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Russell R. Shippee
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What don't we see? What are we missing?

Yes, that's me, Russell Shippee (pictured left) at the helm of the schooner. For vision it is best to stand up when entering a busy harbor. We all need vision, we all need to know where we are going, and then we have to go. That's life. It's also being the captain of a boat. Both should be fun exciting adventures.

A long term reader of the newsletter told me DOUBLE YOUR MONEY was my best article to date. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback and expect to continue to provide articles that meet your expectations as we move forward.

Have you looked ahead to summer? Have you planned your summer activity and, if possible, time off. The summer flies and you'll miss it if you don't plan for it. Planning is not just for business, it's also for fun, it's for life itself.

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P. S. We see what we expect to see.


There are two kinds of people: Those who say, "I will believe it when I see it." And those who say, "To see it, I know I must believe it".


Men are not disturbed by things, but by the views which they take of them.


The most pathetic person in the world is the person who has sight, but no vision.

Helen Keller

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life, which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run..


WOW, Pop knows he doesn't see as much as I do. And, he admitted it. You older people sure do surprise us kids :)

We are learning and we take the time to look, see and analyze. I guess that is why I get frustrated when Pop is tries to rush me.

I taught Pop how to throw bread and feed the ducks. I wonder if he ever took the time to watch them before. Have you? If not, try it.

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Spotlight Article


What is your vision? For each of us it's different.

Some have a crystal clear vision, some have a fuzzy one, and some have none.

As we get older we seem to see less and less. We think we see, we think we know, but we don’t see and don’t always know.

Kids amaze me with what they see. My grandson, Cameron, picks things up and comments on them and I see them for the first time. At a little over three he can now speak and make himself known and understood. The other day he told me where he wanted to go, and told me about the place. Well, I knew the place and had seen it many times. But, no, I had not seen it based on his view. He had seen more of it, more of the details than I had.

Now I realize for all I see, for my great vision, there is so much more that I do not see, so much more that I am missing. Now I wonder what else I am missing. What have I seen but it has not registered?

We see what we expect to see. If we don’t expect it, we may not see it. Why do kids take in so much, see so much, and adults don’t? Do we only see based on expectations? Do we not take the time kids take to see?

Did you ever notice that when you are interested in buying a certain model automobile you start to see them more often on the road? It’s true, it happens. But, they were always on the road, you just were not tuned in to see them. We are told that our eye scans a newspaper page in a fraction of a second. We are drawn to that which has interest for us and the rest of the page is ignored, unless we truly take the time to read it. Our subconscious limits what we see based on what we want and expect.

The challenge is to be open, to see more, and to learn more. We all have blinds spots. The fewer the better. So we need to be open, to see what we do not see, to be like a kid, see more and experience more.

Years ago I took a bike tour in the Loire Valley in France. Some days we did ten miles and some days twenty five miles. We saw, truly saw, more in those few miles than we would have seen going fifty or one hundred miles. We were going slow enough that we could see far more and enjoy far more. The slower you go, the more you look, the more you will see. Try it. You’ll be amazed as I was.

Go for a walk in an area you normally drive by going to work. Walking and being aware you’ll see things you never saw driving the same route on a regular basis. You’ll start to wonder how much you have been missing.

Be a kid, take it all in, take the time to see, explore, learn, and enjoy.

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