ServiceMaster All Care Restoration 
August 2011
Issue 3  No.8
866 Recover
  It's Just What We Do


 ServiceMaster's 866 RECOVER program provides a nationwide single source solution for disaster restoration and reconstruction services. We have one of the fastest local on-site emergency response times in the industry, available anytime, any day. 


This preferred customer program will get you back in business when you need it most and offers you:

  • Comprehensive services including pre-loss contingency planning assistance
  • Emergency loss mitigation response
  • Post-loss clean-up and reconstruction
  • Expert services in emergency mitigation

Part of any strong business plan is preparing for emergencies and natural disasters. We know that lost time in your business is lost revenue and could potentially lead to lost customers. The 866 RECOVER program gives you the peace of mind that minimizes business and financial disruptions in the event of property damage.

Ever Wonder?
  Weird Stuff We Wanna Know

Arizona white painted trees


 Why do people paint the trunks of their citrus trees white?


According to plant people, it's to prevent sunburn. Yep, sunburn.


Citrus trees tend to grow out rather than up so its leaves don't protect the tree from the intense sun. When the tree is young its bark is still very thin and can be easily damaged. A layer of white paint is enough protection to allow the tree trunk to mature and become broad enough to shade the trunk.  People keep painting it because it looks pretty.    


So, now you know.

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 The temperature is continuing to rise throughout the month of August. We are often asked for simple ways to reduce extra heat-producers in the home and office.  So here is what you can do:


Turn off computers, printers, copiers, and other electronics when they are not in use and invest in a surge protector. Surge protectors allow you to plug several items into one outlet with one on/off switch.

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ServiceMaster All Care Restoration offers quality service that restores peace of mind! 



Our advanced tools and techniques allows our professional and qualified technicians to restore any of your commercial or residential property affected by fire, smoke or water damage.  Our certified professionals are experts in mold removal, elimination of mildew and complete water and fire damage restoration.


It is our commitment to work closely with you through the entire restoration process and assisting you every step of way.  Our customers are our first priority, so your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We now service areas throughout Phoenix and Tucson.  

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