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This letter started in June of 2007. People often ask how I can write new material all the time. It’s easy. Now it’s now a habit. I sit down to create it and just allow the letter and article to flow. Often, I do not even know what it will be until after I sit down. For me, that is what makes it work.

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"Procrastination is attitude’s natural assassin. There is nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task."

William James

"See things as you have them be instead of as they are."

Robert Collier

"Excellence is not enough - You have to be amazing."

Warren Hudson

"Being president is like running a cemetery: you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening. "

Bill Clinton



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Attitude determines your success or failure. Attitude is the secret.

Today is January 12th and some of you have already given up on a New Year’s Resolution. Some of you have yet to make them, knowing you’ll fail.

Failure is an attitude, a belief, a vision. You know if you will succeed or not. You know if you’ll lose those 10 pounds, get the project done, sign up for the course, or whatever it is that you’d like to do but think you can’t.

If your attitude is holding you back, then your attitude is the habit to change. To change a habit takes at least 30 days. After that it becomes somewhat automatic, as long as you continue to pay some attention to it.

Eating healthy is a new habit for most of us. During the first thirty days it becomes easier and easier. We also start to taste the food and start to enjoy it. Finally, it is a habit.

Years ago I was sick and was forced to eat healthy. It was painful. Then, I slowly realized how good it was. Then, I had a fatty piece of beef. I couldn’t eat it, it did not taste good, and I stopped. My new eating habit had taken hold.

Of course, we can negate a new habit or an old one by focusing on something new. Just as creating a new habit can be done, we can also eliminate a good habit. We must be aware of those good habits we are neglecting and pay attention to them.

Let’s take the next thirty days and work on our attitude. Let’s focus on the positive, how we can best respond to what life hands us, and what we can constructively do. Keep a daily sheet with no more than three habits you want to track. Either at the end of the day or the beginning, check off how you did for that day or the previous day. I like to rate it one to ten: one being very poorly and ten being perfect.

The goal is to see progress. You might start off with days being a one or two and then slowly climbing with an occasional day back at 1. By the end of the thirty days you should have mostly eights or tens.

Keep track of the habit until it is mostly eights or tens. Then start tracking a new habit. Finally, at least once a year go back and track existing habits to be sure you haven’t slipped. The annual review of thirty days on key habits will keep you on track.

Most important will be the change your friends will see. They will even like you more and enjoy being with you more. Yes, attitude makes that difference.

You attitude should be ‘I CAN.” Yes, “I CAN.”

It’s a proven fact, if you think you Can you Can. It’s that simple.

Every day see the glass as half full. See the learning and the opportunity in whatever you face each day. Rather than be negative, hurt, or frustrated, see the other side. How can this help me? How can I use this to my benefit? What can I learn from this?

Start with the attitude, and when that is positive you can then focus on other habits and goals using your attitude to accomplish them.

It’s never too late while you are still on earth. Today is the absolute best day to start. “Time waits for no man.” Use it or lose it. Time is a gift, the greatest gift of all, other than life itself.

Start with your attitude. The rest will be easy.