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Pink Boots Society                                    February 2011 (Pre-CBC)

The Pink Boots Society is an international charitable trade organization created to inspire, encourage and empower women to become professionals and advance their careers in the Beer Industry through education.

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This issue of the PBS e-Newsletter updates you on our upcoming national meeting, which will be held during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco.



You'll know us through our actions: The best way to keep up with the Pink Boots Society is to subscribe to this newsletter and read our E-Newsletter Archive


Barleys Angels Color

We did it! The weekend of Feb 18-20th, we launched our international women's consumer beer education network.


Five Barley's Angels chapters launched simultaneously worldwide: London (UK), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Sydney (Australia), and Astoria, OR (USA). The inaugural meeting was held in Portland, OR (USA) on January 23rd.



As I write this we have 540 registered members. A big welcome to all our sisters. We all have knowledge to share, and we can learn from each other. See List. We also have 1,297 subscribers to this e-newsletter! 


ConferenceNational PBS Meeting: During the Craft Brewers Conference

DATE:     Friday, March 25, 2011

TIME:     11:30am - 1:00pm
PLACE:  Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

ROOM:   Continental Ballroom 1-3, Located on the Ballroom level of the hotel around the corner from the conference registration area.

BRING: $5 meeting fee, swag for the raffle, $ for PBS Logo pins and t-shirts, your beer and a smile.

LUNCH:  Will will be set up near the Trade Show. If you have a Conference or Expo pass, please grab a lunch plate and beer on your way to our room.

END of MEETING: Please clear all your trash, plates, cups, etc when you leave. A Seminar follows us and we want the CBC to allow us back in future years.

WHAT: A quick meeting with PBS info, tax-exempt report, budget, Barley's Angels update, international updates, committee updates, fun networking, raffle prizes, and beer & cheese.

LOCALS MEMBERS: You will be allowed in for our meeting. Just ask at registration. You should not need a Conference or Expo pass if you are only attending our PBS meeting.

MEETING ADDRESS: 333 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, Tel: 1-415-771-1400



GABF WomenFriday, March 25, 2011:  11:30am-1:00pm - at CBC, San Francisco, CA.

Friday, Sept. 30, 2011:  11:30am-3:30pm - Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Denver, Colorado. 

Friday, May 4, 2012:  11:30am-1:00pm - at CBC, San Deigo, CA.

Friday, Sept. 28, 2012: 11:30am-3:30pm - PBS Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Denver, Colorado.


Thank YouThis spot in our newsletter is reserved to shout out Thank You to our sponsors. Sponsor #1 today is the Brewers Association and Craft Brewers Conference, who have donated the use of one of their seminar rooms for our CBC meeting.


Thank You to Cabot Cheese Coop of Vermont, which has provided tasty cheese samples for our CBC meeting and a Raffle prize. 


Thank You to Denise Jones and Moylans Brewing Company for 3 dozen beer bottles for our meeting. We are happy to accept beer donations for all meetings. Just bring them cold with an opener.


We have been holding off on asking for financial donations lately because we are so close to turning in our 1023 application for IRS tax-exempt 501(c)3 status. However we could really use your donation.

Luckily if we make the deadline, all previous donations are retroactively tax-deductible, so please think about clicking our PayPal Donate button--soon to be on our website. (Save your receipt) Thanks!


Building a CathedralThere's a story of a passerby who sees three workers laying bricks. Asking each worker what they're doing, the passerby is met with three responses:


"I'm laying bricks," the first worker replies.

"I'm making a living," answers the second.

"I'm building a cathedral," says the third.


As we build the Pink Boots Society, and it's consumer outreach and fundraising arm, Barley's Angels, I am reminded of the above story. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, and thus a Pink Boots Society member, you are laying bricks, creating a foundation for the women whose careers will come after yours.


The more you get involved with Pink Boots Society, the more you will realize that you are actually building a cathedral. You are a part of something big, something with universal appeal and with international scope. We want your help, but we're not so good at assigning jobs.


If you see an area where we are weak, and you have skills there (such as social networking), please contact us and pitch in. Or if you want to lead your own chapter of Barley's Angels, sign up. You create your own future with the Pink Boots Society. Be a part of it.


Email with your PBS Volunteer suggestions or

Email with your Barley's Angels suggestions. Thank you for stepping up.


Alison GraysonMember Alison Grayson of Portland, Oregon has been busy working on a documentary called, "For the Love of Beer-Celebrating Women in the Beer Industry." Alison follows six amazing and passionate women beer professionals in the Pacific Northwest, women that represent our general membership. She just finished filming and launched her fundraising for post-production and distribution on Wouldn't you like to be one of the angels who help her get to Sundance?


Please consider helping her at She only needs $5,500, which is a very achievable goal. (If every PBS member could invite one friend to join in, and each gave $50, she would be there, loud and proud.) Plus get snazzy gifts like limited edition shirts, glassware or a signed DVD.


Regional PBS MeetingSouthern California has quarterly regional PBS meetings now. Contact Stone's Laura Ulrich for information.


Portland, Oregon has quarterly regional PBS meetings too. Contact Rogue's Christine Jump about the April 23rd meeting.


Have you attended a national Pink Boots Society meeting? Do you wish PBS meetings were held more often and closer to where you live? Members who have attended at least one national or regional meeting are welcome to host a Regional Pink Boots Meeting.

Email for a "Regional PBS Meeting Kit," read the Guidelines first, and follow the directions. Then have fun and meet your fellow local members.

