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April 14, 2008 - Issue #3
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New Domain for PBS
Head Count
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San Diego Meeting
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Women in Brewing Documentary
Birth of an Organization
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Welcome to the 3rd Pink Boots Society e-newsletter. (The last newsletter went out on January 10, 2008.)
We are less than one week away from our first meeting. San Diego-area brewer Laura Ulrich has been working hard to make our first meeting memorable. We look forward to meeting you and tasting any beer you might be able to bring. (The corkage fee has been waived - thank you Gordon Biersch Brewing!)
Thank you for your interest and/or participation in the Pink Boots Society (PBS). If you are attending - see you there!
                                                      Cheers, Teri
Quick News
 New Domain URL (Website) 
Road Brewer New Logo
The Pink Boots Society (PBS) now has its own URL and Domain Name:
Your old link still works, but eventually we hope to have separate website hosting. Everything is currently funded by your faithful founder (me), and I'm currently gainfully unemployed due to my road trip and move to Portland, Oregon!
Sponsorship Opportunity
If you know of a sponsor, or your company wants to sponsor the PBS website, hosting and e-newsletters, the cost would be about $241.67 per year: $10.19 for domain name, $51.48 for economy hosting (both at, and $180 for email newsletters (at
Please let me know if you are interested and we can vote on it at the April meeting. The sponsoring company's name would be listed at the bottom of these e-newsletters and at the bottom of the PBS website.
Head Count
Road Brewer New Logo How Many Are We?  
The latest count of our numbers from the Pink Boots Society webpage:
Total Number of Pink Boots Members: 104
Broken down as:
Active US Women Brewers & Cellarwomen: 60
Active Int'l Women Brewers & Cellarwomen: 27
Former Women Brewers & Cellarwomen: 17
Pink Boots Meeting Responses: 41
Confirmed Attending: 18
Possibly Attending: 2
Sorry, can't Attend: 21
Anybody can subscribe to the Pink Boots Society e-news. The first issue went out to 58 subscribers. The second issue went out to 131 subscribers. This (third) issue is going out to 162 subscribers. Both women and men are interested in supporting women brewers.
Please Note: The Pink Boots Society list is not conclusive! I only have five woman brewers from large international-brand breweries: 2 Active and 3 Former.
Events Calendar
 Pink Boots Society Functions Road Brewer New Logo
As an order of business during our first meeting at the CBC in April, we will vote on when you want meetings to occur.
I recommend the big annual meeting be held during the GABF so officers are voted in before the end of the calendar year. Also, it seems to me that more brewers attend the GABF than the CBC.
Saturday, April 19, 2008 - Business & Social Meeting and Lunch during the CBC. (See next section for details.)

Friday, October 10, 2008 - Possible date for second Business & Social Meeting during GABF.
September or October - Thereafter annual meetings during GABF week.
San Diego Meeting
Pix of Teri and Laura Lunch, Beer & Business Meeting
The photo at right shows the two women who have worked the most to put this first meeting together.
We don't have a Board of Mavens yet, but Teri Fahrendorf (left) is the acting Fearless Leader, and Laura Ulrich (right), is the acting Meeting Maven. Jennifer Aahl, Group Sales at Gordon Biersch has also worked hard with us. Please be sure to thank these women for their efforts!
Also, both Stone Brewing and Gordon Biersch Brewing are going all out for us. They are helping to keep your lunch expenses down and are supplying beer. Be sure to thank Laura & Jennifer for the beer! (And thank any of the other women who drag beer along to share at this meeting!)
Date & Time
Saturday, April 19, 2008
11:00 am - 11:30 am: Get a beer & take a seat.
11:30 am - 1:30 pm: Lunch (menu below).
12:15 pm - 1:30 pm: Business Meeting.
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm: Social Time (we keep the room).
5010 Mission Center Rd
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 688-1120
Get directions
In case you hadn't heard, every woman brewer & cellarwoman listed at is invited as a voting member. Several women beer writers are also invited to document this historic event.
We are creating something out of nothing here, ladies. It's sort of like having a baby, I think.
