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A big thanks to all of you who took the survey in last week's newsletter. I asked and you answered. The response was amazing! I'm pleased to announce that 51% of you voted for the title DOES YOUR BUCKET LIST LEAK? I have listened, and that will be the name.

Your overwhelming preference proved I'm not alone in picking a new book title or for that matter anything I might want help with. The important lesson learned is don't always try to do it alone.

With that said, this week 's spotlight article is focused on ALONE.

I could not have picked the best book title alone. You helped. In addition, I could not have had such a wonderful vacation week were I alone. I was with family, and it is family that made it so enjoyable. We all need alone time, but we all need others for good times and for work also.

I used to sail alone. Now, the boat is too much for one person, and I don't go alone anymore. It's safer, and it's more fun to have someone with me. Plus, if I ever fall overboard again, there will still be someone with the boat. Yes, I fell overboard and that story is available to you byclicking here.

Good news! The TeleSeminars are back starting in August. You can sign up NOW. The first one is, no surprise, DOES YOUR BUCKET LIST LEAK?

We are also doing another GOALS TeleSeminar. This is one we keep repeating and people keep coming. It's needed, it helps people get back on track. If you are not current with your goals you just might want to sign up.



Power VS Force
by David R Hawkins M.D., PhD

I have read this book several times and listened to a tele seminar by Dr. Hawkins. If you put the book to use, if you use the tools, you will gain insight that will amaze you. Jack Canfield did a few David Hawkins exercises on stage and amazed the audience. Get the Book. You'll be grateful.

The Master Mind Groups work on the basis that alone our decisions are not as good or as informed as when we make them with input from others. Our current Master Mind Group is a success, and a new one will be starting. Details to follow.


"This is the oldest I have ever been."


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker

"Above all, try something."

Franklin D Roosevelt

“It is observed that Successful people get ahead In the time that other people waste. ”

Henry Ford

Me, Alone?

I'm never alone. I always want and have someone to play with. Rather than making me sit at a desk and work, Pop took me to the beach. Our routine was the kiddie pool, lunch (fries, chocolate milk, grilled cheese), then the ocean swimming, and, finally, playing in the sand. Me, I fell asleep on the way home while Pop drove. Once we even stopped for ice cream.

You all made Pop happy by voting on the new book title. I voted for the winning name. He could have just listened to me! He'll learn.

Now Pop is asking me about my bucket list. I'm a kid, my list is HUGE.
I think I need a bigger bucket!

Pop is going to be on the radio again on 7-18 from 7PM to 8PM and 7-27 from 6:30pm to 7:30PM.
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Spotlight Article


Guess what? You can't do it alone. You can't do it in a vacuum.

We all need people, and people is what makes the world go around. Without people there is nothing.

Stuck? Isolated? Alone? Searching? Wondering?

Engage with others, discuss, ask, listen. When talking, you are also forming your opinions and setting your strategy. In the talking, you learn from listening to yourself as well as to others. Opinions matter. Get multiple opinions, and then you will know better what fits and what works.

Alone we can’t make as informed a decision as we can after we talk it out with others and get feedback. Not all the feedback will be perfect, but it is all valuable. It all adds to our store of knowledge and understanding. We’ll know what’s right for us and what to use.

Often the opinions will lead you to a new discovery that resonates with you. You just know it’s right, and it’s the missing piece you were looking for. It’s amazing how the information comes to you when you least expect it and from the source you’d least expect to hear it from.

The old saying is true, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. You’ll know when you are ready when you are not trying to do it alone.

As soon as you include and engage others, things happen, and you will take off. One interaction leads to another and to another. Soon, you have made progress you only imagined. It all starts with engaging others, asking, doing, listening.

Alone we can only go so far. Then, progress and advancement eludes us until we include others. Then, we get to the next step, the next level. Sure, we need to take time alone to process, but we can’t do it alone, and we need others.

Why do we try to do it alone? Fear. We are afraid to ask. We are afraid of the answer. We are afraid they will think it’s a stupid question, they might even ridicule us, or tell us it’s impossible. Well, ask. Include them and you’ll be surprised at the support you will get from most everyone.

Do you exercise or should you exercise? Don’t exercise alone. Get an exercise buddy. That way you’ll be sure to show up and exercise as will they. You will both win. Plus, the exercise will be more fun, and you may just learn something from the other person.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by including others. Friendships and bonds will be formed and grow. You life is based on those people you associate with. Expand your associates, and you expand your life. Pretty great, isn’t it?

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