Barleys Angels ColorOn January 23, 2011, the consumer branch of the Pink Boots Society was born. Barley's Angels is our international network of women's consumer beer education clubs. Chapter leaders are qualified Pink Boots Society members who lead groups of beer curious women on beer education safaris, while raising money for Pink Boots Society's professional education scholarships. 
In the USA, women comprise 50.7% of the population, yet only drink 25% of the beer. The Pink Boots Society believed education is the key to changing that statistic.

Where the Pink Boots Society provides networking and education opportunities for women beer professionals, Barley's Angels provides the same for women beer fans.
If you are a PBS member interested in forming your own Barley's Angels chapter, please read carefully all the information at, fill out the Chapter Application form and send it to She will email you the PayPal link to pay your annual chapter fee. You must abide by the rules you agreed to by signature in the application. Barley's Angels is all about camaraderie, connecting beer, food, beer history, and women's role in it. It is not a drinking fest.
Mom Likes BeerNow's the time to start planning your Mother's Day "Bring Mom Out For A Beer" event. Last year we got a lot of support for our first annual BMOFAB campaign. From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California (and many points in between) brewpubs, breweries, beer gastropubs, bottle shops, and restaurants came up with creative ways to get their customers to bring their moms in to discover the amazing world of great beer.

Plan your event for 1:00-4:00pm. This year's dates:

UK: Sunday, April 3, 2011 (Mothering Sunday)
USA: Sunday May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day)
Everywhere Else: Sunday May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day)

Women Beer Drinkersby Ginger Johnson

Did you know that only 27% of women who enjoy beverage alcohol drink beer? My
background is marketing and advertising, and beer is my passion. I've moderated dozens of women's focus groups and one finding is that women prefer craft beer because they are attracted to intense flavors in their food and beverages. If you want to target women, it is important to make them feel welcome. Women's beer education groups, like Barley's Angels and Women Enjoying Beer, are a good way to start. Contact me for women and beer statistics, or to explore other specific ways to attract women as beer consumers:


Rate Beer LogoRateBeer, a consumer driven community for craft beer lovers, is seeking volunteer temporary committee members and a permanent chairperson for their new Women's Issues Committee, designed to address women's issues in policy and practice.


The goals of the committee are:

1. Assess current policies

2. Recommend new policies and procedures

3. Focus on areas that need improvement

4. Provide opportunities to enhance the quality of the RateBeer community for women and all

The estimated time commitment for this project is five hours over the course of 30 days, though it could be less.

If interested, please send a note to Joe Tucker at with "RACWI" (RateBeer Advisory Committee on Women's Issues) in the subject line.

Want to wet your toes in the beer writing pool? Ale Street News's "Pink Boots 'n All" Column is still open for PBS members to ply their writing trade. Editor Tony Forder offers us, the women in the beer trenches, the opportunity to write about beer from the women's perspective. He would love to hear from you. Contact, or visit     

Barbara GerovacAre you a woman who earns income from beer? If so, you may qualify for PBS membership. Do you get paid real money for any of the following activities? (Getting paid in beer or t-shirts doesn't count):


1. Do you work for a brewery (or own one)?

2. Do you work for a homebrew shop (or own one)?

3. Do you work for a company that buys or sells beer (or own one)?

4. Do you work for a brewing ingredient or beer supply company (or own one)?

5. Do you write about beer or edit beer literature (and get paid for it)?

6. Do you consult about beer or brewing on a professional level (and get paid for it)?


If so, welcome! Please forward your completed membership application to Anita Lum


If not, we love you: You are a beer fan and you make our work possible. As a female beer fan and beer consumer you qualify to join a Barley's Angels chapter. Please see for information. In this way you could support the mission of the Pink Boots Society, and connect with other women through beer.


Four Steps to fully connect with the Pink Boots Society: If you qualify for membership as outlined above, here are 4 things you'll want to do now:


1.       Email your completed application (see above for link) to Your contact information is for PBS use only.


2.       Email your photo or logo to go on your Profile Page. Anything listed for your Profile (bottom half of the application) becomes public information. This includes any email and phone numbers you list. Please be specific if something should not go on your Profile.


3.       Subscribe to the PBS e-Newsletter from the website or from any PBS e-Newsletter (see archives at


4.       Join the PBS Yahoo Forum at We recommend you sign up for the Daily Digest.


Optional extra connections:

5.  Read archived e-Newsletters at to learn about upcoming or repeating PBS activities and plans.

6.  Follow PBS on Twitter at
7.   Friend PBS on Facebook at
8.  Pour your self a nice glass of beer and watch for your name to go up. Please allow 2-3 weeks. We all work full time jobs but volunteer here.

The Pink Boots Society began in 2007 as a list of every woman brewer I met or heard about during my 13,000-mile cross-country road trip ( We had our first meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in April 2008, where the women on that list voted to become a membership organization, and to welcome all women who earn income from beer.


At our second national meeting we voted on Organizational Goals:


1. Encourage women consumers to taste beer and learn about the history and craft of beer.
2. Encourage women to become homebrewers.
3. Encourage women to become professionals in the beer industry.
4. Support PBS members to advance their beer careers through education.
5. Promote women in the beer industry to Media.
6. Increase the number of women beer judges at the
GABF and other competitions.


The Pink Boots Society is all about us women beer professionals teaching and helping each other. If you earn income from beer, I encourage you to attend a national or regional meeting. Our educational seminar is held each year right after our Great American Beer Festival meeting. 


You gals are making this happen, and it is exciting and rewarding to be a part of it. Cheers to you!


Teri FahrendorfTeri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society