Road Brewer New Logo Lunch Menu
Please bring $25 cash for the lunch. Price includes tax, tips and the room. Beer is free. No corkage for your beer. What a great deal!
Southwest Egg Rolls
First Course
Assorted Baby Greens with Marzen Vinaigrette
Entree Selection
Fire Roasted Chicken & Fettuccine or
Blackened Seared Ahi Salad with Marzen Vinaigrette or
Southwest Chicken Sandwich or
Hummus & Goat Cheese Salad with Marzen Vinaigrette
Pink Boots Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
Women in Brewing Documentary
 Road Brewer New LogoPossible Documentary Starting Now!
Beth Harrington is well known in the Oregon brewing community for her 2007 documentary on the history of beer in Oregon. Her documentary is called, "Beervana."
Beth told me of her interest in a new documentary project: Women in Brewing. How cool is that!
Beth can't make it to our meeting, but she will be interested in any photos or video anybody can shoot, so please, bring your cameras! If your snapshots and/or video turn out, please contact me and I'll tell Beth. Thanks!
Birth of an Organization
 Getting Organized  Road Brewer New Logo
The next two sections are the Meeting Agenda and Organizational Goals. It is very important that you read them and are ready to vote on these items.
Although everyone listed at is a member, only members present at the meeting may vote. (Otherwise this would take five years.) If you have a stong opinion about an issue on the agenda, email me a short concise paragraph by midnight on Monday, April 14, and I will bring it up at the meeting.
I am putting together a contact list of all our members. I hope to have copies for everyone at the meeting. In June I hope to email a copy to all PBS members that I have email addresses for. (I do not have email, phone, nor postal addresses for lots of members!)
Denver's October/GABF Meeting
Colorado has only two active women brewers and three former. (What's with that? Not enough!)
Tamar Smolowitz of New Belgium Brewing has (very) tentatively volunteered to coordinate the GABF meeting in October as she is the only employed woman brewer (currently active) in all of Colorado! She will need help. (See #3 in the next section.)
Please volunteer to help Tamar. She doesn't even live in Denver. She lives in Fort Collins, which is about an hour away. You could write these e-newsletters for the next meeting!
Meeting Agenda
 Agenda for April 19th Meeting Road Brewer New Logo
To expedite decision making, only the members present at the meeting will be eligible to vote.
1. Vote: Who Are We?
The most important business item to be decided at this meeting, is to vote on the conditions or requirements for membership:
YOU, the active and former brewers and cellarwomen, are the voting members. The Pink Boots Society is YOUR group, so you must decide what form the Society takes.
I have had requests to include women brewery lab techs and packagers. I have also received requests from women suppliers (ie: yeast and other brewing raw materials), and women beer writers.
We have to draw the line somewhere. Do you want the list to include women working at breweries of any size, or just craft brewers? How will we define that line? What about the accountants who work at the breweries? Or do you want to limit membership to production people? How will we define "production people"?
Do you want a non-brewery auxiliary membership group that could help us with our goals? Women suppliers may be willing to sponsor websites, meetings or someday, a scholarship for new women brewers to attend formal brewer training. Women beer writers and media can help us promote women in brewing and attract young women to the profession. These people want to be involved in the group. How can we involve them while maintaining the integrity of the core membership?
The first PBS e-News went out on December 5, 2007. In that issue and in the January 10th e-newsletter, I asked for volunteers to help keep this ball rolling.
Since only Laura Ulrich and Jessica Gilman (Stone Brewing in San Marcos) volunteered, I will recommend keeping the membership limited to active and former women brewers and cellarwomen only - in order to limit my time commitment.
However, it is YOUR group. If the group votes to include women lab techs and packagers, then volunteers from those areas will be needed to collect names and contact info. Additionally, if/when the international-brand breweries start sending us their large lists of women brewers, cellarwomen, lab techs and packagers, then volunteers will be needed for the additional computer work.
2. Vote: Structure of the Organization
Do you prefer a President? How about a Queen, Diva, or Fearless Leader? To be assisted by a Vice-Queen or Vice-Diva? Perhaps a Board of Mavens instead of a Board of Directors? Let's keep it fun!
