Thursday,  April 12, 2012
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 Success and Me Today

April 11,  2 PM EDT 
April 12,  3 PM EDT

Success and Me Tomorrow
April 18,  3 PM EDT
April 19,  12 PM EDT

Success and My Life   
April 24,  3 PM EDT
April 25,  3 PM EDT
Why am I so Successful?
May 1,  3 PM EDT
May 2,  12 PM EDT

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 


Margaret Mead 

"Whatever you want to do, do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows."

-Pope Paul VI

"if I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." 


-Henry Ford

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action beeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

Dale Carnegie



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Ahoy Captain 

Yes, in the USA income taxes are due. If you owe money, be grateful. That means you've earned money. That's a good thing. Of course, we still don't  like to pay the taxes. 

The article today is an inspiration from talking with Bryant students who wanted their own businesses. We should be proud of the graduates who are willing to take the risk to live the life they desire. They are willing to do what it takes to be a success in business and in life. 

Yes, we added a lot of Bryant students last week and last week we had a typo in the letter! It is frustrating. Often we can't see our own mistakes. We know what the word should be and we see it as it should be, not as it is. Of course, it stuck out when I opened the sent letter. Sorry!

We strive for perfection, but we are human and we are not always perfect. No one is. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward. The only one who never makes a mistake is the one who never does anything. 

People are signing up for the tele seminars listed below so I have listed them for those of you who have yet to sign up. Why, you might also be the people who haven't done your taxes yet. 

Due to the demand, we are starting a series of tele seminars, the same one twice in a week and a series over four weeks. The design is such that you can do any or all of them. Try for all of them! Here they are:

Success and Me Today              4-11,  12PM  4-12,   3 PM
Success and Me Tomorrow     4-18,   3PM  4-19,  12 PM
Success and My Life                   4-24,   3PM  4-25,   3 PM
Why am I so Successful?           5-1 ,    3 PM  5-2,    12PM


When you sign up, tell me what session(s) you want to attend. Also, please ask your questions. I will try to answer all questions during the call. If you question something or struggle with something, tell us. No names, just insight.

These tele seminars are for all ages. Success can start at 20 or 80. Success is life itself, so be sure to sign up. 

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



PS  Many thanks to all our new subscribers for signing up. We added more new subscribers the first quarter of this year than any other quarter in our history. 


Silent Partners


Success in life is the objective. 


Success doesn't come in a vacuum. We all need the guidance, help, and support of others in order to propel our success to it's limits. 


Many people want to start their own businesses. In reality, we are all self employed,  and we are always learning. Or, we should always be learning. 


Doing it alone is the hard way and limits our success. We need others as silent partners in our ventures. 


First is the one who has already done it in your business. They can be a consultant, a friend, or a retired person. It just needs to be someone who has the expertise in the area of your business and the time and willingness to guide you. Sometimes these people are called mentors. A mentor can be a general business mentor or someone from your specific industry. No one says you can't have two, one for general business and one for your specific industry. 


This way you find the easier paths and are able to learn from the mistakes they have already made. Whatever the cost of this person, it will save you from losses and time wasted. Some things you might never learn. Your goal is to get the business going and earning as quickly as possible. This person should help you to eliminate mistakes and provide the structure and checklists to insure your rapid success. 


In some cases, one will work in the industry for a compeitior before striking out on their own. It is necessary to get the experience in the business first, before it's your business. Or, if it is yours, those mentors can guide you from the beginning. 

Another key member of your team is your coach. This is someone that keeps you on track and accountable, as well picking you up when you falland helping you move forward. 


When you have and commit to a coach, you have a non judgmental friend. You also have someone who will hold you accountable to your own word. This will automatically motivate you, and that motivation will create your success. 


Without a coach, things can easily slip from week to week. Stuff can get in the way of the critical items leading to your success. The coach will work to be sure this does not happen. The coach works with you, and points you in the right direction as needed. 


Being accountable to a coach will insure your sucess. You'll do it, and you'll live up to your commitments once you make them to someone else. It's that simple. 


There are different coaches for different things. Business coaches. Personal coaches. Industry specific coaches. Financial coaches. Relationship coaches. Success coaches. 


Picking a coach, consultant, or mentor is a big deal. The right one will be one of your greatest assets and the wrong one can tear you down. Make sure there is a genuine fondness for each other, a mutual respect, and the time to work with you. 


Want to strike out on your own in business? If so, do it. But, be sure to build the team. While it's your business, you'll be self employed, but you won't be able to do it near as well alone. Pick your silent partners wisely and you'll be surprised at your own success.