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Russell R. Shippee
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SIMPLIFY is the article today.

To simplify is to find the easiest, shortest, most efficient way of doing something, doing it less frequently, or not at all. Read the article below.

Some of you have been asking about the Mind Mapping and exactly what it is. Didn't someone say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words?' Well, here is a sample of a mind map. Sample yes, it is a one page sample of the goals someone has set for him/herself. The one page is simple, easy to read and understand. Less is more. Simplify. For me, using mind maps helps to simplify and reduce words. Hey, a writer that uses fewer words? Yup, Me.

New programs are beginning and in the line-up for 2011. As I launch each new program or make a change to another, I will continue to offer you (my reader) free access. Why? Because I enjoy your reactions and learn from your feedback—while you enjoy the value. It's a win-win, so don't miss the opportunity to join us!

The MASTER MIND GROUP is now closed. But, new ones may start. Keep an eye out for an opening. I know some of you wanted to join but did not. Well, you may just get another chance.

NOW is the last chance to sign up for the TIME SAVERS TeleSeminar. Don't tell me you don't have time! You'll never have the time until you take the time to learn to have more time by simplifying what you do. Hey, it's for you. It's your life. You are in charge. You can simplify it, or you can make it hard. What's your choice? Yes, sign up. We even added a 7:30 PM teleseminar on the 23rd


PS: Remember, Your time is limited, but not how you use it!


"Less is More"


"We are lost, be we are making good time."

Yogi Berra

"If it’s the wrong hole... Stop digging..."

Yogi Berra

"It is awfully important to know what is and what is not your business."

Gloria Stein

Now Pop wants me to simplify.
I do. I delegate. I delegate to him.

My cousin Aiden was with Pop and Mimi for a week and I was with him every day. He's a little too young to play with me, but I helped to baby-sit him. He has a simplified life. He sleeps, he eats, he stretches, he smiles, he poops, and then he starts all over again. Pop said I used to be like that also.

Mimi told Pop to sell his wooden boat and buy a fiberglass one to simplify the amount of work needed. I am not sure he wanted to simplify that much, but he sure does like the idea of less work on the boat. With less work maybe he can get a small boat for his grandsons. Agree?

When you have your 4 friends sign up be sure they say it's for Cameron. That way I'll beat Pop. It drives him crazy. He said, 'show me someone who doesn't mind losing and I'll show you a loser!" Pop likes to win. So do I. Don't you?


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Spotlight Article


Are you too busy to simplify what you do? Are you so busy you just rush from one item to another without thinking about what you are doing?

It’s time to stop, take a breath, looking at what you do, and how you can simplify it.

Here are some options to consider:

Eliminate it - Stop doing it

What are you doing that does not need to be done, does not need to be done by you, or can be done better by someone else? What are you wasting your time on that adds no value to you and you dislike doing? Some things you can stop, and it will not have any effect on you or your life. So, stop. Other tasks can be delegated or hired out to someone who can do it for you at a cost that is less than what it costs you to do it.

Change it

Change the process. Look at the steps and figure out a way to eliminate or combine steps. If it is something done all the time, how can you get it done without doing it? Perhaps, rather than watering the garden daily you can install a soaker hose on a timer. Like magic, the work is done, and you are no longer doing it.

What steps add no value and can be eliminated? Often we do what was always done and find some parts of the process no longer apply. Computers have changed our actions and relationship to paper and filing. Often, intermediate steps can be eliminated if you go right to the final steps.

Sometimes the equipment needs to be changed or upgraded. Let the equipment take the load and do the work. The right tool for the right job saves time and energy.

You have to paint your wooden boat every year, and it takes weeks. Maybe you should consider a fiberglass boat that needs 1/10 the upkeep. It’s a decision based on value and enjoyment, but a decision that should be consciously made. Sometimes the simple way is a trade off but well worth it. Consider it. Test it.

Make sure you have a system that can be repeated and that has the best possible tools to do the job effectively and efficiently. Sometimes the tool that costs more saves far more in time and energy than the cost. Some tools eliminate steps, time, and errors.

Complete what you start. Starting and stopping wastes time and energy and makes you feel you are never done. Start and finish.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Always put stuff back in the designated area. It saves time and effort searching for things. Searching is wasted time.

Rent rather than buy. If there is something you rarely use consider renting vs owning. Tools and equipment take space, maintenance, and time. If you rarely use a tool, why not just rent it when needed? You’ll get a newer piece of equipment, and you can return it when finished. It saves time, money, upkeep, and storage.

Less is more. Do you need it? Does it add to the enjoyment of your life? Will you use it? Is it worth the time to care for it? There are a lot of things it would be nice to have. But, to be a slave to stuff? To be busy working on rather than enjoying something might not make sense when you analyze it.

Take the time to look at what you do and what you have. You’ll find an amazing number of ways to simplify, if not eliminate, tasks that add no or little value to your life.

Now, what fun things will you do with the extra time?

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