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Pink Boots Society                                           June 2012 (Pre-WBC)

The Pink Boots Society is an international nonprofit association committed to providing

educational opportunities to women beer professionals.


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If you are a woman beer professional, the Pink Boots Society was created to empower you to bust through and take your beer career as far as you want to take it.


We may be few, yet we are many: 821 members worldwide as I write this e-newsletter. You don't have to go it alone... you have sisters.


Have you been employed in the beer industry for awhile? 5 years? 10 years? More? Whether you know it or not, you have experience and wisdom to share. Please join PBS in giving back to the industry we know and love so much. Our less experienced members want to meet you and network with you.


So join us: The next national meeting is Saturday July 28th at 4:00pm in Portland, Oregon. See you there!


Saturday, July 28, 2012:

4:00-6:00pm - World Brewing Congress National & Pacific Northwest Regional Meeting - Lucky Labrador Brewpub, Portland, OR (USA).


Friday, October 12, 2012:

11:30am-2:30pm - National Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO (USA).

(NOTE: This meeting date was listed wrong in the last e-News.)


Saturday, October 13, 2012:

10:00-11:00am - Annual steering meeting. All are welcome.

Lower Level Bar of Marriott Hotel, Denver, CO (USA). 


Friday, March 29, 2013:

11:30-1:30pm - at CBC, Washington, DC (USA).


Portland Regional

World Brewing Congress













Will you be in Portland, Oregon for the World Brewing Congress or for the Oregon Brewers Festival? This once-in-a-lifetime confluence brings both events to Portland, Oregon the last weekend in July, and PBS will take advantage of it by hosting a "bonus" national meeting.


Please mark your calendars to attend on Saturday July 28th, 4:00-6:00 pm. Click here to learn more about this Happy Hour Meeting at the Lucky Labrador Brewpub. More info here.  


Then please print it off so you know where to go! See you in sunny Portland.


"Save the Date" e-Vites are being emailed now. Please help us spread the word to all female MBAA, ASBC, BCJ, JBA, EBC and IBD members, by forwarding this e-newsletter to them via the link below. We really want to mingle our craft beer members, with the women members of these larger organizations. Remember our motto: We learn from each other!


130 members CBC San Diego

Wow! As you can see in the above photo, 130 members (final count) attended our CBC national meeting in San Diego, a 70% increase over 2011 CBC. 


We raised over $1,900 revenue in t-shirt & pin sales, and door donations. Every single attendee was able to win something from the raffle, so our $5 door donation continues to be a good value. Thank you to all who contributed swag. 


The CBC meeting is also our annual business meeting, so we go over our financials at this meeting each year. The good news is we ended 2011 with more money in our bank account than we started the year with. This increase was due mostly to t-shirt and pin sales, as we are holding off on large donation requests until we secure our 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the IRS.


Click here to Read the Minutes taken by Lindsey Jaworek from Vermont Pub & Brewery. 


Thank you to David Lee Joy from All Star Tapes for recording our meeting. If you missed the meeting, or you are curious about what we talk about at our CBC annual business meeting, please click here to Download the Meeting Recording and listen in.


Warning: At about 19 minutes there is some interference that lasts several seconds (the microphone got too close to an amplifier).


Nine PBS Ozzies and a Yank


Ten women attended Australia's first PBS meeting, held on May 17th. Jayne Lewis, Co-Owner of Two Birds Brewing was the organizer. Denise Jones from Moylan's Brewery in California attended, which nicely connected the Ozzies to the Yanks at this meeting. Click here to Read the Minutes.

Eventually PBS will have our own scholarship program, but in the meantime, please take advantage of existing scholarship programs: Don't delay!


June 29 - Scholarship Deadline for two Siebel scholarships: (1) AB Vickers Scholarship for the WBA web-based Concise Course and (2) World Brewing Academy Scholarship towards the WBA web-based Associate Program,


August 1 - Scholarship Deadline for MBAA Brewing & Malting Science Course scholarship. Link:


Next Time - Scholarship Deadline for your local MBAA District. For example, District NW had several scholarships available to members to attend the World Brewing Congress. This deadline has now passed, but if you are an MBAA member, please ask your local officers if there are district scholarships available. Many districts are flush with scholarship money but the scholarship applications go wanting, so please ask!


