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March 2011
Issue 3  No.3
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Rescue Mat System



Presenting the Rescue Mat System, a specialized drying system used specifically for hardwood floors that have been damaged by water. 

This unique system actually dries the flooring from the top down. It uses a high-pressure blower to vacuum water vapor directly through the surface of the floor. Often this system is used along with other drying equipment. Two different sizes are available, which allow the system to fit to any floor layout. The setup is fast and easy and has one hose connection per mat. 

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Blast From the Past  

Just For Fun, Because We Can


 pennell - team

(Photo of Arizona State's Interim Coach, Russ Pennell. Photo credit to AP Danny Moloshok.)


In March, 2009, Arizona State Wildcats were unexpectedly chosen by the NCAA election committee as a No. 12 seed in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. This decision sparked all sorts of emotion with many people and players believing that other teams were more deserving.  However, Arizona proved their worth when they won the 2009 Pac-10 men's tournament on March 12, 2009, with a final score of 68-56.  


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 mold remediation

 One question we get asked often is if mold will go away once things are dry. 


Our experts agree that mold will NOT go away once things are dry. It actually goes into a dormant state in which mold spores can be easily released into the air. The mold will start to grow again when moisture is added, either by getting wet again or by absorbing moisture from air. 

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