Thursday, April 21st, 2010 — —— — —— — —— — —— — —— — —— — — Spring Edition #165

Russell R. Shippee
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

What's NEW?

Are you casting off for a NEW adventure? A NEW port of call?

Is life the "same old" every day for you? Is life an adventure for you? Are you having fun?

I spent last week in New York City training. Do I need more training and new skills? Yes. We all do. It was fun, exciting, interesting, and I was able to stay with and spend time with my daughter, Erin, who lives in the city. No, I was not the oldest learning new things, and I'm too young not to learn.

It is interesting to see people in their 60's and 70's attending classes learning new skills and growing their business. I love to learn new things and improve on old skills. Yes, I am now home with some new skills, new learning, and improvements in other areas. You may even see the effects of my learning in future letters.

Cameron had a NEW way to run the office. It wasn't my way, but it worked. There is more than one way to do things.

Time Savers is back, by popular demand, as the next seminar. Yes, it is worth repeating for those of you who have not seen it. It was popular; and we think more of you will want to take advantage of it. Click here to sign up.


P. S. If you want a NEW experience, you can always help me sand and paint the schooner at the top of the newsletter!


Yes, Mind Mapping Version 5 just released! If you have Mind Mapping you might want to upgrade, if you don't have it, now's the time to get it. See the banner ad at the bottom of the letter.

MASTER MIND GROUP: The April 19th class is closed. You can still contact me to get your name on a future list. Today is the best day to do that. Call me. 401 583 1300 Click here to download flier.

TO-DO LIST also, it's a CHECKLIST I am always trying out new software and have found one that does most of what I want. Plus, the basic version is free and is internet based for easy access.


Never do tomorrow what you can do today.


We are what we repeatedly do.


There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Victor Hugo

This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kids love NEW. Every day has the excitement of NEW for a kid. A NEW day is a chance to do NEW things. Some of my NEW things Pop is not always happy with.

This summer I intend
on having many
NEW adventures.
How about you?
Pop tells you to do NEW things and then he tells me NO, I can't do something NEW I want to do. I'll have to give him his own article to read.
Talk about reading ...
be sure to tell people about reading our NEWsletter.
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Spotlight Article


What's NEW? Everything? Something? Nothing?

New is what keeps us excited, engaged, and interested. New is a challenge, a risk, and takes us out of our comfort zone.

Every day is new, every minute is new. Things are always moving around us, nothing is static, it’s all vibration.

The real issue is what we do with a new minute, a new day, or a new year. We can stand our ground, stand still, and do nothing. That takes effort. Or, we can use that effort to do something.

If you are bored, or have nothing to do, it’s your fault. There is a lot that can be done, with or without money. Life is new all the time. It’s what we do with it.

The past is gone, a memory, an ever changing memory. The past is our experience base, and hopefully we have learned, we have taken the nugget out of past experiences to propel us into the future. The past is just the basis from which we make decisions today.

Don’t take the new time to live in the past. Don’t continually look back. You go where you look, so look forward. Look toward a bright new minute, hour, day, and year. Look at to how you can best use the new time.

You may not have accomplished a goal by it’s target date in the past. That means you have a new opportunity to do it today. With the new time ahead of you it can be done. So, if the goal is of value, if it is important to you, start now and move forward. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

New is a new chance, a new beginning, a clean slate on which to write. New is opportunity, excitement, and possibility. New is a gift, a gift to be used and enjoyed, as well as to be shared.

Think about how wonderful it is that we get a new hour, a new day, a new chance. We always have the new and we can always move forward in the new. If we focus on now, the new time available to use, we can do something which we may not have done in the past. I can, you can, and others can.

Appreciate each new day as a new opportunity to do something not done before, to improve on what you have done, to mend a fence, to learn, or even to reflect what has been done and the best road for the future.

Plan your new days in advance so that you have a plan and know how you will best use those gifts, the new days. Sure, some are what I call free days, days to play, relax, and enjoy the rewards of time spent working. Yes, plan the free time as well as the time to accomplish your goals.

It’s new, take advantage of it. You’ll be surprised what you can do.

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