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Success and My Life

April 25,  3 PM EDT

Why am I so Successful?  
May 1,  3   PM EDT
May 2,  12 PM EDT

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"The harder I push, the more resistance I receive. When I allow life to flow through me, everything is so much easier."


Jodi Chapman



"The closing years of life are like the end of a masquerade party, when the masks are dropped."




Arthur Schopenhauer







"Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them."




Agatha Christie



"I never made a mistake in my life; at least, never one that I couldn't explain away afterwards."




Rudyard Kipling



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Ahoy Captain 

The obstacle for the Golden Goose, the boat in our masthead, was water. Having been out of the water all winter her caulking (between the seams) had dried out and, when launched, she leaked, leaked a lot. 
Wooden boats do leak when launched. This time it was more than usual. It took visits all through the night to be sure she was ok and the pumps were working. Now, she's swelled and fine. The normal swelling, as expected, overcame the obstacle of the water. 
WB was the inspiration for the article below on obstacles. It was a discussion before 6AM at the Y.  Inspiration, ideas, and knowledge comes when you least expect it. Embrace the learning whenever and wherever it comes from. 
There are only two tele seminars left in the current series. Remember, if you did not attend the previous ones you can still attend these. Just click and send the email confirming the date and time of the session you desire. 

Here is the list:

Success and My Life                               4-25,   3 PM
Why am I so Successful?           5-1 ,    3 PM  5-2,    12PM


My obstacle of the day is peeling paint on the boat. The solution is easy, sandpaper, sanding and painting. The obstacle will be gone, and she will be shining in no time. But, it takes time and effort. So, I'll just do it. 

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PS  You have to know your obstacles in order to deal with them. 




What are your obstacles?


We all have them, and they may well be different for each of us.


The obstacles help to define us, and how we handle the obstacles can define our lives, our success and failure. 


We are our own biggest obstacles. We divert our attention and focus to things that we shouldn't. We go off course and into dangerous territory. 


Imagine just a few of the potential obstacles:






Associating with the wrong crowd


Living in the past


Inappropriate secret relationships


Inappropriate behavior




Self belief


Lack of confidence


Lack of work ethic


Bad habits




We all have obstacles in our lives. It's the overcoming and conquering obstacles that brings satisfaction and accomplishment. It's one of the keys to success. 


To be successful, we have to know the prize, and keep our focus on the prize. By default, that means we have to stop focusing on the obstacles. We are what we focus on. We are and will be what we are doing today. 


List the obstacles that are holding you back. Then, one by one, decide on the course of action to eliminate or minimize the effect of the obstacle. If there is an obstacle, there is a solution, a way around, or a way to reduce the effects of the obstacle. 


Once listed, with a plan, you now have the energy and the focus. You realize the obstacle is mental and you have alternatives. You can succeed. You can change. 


Your strong desire to succeed, to reach a goal, will provide the path to  overcome the obstacles. But, if the obstacles are more important that the goals, why the obstacles will win. 


A simple example is turning the TV off and spending time learning or practicing or perhaps it's getting up one half hour earlier in order to find time to work on your goal. 


You are your beliefs, and you are what you do. 


Don't allow the obstacles to become your focus. Acknoweldge them and deal with them, keeping your eye on the important goals. 


Obstacles are also opportunities. They show you the way to go as well as the way not to go. We know when we are taking the wrong road. We know when the obstacle has captured our attention to the exclusion of our stated goal. 


Embrace the obstacle, realize you are bigger and more powerful than the obstacle. Decide how to conquer the obstacle and put your plan into action. Now. Today.