We will vote on officers (or mavens) at the autumn GABF meeting. Please nominate yourself or another women brewer/cellarwoman.
3. Vote: Committees or No Committees?
Two committees are necessary: A Meeting Committee and an Elections Committee.
Seriously, if nobody volunteers to help with the next meeting (October during the GABF) and nobody volunteers to help with the election of officers/mavens at that meeting, then this group is dead in the water.
If members are too busy to volunteer, then the Pink Boots Society will become nothing more than a list of names on my website.
I am happy to add names as they are sent to me, but I haven't time to actively seek women brewers anymore, nor to force the international-brand breweries to send me their lists, nor to write e-newsletters nor to plan meetings, lunches, or parties.
If you'd like to volunteer, but you'd rather we had a meeting at the next Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), just say so. The BA has not yet listed the location for the 2009 CBC, although I've heard rumors of Boston or New Orleans. Either way, I'm certain it will not be on the west coast. If you can't help with the Denver meeting and/or election in October, but want to work on a 2009 CBC meeting, please speak up.
Additional committee ideas are at the bottom of this newsletter.
4. Vote: On the Organization's Goals
See next section for example Organizational Goals: One idea is to institute an annual "Pink Boots Award" to be awarded during the GABF meeting to the woman who has done the most to advance the organization's goals during the previous year. Members would nominate and vote on candidates via email prior to the GABF meeting.
5. Vote: On a Website & Newsletter Sponsor
If somebody volunteered to pay the expenses. The sponsoring company's name would be listed at the bottom of these e-newsletters and at the bottom of the website.
6. Network: Women Brewers Connecting
Oh yeah! Women talking beer while drinking beer. This what we came here for!
Organizational Goals
 Where does the PBS want to go? Pink Dot Boots
It would be great if we have enough time to discuss these goals at the April meeting. What are your ideas for goals?
1. As mentioned in the section above, formalize a "Pink Boots Award" for the woman who has done the most to advance the organization's goals during the previous year. (See below for possible goals.)
2. Advance the cause of women in brewing.

3. Mentor new or younger women brewers.
4. Promote formal brewing education for women brewers.
5. Connect women brewers with each other.
6. Encourage brewing as a career choice for women.
7. Encourage women to become homebrewers.
8. Encourage women to become beer drinkers.
9. Encourage respect: Ensure that women and beer can be taken seriously together in association (vs. the annoying "Swedish Bikini Team" effect).
Committee Ideas
1. Meeting Committee: To do what Laura Ulrich, Jessica Gilman and I did with this meeting: To plan it, find a location, work out the room and menu details & costs, arrange for beer serving, write an agenda, send e-Vites, communicate walking/driving directions to members, follow up with e-Vites, be ready with nametags and questions, run the meeting, and most of all: communicate with each other. This committee is needed even if all you want is an annual party with no meal and no business meeting!
2. Elections & Organizational Structure Committee: The Elections Committee's scope will probably have to be expanded to include structure for this first election. Therefore, the committee may need to present ideas for the structure, including number of people on the board. Also, to present ideas for officer/maven titles and write up the duties of officers/mavens on the board. And to gather nominations for potential officers/mavens, and any other posts necessary to facilitate the organization's goals.
Please note: If we don't vote on officers in October, this organization will remain a list only. Perhaps the Elections Committee (even a one-person committee) can contact the big regional craft or national-brand breweries. They have the resources to help us by assigning a woman brewer or other staff member to help us.
3. Legal Committee: Anyone know anything about forming a non-profit? And is that something we need/want to do? Perhaps we raise funds and provide a scholarship for women brewers? That idea might need legal help. Anybody have experience or know people who can help us here? If so, please volunteer for this committee.
4. Boots Sourcing Committee: To find a reliable source of steel-toed pink rubber boots! If there is enough interest from the group and our supporters, we may be able to put together a custom order and get some pink steel-toed boots manufactured for us.
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Teri Fahrendorf
Road Brewer