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Pink Boots Society February 2009
The Pink Boots Society is an international charitable trade organization created to inspire, encourage, and empower women to become professionals in the Beer Industry.
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Woman Beer TapsGreetings!

This sixth issue of the Pink Boots Society e-Newsletter updates you on the hard work your provisional Committee Chairpersons are doing to get your society off the ground.
We have money in the bank to keep us going, thanks to seed sponsorship donations by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Rogue Brewing Comany. When drinking a beer that is not your own, please support the breweries that support us by buying their beer!
This April, the PBS will celebrate one year of existence. As of November 2008, we had 214 documented members. See the current member list at
New this issue: A link to our E-Newsletter Archive
We are in serious need of a website designer. If you have experience, please email Thank you!
Michelle Kelsall
From  Maven. -noun
An expert or connoisseur. A person who has special knowledge or experience. Someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field. One who understands. 

Five women have been working as provisional Committee Chairpersons to get the Pink Boots Society up and running. We will vote on actual Committee Chairs at our Boston meeting. Please plan to attend. 
Megan Parisi
Membership Committee provisional Chair: 
2009 CBC-Boston meeting coordinator and database administrator. If you are not listed as a member but should be, please send your contact info to Megan is a brewer at Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, Massechusetts, which will host our Boston meeting in April. Megan is running for Membership Committee Chair in our April CBC-Boston election.
Michelle Kelsall
Website & Information Technology Committee provisional Chair:
Design and maintenance of our future new website. Michelle is owner/brewer of the Failford Inn & Windie Goat Brewery in Ayrshire, United Kingdom. (Michelle is pictured above right.) Michelle is not running for a committee chair at our next meeting.
Laura Ulrich
Elections Committee provisional Chair:
Laura's goal is to implement distance voting for all our elections. She is also our Trademark/ Service-Mark coordinator and Yahoo Forum group moderator. Laura was our 2008 CBC-San Diego meeting coordinator. Laura is a brewer at Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. You can reach Laura at Laura is running for Elections Committee Chair in our April CBC-Boston election.

Barbara Gerovac
Legal Committee provisional Chair until January 2009:
Incorporation and non-profit status. In January Barbara stepped down from the provisional board. Barbara is Brewmaster at Union Cattle Company in Hermosa Beach, California. Barbara is not running for a committee chair at our next meeting.

