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Russell R. Shippee
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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GET is this week's article. So in honor of that I've contributed one of my favorite quotations — one that I've used for many years at fundraisers. Give. Give not till it hurts, give till it feels good! The author? Me, Russell R Shippee.

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When all is said and done, a lot more is said than done.

Lou Holtz

Give. Give not till it hurts, give till it feels good.

Russell R Shippee

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pop is writing about get.
I want to get more Thomas trains. What about you?

Pop's birthday cake. He needed help blowing out all the candles, and I wanted to help. I wanted to GET some cake too.

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Another Power Lunch!

Pop took me to Five Guys Burgers. He took me, but he wanted to go also. He said it was to talk about our spotlight article "Get" But maybe he felt guilty leaving me, yet again, to cover the phone and the office while he was away.


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Spotlight Article


Get more. Get money. Get time. Get recognition. Get friends. Get cars. Get houses. Get a spouse. Get whatever you want.

Do you want to get more? Are you always ready to get?

We all like to get. There is nothing wrong with getting and the good feeling that getting provides. So, let’s all get more.

How do we get more? It’s simple. Life is a balance, and all things in life are, in the long run, in balance.

To get more, give more. Give of yourself. Give of your time, talent and treasure. Give, give, and give more. Give your best. Give more than asked for. Over perform. Over deliver.

Give. Give not till it hurts, give till it feels good.

Get is the result and reward of giving. It’s the act of giving that makes one feel good, whole, and complete. The get is just the result of helping others get what they want and need. Focus on the giving and you will find true joy. You will also find, by default, you will get. But, the getting is not near as fulfilling as the giving.

Something for nothing does not have a lot of value. Something for something has far more value. It feels better and it is better.

Me, I worked hard on a campaign to raise money for a non profit. It was a lot of work and it was a lot of hours. Sure, my earned income was less as I was spending time giving to the campaign rather than selling my wares. But, the rewards of the campaign were far more than the money not earned.

The rewards were many. The feeling of doing good helping others tops the list. A close second is the new relationships, the new friendships formed and the building a stronger relationship with existing friends. These things are worth more than money. Plus, I was able to improve my skills in managing people and projects.

I gave, but I did get a huge return for what I gave. How about you? I am sure you have stories of how you have given and gotten far more in return. It can be as simple as visiting someone who is sick, a call to a lonely person, or mentoring someone else.

Focus on the giving. Focus on what you can do for others and the getting will be automatic. You can’t get till you give. Give, and give freely with joy. No one ever went broke giving to another. Share your talents. Teach someone your skills. Someone helped you, why can’t you help someone else?

Getting is easy when you spend your time giving. Giving feels good and is fun. So, spend your time in the giving. The getting will be automatic. You will end up getting.

To get, spend your time giving. It’s more fun and more rewarding.

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