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December 2007 - Issue #1
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Welcome to the first Pink Boots Society e-newsletter.
Several women brewers have asked where to get pink steel-toed boots. Since Christmas is coming I needed to get this info out to you now.
Send me some feedback and I will keep the e-newsletter discussions going. Thank you for participating!
                                                      Cheers, Teri
Pink Boots For Christmas
Pink-BootsOnline Resources 
If you find sources besides those listed here, please forward them to me. Also see "Discussion" section below.
My pink boots are not steel toe. My mother-in-law found them for me at Click here for Pink boots just like mine.

These are the only steel toe pink boots options I found:
Dr. Martens.

If you Google pink rain boots or go to Google Images and look for pink boots, you may find some cute boots you can order online.
If you find a good source of steel toe pink rubber boots or Wellingtons, please email me at
Events Calendar
 Pink Boots Society Functions 
At this point, this is a wish list:
April 2008 - Business Meeting during the CBC.
April 2008 - Social Meeting also during CBC.
September 2008 - Second Business & Social Meeting during GABF.
September - Thereafter annual meetings at GABF.
 Getting the Group Organized 
In each issue, this section will focus on whatever topic(s) seem relevant.
The first topic of the day is getting a complete list of women brewers. I don't have contact information or even complete names for everyone. If you can fill me in on any information, that would help.
Eventually I would like emails and work phone numbers for everyone on the list. This contact list would be provided only to members for networking. (So be aware of who you want as a fellow member - see "Discussion" section below.)
If you see your name on the list but someone forwarded you this e-newsletter, then I don't have your email. Please send me whatever contact information you are willing to divulge.
Favorite Quotations
 By Famous Women  Pix Teri and Jamie

"Life has to be lived, that's all there is to it." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo, L to R: Teri Fahrendorf (Road Brewer) and Laura Ulrich (Stone Brewing Co.)
 Organizational Goals, Agendas, and Tasks
This section will chronicle ongoing topics that are under discussion...
The following items could be discussed at the April 2008 CBC meeting.
To expedite decision making, only the members present at the meeting will be eligible to vote.
Please feel free to send your discussion ideas in too.
1. Decide and vote on the conditions or requirements for membership: women working in brewing and fermenting at a commercial brewery of any size was the criteria I originally set up.
However, I am only the founder. YOU are the members. The Pink Boots Society is YOUR group, so you must decide what form the Society takes.
I have had requests to include women brewery lab techs and packagers. I have also received requests from women suppliers (ie: yeast and other brewing raw materials) and women beer writers.
Perhaps an auxiliary membership group that could help us with our goals? Women suppliers may be willing to sponsor meetings or someday, a scholarship for new women brewers to attend formal brewer training. These people want to be involved in the group. How can we involve them while maintaining the integrity of the core membership?
We have to draw the line somewhere. Currently the list includes women brewers/fermenters working at any size brewery. Do you want the list to include women working at breweries of any size, or just craft brewers? How will we define that line? Also, will only the current-boots-wearers be able to vote? Or will the former-boots-wearers have voting rights too?
2. A suggestion was made to form a Boots Sourcing Committee. This committee would look for steel toe pink rubber boots. If none was found, this committee would contact manufacturers and work on commissioning a custom batch of pink steel toed wellies for any members or supporters who wanted some. (More committee ideas are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.)
3. Organize the Society. Perhaps a Queen instead of a President? Perhaps a Board of Mavens instead of a Board of Directors? Let's keep it fun!
Other agenda items for the first meeting (if there is time to discuss them) could include goals of the organization. Here are some ideas for goals:
4. Advance the cause of women in brewing.

5. Mentor new or younger women brewers.
6. Promote formal brewing education for women brewers.
7. Connect women brewers with each other.
8. Encourage brewing as a career choice for women.
9. Encourage women to become homebrewers.
10. Encourage women to become beer drinkers.
11. Encourage respect: Ensure that women and beer can be taken seriously together in association (vs. The "Swedish Bikini Team" effect).
Other suggested topics:
12. Institute annual "Pink Boots Award" to be awarded during the GABF meeting to the woman who has done the most to advance the above goals (4 - 11) of the Society during the previous year. Members would nominate and vote on candidates via email prior to the GABF meeting.
13. The GABF meeting would include elections or election results for Officers (or Mavens, or ?) for the following calendar year.
14. More? Let me know your ideas. It will take time to iron out what you, the members want. It would be great if we can expedite some of these decisions via email before the April CBC meeting. So please stay involved!
Feedback Loop 
 Please Send Your Input 
Want to write an article? Ideas for Organizational Goals? A great link you'd like to share? Is there an idea article you'd like to see? Please send to me at this special email address: Please put "PBS Feedback" in the subject line. Thanks!
Pink Boots Society News is written and distributed by one volunteer (me). If you know someone who might be interested in subscribing, please forward this email to them. If you want to volunteer, nominate yourself for a commitee or just email me and I'll find a way for you to help. Here's a list of what I think we need right now:
1. First Meeting Committee: to help Laura Ulrich and I plan the first meeting during the CBC in San Deigo. If you live near San Diego, all the better.
2. Organizational Structure & Elections Committee: to present ideas for the structure, including number of people on the board. To present ideas for titles and write up the duties of officers/mavens on the board. To gather nominations for potential officers/mavens, president/queen, and other posts necessary to facilitate the organization's goals.
3. Legal Committee: Anyone know anything about forming a non-profit? And is that something we need/want to do? Perhaps we raise funds and provide a scholarship for women brewers? That idea might need legal help. Anybody have experience or know people who can help us here?
5. Boots Sourcing Committee: to find a reliable source of steel-toed pink rubber boots!
6. Brainstorm a committee idea that suits you. Organizations are always more fun when you're involved. Thank you!

Teri Fahrendorf
Road Brewer
P.S. Please note: Pink Boots Society (PBS) e-Newsletters go out to whoever signed up for them. However, should the need arise (say, for an e-mail vote), I can manually checkmark who is to receive a newsletter, and in that case it would be members only.
Therefore all e-newsletters will be sent to all PBS e-News subscribers unless I mention otherwise in the top "Dear Subscriber" box, and that will only happen for certain specific occasions to be determined by the members, such as for a vote.