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Success and Me Tomorrow
April 18,  3 PM EDT
April 19,  12 PM EDT

Success and My Life   
April 24,  3 PM EDT
April 25,  3 PM EDT
Why am I so Successful?
May 1,  3 PM EDT
May 2,  12 PM EDT

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"A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well."




"Everything in life revolves around two things: to choose to do something or to choose not to do it"



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




"It's not what a man knows that gets him into trouble.
It's what he knows that ain't so."



-Mark Twain


All politicians should have three hats - one to throw into the ring, one to talk through, and one to pull rabbits out of if elected.  

Carl Sandburg



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Ahoy Captain 

Did you muster the strength to pay your taxes? Don't call your CPA today, he's on vacation. They all take this week off. 

Phil, a regular reader sent me a response at 5:09AM last Thursday. He said, 'to ask for help is a sign of strength not weakness.' He's right. He's also the reason the article this week is on strength. 

One reader was upset he missed the tele seminar last Thursday due to his employer. We'll cover the subject again at noon today as we discuss success tomorrow. We'll recap success today as we move into tomorrow. 

Here is the list:

Success and Me Tomorrow     4-18,   3PM  4-19,  12 PM
Success and My Life                   4-24,   3PM  4-25,   3 PM
Why am I so Successful?           5-1 ,    3 PM  5-2,    12PM


When you sign up, tell me what session(s) you want to attend. Also, please ask your questions. I will try to answer all questions during the call. If you question something or struggle with something, tell me. No names, just insight.

These tele seminars are for all ages. Success can start at 20 or 80. Success is life itself, so be sure to sign up. 

As you read this, the Golden Goose, our schooner on the masthead should be 'splashed', meaning launched back into the water. Can't wait!

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



PS  Make a list of those who have strengths you'd like to develop. See the article below. 


Silent Partners






What is your strength? How many strengths do you have? Do you allow your strength?


Strength is asking for help, guidance, and mentoring.  It's knowing what you don't know, and working to acquire the skill and knowledge. 


Bullheaded strength thinks it can do it alone. It already knows, and it's smarter than the others. That's why the person loses. 


Strength is the woven fabric of a team working together. You can easily break a straw. A bundle of straw you can't break. It's that simple. 


Strength is more than one. Strength is a team and allowing a team to assist you and being part of a team. 


Lance Armstrong won the tour de France bike race. He won, but his team also won. His team took turns going ahead and 'drafting' him to keep him moving fast and saving energy. The rider in the front takes the wind, the ones behind him 'draft', obtaining the advantage of reduced wind resistance. Hence, they can go fast and not work as hard, saving their strength. Yes, it was team strength, not just one person. 


It takes strength to allow others in, to admit you don't know it all, to admit you have things to learn, and skills to acquire. 


You do have strength, and you do have skills that can help others. That's why we like to help others and feel good when we do so. We add value for others. The one you add value for can add value for you in other ways. Each of us has strengths, and often it's a strength the other person does not have. 


Sure, you have the strength to do a lot on your own. Perhaps you do most of your work alone. But, isn't it fun when there are others to work with who all share the same common vision and goal? Isn't there always something to learn by watching and working with others? 


Have the strength to try something new, to take a different approach. Life is about growth, learning, and doing. At times there are better ways, and only in working with others will we learn those better ways. 


Find others with strengths that compliment yours. Work with them and enjoy their company as they enjoy yours. The relationship will grow and thrive as each shares their unique strengths with the other. Truly, a win win situation. 


You might make a list of your strengths you'd be willing to share with others. You'll be surprised when you take the time, as you'll realize you have many strengths. Then list those strengths that would assist you in the various areas of your life, such as work, hobbies, and sports. That may well entail three different people. You may well have strengths to share with each of them. 


Share your strengths to make them strong and allow others to share their strengths with you so that you add strengths.