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"The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology."






"It takes less time to do it right than to explain why you did it wrong." 




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"I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life." 



  Walter Anderson




"Are you living your life as though you will never die, and will you die thinking that you never lived?"





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Ahoy Captain 

Guys, how did you do on Mother's Day?  Mothers, what did you think? Was it a quality day?
Quality may not be easy to define, but we sure know it when we see it. To me, I see quality when I see an Apple product. 
When striving for quality, remember the first is the worst, but it's also the current best. We should always be improving and practice does this for us. 

I'm practicing my tele seminars, and below, you have a chance to join in. If you haven't already done so, now is the time. 

Here is the list:

Am I aground?        May 30   10 AM       3 PM
Why am I stuck?
Why aren't I progressing?
What's keeping me here?
Who is responsible?

My Course       May 23     10 AM         3 PM

Where am I?
Where am I going?
Why am I going?
How am I going?

Do you schedule your time? If you schedule a time to do something, you'll be more apt to do it. Try it. It works, you get more done, and you feel better.  

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What's the quality of your life?  


The quality should be outstanding. If it's not, it's your fault. It's your life, and you, you alone, determine the quality of it. 


How? How do you determine the quality of your life? By what you do, how you do it, and  how you react to what life places in your experience. 


If you give quality, you'll get quality. 


If you give quality, you'll feel quality. You feel as you give. You get as you give. You know when you've done a quality job or not.  You sure don't feel quality when the job you do is less than your best. 


If you expect quality, you'll do it and you'll get it. You must expect it to get it. To expect it is to do it. It's that simple. 


There is great personal satisfaction in quality work. There is pride, satisfaction, and positive feedback for a job well done. 


When you give your best quality, you don't have to hide or worry. It's your best. 


In sales, I'd have my team make the presentation they expected me to make to the customer. I'd be the customer. I'd drill them with questions and what if's. If they had not done a quality job of preparation it showed, and they'd be embarrassed.  The role play only had to happen once or twice before they learned to provide quality the first time. 


For me, I could then present to the client with confidence, knowing the quality of the product presented. We could stand up to the competition. I always trained people to do the work as if their biggest and best competitor were going to critique it.  One never knows who is going to see the quality of their work. 


Think back to a time you did not do a quality job but a job 'good enough'. How did you feel? Did you regret it? Did you hope no one would notice?  

Quality lasts and speaks for itself. There is no need for excuses nor any need to go back and waste time fixing what was not done right the first time. Quality saves time and has lasting value, for not only what was done, but also for the person who did it. 


Quality goes to your learning as well as doing. You can scratch the surface of learning, learning enough to obtain a passing grade if tested. But, the value is in truly learning and understanding fully so that you can apply and reap the full benefits of the information. A little knowledge is dangerous. Deep knowledge allows you to expand and grow. 


Quality is also for the time spent with others. Give them quality attention. Don't sit staring at your emails or text messages. Pay attention, quality attention, to the other person. You'll get the same in return.  Quality time equals quality communication. 


Give quality in all aspects of your life and you'll live a quality life!