Teri Fahrendorf
President and Secretary/Treasurer:
Founder, e-mail newsletters, meeting leader, website input, fundraiser, legal issues, nonprofit incorporation, Federal and State 501(c) 3 nonprofit registration. Teri is currently a Beer Matchmaker at Belmont Station Bottleshop in Portland, Oregon. You can reach Teri at
Our next meeting will be held at Cambridge Brewing Company during the Craft Brewers Conference, April 22-26, 2009. The time and date will be announced in the next PBS e-Newsletter. Our meeting coordinator is Megan Parisi, brewer at Cambridge (pictured at right).
If you qualify as a member (see Who Is The Pink Boots Society, below), please check your member listing at to see if you are listed and your email address is spelled correctly. Send your corrections or additions to, so she can put you in our database and make sure you get an e-Vite in March.
Lunch will be served. Please bring your beer to share. Corkage fees will be waived.
We will discuss and vote on committee chairpersons, action items, and organizational direction. These items will help us accomplish the Organizational Goals that we voted in at the Denver meeting. (See last e-newsletter for list.) We also hope to vote on Bylaws.
In addition to voting, we will look at the 2008-2009 Budget.
We will vote on Committee Chairs in Boston at our CBC meeting. Nominate yourself or any other member. Membership list is up at  
Chairmanships will eventually stablize as two-year posts that overlap. In order to ensure continuity, we will only vote on half the committees at a time. The Committee Chairs for our Boston election will be 1.5- and 2.5-year seats. The following general election will be the GABF meeting in Denver in 2010. Thereafter we will have one general election per year, always at the GABF meeting, where we will elect new chairpersons for half of the committees.
Below are the current nominations. Please email your own nominations to It is absolutely okay to nominate yourself. Nominators will remain annonymous.
Membership Committee Chair nominee: Megan Parisi
Technical Brewing Committee Chair nominee: Michelle Lowney
Election Committee Chair nominee: Laura Ulrich
Website & Information Technology Chair nominee: open
Consumer Education Committee-Western Chair nominee: Sue Smith-Troy
Consumer Education Committee-Eastern Chair nominee: Sebbie Buhler
Events & Festivals Committee Chair nominee: open
Scholarship Committee Chair nominee: open
Other Committees? Make a suggestion! Send to
Megan Parisi, provisional Membership Committee Chair, is our Ace with the Database. Following each meeting, Megan updates that database with your updated contact information.
About a month later we post a generic copy on our website, and we post a members-only copy with phone numbers and emails, accessible via link to our members. The Members-Only Contact List stays up for two weeks, and then we take it down. When you get the email in May alerting you, be sure to click on the link and download the Members-Only List during that short window of time, if you want it. Don't snooze or you won't have your fellow members' contact info. Having this short window of availability protects our members' contact information from solicitors and spammers.
Please note: This will only happen when we get website help. Our new website project is slow-going. Please email if you can help. Otherwise membership list updates may have to wait until we can afford to hire website help. 
Some of our voting members cannot make it to the Boston meeting. They want to be teamed up with a non-voting member who plans to attend. During the voting section of the meeting, the proxy voting buddies need to be in contact with each other via cell phone so that the proxy non-voting member can relay each vote of the long-distance voting member.
Please email Laura Ulrich at, if you are either a voting member who can't attend, or you are a non-voting member who plans to attend our April Boston-CBC meeting, and you are willing to relay a proxy vote via cell phone. 
Member Sebbie Buhler (Rogue Brewing) is moderating a panel called, "Beer According to Women." (See below for Panel members.)
Sebbie says, "In many cultures for hundreds of years, women have been key players in the brewing process. In recent decades, women have become pivotal in purchasing beer for consumption at home. With the resurgence of craft beer, women are  back in the brewery, behind the bar, and out on the streets promoting beer. So we ask, do women in beer matter? How can women in the beer industry make a difference in getting more women involved in brewing and drinking better beer."

Sebbie is looking for input from our members. Do you have a comment, question, or topic you would like the panelists to cover? Please email Sebbie at
Congratulations to our members who will be speaking at the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston: 
Jamie Martin - "Things Every Brewer or Future Brewery Owner Should Know But Doesn't." (Jamie, from Dells Brewing, is pictured at left.)
Ginger Johnson
- "Where's the Other 50%?: Developing and Serving the Female Craft Beer Enthusiast Market."

Julia Herz - "What's Up in the Craft Beer Segment."

Sebbie Buhler, moderator - "Beer According to Women: How Women Brew, Present, Pair, and Sell Beer (Yes, Gender Matters)."
Sebbie's Panelists: Candice Alstrom, Teri Fahrendorf, and Jodi Andrews Stoudt
These are the only members who told me they were speaking. Click here to see the Conference Seminar Topics by Track. By mid-February you will be able to Browse the Conference Schedule.
The 2010 Craft Brewers Conference will be held in Chicago April 7-10. Scanning our membership rolls, there are very few Illinois members. If you live near Chicago, even if you are in Milwaukee or Indiana, please email to volunteer for this key roll, as it is very important to keep our semi-annual meetings going. Thanks! 
Laura Ulrich (Stone Brewing) set up our own Forum at Yahoo Groups.
Here are the details on Yahoo Group, "pinkbootssociety":
Group home page:  
Group email address:
Send your posts to this email address or click on "Posts" in the left column once you are in. 

