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June 2011
Issue 3  No.6
Bragging Rights
  Office Promotions
We've had a lot going on at ServiceMaster All CareRestoration and we're proud to recognize some internal promotions over the past couple of months. 

* Amanda Nenni is now the Office Manager and Business Development Manager for our Tucson office;

* William Moore was promoted from Sr Crew Chief to Construction Project Manager for our Phoenix office; 

* Matthew Stewart was promoted to our Production Manager for our Tucson and Peoria offices; 

* Janice Benson was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Billing Coordinator.

Congratulations to Amanda, William, Matthew and Janice on your achievements!
It's Monsoon Time
  What You Need to Know
arizona monsoon
According to the National Weather Service, on a typical day during the Arizona Monsoon, powerful thunder-storms develop in the afternoons. As these thunder-storms dissipate, a microburst can produce severe wind gusts that blow at 57 miles per hour or more. 


 Every June, a strong high pressure system builds and brings moisture into the state from the Gulf of California and Gulf of Mexico. The first thunderstorms usually arrive around early July. The rain comes fast and furious, from clouds towering 50,000 feet into the sky. The season lasts until September 13. 


On average, our area can expect 56 monsoon days each year but it has ranged anywhere from 27 to 99 days. While the amount of monsoon rain in Phoenix varies greatly....from nearly 6 inches in 2008 to less than an inch in '07 and '09. Last summer, we received slightly less than average rain.

And while the valley gets about 1/3 of its rain from the summer storms, Tucson and Alpine get more than half of their annual precipitation in the summer.

Even with all the variability, the Arizona monsoon has never been a "no-show," but in the years where we get little rain the monsoon is sometimes dubbed, "the non-soon."

Record Breakers

Our Historical Storms 

monsoon record breakers

Monsoon storms create some of the biggest weather stories in Arizona every year. We remember a few of the best over the years:


July 14, 2002: Phoenix was hit with a triple-whammy when a major dust storm with 40-65 mile-per-hour straight line winds hit the city. At the same time, a series of microbursts of 100 miles per hour winds hit Sky Harbor International Airport, causing an estimated $70 million in damages. Finally, flash flooding hit the central Phoenix area hard. 


July 14, 2001: Extreme rain hit Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale and trapped people in their cars. Microbursts knocked down trees and damaged many homes.


August 12, 1997: A monsoon thunderstorm produced a flash flood in a slot canyon near Lake Powell. The story made international news when eleven European hikers were swept to their deaths. A camera recovered after the event revealed a 50-to-80 foot wall of water sweeping through the canyon. 


August 14, 1996: This one was called the costliest storm in Arizona history. A severe thunderstorm and downburst hit the northwest portion of the Phoenix metro area - causing $160 million in damages. An Arizona record wind gust of 115 miles per hour was recorded at the Deer Valley Airport. A few locations were without power for several days. 

Specialized Equipment
Cool Stuff That Works
The Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Generator is designed for odor control and remediation in large commercial spaces. The airmover dispenses a high concentration of hydroxyls throughout the affected area. It is effective against odors caused by fires, floods, protein fires, grey water, mold, mildew, and chemical spills. 
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Specialized Equipment
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Employee Spotlight

 Our Hotshot of the Month



Meet Bethany Gutierrez, our Hot Shot of the Month!


Bethany is a Customer Care Representative here at Servicemaster All Care Restoration.  She has been taking excellent care of our customers since March of 2011. Bethany is working on completing her Associates Degree and is an expert in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


On the home front, Bethany and her husband, Mike, have one cat and two dogs. Bethany enjoys reading, watching movies and playing video games on the Wii. She also runs a home business making cakes.


Thanks for being such an important part of the team, Bethany!


Protect Your Equipment

 Keep Things Running Smoothly  

 business equipment



It's important to protect your business equipment.  After all, without it, not much gets least, not well.


Remember these helpful guidelines to help you protect some of your largest assets and keep you up-and-running at all times.   



* Make sure you have enough insurance coverage on all of your business equipment.   


* Keep an up-to-date inventory of all business equipment and serial numbers, including any leased equipment that is not specifically insured by the leasing company.  


* Avoid keeping all of the valuable equipment in the same area so as not to be an easy target for theft. 


* Install a security alarm (and visibly display the alarm company's shield), along with an electrical service meter surge protection devices (SPDs)  in conjunction with individual plug-in SPDs.  


* Consider installing a lightning protection system by a qualified contractor.



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