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What About ME?
June 25,  3 PM EDT

Today and Tomorrow  
June 27,  9 AM  EDT

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"Pour your purse into your head."



Ben Franklin




"Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking."



Steve Jobs





Fix your head to fill your purse.




  Noah St John




"I have liked remembering almost as much as I have liked living."  



William Maxwell

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Ahoy Captain 

YES, it's summer. 

Ideally you are either ahead or on schedule with your goals. For those of you who love the summer, it's time to take some time off, to recharge your batteries. 

Yes, taking time off is healthy and beneficial. You'll get more done faster, easier, and more creatively when you return from vacation. Take time for yourself. Take time for friends and family. Take time to be a kid. 

Me, I was in the office and realized I needed to live my own teachings. So, Monday afternoon, I took some friends, who were hoping to go for a sail, sailing. It was two hours, it was great, and the work waited for me. On the boat, I realized what a great decision it was to stop working and to enjoy sailing and be with others. Now, the work is already done, so there was no reason not to sail. 

Oh, and take time for self improvement with a tele seminar. You'll be glad you did. 

Here is the list:

What About ME?        June 25,        3 PM
Why ME should be my favorite subject
Spending time with ME
How to enjoy ME
All eyes are on ME

Today and Tomorrow       June 27,     9 AM        

What does today have in store for me?
What does tomorrow have in store for me?
What do I want there to be in store for me?
What difference does it make?

Did you write the WHY of why you want to live longer? I recommended it in the last newsletter.  The WHY gives you the willpower to do. It's all in the WHY. Write the complete details of the WHY and you'll understand. 

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Is it time to turn? is it time to look forward? Is it time to forget about the past?


You can't move forward living in the past: The past hurts, the past regrets, and the past perceived failures. 


There is absolutely no value in reliving and recreating the negative, nor in living in the world of can't, can't afford, or can't do. Why waste your time and energy in lack, loss, and repeating that which you did not like the first time?


When you think about it, you'll wonder why you do it. Why you waste your time, energy and emotions. Good question. Why? To make yourself miserable? To suffer?


I say turn. Turn to what you want, what you enjoy, and what makes you feel good.  Turn to something worth turning to. 


It is your life, you are in charge, you are the captain of your life. Any lack or perceived failure is your fault. Yes, you are responsible and no one else.  It's not what is done to you, it is how you react to it. You choose your reaction. And, you live with that choice. 


So, what's your choice?  How do you want to experience life?


Your focus is where you go. Your thoughts are where you go. It's as simple as driving a car, the car goes in the direction you are looking. Look to the side of the road and you drift to the side of the road. It's automatic. It's the same in life: you head towards your thoughts and your focus.


Beware of your thoughts, they are your life, your belief, and your existence. If you want to change you life you have to first change your thoughts. Change comes from the inside out. That's how it happens. 


Our history changes over time. What was a tragedy at the time, a few years later, may have become a welcome change. Change and opportunity occasionally present themselves as a tragedy. In time, we see and feel the value.  Our history, our view of what happened changed. That's life. 


Turn and face the direction you want to go. Turn to your ideal life, your vision, and your dreams. Facing your desires is the first step. Then take an actual step doing the first thing that moves you forward, forward towards the vision. 


With the turn your world changes, it goes to the positive, the potential, and the life of adventure, fulfillment and accomplishment.  A turn well worth taking.