Please sign up at You can choose the Daily Digest, or how often you want forum posts to come to you.
Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit Corporation have been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State. This filing works nationwide. Also, we now have a Federal EIN (basically, a social security number for an organization).
We have far to go before we are recognized nationally as a 501(c) 3 charity, but this is a good start. Once our sponsors can tax-deduct their donations, we will begin to build a perpetual scholarship endowment fund to send women brewers to brewing school. How cool is that!
Four seed sponsorship request letters were mailed in December, three received replies, and two replies arrived with $1,000 checks.
Many thanks to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Rogue Brewing Company for their $1,000 seed donations that will keep this organization going while we seek 501(c) 3 nonprofit status.
Want to be a hero, and attract a little fame and a lot of gratitude? Send your sponsoship check to: Pink Boots Society, 1526 NE Alberta St. #222, Portland, OR 97211.
Our current bank account balance is $1,570. We are looking for meeting sponsors for our CBC-Boston meeting, as well as more $1,000-seed sponsors. We will again try to keep the lunch meeting costs down, so as to encourage the highest attendance of our members.
Cheers to JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson (Aspen Gold Marketing Services), Will Meyers (Cambridge Brewing), Megan Parisi (Cambridge Brewing), and Teri Fahrendorf (Pink Boots Society) for their fundraising efforts to date. Additional seed sponsorship request letters will go out as Teri has time to write and send them.
Budget items include meeting costs, post-meeting party costs (if we have one), website domain name, website hosting, email list hosting, e-newsletter archiving, incorporation fees, non-profit filing fees, and eventually scholarships for members, career kits, and other future Action Items we vote on to facilitate our goals.
Teri will present the 2008-2009 Budget at the Boston meeting in April. 
We don't want our new website to look too girly, so send us a photo of yourself doing what you love best: brewing beer, fermenting beer, bottling beer, analyzing beer, selling beer, etc. Send to Michelle Kelsall at
Most other photos in this e-newsletter are borrowed without permission online. (You might see yourself!) To avoid this in the future, please send thumbprint-sized (no larger than 200x150) action or posed photos for this e-newsletter to
Photo at right is member Barbara Gerovac hauling spent grain from inside her mash/lauter tun.
Member Michelle Lowney (Grizzly Paw Brewing) is collecting volunteers for a PBS Tech Base. This is the technical support network discussed at the 2008 GABF-Denver meeting and in the last PBS e-Newsletter.
If you have knowledge that that you would like to share with our less-experienced members, Michelle wants you on her team. Please list your specialty area (ex: sensory, filration, yeast, recipe design, marketing, bottling, menus, t-shirt design, etc.). Please include your name, email, work phone and secondary phone numbers. Please list the hours you are available to answer questions. Send to: Michelle Lowney  
US Phone: 303-709-4420, Work Phone: 403-678-9981
We will also be collecting areas of expertise at our CBC-Boston meeting to add to our database. Eventually we hope to have a members-only searchable database. This is a great way to network, share what you know, and be a mentor and give back to the industry you love so much.
Michelle will also be asking for input on what members want to learn about brewing chemistry & brewing technology. We may have a program for you at the 2009 GABF-Denver meeting.
Members Darcy Quinn and Brenda Studabaker of Rubicon Brewing Company in Sacramento, California, will host the 3rd annual Women in Brewing Festival on April 25, 2009.
They are looking for Women's signature beer, something special, secret recipe, something that says YOU! This is not a competition, but a way to bring recognition and honor to women in the brewing industry.

The WIB Festival is a fundraiser for W.E.A.V.E (women escaping a violent environment), a local Women and Children's Charity/Safe house.  
* February 27, 20009 ~ Women Sign-up by this date
* March 20, 2009 ~ Women bios., Beer names, description
* April 20, 2009~Beer received at the Rubicon Brewing Company
* April 25, 2009 ~ Main Event at the Rubicon 8:30 am-11:30 pm.
  (2004 Capitol Ave., Sacramento Ca., 95814 - Phone: 916.448.7032)

For more information contact: Darcy Quinn (916-230-8217)
or Brenda Studabaker (916-288-5624)

Member Suzanne Woods needs samples of beer brewed by women for her presentation at Philladelphia's Craft Beer Festival in March 2009. These beers would also be reviewed for an article to be published later.
For more information contact: Suzanne Woods (267-664-6200)
The 2009 Great American Beer Festival will be held September 23-26. 

As part of the 2009 GABF-Denver meeting, we plan to focus on Consumer Education, and how we can increase the number of women beer drinkers. This may be an afternoon program; a separate breakout session from the possible Brewing Chemistry & Technology program.

