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How many times have you been rejected?

My conference last week was at the Hilton at the Philadelphia airport. The content was great, the learning was great, and there were many wonderful people in attendance. I learned and I met some wonderful people. I don't think anyone rejected me. But, maybe. Who cares?

I bet you've all heard of Jack Canfield who wrote the Chicken Soup books. He was at the conference. He has sold one half a BILLION books to date. Guess how many publishers rejected him before he found someone willing to publish his book? Send your guess and the one who comes closest or guesses the exact number first wins a prize.

Jack had a great quote: "If you don’t ask you are already rejected. You rejected yourself. Give others an opportunity to reject you." Now, that's a great quote. There is a message for ALL of us. ALL of US.

So are you delaying asking someone something for fear of being rejected? Well, you've rejected yourself. Ask. Ask now. If they say YES you are ahead. If not, you are where you started and no further behind. Ask now.

Most of this week's quotes are from Jack. Even the wealthy people I work with have some degree of fear of rejection. We all do. The key is to understand it, accept it, and appreciate that for every rejection we are closer to the one who will say YES.

Cameron and I are just going to take some time off to enjoy the summer. So, you'll notice no newsletter on a few Thursday mornings this summer. Yes it's intentional. We're not rejecting you! :) In addition we will also be reducing the number of TeleSeminars — taking a break to recharge and prepare for new fall programs.

Meanwhile, here's to our 3nd day of summer. Enjoy!



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"If you don’t ask you are already rejected. You rejected yourself. Give others an opportunity to reject you."

Jack Canfield

"You have survived everything that has ever happened to YOU"

Jack Canfield

"What you have is not as important as what you do with it."

Jack Canfield

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. ”



Kids don't understand rejection. We keep on trying, we keep on asking. Maybe that is why kids are so great. Maybe that is why kids learn so much. Maybe that is why adults wish they were kids.

OK, I get it, keep asking, as I already do. Rejection is just in the minds of older people and we kids should not pick up that bad habit. Got it!

Pop never rejects me.
He does say NO.
That's different.

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If you don’t ask you are already rejected. You rejected yourself. Give others an opportunity to reject you.” Jack Canfield

Most people are so afraid of rejection that they won’t ask. According to Jack Canfield, that means you have rejected yourself. That has to hurt, and lower your self esteem.

I like Jack’s idea of giving others a chance to reject you. Well, he did just that when he tried to find a publisher for his Chicken Soup book. He was rejected over 140 times until he found the publisher that said YES.

Could you be rejected that many times and continue to ask? He did. He had a lifetime goal to sell 1 BILLION books. Guess what? He’s sold over one half a BILLION to date. Not bad for someone who over 140 publishers rejected.

Think of the money he’s earned. Think of how his life has changed. Lucky? Sure. But, he made his luck by hard, focused work. He did not take “no” for an answer. He knew his book was good.

Where have you rejected yourself? Where have you quit?

There is someone waiting to say YES to you. You have to work for it, you have to have a good product, but there is someone, ideally many, who will say YES. Your job is simple. Do your best and then ask until you are told YES.

Why should we worry about rejection? Why should we worry about someone saying NO? What we do and say is not for everyone. Their rejection is more about them and where they are at the moment than it is about us. Our job is to believe in ourselves and ask until we find the ones who will say YES.

Many of the famous people in history were rejected often before they hit the big time. We have all heard of the ones such as Lincoln. What we haven’t heard of is the multitudes of others. I dare say most highly successful people were rejected more than once before they hit the big time YES.

What about you? Have you rejected yourself? What are you good at that you want to do but are afraid you’ll be rejected, no one will like it, buy it, or listen to it? What’s the music in you that you have not let out? Well, let it out. Practice it. Work at it.

When ready, ask. Keep asking until you hear YES. It’s your life. It’s your adventure. Make it an exciting adventure. The rejection makes the YES all the more valuable.

Every rejection gets you closer to YES.

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