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"Save when you can and not when you have to."



John D Rockefeller




"The impression was gaining ground with me that it was a good thing to let the money be my slave and not make myself a slave to money."




John D Rockefeller


"Success comes from keeping the ears open and the mouth closed."

  John D Rockefeller



"Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity, an obligation, Every possession, a duty."




John D Rockefeller


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Ahoy Captain 

Many thanks to all of you who wrote to me after the July 5th newsletter in which I told you I had an automobile accident. I appreciate your concern!

Yes, I have taken time to heal and recover. It's empowering to give yourself permission to put some things off and take time for yourself. I preach it, but I don't always follow it. 

Now, a pitch, on something I believe very strongly in.  Some of you are aware I was in the insurance business for 30 years. For some it's news. I still assist clients when they call. Of late Long Term Care has been an ever growing issue and financial concern. 

I believe Long Term Care is critical to your long term financial security. Yes, it costs a lot, but it costs far more to be without it.  

I have always sold 'unlimited' benefits so that you can't outlive the benefit. It provides true insurance and what I call 'a quiet night's sleep' knowing you are protected. You can't outlive the benefits.

There are only 3 companies in RI selling unlimited benefits as the others have stopped. My favorite, the one with favorable terms, conditions, and rates are eliminating the 'unlimited' as of the end of the month along with several other changes that will mean you'll pay a lot more. 

So, buy it now, this month. If you are in RI and don't have an agent I can help. If you have an agent use them or have them call me as needed. The real issue is to get it. If outside of RI call and I will tell you the name of the company to check out and will be glad to assist answering questions. 

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



P.S.  Don't wait till you need it to buy insurance. Then it's too late. Buy it when you can qualify to get it. You'll be glad you did.  






Do you give yourself enough time to recover?


We all need to recover at times from various things.  At different times in our lives we might need to recover from:


Health Issues






Loss of property

Family issues





During our lives we are bound to have a number of things to recover from. The fact that they happened is part of life itself. How we allow, if we allow, ourselves to recover is up to us. 


Denial is not the best way to recover. We need to acknowledge the facts, the need to recover, and we must take the time needed. When we don't, we run the risk of a repeat performance until we learn the lesson and allow the recovery. 


Often, people do not take the time to recover, rushing into activity too soon. In effect, we end up delaying the recovery and dealing with the issues longer than needed. Recovery is a process and, just like growing crops, takes a certain amount of time and can't be rushed. 


Recovery is also where we have time to reflect on the lesson, the learning, and the value. Recovery is often where the nugget is. 


In my thirties I had kidney disease and did not give myself the time or space to recover, just pushing and forcing my body to continue working at a pace beyond which I was capable. Sure enough, I thought I was healed only to be struck down again with kidney disease. The second time, I allowed the recovery. I even allowed myself to take naps some afternoons. Sure, I felt guilty. At the same time, I knew I needed it, and this time I was going to recover so I did not have to repeat the lesson a third time. 


What do you need to recover from? What have you not allowed yourself to recover from? Maybe now is the time to allow the recovery, to complete the recovery. Give yourself permission. 


Once recovered you'll be able to move forward towards your goals with energy and vigor. You'll get more done and you'll feel better. You'll even do better work. 


Recovery takes time, and you need to allow the time in order to fully recover. Give yourself the gift of recovery. You need it, you deserve it, and you will benefit from it.