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July 2010
The Pink Boots Society is an international charitable trade organization created to inspire, encourage and empower women to become professionals and advance their careers in the
 Beer Industry through education.

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Look---> Check out our new logo--->
What started as a design for our fundraising cloissone pins has turned out to be our new logo. Thank you to member Sarah Pederson of Saraveza Bottleshop in Portland, Oregon for getting the pin project off the ground. Thanks to artist Beth Ng for our new logo!
Will be done and for sale at our September 17th Great American Beer Festival meeting at Wynkoop (1-5pm including Technical Seminar). Price is unknown until we have all the expenses tallied, but definitely under $10 each. All genders are invited to show their support of women in beer!
We're up to 398 registered members. Welcome! The membership list gets updated twice per year: one month after each of our national meetings. Normally by November and June. See the Member List at 
 E-Newsletter Archive
West Coast regional meeting this Saturday July 24th at 2:00pm at Lucky Labrador Brewpub on SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. E-Vites went out Sunday. Email if you didn't get an e-vite but plan to be in Portland for the Oregon Brewers Festival.
Are you planning to attend the famed Oregon Brewers Festival this coming weekend? Meet your fellow Pink Booters at the same time! 
WHEN: Saturday July 24, 2010 at 2:00pm
WHERE: Lucky Labrador Brewpub
              915 SE Hawthorne Blvd
              Portland, OR 97214
              Tele: (503) 236-3555
Brewer Abby Sherrill hosted a great regional meeting in May, and good things came of that meeting like the new cloissone pins. We are also taking notes so we can help other regions host their own regional meetings. 
REASONS: This is a great chance to meet and network with other passionate women beer professionals. Attending puts you on the voting member list. It also qualifies you to host a regional PBS meeting yourself. We'll be announcing upcoming PBS events and programs. Come and announce your own event and/or share your ideas and suggestions for the Pink Boot Society.

TIME: We picked Saturday at 2:00 pm because that's usually the time the Oregon Brewers Festival gets very hot, crowded and loud. It's a great time to take a break for lunch, and to go someplace air conditioned. FYI: The festival runs Thur-Fri-Sat 12-9 pm, and Sun 12-7 pm.

BRING: $5 donation requested. Also your beer in bottles or growlers, or swag to give away at our raffle, if you a brewer or a supplier.

LUNCH: Is optional and at your own expense. Abby usually makes sure there are a few beer pitchers on the tables.
E-Vites went out Sunday. Email if you didn't get an e-vite but plan to be in Portland for the Oregon Brewers Festival, and she'll get you an e-vite.
Mark your calendars. Our next meetings will be:
Friday, September 17, 2010:  1:00-5:00pm - PBS Meeting & Technical Education Seminar.
Held during the week of the Great American Beer Festival at Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, CO.
Friday, March 25, 2011:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC. Location is San Francisco.

Friday, May 4, 2012:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC. Location is San Diego.

Four Steps to fully connect with the Pink Boots Society. If you qualify for membership as outlined on the website (or see bottom of page), here are 4 things you'll want to do now:


1. Email your contact information (as described on the link above) to Megan Parisi at

2. Email your profile information (as described on the link above) to Anita Lum at

3. Subscribe to the PBS e-Newsletter at

4. Join the PBS Yahoo Forum at We recommend you sign up for the Daily Digest.


Optional extra connections:

5. Read archived e-Newsletters at to learn about upcoming or repeating PBS activities and plans. 

6. Follow PBS on Twitter at
7. Friend PBS on Facebook at  
8. Pour yourself a nice glass of beer and enjoy your new membership status!



Educational beer clubs aimed at women are a good way to increase awareness of your great beers, and a fun way for women to socialize while learning about beer styles and quality, all while becoming better beer consumers.