GABF LogoIf you are a beer professional (and hopefully a PBS member), you may have the experience and chops to become a professional beer judge. The requirements are straight forward: How much professional sensory experience and training do you have? That's pretty much the bottom line: Are you Experienced?

Click here to read about what is required to become a GABF and/or WBC Judge

PBS MeetingKelsey Williams is our new Photo Gallery manager. If you have photos of previous PBS meetings, please label clearly with the Year and Meeting (and Month/Season) and send to both:

(1) Kelsey at, and to

(2) Tara Nurin, PBS Historian at


Please be patient as we attempt to document our history properly, and get our Photo Gallery page up on our website



Lucy Saunder's Beer CookbookWe invite members who are beer writers or otherwise produce beer media, to share your beer knowledge, and bring your books, CDs or DVDs to sell at a Member Media Sales Table at any meeting. You will handle your own sales.


No donation is necessary, but after we have 501(c)3 status, we would appreciate you donating a proportion of your proceeds from sales at our meeting to PBS's scholarship fund. 
Larry Chase, Brewmaster of Standing Stone Brewery moderated a panel at CBC-San Diego titled "The Ultimate Intern: How To Train Tomorrow's Brewers." Some of the discussion revolved around paid vs. unpaid interns. Larry says the Department of Labor offers guidelines that regulate an intern's employment status. He sent in a post to the BA Forum with this link to a 6-part test that determines if an internship can be unpaid:

I know of one PBS member who launched her career offering to work for free in exchange for a great reference and connections to the Brewmaster's peers/potential employers. Please check the link to determine if an unpaid internship is legal for your situation or not.

PBS Map World

Julie Wartell from created maps showing where all our current PBS members live. (See left.) Available at or click here to download a PDF of each: PBS World Map or PBS USA Map.



 PBS & BMOFAB in the News:


Women Looking for a Cold Brew Too:

The Birth of PBS:

Barley Field Days: Do you live near an agricultural university or in a barley growing region? Ask around, there may be a Barley Field Day you can attend. For example, Oregon State University has an annual Barley Field Day in May or June each year. Talk to your local MBAA officers or your nearest university fermentation program instructor for information. See These events are often free to beer professionals:

June 28 - Small Grains Field Day at Washington State University:



Ben's Mom with Beer
Ben Edmund's Mom, Nancy

We had an exciting fourth year for our Bring Mom Out For A Beer (BMOFAB) promotion, with more and more breweries and beer-centric businesses choosing to jump-start their American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) programming with an event on Mother's Day.


Next year we will enjoy the same opportunity. In the USA, Mother's Day will be May 12th, and the "Mother of all Beer Weeks" (ACBW) will start on May 13th, so the so the timing couldn't be better. Click here for the Press Release.

Jon's Mom with Beer
Jon Graber's Mom, Tina

Each Mother's Day, from 1-4 PM, BMOFAB encourages beer patrons to raise a pint to honor their Moms, and to learn a bit about beer history, as many of the world's first beer brewers were mothers: women who brewed beer, a food staple, for their families in their homes. 


As a friend is fond of saying, "Every bloke who wants to drink beer is drinking it, but every woman who wants to drink beer isn't, because she doesn't know it yet." Help us spread the message through Moms.


Send us a picture of your Mom enjoying a beer, and we may put it in next year's e-newsletter. Send photo to BMOFAB Coordinator, Nicole Courides And thanks for your support.


  PBS Pink Front BA Black FrontPBS Black Back
















Thanks to Anita Lum's dilligence, we have full-color t-shirts for sale. These are true-to-size (not tiny or tight) women's style tees with v-neck and logo on front and back. They come in three styles, and you can see them on our website: $25 includes shipping. Support our scholarship fundraising! Buy a t-shirt today!


Click here to see the back of the shirt we can't show you.


         Black cotton Pink Boots Society tees.

         Pink cotton Pink Boots Society tees.

         Black cotton Barley's Angels tees. (These are now collectors' items with original logo, which must be phased out as per Columbia Studio's requirement.) 


 Onguard Boot

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The Pink Boots Society is committed to the advancement of the education of women beer professionals, either by developing educational scholarships, or by hosting educational speakers and seminars at our regional and national meetings. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, I encourage you to join us. 


Cheers to you!

Teri FahrendorfTeri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society