Thursday, January 13, 2011 — — —— — —— — —— Special Edition #151

Cameron Shippee
grandson of
Russell R. Shippee.
author, speaker & life coach

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. . . it’s me, Cameron, again — taking over for my Pop, who is still on vacation.

I kept his article on "BUDGET" because I have yet to do a budget. The letter and quotes are mine as Pop never even started them.

Pop is spending a lot of his vacation time budget right now. He's not working as much as he told me he would. Just because I am a kid, doesn't mean I don't see, know, and understand.

Pop's friend told me all he used to do was work. His time budget was too much work and too little time for the family and vacation. He does have the time balance now and he works at it. When I get big I hope to be able to balance work and play.

DO YOU HAVE A BUDGET SET FOR 2011? Well, Pop has an interesting perspective on budgets top-down and also bottom-up. You'll enjoy it at the end of this letter. It's different, so read it. Not what you'd expect.

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Thanks for all my birthday wishes. I had a Thomas the Train party. It was great to have my aunts and uncles travel just to make it to my party. Family is important at any age.


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" It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret."

— Jackie Joyner-Kersee

" Much of the stress that people feel doesn't come from 
having too much to do. It comes from not 
finishing what they've started."

— David Allen

" None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime."

—Gail Godwin

" Never let yesterday use up too much of today."

—Will Rogers

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Spotlight Article

Did you make your budget for 2011? Did you finish it?

A budget is not just money and spending. Ideally, we have a budget for:



Expenses (mortgage, food, taxes, school, clothing etc.





Play (vacations, etc.)


Tithing (giving)

Giving Back (Community)

Things (cars, boats, toys)


Time is our great asset. Some people manage their time and get far more done than others. They plan their year in advance and then work the plan. There is much wasted time if one does not have a plan. Make a plan and you will get more done and feel better.

They say give a busy person something to do and it gets done. It’s because they budget their time and fit things in. Budget your work time, vacation time, and family time. You’ll find you will get more from each.

Giving is life itself. Some subscribe to the idea of tithing 10% of their income. For many it feels good to give and to be able to give. It feels good to see the good things done with your donor dollars. For years I have done fundraising and I am always impressed by how much pleasure people get from giving money to worthwhile causes. Giving is not just money, it’s giving of yourself, time, talent, and treasure.

As you start to budget, think about how much you want to give away. How much to what organizations? You’ll find you want to give more than the 10%. Perhaps that will motivate you to earn more money. You might adjust your time schedule to give more time to a worthy cause.

Think about your play and/or vacation budget. Usually it is a percentage of your income. How much should it be in terms of dollars in order to go and do what you want? Perhaps this will motivate you to earn more money.

One budget can be built based on your income. Another one can be built based on the life you want to live. Then, if more income is needed, you decide what you have to do to obtain the additional income in order to live the life you desire. Finally, you have to decide if that extra work effort is worth the reward. You may want to budget less time at work and more time in another category. It’s all choices.

Our income is actually based on our belief of what we are worth. Our belief sets our spending and living habits. If we believe we can do more, we can. If we believe we are worth more, we are.

Our budget is a reflection of our belief about ourselves, our worth, and our life.

Some people live on commissions and some on salary. Either way, we earn what we think we are worth. We all see people who earn larger salaries or commissions than we do and they do not appear any smarter or harder working. They aren’t. They just believe.

So, first make a budget based on your expected earnings. Be sure to budget money for giving to others and also play money. Budget your time also.

If you are not satisfied with the budget then make the budget that would represent you and the live you’d like to live. Then, believe it is possible. The belief is based on action. Act it to be it. Act it. Start doing what is needed to earn the income or create the time you desire. With focus and attention you will find it to be so.

In the doing is the belief. In the belief is the doing.

Budget your life. You’ll accomplish more, feel better, and be more fulfilled.

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