Our Consumer Education Committee Co-Chairs plan to present a program with ideas you can take home and use. Some possibilities include:

* Women's (or Co-ed) Beer Clubs - How to set up and run.
* Beer Dinners - How to set up and run.
* Chef Education - suggestions.
* Media Education - suggestions.
* Online educational needs - perhaps a link on the PBS website with downloadable info. 
* University Students - career-planning outreach.

* Coordinated brewery tour dates. (See Oregon's Zwickelmania or Wine Country Thanksgiving for examples.) Perhaps on the afternoon of Mother's Day each year?

* Brewery tours for student-age groups: girl scouts? (Teri toured Miller Brewing in Milwaukee when she was a 10-year old girl scout. It was her favorite girl scout tour.)

We will also discuss the idea of PBS Enthusiast Members, which would be beer connoisseurs of any gender. This would be modeled after the Oregon Brewers Guild's SNOB Enthusiast Members program.

This consumer education-focused post-meeting program was predicated by Sue Smith-Troy's wonderful spontaneous discussion at the 2008 Denver meeting about Left Hand Brewing's Ales-4-FemAles beer club, and how that idea could be spread to more breweries and pubs.

If there's time, we may also break out into voting and non-voting groups, so each group can discuss its needs, desired member benefits, and how we can help each other.
Do you have a time and date preference? (Meetings include lunch.) Choices include:
  * Tues. Sept. 22 at 1:00pm (Pre-GABF)
  * Fri. Sept. 25 at 1:00pm
  * Sun. Sept. 27 at 11 or Noon (Post-GABF)
Saturday is not an option as members want to attend the Awards Ceremony and we don't want to cut it as tight as last year's GABF meeting. Please email your preference to Teri.

In the future all GABF-Denver meetings will include an election, but not this year, as the first Committee Chairmanships will not expire until the 2010 GABF-Denver meeting's election.
Are you, or is someone you know a good graphic designer? We can't pay anything, but we can splash your design on every PBS e-newsletter and on the new website. If you are willing to design a trademark-able logo for the Pink Boots Society in exchange for everlasting gratitude and getting your name mentioned, please contact
Also, if you have experience with websites, our provisional Website & Information Technology committee chairwoman, Michelle Kelsall, and website helper, Teri, need your help. Please contact We will forever be grateful!
You may have noticed a new column in the Ale Street News called, "Pink Boots 'n All. We did too. We gave our friend, Tony Forder, the Publisher, permission to use our service-marked name, but from now on he will list this blurb at the end of each column:
"Pink Boots" is a trademark of the Pink Boots Society, a charitable trade organization of women beer professionals, and is used here with permission. The opinions expressed in this column are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Pink Boot Society. For more on the Pink Boots Society, visit

We think that's a win-win situation for Ale Street News and for PBS!
Subscriptions available at
Recently, I visited the business resource center at the big library in downtown Portland, Oregon. In the alcove dedicated to forming a nonprofit, there were several binders marked, "Grants for Women and Girls."
Are you or is someone you know a grant writer? If so, please send a proposal to As seems to be standard procedure, your payment would come out of the grant receipts. This may be a good avenue to raise money toward our scholarship endowment fund.
Ancient Woman Bartender
Ancient Woman Brewer OUR FOREMOTHERS 
These wonderful antique works of art show an Egyptian woman brewing beer (left) and an Egyptian woman serving beer (right). They represent the Voting and Non-Voting Members of the Pink Boots Society: a woman brewer and a woman bartender. On the far right is what we hope to encourage more of: a woman beer drinker and a beer customer!
FOAM AND FROTH (Bits & Pieces)
Get Famous:
Members Christina Perozzi ( and Hallie Beaune ( signed a book deal with Penguin Group for "The Naked Pint," to be published in Fall 2009. One of the chapters focuses on homebrewing, where they plan to provide 5-gallon-sized recipes from PBS members. If your beer has won a GABF, WBC, or other competition medal(s), and you are willing to donate your recipe converted to 5-gallon batch size, please send along with your name, title, brewery name, email and phone number to You and your brewery will get full credit for your recipe.
MBAA Call for Papers:
Deadline is March 19, 2009: MBAA is now accepting abstract submissions to be considered for the MBAA Annual Convention taking place October 1-4, 2009, in La Quinta, CA. Remember to review the Call for Papers Guidelines as you are preparing your abstracts. This year's call for papers will require submitters to log in with their MBAA customer ID and password. If you are a member of MBAA or a previous customer of MBAA Interactive, please use your Login and Password to log in. If you are uncertain whether you have a Login, contact Cheryl Sundquist at +1.651.994.3801 or