The Pink Boots Society is in the process of setting up a nationwide women's beer club network called Barley's Angels.
Lisa Morrison ( will be the national director of this consumer education outreach program. Lisa is in the process of writing the guidelines, and these will soon be posted on a brand new website at www-barleysangels-dot-org. (Please be patient, it's not up yet.)
Melissa Cole (, based in London, will be bringing the concept to the United Kingdom and Europe once we work out any bugs over here.
For you to start a chapter, a local PBS member (you!) will need to be registered as the local club's contact. That person's contact info, as well as the name and address of the hosting pub/brewery/restaurant, and the repeating event dates (if available, such as "the 2nd Thurs of each month") will all be listed on our national website for potential attendees to find you.
By building a national (and eventually worldwide) brand with this, we hope to garner national media attention, which will in turn inspire women who want to learn about beer to seach our website and find the club located closest to them.
Lisa Morrison is a beer educator, a beer radio personality, and a beer writer. The guidelines she writes should be able to get you started on a basic level. This project will grow with time and as our expertise with this expands. In the meantime, (y)our PBS Yahoo Forum is a great way to share ideas and success stories. Join the PBS Forum at Get the daily digest.  
Please watch this space for an upcoming announcement of the program, our new Barley's Angels logo (it's in design right now), and for links to the new website. 
Scholarship Deadlines:
Coming up fast... August 1, 2010: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewery Packaging Technology Course.
November 2010:
Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild.
January 15, 2011: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewing & Malting Science Course. 
April 30, 2011: Greg Noonan New England Brewer's Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild. 

September 17, 2010: Pink Boots Society's Technical Education Seminar in Denver, Colorado.
We've just begun formulating a mentorship program. Tonya Cornett (Brewmaster at Bend Brewing) has agreed to be mentor to Whitney Burnside (Assistant Brewer at Upright Brewing) who will be protégé. They are our guinea pigs for the one-on-one program.
The most important thing that will get this program off the ground, is that we need a PBS member to volunteer to play matchmaker and become the Mentorship Program Committee Chair.
Please don't send any requests for protégés or mentors yet! Later we will take both in every beer-oriented genre, however first: 
We need a coordinator who will write up guidelines and short matchmaking questionnaires, and who will keep the lists of potential mentors and protégés. This program really has a lot of potential to fulfill the part of our mission that we do best: teach each other!
If you want to volunteer to be our matchmaker/Committee Chair, please email This program will go nowhere until we have a Chairperson!
Feeling generous? Summer beer sales are up? Or you're a supplier and sales to breweries are up? Then please support the Pink Boots Society. 
Donate to Pink Boots Society now, before we come knocking on your door!
Your donation continues and expands our good work, and supports the above mentioned programs, logo artwork design, domain names, website hosting, not to mention trademark fees and legal junk.
Sponsors get mentioned at every national meeting (twice a year - early sponsors are still being honored this way - what a deal!) Sponsors also get mentioned twice in at least one e-newsletter.
Send your check in any amount to:
      Pink Boots Society
      5215 N. Lombard St., PMB 200
      Portland, OR 97203
Coming soon... PayPal: For donations, and for purchasing PBS Cloissonne pins.
Did you know we have an Employment section of our new website?

Are you a business with a beer-related job opening? Are you a member looking for a job? Send a very brief description with your contact info to our website designer
Also if you are an MBAA member, a benefit of membership is their MBAA Job Postings board.
We are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. We get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women.  
Amity HoffmanAny woman anywhere in the world who earns at least part of her income from beer is automatically a Member of the Pink Boots Society. However, you must send your contact information to to register and get into our database and onto our online Member List at Members can be elevated to voting status by attending one or more meetings.
Jen KentTo maintain membership in the Society, a Member must be actively employed in the Beer Industry, seeking reemployment in the Beer Industry, or be retired from a long career in the Beer Industry (like Inge Russell). Once a Member has attained voting status, she maintains voting status as long as she maintains her membership criteria and keeps the Society current with her email address, as future elections will likely be held via email.
General PBS questions:
PBS Membership questions: 
PBS Website feedback:  

The Pink Boots Society began in 2007 as a list of every woman brewer I met or heard about during my 13,000-mile cross-country road trip ( We had our first meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in April 2008, where the women on that list voted to become a membership organization.
Our subsequent meetings have been inspirational and it is always so fun to connect with other women beer professionals.
If you are a member of any kind, I encourage you to attend a national or regional meeting. Our educational seminar is held each year immediately following our Great American Beer Festival meeting. 
You gals are making this happen, and it is so exciting and rewarding to be a part of it. Cheers to you!
Teri Fahrendorf
Teri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society

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