Thursday, November 10, 2011 — —— — —— — —— — —— — —— — —— — — Fall Edition #191
Russell R. Shippee
Author, Speaker, Navigator

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You are NOT too old. You will never be younger than you are today.

Andy Rooney, of 60 Minutes fame, died this week at 92, one month after retiring. He didn't die at his desk, but almost. Today all of our quotes are from Andy. We can learn a lot from the lives of others.

The article this week will resonate with many of you for one reason or another. I hope you all will sit back and think of those who have created successful lives after age sixty. If you look, you'll be surprised. You might want to send me some names. Doing the research will be fun for you.

I sold my first business before I was fifty. Some thought I retired early. If so, I flunked. I am actively working, engaged, and enjoying it. As you are, I am self employed. The difference may be that I do not want to work for anyone else. With, yes, for, no. That's just me. What about you?

Right now I am taking an investment class. It's time to learn more about what other people do for me. That way I can better understand, manage, and perhaps even do. It's never too late to learn, never too late to try something new. It's also fun and exciting.

For many of us, winter is upon us. We are racing to the end of the year. Why not plan on learning a new skill this winter? Why not something to engage you, spark your interest, and excite you? Why, you might even earn some money.

For our women readers, you will see information below on Shine Cards from Mimi and Kim Shannon. They are friends and do a wonderful service helping other women. Check them out, you'll be pleased.

Some of you wrote in about last week's article on being lucky. CS, a 30 year associate of mine was kind enough to write in expressing how lucky she was to work with me. WOW! Me, I was just as lucky. It works both ways. She was great and still is. Thanks CS!

The rocking chair is only to rock children to sleep - not yourself!



"I had one typewriter for 50 years, but I have bought seven computers in six years. I suppose that is why Bill Gates is rich, and Underwood is out of business."

Andy Rooney

"The average dog is nicer than the average person"

Andy Rooney

"Life is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."

Andy Rooney

"I've done a lot of complaining here, but of all the things I've complained about, I can't complain about my life. "

Andy Rooney

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President Ronald Regan had a great quotation he used when people were questioning his ability, due to his age, to run for a second term in office. He said:

"I want you to know that, also, I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience." -during a 1984 presidential debate with Walter Mondale

I have talked with several people of late who were concerned their age was against them when getting a job. Well, if they believe it, it is. It will show in their approach, their demeanor, and in what they say.

In three cases this past month, none of them are ‘old’, they all look great, have great energy, and have great skills. They all have a lot to offer.

Often we talk of ‘work ethic’ and the premise that those over fifty have a ‘work ethic’. That’s true, but it also does not mean that the young do not. Those over fifty grew up in an era when one worked for a company and stayed longer with that one company than many do today.

Some would say there was more loyalty years ago. That works both ways, from the employee and the company. All that matters is the organization that you are working with and for now.

Present yourself with pride. Pride of who you are, what you have done, and the skills you can bring to the table. Offer a ninety day trial period. Meaning, if they measure up to your expectations you’ll stay. OK, if you don’t measure up to theirs, they can let you go, also. If there are skills needed that you don’t have, offer to learn them, on you own time and own effort.

Tell them how long you want to work. If you are looking for five years tell them. That may well be longer than someone else might work.

You may have been let go. Many people have been. It may have been due to business conditions or as simple as you not getting along with your new boss. Who is to say that boss was right? It didn’t work. Remember, Steve Jobs was fired from the company he created and by the board he put in place.

We are all self employed. We may rent ourselves out to one employer, but we are still self employed. We can come or go.

If you are looking for a job, stop and reflect on what you’d love to do. Not what you have always done, not what’s safe, but what would stir your soul, what would make you jump out of bed in the morning. Perhaps, being without a job is the best thing that has ever happened. It may spur you to the action, to the change you have always wanted but been afraid to do. If so, now’s the time. Now’s the time to change. Now’s the time to do what YOU want to do.

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