SBA and Women Business Owners:
The Small Business Administration issued final regulations on October 1st for a long-delayed and much-criticized women's procurement program. The program would set aside federal contracts for women-owned businesses in industries where they have been underrepresented. See full article at this link: (What if women-owned breweries could supply beer to military officer's dining halls, commissaries, and other government retail accounts?)
History of Microbreweries Photo Book:
Former BA photographer, designer and editor of The New Brewer and Zymurgy, David Bjorkman and Victoria (formerly Virginia) Thomas have self-published and released a new book called, "MICROBREWERS: 1981 - 1996: A Photo History." Some of us old Mavens are probably in there. (FYI, Carol Stoudt became the first woman brewmaster of a craft brewery in the USA in 1987, and Teri Fahrendorf became the second woman brewmaster of a craft brewery in the USA in 1989.) Here's the link,
April 20, 2009 is the deadline for the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Brewing Scholarship. The Siebel Institute (one of our 2008 Denver Meeting sponsors) co-sponsors this scholarship. Two per year are awarded to a brewer or homebrewer from the Pacific Northwest or Northern California. Click here for info:
August 1, 2009 is the deadline for the William A. Hipp Scholarhship to the MBAA Brewing and Malting Science Course. Applicants must be members of MBAA and have five years of experience. Click here for info:  
As far as I know, no deadlines have yet been set for the new Professor Michael J. Lewis Endowment Fund at UC-Davis. Click here for info:
Google "brewing scholarships" to see what other options come up. Be sure to look several pages in for the lesser known scholarship options.
There are tons of brewing courses out there. Most brewing schools offer several courses:
* Siebel Institute:
* American Brewers Guild:
* Master Brewers Association of the Americas:
* University of California-Davis:
* Sunderland University, UK:
* Heriot-Watt University, UK:
And others around the world.
We are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. We get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women.  
Below are the conditions for membership that we voted on at the 2008 San Diego meeting. 
Any professional woman brewer, cellarwoman, laboratory technician past or present, from any brewery of any size, anywhere in the world, who is or was continuously employed by a brewery for no less than three months. If you qualify you are automatically a voting member. Once a voting member always a voting member. (This includes women working at breweries in wort production, fermentation, filtration, quality assurance, quality control, and sensory.)  
Any woman anywhere in the world who does not qualify for voting membership as described above, but who derives at least part of her income and livelihood from beer. (This includes women packagers and packaging managers, women brewery owners, accountants, marketers, women beer writers, pub owners, servers, etc.)Road Brewer New Logo
We make every attempt to include all members, but we can't chase you down, even if we know you personally. If you got missed and you are not on the membership database list, then please email
We are still waiting for the large national-brand breweries to send us their lists of women employees. There must be hundreds that qualify in each category. The Pink Boots Society is not limited to craft brewers, but it was founded by craft brewers who welcome all who qualify. 
The website list will be updated after our Boston CBC meeting. You can see the current list here
The Pink Boots Society began in 2007 as a list of every woman brewer I met or heard about during my 13,000-mile cross-country road trip ( We had our first meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in April 2008, where the women on that list voted to become a membership organization.
At our second meeting, in October at the 2008 GABF in Denver, we voted on organizational goals. Both meetings were inspirational and it was excellent fun to connect with other women beer professionals.
If you are a member of any kind, I encourage you to attend our third meeting. It will be held during the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston, April 21-24, 2009. Stay tuned to future editions of this e-Newsletter for details.

Teri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society

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