Thursday,  March 15, 2012
                                      Winter Edition 207
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 What's in my Bucket  

March 29 or 30 
Time: 10 AM EDT
-Finding stuff
- Finding Waste
- Finding Value
- Finding Negativity
- Finding the past
- Finding purpose

How does my Obituary help me today?   
April 2 or 5
Time: 3 PM EDT
- Do I want to write my Obituary?
- Why should I write my Obituary?
- What will my Obituary show me?
- Will I be proud?
- Will I be satisfied?
-Do I dare sign up?
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"When in doubt, just take the next small step."

Life Lessons

"Don't compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is about."

-Life Lessons 
"Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful, or joyful"

-Life Lessons

"Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger"

Life Lessons


Quick Links
Ahoy Captain 

Do you listen to lectures on line? I do. It sure beats television and I also learn something. 
Here is the quote I learned last week:
Do what's easy and life is hard
Do what's hard and life is easy
Think about that. Does it speak to you? Make the effort, start, and do. At first it's hard and then it gets easier and easier. 
Remember when you learned to drive? It was hard and took your total focus. Now it's so automatic some even think they can text while driving. Nope, you can't text. But, driving becomes somewhat automatic. Ever drive to the office and not remember anything you saw on the way? 
We added two dates to the Obituary tele seminar. You can call it Eulogy, Testimonial, or Report Card. If it makes you uncomfortable, sign up and you'll be relieved and happy when you participate. 
It's Spring. It's time to start. 

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



PS  What can you DO today to make you feel great about the day?   




When will you start?

When will you live?

When will the time be right?


Your life starts when you start. It's all about you, and when you begin, when you take action. 


When you know something needs to be done, do it. When you know it's wrong, don't do it. When you know someone needs help, help them, or find someone else who can. 


Life is today. Today is a gift, and the time wasted today can never be recovered or replaced. 'When' is now, and now is all that we have. 


If we wait for when, we can waste our whole lifetime waiting for the right when. When never comes. The future is now. It is what you are doing right now. 


How many people do you know who waited for  when they 'retired' only to see them die shortly thereafter, or being too old to do the things they waited a lifetime to do? How sad is that?


How many things have you put off until when? Me, I always wanted a schooner and it was always when. One day I woke up, realized I was almost sixty, and when was now. I went out and bought the schooner immediately. When was now, and I found her within three days. 


Don't wait for when. Start now. Starting may be setting up a savings account for that trip, that purchase. It may be taking a course to learn a skill. It may be going to the gym to gain strength and stamina so that you can do that mountain climb. It can be many things, and it may well be more than one thing. 


The key is to start. It starts with the decision. The decision is intensified as you make the plan, what needs to be done when, and then allocate the time to do it. Following through is the key. It's the secret. Action is the secret. 'When' is now is also the secret. 


Every time you catch yourself thinking 'when......' stop. Stop and reframe the thought into what action you need to take or plan now. If you have the thought, have the urge, or feel the need, your being is sending you a message, that it's time. It's time to take the first step, whatever that may be. 


When you read this, make notes of your 'whens' and the action to be taken. Then schedule them. Some will be immediate, some will have steps you'll need to start, and some will be scheduled for later after other 'whens' are done. 


We can't do all the 'whens' at once. We can list them and prioritize them. 


When will you start living your life, your adventure, your dreams? Life is a gift. Today is that gift. When is now. Start.


Ready, set, go.