we added a new 2012 Ford E350 to our fleet of emergency vehicles on the road in Tucson! 
One more specialized vehicle -- ready to meet any of your disaster and restoration needs!
Ask An Expert
  What You Want to Know
What is the most dangerous type of mold?
Toxic black mold is the most dangerous and rare type of mold. Black mold has a distinct greenish-black color and can produce harmful toxins that can severely affect health and even cause death.  
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Employee Spotlight
  Our Hotshot of the Month

Our spotlight this month shines brightly on James Bonjour. James has been a service technician with ServiceMaster for one year. He currently holds the IICRC, water damage and structural drying certifications through ServiceMaster. 
Prior to working with ServiceMaster, James served in the Army Reserves. 
James grew up in the Tucson area and is married with a daughter. In his spare time, James likes to sleep, watch movies and work on cars. 
We are thankful James is a part of our team!
Just For Fun
  Look What We Found
It's Opening Weed at Kino Stadium with our friend, Kino Bambino, the Tucson Padres' mascot! 

Remember this time last year? It's when the Padres mascot received his unusual name. After sorting through hundreds of names suggested by fans throughout the area, the name Kino Bambino was chosen.  His name has a strong connection to the Tucson region, while also honoring the most famous baseball player of all time. The Kino Bambino, and Kino Stadium, are named after Father Eusebio Kino, the man who established 24 missions in the southwestern United States in the late 1600's. "The Bambino" is the most famous of the nicknames attached to slugger Babe Ruth. 

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