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 Secrets and Facts 

April 9 or 11 
Time: 2 PM EDT
-Secrets of what?
- Secrets of Belief
- Secrets of Life
- Facts to inspire you
- Facts to guide you
- Facts to help you

How does my Obituary help me today?   
April 2 or 5
Time: 3 PM EDT
- Do I want to write my Obituary?
- Why should I write my Obituary?
- What will my Obituary show me?
- Will I be proud?
- Will I be satisfied?
-Do I dare sign up?
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"It's not what you

are that holds you back, its what you think you're not."

Dennis Waitley
"Those things we remember best are those better forgotten."
-Baltasar Gracian
"Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child. " 

-Ron Wild

"Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived."

Abraham Lincoln


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Ahoy Captain 

It's spring. In Rhode Island, everything is coming to life. What about you?   
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The shoe, in the article below, might be uncomfortable. If so, all the more reason to read it. 
It's time to work on the boat. The joy of having a boat also includes working on it. In it's own way, it's fun. But, with a wooden boat, perhaps too much fun!  It was my choice. 
We all make choices. When we change, we can also change our choices. For me, that is selling the wooden boat. I love her, she's been great, but it's now off my list, it's time to sell to someone who has her on their list. Sure, I have other boats on the list. 
We're starting the 2nd quarter of the year. If you haven't finished the first quarter goals, then adjust the 2nd quarter to include them and get them done. 
Sometimes when we are too busy, we need to just stop and prioritize what we are doing and when. We all waste time, and we can all use that time more productively. Yes, me too! 

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



PS  Tuesday night I was the keynote speaker at Bryant University Student Alumni Networking Dinner.  What a great group!  They inspired me!  




'If the shoe fits....' is the old saying.  If the shoe fits, wear it. 


Well, does it fit? Who does it fit?


We are all one, and we are all different. That's one of the joys and wonders of life itself. 


We sure are pretty smart always knowing what is best for someone else. What they should do, what they shouldn't do, and what they should change. 


It's easy to see where others are wrong and how they can change for the better if they only did X.   Sometimes, it's amazing to us that they are so wrong and they don't see it or comprehend it. It's easy for us to see. 


Can you remember a time when you thought someone else was wrong, was doing the wrong thing and then it turned out it was the right thing and you were wrong? Yes, you sure can. Perhaps even many times. Unless of course, you live in denial. 


Our shoe fits us and rubs us the wrong way when we need it and we need to change. We know. If we listen to ourselves, to our subconscious, we know what's right and what's wrong. We may not listen right away, but we do know. 


The issue is: we don't know what is best for the other person. We are not in their shoes, and we can only guess. We don't know their full history, the lessons they are here to learn in life, and what has happened to them up to this point in their lives to cause them to do and act as they are today. 


We think we know best. We think we know the other person. We think we can help them. Unfortunately, we may not be right. 


If people ask for help or recommendations, help them. Don't tell them what to do. Discuss and guide. They'll know what's right for them at this point in time. 


When someone thinks they walk in your shoes, know what's going on with you and tells you what to do, how do you react? Do you always agree, always disagee, or get angry? Your reaction depends on what they say and how it resonates with you.


If they are right, and you know it, you'll, hopefully, go along. If they are wrong, hopefully, you'll be strong enough not to follow it.


No one walks in your shoes, and you can't walk in theirs. That's life. 


If asked,  try to help but don't be upset if your recommendations don't fit the person at this point in time. They may be wrong, or the person may just not be ready for them yet. Perhaps later they will be. 


Be kind to others, allow them to walk in their shoes, and make their mistakes. Still love them and respect them, knowing they are doing their best, even if it doesn't appear so. 


People do their best based on their history, where they are, and what's going on. Sure, some of us make awful decisions and pay a big price for those decisions. But, those awful decisions might just lead them where they need to go to turn around and make something of themselves in the future.